Friday the 13th All Maps Ranked

Friday the 13th All Maps
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While the counselors will stay, Jason will play! Friday night is here once more for the counselors at Camp Blood, though something feels incredibly off. That’s because Jason Vorhees is back to seek revenge for his decapitated, sweater-wearing mother. Charming, isn’t he?

In Friday the 13th: The Game, there are eight playable maps, each with its own unique purpose and individual design. Players gather items from cabins scattered throughout the map – typically inside a drawer or specific rooms. Understanding every map is the key when it comes to utilizing the environment around you to your complete advantage. Here’s an official guide to each map in the game, ranked from the worst to the best!

The Maps

  • Camp Crystal Lake
  • Camp Crystal Lake Small
  • Packanack Lodge
  • Packanack Lodge Small
  • Higgins Haven
  • Higgins Haven Small
  • Jarvis House
  • Pinehurst

8. Pinehurst


Despite being recognized as one of the more visually pleasing maps in the game, it still sits at the bottom as the worst of the maps. As a counselor, trying to navigate and get to particular areas on Pinehurst is insanely difficult. As such, it’s one of the hardest maps to actually escape Jason. Many building structures are spread out, leaving a major gap from cabin to cabin. Having a huge body of water directly in the middle of the entire map doesn’t exactly help either. Newer players will find it difficult as well when it comes to following the roads in order to get to the Main Road for escape. Without a large map at your disposal, Pinehurst can be extremely hard to figure out.

7. Jarvis House


How unfortunate it is that the most beautiful map in the game sits near the bottom of the list. Much like Pinehurst, it is a larger map compared to the others, with structures entirely too spread out. When playing at Jarvis House, it feels like you’re stuck out in the woods trying to find a cabin rather than actually completing necessary Objectives. In retrospect, Pinehurst and Jarvis House rely on players controlling counselors to work together to achieve success. The chance of survival depends upon Objectives being completed as fast as possible, as Jason will surely be on the hunt. Some might find it to be a guilty pleasure type of map that builds plenty of Fear and tension, though many will also agree that it’s one of the absolute worst for counselors.

6. Packanack Lodge Small


Seeing as the regular Packanack Lodge is a fan favorite, it’s not hard to understand why the small map would be liked as well. While the larger Packanack has more narrow roads that prove to be difficult when driving the car, Packanack Small’s roads widen in size. In many players’ eyes, Packanack Small has one of the easiest layouts out of all of the maps. The two cars don’t have such a large distance between each other compared to the larger version. The Main Road is a lot smaller, which guarantees a faster escape when Jason is hot on your trail. Smaller maps also allow counselors to find Jason’s Shack easier, increasing the chance of calling Tommy Jarvis to the scene and killing Jason.

5. Camp Crystal Lake Small


Much like its larger version, Camp Crystal Lake is a pool of shiny Objectives just waiting to be accomplished. The two cars have a short distance between each other, and the four-seat car has the advantage of the Boathouse being directly near it. The Boathouse is usually a goldmine with several items that can be inside, such as the gas or keys for the car. The two-seat car is also directly next to a shed that contains plenty of goodies itself, such as the battery or occasionally a shotgun. The Main Road is also much shorter compared to the Big Crystal, meaning escape with the cops proves to be a lot easier since the roads that extend to the Main Road are near the exits.

4. Higgins Haven Small


Similar to its counterparts, Higgins Havens Small can be an easy means of escape if you carefully plan your strategy. While the cars are both considerably far from the Main Road, Higgins Small has wider roads that don’t see too many turns compared to the two other smaller maps. The layout is fairly simple and has been proven to be easy to navigate through. Some players find all of the items crammed in such a small space can cause somewhat of a headache, though a well-played strategy will undoubtedly have Jason confused. Packanack Lodge Small is the best of the smaller maps and a hidden gem among underrated maps.

3. Packanack Lodge


As one of the more controversial maps, Packanack Lodge is still a definitive favorite by many players. Packanack has gone considerably higher up in the rankings due to several patches fixing the roof glitch that annoyed many Jasons. Since the patches, Packanack has resurfaced as a strong favorite. Its layout is well balanced, along with providing an actual challenge for counselors when it comes to escaping. As mentioned before, the road is extremely narrow, which can provide a fun experience when Jason is tracking you down on the road. The long stretch of road from the Main House to scattered cabins is also enjoyable, as many counselors jump from cabin to cabin when Jason is afoot.

2. Camp Crystal Lake


A common favorite among many, Camp Crystal Lake provides the classic Friday the 13th film franchise feel for the game. For a player using Jason, Camp Crystal Lake can be one of the more difficult maps to utilize. For counselors, Camp Crystal Lake is a playground with plenty of chances for Objectives completion and overall escape. The road escapes are quite easy, with not too many twists and turns, proving to be effective when shaking Jason from your sights. In addition, Crystal Lake is a heavily wooded map, and perhaps the most woodsy of them all. Thus, counselors can have a difficult time seeing Jason. In turn, Jason can also have difficulty in using Sense on hiding counselors. Camp Crystal Lake gives a brand new meaning to the survival of the fittest.

1. Higgins Haven


Ranking in at the top spot, and as the absolute best map in Friday the 13th: The Game, Higgins Haven is a strong winner. Higgins is a fairly balanced, well-laid-out map with plenty of decent space, though structures aren’t too spread out. Higgins also provides several key elements of the setting, such as the Barn and Graveyard. Of course, the most significant of them all is the large Main House. Higgins is also the only map that has two available shotguns, which can spawn in the Barn and Main House. Higgins also utilizes water areas more, compared to other maps where water just sits on the outsides of the land. Thus, Higgins provides a much more diverse layout compared to its competition. As mentioned before, the roads are wide enough and don’t include too many sudden turns. Overall, it’s the best for Jason and the best for counselors.


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