[Top 10] DbD Best Survivors And Why They're Good

DbD Best Survivors
4 survivors are gathered around the campfire

Why should you level up these survivors first when you play Dead by Daylight?

In this article, we are gonna be talking about 10 best survivors in Dead by Daylight. Here you can find which survivors have the best perks and what are the pros and cons of each survivor.


Feng min showing the peace sign

Feng Min is a survivor that came packed in Spark of Madness DLC with a brand new map the Léry's Memorial Institute and new killer called the Doctor. She can be bought with real-world money or can be earned through in-game currency. She is one of the best survivors for beginners because of her two perks called Technician and Alert. The technician is a perk that is useful the most if you are not good at hitting that damn skill checks. On the other hand, Alert can be used as an information perk because whenever killer breaks something it shows you his aura, even if you are across the map.

Feng Min excels at :

  • Making new survivors at completing gens more useful
  • Showing you where the killer is when she is kicking things.

 Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Feng_Min 


Survivor waiting for a game

Nancy Wheler is a survivor that has one of the best and underrated perk. She came with a DLC of Stranger Things along with Demogorgon and Steve Harrington.

She has one of the most underrated perks in the whole game. Her perk, Inner Strength is a perk that gives her self-healing ability after she cleanses a totem and jumps in the locker. Fixated is also a perk that people rarely use but is very useful because you are quicker at walking and you don't have to use your sprint burst.

Nancy Wheler excels at :

  • making solo more confident because they can heal themselves after cleansing a totem and so not relying on other survivors for healing
  • using her perk Fixated with another perk Sprint Burst which gives her quicker walk speed and so you have Sprint Burst always ready

 Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Nancy_Wheeler 


He was a doctor once

Looking for a way to unhook yourself but other survivors just don't have or courage to do it? Fear no more because Adam Francis is on the way to get off the hook by yourself.

Adam Francis is a survivor that has one of the best perks but he rarely has a chance to use them or game is over before the can become useful. His perk Autodidact can heal other survivors faster by completing skill checks. Deliverance is a great perk that needs to be activated first by unhooking one survivor safely before you get first hooked. 

His last perk Distraction can get you killed you more often than being saved. It is usually used by somebody who just wants to troll the killer.

Adam Francis excels at :

  • getting teammates faster heals if you use Autodidact
  • getting unhooked by yourself after you unhook somebody safely

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Adam_Francis 


One of the original survivors

Jake park is one of the original survivors and has one of the most useful perks in the whole game, called Iron Will. But his other perks are less useful. Iron Will is a perk that is used by a lot of players because players who are hurt make zero noise. It is widely used by people who play sneaky and people who don't want to be heard when they are injured because it can really make a difference. His other perks are far less useful but his perk Saboteur is a perk that gives you an option to disable hooks without toolbox but it takes you more time and is a cooldown after you disable hook.

Jake Park excels at :

  • disabling hooks without toolbox with his perk Saboteur
  • making zero noise and evading a killer with perk Iron Will

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Jake_Park 


He is always hiding in a locker

Dwight Fairfield is one of the original survivors and is often named to be one of the most scared and nervous survivors and that he hides whole game in the locker.

His perks do show that he is a powerful team leader. His perk, Bond shows survivors who are 32 meters close to him which can he then use his perk Prove Thyself which gives speed bonus of 15% on any action that survivors are doing together. Prove Thyself is a perfect perk if you are playing with friends and you know where everywhere are. His perk Leader is a lot less useful and I don't recommend using it.

Dwight Fairfield excels at :

  • completing gens a lot more quickly with Prove Thyself
  • finding your fellow survivors with perk Bond

Survivor full details:  https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Dwight_Fairfield       


One of the loudest characters in the game

William Bill is a survivor that was as added as a standalone character. He has one of the best and most used perks in the game but also one of the worst perks in the game.

His perk Unbreakable is one of the most used because of the power of picking yourself up. His other perk which is called Borrowed Time is great because it grants hooked survivor another hit if he is getting camped by the killer. The perk must be activated in the killer terror radius.

His worst perk and probably in the game is called Left Behind. It shows you where the aura of the hatch but it can be only used for that and that is not even that useful.

William Bill excels at :

  • helping people who are being camped by perk Borrowed Time
  • getting himself up with Unbreakable if a killer is chasing another survivor or he leaves you on the ground

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/William_%22Bill%22_Overbeck 


He has one of the best perks and one of the worst

David King is a survivor which came with one of the most used perks in the whole game. His perk is used by best survivors but he has also one of the worst perks in the game.

 Dead Hard is his teachable perk and is being used the most in the category of exhausted perks. His other perk We are Gonna Live Forever is used mostly by people who need to farm blood points. 

 His last perk is No Mither which is one of the worst perks in the whole game. You can pick yourself up, produce 50% less noise and you don't leave any blood but you are also always wounded, have a timeless broken effect and the killer knows you have a perk. 

David King excels at :

  • Making it to the pallet or a window by using Dead Heard
  • Get a lot of blood points by using a perk We are Gonna Live Forever

 Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/David_King 


Part of the original cast 

She is part of the original cast of survivors who were introduced at launch. Claudette three perks can be run together and be used as a medic build.

Her perk Self-Care is one the most used and it grants you the ability to heal yourself but at the cost of 50% of normal healing speed.

Her perk Empathy lets you see injured survivors until 128 meters in tier 3 which is a big help for beginners because you can see where the killer is at the time.

Her last perk Botany Knowledge lets you heal 30% faster which can save your life sometimes in critical moments.

Claudette Morel excels at :

  • healing teammates faster by using Botany Knowledge 
  • Seeing teammates with Empathy 
  • healing herself with Self-Care

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Claudette_Morel 


She has one of the best perks in the game

Laurie Strode is a first licensed survivor who came with a Halloween DLC which originates from movie Halloween 1978. People who play as killer hate her most used perk in the game.

Her perk Decisive Strike allows you stun a killer 60 seconds after you get unhooked. Many people hate Decisive Strike because they think its too strong and makes game to easy for survivors. Her other perk Object of Obsession is used by survivors who want to get chased throughout the whole game and is most commonly used by people who play with friends.

Her last perk Sole Survivor is one of the worst and is rarely used. 

Laurie Strode excels at :

  • making killers chase you by using Object of Obsession
  • making life easier with Decisive Strike

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Laurie_Strode 


Best 3 teachable perks in the entire game

Meg Thomas is one of the best survivors to play and has one of the best perks in the game. Her teachable is the best in the game so beginners should unlock them as soon as possible.

 The most used perk in the game Sprint Burst is widely considered by the community to be one of the best. It gives you a momentarily speed boost after you start running for 3 seconds so that you can reach a window or a pallet. Her other perk Adrenaline heals you for one health state and gives you a 3-second speed boost after all gens are completed but it also gives you an exhaustion status so in that time you can not use Dead Hard or any other exhaustion perk.

 Quick and Quit makes you that when you vault or get in a locker quickly it produces zero sound but it has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Its best used with perk Head On.

 Meg Thomas excels at :

  • Running from a killer with a Sprint Burst 
  • Escaping a hook or a down with an Adrenaline when gens are completed 
  • getting through vault or locker quickly and confusing the killer when it makes zero sound

Survivor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Meg_Thomas 




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