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Will you survive or die to a cold blooded killer in these hair-raising horror games?


Are you both a hardcore gamer and a loyal anime fan but don’t know what games to play that are scary and adapted from anime? Or you’re worried the games fail to deliver gripping stories? No worry, I am here to show you some games that might suit your appetite.

Here are the 15 best anime horror games with great storylines:

1.) The Coma: Recut (PC/Mac)

Trapped in a school and being pursued by a serial killer, if this is your cup of tea, then you’d enjoy The Coma: Recut. 

To be honest, this is not a Japanese horror game but a Korean. You are in the shoes of a high school student who falls asleep in class, but when he wakes up, the classroom is pitch dark, and he’s alone. Now, he needs to start to explore the sinister school, solve the mystery, and most importantly, to survive. 

Taking inventory - health is in short supply, and if you're not careful, you will die. So stack up and replenish health as much as possible. 

Ready or not - You will have to avoid a persistent killer, lashing tentacles, and more to survive the school.

2.) Fausts Alptraum (PC)

After attending her father’s funeral, the grief and depression stricken girl, Elisabeth, spots a black cat and decides to follow it, as a result, she stumbles into an eerie and mysterious world. Thus the crayon illustrated story began, but she couldn’t tell if this was memory or imaginary.

It’s just a dream? - experience this story-driven puzzle solving game to unearth the truth of this mysterious world. 

Tension builder - Without the top-notch graphic, the game still manages to create suspenseful and psychological tension. 

3.) Alicemare (PC)

Once again, another grief-driven horror game. Allen, your young protagonist, deprived of love from losing his parents, eventually ends up at an orphanage. One day, he decides to check out a rumor heard from the other children, and that’s where the real nightmare begins… 

I am unique - There are several unique characters await you. 

Cute little RPG - The simple yet cute art style helps to hook in players. 

4.) Clea / 克莉 (PC)

Thanks to their parents secretly experimenting on their servants, now Clea, with her brother, needs to escape from Whitlock mansion after the monstrous experiments are let loose.

Listen carefully - The Chaos Servants are on the hunt pay attention to their footsteps, peek under doors, and stay far, far away.

Arbitrary act - there’s no predictable jump scares, the life of the siblings depend on your action and skill.  

5.) Misao: Definitive Edition (PC)

As a classmate named “Misao”  mysteriously disappears, paranormal and unnatural phenomena start to occur around the campus. Now, it’s up to the students to uncover the so-called “curse of Misao.” if they want to survive. 

Who’s standing out? - Like most of the anime-inspired or indie games, despite the lack of glorious and realistic graphics, this game offers you distinctive characters instead. 

Judging by the cover of the book - She seems like an innocent cute little girl, but in this school, it might not be the case. 


Set foot into the eerie and mysterious town, play as Light, an ambitious student, after the recommendation from a soothsayer, steps into the town to look for a solution to her torturous life only to find the town is more torturous than what she’s been experiencing. 

Diversity - there are various kinds of bizarre and scary monsters. 

Lost in translation - Despite this game doesn’t offer English version, the vivid animation and graphic tell an enthralling story that doesn’t require words. 

7.) PRICE (PC)

Another similar concept to most of the indie horror games, but it comes with a bitter-sweet twist. Your main character, Ivry, wakes up from an unfamiliar room and needs to look for his sister. To achieve his goal, he needs to explore and collect truths, also, realize what’s really going on.

Visual - The performance takes on the storyboard widely used in comics, which provides rich visuas. 

Storytime - The girl enjoyed the story read by her beloved brother, she wanted it to last forever, but…

8. Angels of Death (PC/Nintendo Switch)


A psychological horror-adventure game. Your main character, Ray, is taken to a hospital after murdering her parents, but the problem is, she forgot everything. Later on, another episode occurs. Ray wakes up in a basement, not remembering how she got there, then she encounters a serial killer who’s after her life. 

Cat&Mouse - How far can you run? We’ll find out...

Memory - As she stood in front of the stained glasses and bathed in the warm sunlight that spilled through, fragmented memories start to reemerge. 

9. Mad Father (PC/Mac)

 No, it’s not a game about running away from your angry father after breaking a vase. If that’s the case, that would be so much better. 

Instead, it’s a horrifying story of a little girl wakes up to a real nightmare that occurs in her mansion. As she steps out of her room, the girl is chased by creepy creatures and paranormal ghosts. Now she needs to muster up her courage and find out what’s really going on and what’s behind the curse that brought all these grotesque monsters into her house.

Wrong room - as the lights flickered on, the girl’s face turned pale, her eyes widen. She couldn’t believe the grotesque scene in front of her. She thought this would only happen in horror films. 

Two face - from his left side, he’s a handsome and young boy. From the right, well, not so much...

10. The Letter - Horror Visual Novel (PC/Mac/Android/iOS)

In a 17th-century English mansion, it is rumored the place is haunted with vengeful spirits. After reading a letter discovered inside on the day of its open house, seven people find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of madness plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion for centuries.

A lot to read - this visual novel contains up to 700k words, a hefty amount of words indeed.

Inspiration - this game is inspired by horror cult movies such as The Grudge and Ju-On. 

11. Catherine Classic(PS4/PC)

From the team that brought you the Persona series. You play as Vincent, a man finds himself facing a difficult choice: marry his long-time girlfriend, Katherine, or choose the alluring babe he wakes up next to, Catherine. 

Take up the responsibility of choice and delve into the theme of free will. Vincent’s choices are yours to decide but beware, shall you make the wrong move, you die in real life. 

What’s in store? - Atlas never failed to deliver engrossing stories, want to know what happens next? Play the game, then you’ll find out. 

Beauty and the beast - Vincent is still perplexed by what’s going on around him, he has no choice but to keep climbing before he could figure out. 

12. Corpse Party(PC/Mac/PS Vita)

Trust me, it’s definitely not a party you want to attend. 

It’s a story about a group of elementary students who decide to perform a ritual for fun. Sigh, kids these days. And of course, what do you expect? Thanks to the ritual, the students are trapped in a supernatural world filled with vengeful children’s spirits. The only way to escape is to find out the truth behind the murder of those poor kids and put their spirits to rest. 

Downpouring - As rain pattered against his soaking wet shirt, his shivering body was telling him to give up and join the piles of bones. 

Your decision matters - based on where the characters go and what they do, it will alter the course of the story. 

13. Detention (PS4/PC/Nintendo Switch/Mac/Android)

Set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law, you must take the role of a high school student to explore the mysterious high school located in a remote mountain area. To escape you must solve the eerie puzzles and outrun supernatural forces. 

Don’t breathe  - this game is an interesting way to learn about Taiwanese myth and lore. 

Chill to the bones - the chilling and eerie 2D atmospheric horror is one of the selling points for this game.

14. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc(PS4/PC/Android)

Makoto Naegi and his classmates are a group of high school students with bright and promising futures, but one day, they find themselves imprisoned in the school, cut off from the outside world and subject to the whims of a strange, murderous little bear named Monokuma. He pits the students against each other, promising freedom to anyone who can murder a fellow classmate and get away with it.

Battle of wits - You’ll have to investigate each incident, search for clues, and talk to your classmates to try and get to the bottom of each brutal case.

Who do you favor - try to sway classmates to your side and figure out who’s the murderer. 

15. Tokyo Dark (PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC/Mac)

You play as detective Ito and she’s looking for her missing partner, as the story goes on, the original case was supposed to be straightforward but now it spirals into a twisted nightmare that questions her sanity. 

Storytime - the narrative is in your hands. Your decisions and actions change Detective Ito's state of mind, opening doors to different possibilities.

Beautifully done - the beautiful graphic encourages players to explore this twisted storyline. 

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