10 Best PC Horror Games To Play With Friends at a Sleepover

10 Best PC Horror Games To Play With Friends at a Sleepover
Listen to the teddy bear who looks ready to consume your soul


Ready for a fun night of horrors?

Friends who scream together, stay together. Isn't that how the old saying goes? Take your sleepovers to the next level with some horror games to keep you and your friends up all night

10. GoatZ

Zombie goat powers activate!

If you ever thought that you didn't want to be a goat taking on an army of undead you were wrong. So very wrong.

GoatZ is the DLC for Goat Simulator where players can live the goat survival dream. The zombie DLC is still as ridiculous as the original game but with 100% more zombie humans and goats. Players can unlock tons of different goats with unique powers and craft weapons such as a shotgun that fires gumballs. Don't forget to eat or you'll starve to death, zombie goats love to munch on lit campfires.

Just like in Goat Simulator, the game's physics are pretty broken, but that's just part of the game's charm. Zombies can get stuck running in place and bumping your goat into them may send them flying away. Choose if you want to wreak as much havoc as possible or try to save the world against the army of the undead. 


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