Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Scrap (And Why They're Useful)

Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Scrap (And Why They're Useful)
Scrap pieces on the seabed.

If you've ever played Raft, you know that scrap is one of the most essential resources in the game. It's used to craft a wide variety of items, from weapons and tools to raft upgrades and equipment. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 things you can craft with scrap and explore why they're so useful.


10. Storage

Many many storage chests.

In every survival or base-building game, you know that storage is always an issue early-game. That's where scrap comes in. With just a few pieces of scrap and a few other materials, you can craft additional storage chests to keep your valuable resources safe and organized.

I recommend saving your metal ingots rather than making hinges out of them. Hinges can be found in loot boxes on randomly generated islands. As long as you look thoroughly for these loot boxes, you’ll have plenty of hinges for crafting storage in no time.

Why it’s a Great Item:

It has 20 inventory slots.

  • You can sort your resources.
  • You can paint them! Color-code them if you like.
  • They can be hung on the wall, so you can basically stack them on top of each other to save space.

How to Craft Storage:

  • 8 plank
  • 3 scrap
  • 4 rope
  • 1 hinge


9. Metal Fishing Rod

It’s a fighter!

Fishing is one of the best ways to gather food and resources in Raft, but it can be difficult to catch the bigger fish without a metal fishing rod. Crafting a metal fishing rod will make it much easier to catch big fish, such as salmon and catfish, to keep your hunger at bay.

Again, I recommend saving your metal ingots rather than making bolts with them. Bolts can be found in loot boxes on randomly generated islands. As long as you look thoroughly for these loot boxes, you’ll have plenty of bolts to craft storage in no time.

You can multitask by smelting items, and putting on the cooking pot and juicer, and fishing in between. You can walk around your raft while fishing. That way you can check on your smelted items or dishes while you wait for fish to take the bait.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It’s the best way to catch your food.
  • There is a higher chance of catching big fish with the metal fishing rod.
  • It’s good for 30 uses.

How to Craft Metal Fishing Rod:

  • 3 scrap
  • 1 Bolt
  • 8 Rope


8. Battery Charger

The battery charger makes for a reusable and sustainable energy source.

One of the key components of Raft is the battery system, which powers a wide range of devices and equipment. With a battery charger, you can keep your batteries fully charged and ready to go at all times.

Biofuel is what powers the battery charger. One biofuel canister charges up to four batteries.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It charges your batteries so you don’t have to keep making more.
  • It saves your resources for other crafting recipes by reusing your old batteries.
  • It can charge two batteries at once.
  • It turns off once the batteries are charged, saving power.

How to Craft Battery Charger:

  • 15 plastic
  • 5 scrap
  • 1 circuit board
  • 4 titanium ingot


7. Biofuel Tank

Store lots of biofuel, so you’ll rarely run out.

Biofuel is a great alternative to traditional fuel in Raft, as it's renewable and easy to produce. By crafting a biofuel tank, you can store larger quantities of biofuel and keep your raft moving without worrying about running out of fuel.

You must find the biofuel tank blueprint before you can research the recipe. The blueprint is found on Balboa Island, on the desk of Relay Station 6.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Stores up to 4 biofuel canisters
  • Can be connected to the biofuel refiner and engines with fuel pipes.

How to Craft Biofuel Tank:

  • 25 plastic
  • 10 plank
  • 6 scrap
  • 2 bolt


6. Steering Wheel

This is a steering wheel.

If you want to take control of your raft and steer it in the direction you want to go, you'll need a steering wheel. It’s essential for progressing efficiently through the game. The recipe uses a hefty amount of material, but it’s a one-time craft, and you'll be able to navigate the open sea with ease and stay on course.

You must find the steering wheel blueprint before you can research the recipe. The blueprint is found in the cockpit of Vasagatan.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It helps you quickly steer your raft in the right direction.
  • It can be painted to add personality to your raft.

How to Craft Steering Wheel:

  • 10 scrap
  • 4 metal ingot
  • 4 rope
  • 2 bolts or hinges


5. Metal Detector

Found a briefcase! There must be something valuable inside it.

With a metal detector, you'll be able to locate buried treasure and other valuable resources hidden beneath the waves. You can find a variety of materials in buried treasure, from scrap to titanium ore. You can also find rare treasures that can decorate your raft, such as tiki pieces and developer paintings.

You can craft the metal detector with a battery, no matter the durability left on it. Early-game, I recommend using your dead batteries to craft the metal detector, as charging batteries takes up biofuel, which you’ll need for the engines.

You must find the metal detector blueprint before you can research the recipe. The blueprint for the metal detector can be found at Caravan Island and at the very bottom of the ocean, following the air pipe.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • You can find special items such as developer paintings, toy robots, cassette tapes, and tiki pieces.
  • Buried treasure is the only way you can find Tiki pieces.
  • The metal detector won't drain the battery unless you're using it and it's in the range where it can find metal.

How to Craft Metal Detector:

  • 12 plastic
  • 6 scrap
  • 1 battery


4. Titanium Sword

Posing with the coolest sword.

The titanium sword is a powerful weapon that will help you defend yourself against enemies. Along with the titanium arrow, it’s the most powerful weapon in the game. It only takes 5 hits with the titanium sword to slay a bear.

Before you can research the titanium sword, you must first find the titanium tools blueprint. You can find this blueprint on Utopia. This blueprint allows you to research the titanium sword, along with the titanium arrow, titanium axe, and titanium hook.

Why it’s a Great Item:

20 attack damage.

Durability of 85 uses.

It’s the most powerful weapon in the game.

How to Craft Titanium Sword:

  • 3 scrap
  • 2 rope
  • 3 titanium ingot
  • 2 bolt


3. Sprinkler

The sprinkler can keep your grass plots watered for your tamed animals.

Keeping your crops watered manually can be a real challenge in Raft, especially if you're trying to do five things at once. It’s just so time-consuming. A sprinkler system can automate this task, ensuring that your crops and animals stay healthy and well-watered. The sprinkler is used to water crops and grass plots. 

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • A sprinkler can hold up to 30 uses.
  • The sprinkler can water a 3x3 area.
  • You won’t ever have to water your crops manually again.
  • It’s a real time saver as you don’t have to run back and forth between crops and your fresh water sources.

How to Craft Sprinkler:

  • 12 plastic
  • 2 scrap
  • 2 bolts
  • 1 circuit board


2. Electric Purifier

The water purifier is pumping water upward to the other levels of the raft.

Purifying salt water is an essential part of surviving in Raft, but it can be time-consuming without the right equipment. An electric purifier can make this process much easier, allowing you to purify large quantities of water.

You must find the electric purifier blueprint before you can research the recipe. The blueprint for the electric purifier can be found in the plantation area of Tangaroa.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • One battery powers the water purifier for five times the tank size. That is 75 cups of water purified with one battery.
  • It holds 15 cups of fresh water.
  • It can pump fresh water up to eight floors from the foundation level.

How to Craft Electric Purifier:

  • 4 titanium ingots
  • 1 circuit board
  • 20 plastic
  • 5 scrap


1. Engine Controls

Interact with different levers of the engine controls to control your raft.

If you want to take your raft to the next level, you'll need a reliable engine. With engine controls in place, you'll be able to control your raft with ease and navigate the open sea like a pro.

The engine controls give you remote access to lowering and raising the advanced stationary anchor as well as a power switch for the engines. The engine controls also have a lever to change the direction your engines are going.

You must find the engine controls blueprint before you can research the recipe. The blueprint for the engine controls can be found in the mayor’s chest on Caravan Island.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It has three functions for the raft all in one.
  • Saves time for the player as all the raft controls are basically within arm’s reach away.
  • Can be placed on any floor of your raft.

How to Craft Engine Controls:

  • 6 scrap
  • 6 titanium ingot
  • 2 bolt
  • 1 circuit board


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