Top 10 Ultimate Best Survival Games for PC

Best Survival Games pc
These games are all about Darwin's theory. Will you be the strongest?

What Are The Best Survival Games To Play Right Now?

Life can be hard. And yet, playing a character surviving harsher conditions is an exhilarating experience. Each of these games will make you grateful you’re not taming beasts or creating fire caveman style. Find your fighting spirit and read on, young traveller!

10. The Forest

The Forest Gameplay

You come to consciousness to find you’ve been thrown from a crashed plane. Almost everyone is dead, the scent of burning material and fresh blood lingers in the air. You find yourself lost as the sun begins to set; a series of noises makes you jump. How will you survive the night? Shuffling feet catch your attention; you turn to find something that looks almost human…

Imagine scenery with which one can interact completely. The trees get cut down, rocks can be picked up, caves can be explored. Jump scares and a terrifying storyline make this a solid choice for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. This game can be played on virtually any PC that operates on Windows 7 or higher. No need to order that video card from the future! Play single-player or build a society with friends.

Hey there! You up for a barbeque?

You told him a thousand times to wring out the mop...

9. Metro: Exodus

Metro Exodus Gameplay

Due to release on Steam February 15th this year, Exodus is the third installation of the Metro video game series. It’s Russia, 2036; the main character, Artyom hops a super-train known as the Aurora to escape the oppressive tunnels of Moscow and look for life out East. He is accompanied by two from home as well as a group known as the Spartan Rangers.

Considered to be the most advanced of the series, this sandbox survival is sure to make you lose hours and days to Exodus. With completely customizable weapons, a completely open world to explore, and a compelling storyline, there are so many different ways to play. For the heavy hitters, legendary weapons are scattered to the four winds. For the crafters, a new innovative system has been developed. The Aurora is an essential staple to this game and it carries the player across post-apocalyptic Russia; many battles and important scenes take place here.

Slice through obstacles, silent and deadly.

All that’s missing is Bob Ross in the corner.


RUST Gameplay

Since the game released around this time last year, it has exploded among the “epic gamer” community. In an open-world multiplayer scenario, how long do you think you will survive? Build tools, shelter and alliances to keep yourself alive. Make sure to keep your eyes all about, because even your best friends can shank you and take your stuff.

This game features full nudity; for some, this is all they needed to hear. For others, it is a point of contention. That and the specific gender assignment upon character creation has shown this game does not fear controversy. While the graphics might not be phenomenal, the game has developed a sizable fan base, specifically those of the PvP community.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword…

… but they also say don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

7. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved Gameplay

Lions and manatees and raptors, oh my! This bestial survival game takes all the elements from the classic genre, but they added something new: the ability to capture and tame over 100 different kinds of beasts. Keep in mind, there is no single-player mode in this game, so your tactics will vary. Develop alliances or hide away, build a close affinity with a few creatures or raise an army.

Taming creatures is a main staple of the game. That being said, every beast has a tactical advantage. Whether it be a sherpa, carrying your junk around or you need a fierce bodyguard, you can find whatever you need.

For some reason, I want to shout out “It’s morphin’ time!”

Do you wanna fly a dragon? Come on, let’s go and play.


SCUM Gameplay

Since being released, there have been many changes made to the game, further developing this complex system of stats and interactions. It is the Pathfinder of Survival video games.The things that have remained include: zombies, robots, random animals and PvP events. The amount of detail and specificity within is incredible; when you take a swim, you can dry your clothing and person after taking a swim. There are, admittedly, still glitches and bugs to work out; a quick look at the updates will tell you these are still being developed.

Travel and develop your character as vaguely or as specifically as the game allows. Adjust metabolism, strength, clothing, weapons and so much more! The detail and complexity is the number one feature of this game.

SWING, batter, batter! The slowest game of baseball.

Customizable character statistics is a large feature for SCUM.

5. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Gameplay

You begin, from character creation, as a prisoner who had been crucified. Conan himself makes an appearance to cut you down. From then on, it is all survival mode with a steep learning curve. What makes Exiles so unique is the fact the weather can literally kill you. Deadly sandstorms and crippling temperatures require shelters built.

Play in single player or multiplayer, either in PvE or PvP servers. Seek out gods that roam the world and summon them in epic sieges. The violence is a given; the nudity can be scaled from none, partial and full monty.

The Mythical Woman of the Eternal Wink.

Quite the skin condition… has he tried lotion?

4. They Are Billions

They Are Billlions Gameplay

This game seems to be the Steampunk lovechild of Warcraft and any tower defense model. You begin with one building and a handful of units. In this Steampunk adventure, it is important to pause often. Hordes of zombies lurk around any corner; the farther you roam, the stronger and faster they become.

Collect resources, build tactical structures such as walls and defense towers and hire the few living, if not insane, to help defend your colony. Currently, this game is still in Early Access and the Survival mode is much more fleshed out than Campaign. There seems only to be a single-player mode for the time being-- it does not appear there are any plans to change this.

The Girl Scouts around here sure are aggressive…

Several artists designed these buildings to be grandiose and beautiful.

3. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included Gameplay

What will we do when the planet Earth is inevitably destroyed? Panic, obviously; but beyond that, if any of us are alive, we would need colonies. Oh, look! An asteroid. That looks like the perfect place. Three plucky survivors narrowly escape death and decide to dig into an asteroid for a way to continue the human race. With access to limited resources such as oxygen, water and food, they have to dig, think and build fast. Control the temperature, oxygen, food and even waste your people produce while keeping them happy. Too much stress in your colony could spell disaster.

While most survival games embrace the gravitas the name implies, Oxygen Not Included approaches life and death with a cute tongue-in-cheek attitude. The animations are adorable as they struggle to survive. This game seems to have taken reviewers’ breath away.

The plant on the left can make the colonists happy. In more ways than one…

A scene between mother and daughter. Someone is getting grounded from the Painting room.

2. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis Gameplay

Gloria Victis is a largely PvP MMORPG set in a medieval world. Choose one of three nations, choose passive abilities to customize your character with no rigid class system and craft materials for yourself and your guild. Fight for resource nodes and defend your territory from the others. Fight the various natural and mythological creatures of the world and make a name for yourself. Your game, your rules.

With a heavy European population, this game brings together people from many aspects of life. You can create a guild for the folks at work or branch out and meet new people. Out of many games on the market, this community has a minimal amount of “trolls” and there is something for every level of skill. Fear not, newbies! You won’t be completely robbed if you encounter an assassin. Although it is still in early access, progress is being made all the time. The developers are thoroughly mitigating the glitches before release.

Hone your skills, develop your character and learn everything.

Men, move out! We shall hear the lamentations of their women!

1. Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Gameplay

You begin with nothing except the clothes on your back in this game; from the beginning, it is all about staying alive. Traverse large random maps, collect your resources and craft whimsical and/or practical devices for function or entertainment.

The Don’t Starve franchise’s qualifying feature above all else is its storyline. Interactions with demons, spooky monsters lurking through the map and mythical, larger-than-life figures with their own lore and abilities are a joy to discover. The haunting atmosphere juxtaposed with the animations make for some fascinating results. The characters have their own compelling backstories and powers and each of them have different handicaps. Play them all to see who fits best.

Experience the joy of wiping out an entire species.

Craft your devices to do the hard work for you.

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