Raft Best Ways To Get The 5 Most Useful Animal Products

Raft Best Ways To Get The 5 Most Useful Animal Products
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Raft has plenty of things to do and craft. Some of these recipes require animal by-products to craft them. Not only are these animal by-products used in crafting recipes, but they can also be used in the recycler and biofuel refiner. Here are the 5 most useful animal products.


5. Eggs

Look at all those chickens.

Eggs are an excellent food source, and you can use them as biofuel resources as well as an ingredient to craft healing salves.

Now, I get that healing salves aren’t so popular amongst some players because people would rather use their eggs and clay for other recipes, but once you’re far enough in the game, healing salves are so cheap, and I find myself using them a lot late-game.

Eggs by themselves restore 15 hunger. Eggs are used in the sushi recipe, which is a great way to use up excess eggs and fish. Sushi restores 50 hunger and gives a large hunger bonus of 65.

As for biofuel, it takes 3.33 eggs to make one biofuel.

How to get eggs:

  • Set down your grass plots and build fences around the grass plots.
  • Use the net launcher and net canister to catch a clucker.
  • Run back to your raft with the clucker in your hands and place it on your grass plots.
  • Make sure to water your grass plots so the grass can grow.
  • Eggs will be laid every 4-6 minutes as long as the cluckers have grass to eat.


4. Leather

This player is too calm for this.

Leather is used for the backpack, armor, and canteen with regards to crafting recipes. Otherwise, it’s a great recycler item. You only need to craft a backpack once, and armor lasts pretty long as long as you’re decent at dodging attacks. The canteen, however, is one item I am anxiously awaiting. Being able to hold 10 cups of water is a blessing.

There are many animals that provide leather when slain. I personally prefer hunting bears for leather, as they’re fairly easy to dodge and kill. It takes 7 hits with a machete or metal arrow to slay the bear.

It takes 6 pieces of leather to make one trash cube in the recycler. 24 pieces of leather will fill up the recycler.

How to get leather:

  • Kill warthogs, bears, mama bears, polar bears, hyenas, or alphas for leather.


3. Wool

Look at all those llamas.

Wool is used for the backpack and armor in regards to crafting recipes. But the true worth of wool is using it as a recycler resource. It’s by far the best recycler resource in raft. It only takes 2 wool to make one trash cube in the recycler. And 8 wool to fill up the recycler.

If you have a bunch of llamas, collecting wool is so easy. After shearing the llama’s wool, it only takes 5 minutes for them to grow their wool back to full.

How to get wool:

  • Set down your grass plots and build fences around the grass plots.
  • Use the net launcher and net canister to catch a llama.
  • Run back to your raft with the llama in your hands and place it on your grass plots.
  • Make sure to water your grass plots so the grass can grow.
  • Shear the wool off the llama with shears.
  • Wool will grow back every 5 minutes as long as the llama have grass to eat.


2. Explosive Powder

Why does it have only three teeth?

I absolutely despise these Poison-Puffers. They’re just so disturbing to look at, and it’s even worse when they’re dead. Unlike the other animal heads, poison-puffer heads can actually be made into a dish using the Head Broth recipe. But the main resource you’ll want from poison-puffers is the explosive goo.

Explosive goo is smelted to make explosive powder, which is used to make the net canister. The net canister is ammo for the net launcher. With the net launcher, you can catch and tame llamas, goats, and cluckers to farm their resources on your raft.

Poison-puffers are found in deep water. You won’t find them on shallow coral reefs. The best place for farming poison-puffers is Caravan Island. The deepest depths on Caravan Island have a bunch of poison-puffers to hunt.

How to get explosive powder:

  • Kill the puffer fish.
  • Collect the explosive goo from it.
  • Smelt the explosive goo in the smelter.
  • In 80 seconds, you will have explosive powder.


1. Honey

Careful not to get stung.

Even though honey only has a couple of uses, I put it at the top of the list because getting engines set up on the raft is so important for a smooth run.

Bees can be found on the Balboa and Caravan story islands. They can also be found on randomly generated evergreen islands and desert islands. Once you’ve caught some bees, you can start farming honeycomb to make honey.

Honey is an essential ingredient in combination with a raw food item to create biofuel in the biofuel refiner. The biofuel refiner is used to power engines. The minute I reach Balboa Island, I start farming bees for honey, so I can finally get my engines going.

How to get honey:

  • Catch bees with the sweeper net. You will obtain 4-5 bee jars per swarm of bees.
  • Use the bee jars to craft a beehive and place it on your raft.
  • Place small crop plots directly adjacent to beehives. Plant flowers in the small crop plots.
  • In 8 minutes, the bees will have honeycomb ready for harvest.
  • Craft honey with 6 honeycombs and 1 glass.


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