Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Rope (And Why They're Useful)

Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Rope (And Why They're Useful)
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Rope is one of the most basic crafting materials in Raft. It is used to craft a variety of items that are essential to surviving and thriving in the game. In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 things to craft with rope and why they are useful.


10. Small Crop Plots

A beautifully set up greenhouse.

Small crop plots are a great way to grow plants in limited space, as they can be hung on the wall. You can plant beets, potatoes, and flowers in the small crop plots. Small crop plots are essential for players who want to cultivate their own food and honeycomb.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Great for growing an efficient food source.
  • Can be hung on the wall to save space.
  • Can be painted.
  • Great for decor.

Small Crop Plot Recipe:

  • 6 plank
  • 4 rope

Small Crop Plot Recipe:

  • 8 plank
  • 2 rope
  • 3 nail


9. Storage

A large storage room.

Storage is crucial in Raft, as you will be collecting a lot of resources that you will need to progress in the game. Storage can be crafted with six pieces of rope and four pieces of planks. Storage chests can be hung on the wall, so you can almost stack them on top of each other to save space.

Sorting your storage will be very useful in the long run, so try to keep the same materials together. You can paint storage chests as well, so you can decorate as you please or even color code your storage system.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Can store stacks of resources and free up your inventory.
  • The small storage can hold 8 stacks of items.
  • The storage chest can hold 20 stacks of items.
  • Can be hung on the wall to save space.

Small Storage Recipe:

  • 8 plastic
  • 1 scrap
  • 2 rope

Storage Recipe:

  • 8 plank
  • 3 scrap
  • 4 rope
  • 1 hinge


8. Backpack

The end-game large backpack.

Tired of just starting your exploration on an island and finding your inventory is already full? You don’t want to drop anything because you need everything you have. Backpacks are a great way to increase your inventory space. They can be crafted with six pieces of rope and two pieces of leather. Once crafted, you can equip the backpack in one of your armor slots to increase your inventory space.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • The backpack upgrade adds 10 additional slots to your regular inventory.
  • The big backpack upgrade adds 15 additional slots to your regular inventory.

Backpack Recipe:

  • 4 leather
  • 4 rope
  • 6 wool

Big Backpack Recipe:

  • 4 rope
  • 10 leather
  • 10 wool


7. Flippers

Player swimming in the deep sea with diving gear.

Flippers are an essential item for anyone who wants to explore the ocean. They can be crafted with four pieces of rope and two pieces of vine goo. Once equipped, they will increase your swimming speed.

Flippers are quite expensive, but totally worth it if you’ve just killed the shark and you want to collect as many underwater resources as possible before it respawns.

The durability of flippers is 600 uses, each of which is 1 second of movement. The durability of flippers will deplete while you swim and walk around with them on, so if you aren’t moving, remember to take them off.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Increases swimming speed.
  • Will allow you to get to deeper parts of the ocean faster.
  • Durability lasts a fairly long time.

Flippers Recipe:

  • 6 plastic
  • 6 seaweed
  • 5 vine goo
  • 4 rope


6. Oxygen Bottle

Player using an oxygen bottle to stay underwater for longer.

Oxygen bottles are crucial for diving to deeper depths in the ocean. Once crafted, you can equip it in your armor slots.

The durability of the oxygen bottle is 600 uses, with each second spent wearing it depleting 1 use. This means the oxygen bottle is good for 10 minutes. Remember to take it off when you’re on the surface.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It allows you to hold your breath underwater for longer.
  • Durability lasts 10 minutes.
  • It helps you dive deeper to get more valuable resources.

Oxygen Bottle Recipe:

  • 8 plastic
  • 4 rope
  • 1 empty bottle
  • 5 vine goo


5. Biofuel Refiner

Biofuel refiner at your service.

The biofuel refiner is a machine that can turn raw materials into biofuel. Biofuel is important for fueling machines like engines and battery chargers.

Be sure to find the blueprint for the biofuel refiner on Balboa Island. You can find the blueprint at the Ranger Station on Balboa Island.

Animal heads and watermelons make excellent biofuel refiner resources. They’ll fill up your refiner really quick.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Biofuel is used to fuel engines.
  • Biofuel is also used to fuel battery chargers.
  • Biofuel can be made with your excess raw materials.

Biofuel Refiner Recipes:

  • 12 plastic
  • 10 plank
  • 4 rope
  • 1 bolt or hinge


4. Stationary Anchor

Players are getting ready to anchor.

The stationary anchor is a device that allows you to anchor your raft in one place, making it easier to collect resources and explore the surrounding area without having to worry about losing your raft. It’s not a one-time use like the throwable anchor.

To place the stationary anchor, you’ll need a three-by-three space with a vacant spot in the middle to drop the anchor. It can be placed on both the foundation and collection nets.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • You can stop your raft anywhere and anytime you want.
  • It’s not a one-time-use item like the throwable anchor.
  • You only need one.

Stationary Anchor Recipe:

  • 10 plank
  • 6 rope
  • 3 metal ingot
  • 1 hinge


3. Water Tank

The water tank output can be attached to a sprinkler via a water pipe.

The water tank is an essential item for survival in Raft, as it allows you to store fresh water for drinking and watering crops. It’s a little expensive to make, but it’s so worth it. I will craft this as soon as I acquire the blueprint for it. The blueprint can be found in The Bridge of Tangaroa.

It can hold up to 10 cups of water. When connected to the electric purifier, it’s like you have unlimited fresh water. It’s amazing.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Can hold 10 cups of fresh water
  • Can be connected to an electric purifier via water pipes for automated fresh water collection.
  • Can be connected to sprinklers via water pipes to fill sprinklers automatically.

How To Get Item Name:

  • 30 plastic
  • 10 plank
  • 5 rope
  • 3 titanium ingot


2. Wind Turbines

All the batteries are charged.

The wind turbine provides a source of renewable energy for players using wind power to charge batteries. The wind turbine requires no maintenance once it is constructed, unlike biofuel, where you have to keep filling it.

The higher you place your wind turbine, the more effective it becomes, which in turn will charge your batteries faster. To reach its maximum efficiency, place the wind turbine at least 3 walls high.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It can charge 4 batteries at once.
  • At its highest efficiency, it can charge a normal battery in 140 seconds and an advanced battery in 525 seconds.

Wind Turbine Recipe:

  • 20 planks
  • 8 rope
  • 4 titanium ingot
  • 4 circuit board


1. Collection Nets

It’s time to collect what’s in the nets.

Collection nets are one of the most useful items you can craft with rope in Raft. They automatically collect resources that float by your raft, including planks, plastic, palm leaves, and barrels. This allows you to focus on other tasks, such as building and exploration.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Allows you to leave the debris collection to the nets while you do other tasks.
  • Simple collection nets hold up to 10 items.
  • Advanced collection nets hold up to 15 items.

Simple Collection Net Recipe:

  • 6 plank
  • 8 rope
  • 2 nails

Advanced Collection Net Recipe:

  • 6 plank
  • 10 rope
  • 4 titanium ingots

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