[Top 5] Raft Best Trading Post Items (And Why They're Useful)

[Top 5] Raft Best Trading Post Items (And Why They're Useful)
Nothing like a fake cash register to make life in Raft feel more normal.

The trading post has various kinds of items for sale. From decorations to blueprints and lots and lots of useful resources like metal ore, scrap, and titanium ore. You can build your trading level to access the higher-tier trades. Here are the best trading post items and why they’re useful!


5. Advanced Crop Plot Blueprints

Advanced crop plots.

The blueprints for the advanced crop plots are only obtainable after achieving Tier 2 in your trading. You can upgrade your farming by constructing advanced crop plots. These plots come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The advanced small crop plot can hold up to four crops, which is one more than the regular one, while the advanced medium crop plot can hold up to four, which is two more than the regular one.

Why It’s a Great Item:

  • You can grow crops at a faster rate as you can grow more crops with the amount of space you save.
  • You’ll have a more sustainable garden/farm as you’ll use less water and grow more food/resources.
  • They look amazing.

What You Need to Trade for the Advanced Crop Plot Blueprints:

  • Tier 2 trading
  • 6 trash cubes
  • 8 trade coins

The cost for the small, medium, and large advanced crop plot blueprints is the same. To buy them all, you’ll need 18 trash cubes and 24 trade coins.


4. Canteen Blueprint

An amazing, high quality canteen.

The canteen blueprint can only be obtained after you’ve reached Tier 3 in trading. It’s very expensive, but so worth it once you have the canteen in your hands.

It can hold 10 cups of water, which makes you feel so blessed when you realize you’ll never go thirsty again. This makes for longer explorations on islands without having to go back to your raft as often.

The canteen itself isn’t so bad to craft. It’s only 8 plastic, 4 leather, and 4 metal ingots. This shouldn’t be a problem by the time you obtain the canteen blueprint.

Why It’s a Great Item:

  • Holds 10 cups of water.
  • No need to come back to your raft for water as often; a chance to explore for longer.
  • If you don’t have a sprinkler by now, the canteen is good to water lots of crops without having to go back and forth as much.

What You Need to Trade for the Canteen Blueprint:

  • Tier 3 trading
  • 8 trash cubes
  • 12 trade coins


3. Hearty Stew Recipe

Food is life.

The Hearty Stew recipe can only be obtained once you’ve reached Tier 2 in trading. This is one of the blue recipes with a special effect. Not only does it fill some hunger, but its main purpose is to allow a player to evade death once. Let’s say your health is down to zero; if you eat the stew, it’ll prevent your player from dying for up to 10 minutes. This stew will get you through while you race back to your raft to properly heal.

The recipe is 1 potato, 1 cave mushroom, 1 raw meat, and 1 juniper. You can trade for juniper for 1 trash cube and 3 trade coins.

Why It’s a Great Item:

  • It lets a player evade death once.
  • It satiates +20 hunger and +30 bonus hunger.
  • The ingredients are fairly simple to get.

What You Need to Trade for the Hearty Stew Recipe:

  • Tier 2 trading
  • 1 trash cube
  • 1 trade coin


2. Fridge

Now I have two fridges!

Food and drink don’t spoil in Raft, so the fridge is merely another type of storage container. It’s a great decoration item if you want your raft to have a functional kitchen that looks like a kitchen.

The fridge has 25 storage slots, which is five more than the chest-like, regular storage container.

Why It’s a Great Item:

  • It’s a great decoration to make your kitchen look more like a kitchen.
  • It’s also functional. It has 25 slots of storage.
  • No need to craft it; it comes as it is.

What You Need to Trade for the Fridge:

  • Tier 3 trading
  • 6 trash cubes
  • 6 trade coins


1. Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore in a smelter.

Titanium ore is the most expensive ore there is. Titanium ingots are used for the best tools and weapons as well as the most advanced raft upgrades, such as the advanced stationary anchor, engine controls, the electric purifier, etc.

The trading post is the most efficient way to get titanium. Just collect the materials you need to make an abundance of trash cubes to trade. Trade rare fish for trade coins. Once you’ve reached Tier 3 in the Trading Post, you should have access to trade trash cubes and trade coins for titanium ore.

Why It’s a Great Item:

  • Titanium tools and weapons are stronger and last way longer.
  • The engine controls make gameplay way more convenient (especially for single-player).
  • You can made huge storage containers with it.

What You Need to Trade for Titanium:

  • Tier 3 trading
  • 3 trash cubes
  • 1 trade coin

Each purchase comes with 3 pieces of titanium ore. You can buy it up to 5 times per island, meaning you can get 15 titanium ore per island.


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