Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Metal (And Why They're Useful)

Raft Top 10 Things To Craft With Metal (And Why They're Useful)
Smelting metal ore.


Metal is the most valuable resource early in the game. It allows you to make more powerful and durable tools. And it also adds some mechanical features to your raft, like engines and steering wheels.


10. Foundation Armor


Foundation armor is used to reinforce your foundation and collection nets. The foundation armor is the first thing I spend all my metal ingots on. Once placed down, the shark cannot attack that square anymore.

I recommend only reinforcing the outside edges of your raft, as the shark doesn’t attack the inner edges. If you want to reinforce all of the foundation squares, go ahead. But you’ll want to save some of your metal for tools, weapons, and other items and machinery that need metal.

If you have nets down, reinforce the nets first. The nets are more expensive to replace than the foundation.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Impervious to shark attacks.
  • Protects your water-level structures.
  • Once the outer edges are reinforced, the shark doesn’t even try to attack your raft.

How To Craft Foundation Armor: 

  • 1 metal ingot
  • 2 nails


9. Steering Wheel

Player standing next to a steering wheel.

You’ll get the blueprint for a steering wheel on Vasagatan. The steering wheel is so nice because you won’t need any skillful paddling maneuvers anymore.

The steering wheel is certainly handy, but for better efficiency, you’ll still need engines.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Once placed, players can rotate their raft in any direction they want.
  • It doesn’t need power.
  • It’s expensive, but you’ll only need one.

How To Craft The Steering Wheel: 

  • 10 scrap
  • 4 metal ingot
  • 4 rope
  • 2 bolts or hinges


8. Stationary Anchor

Anchors aweigh!

You don’t want to risk your raft drifting away, or maybe you’re sick of one-use throwable anchors. Well, the stationary anchor is the item for you.

To place the stationary anchor, you’ll need a three-by-three space with a vacant spot in the middle to drop the anchor. It can be placed on both the foundation and collection nets.

Make sure you reinforce the outer-edge foundations where the anchor sits. The anchor will survive with one square removed from its legs, but if two legs lose their foundation, the anchor will be destroyed.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • You can stop your raft anywhere and anytime you want.
  • It’s not a one-time-use item like the throwable anchor.
  • You only need one.

How To Craft The Stationary Anchor: 

  • 10 plank
  • 6 rope
  • 1 metal ingot
  • 1 hinge


7. Recycler

Pro tip: We can recycle giant clam shells.

The recycler converts materials into trash cubes. Trash cubes will then be used to trade in the trading posts. Resources that can be placed in the recycler include planks, plastic, scrap, palm leaves, glass, etc.

The blueprint for the recycler is found on the top floor of the Radio Tower, but don’t fret if you missed it. Once you’ve progressed past the Radio Tower story, you’ll find the recycler blueprint already researched in your research table.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • The trash cubes can help you buy more blueprints and resources from the trading post.
  • You can use the recycler to get rid of your excess materials.
  • You can basically turn these basic materials into titanium and metal ore by trading.

How To Craft The Recycler: 

  • 6 plastic
  • 4 metal ingot
  • 2 bolts or hinges
  • 1 circuit board


6. Juicer

I personally prefer a banana milkshake.

The juicer brings a whole new level of thirst management. You won’t have to keep going back to your raft for water once you get even a couple of smoothies going.

By the time you get a juicer, you’ll have enough ingredients to at least make the Simple Smoothie and the Coconut Beet.

I recommend saving your smoothies for when you’re actually exploring islands. Your raft will have fresh water available to you, so there’s no need to drink it on the raft.

Recipes for the juicer are found in loot boxes, barrels, and trading posts, but you don’t necessarily need the recipe to make the recipe. This is my fourth run of Raft, and I’ve memorized quite a few recipes. So once I have the ingredients for them, I’ll just make them without the recipe.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Smoothies give a bonus to your thirst bar.
  • Smoothies are fairly cheap to make.
  • Smoothies are quick to make.

How To Craft The Juicer:

  • 6 plank
  • 6 plastic
  • 1 bolt
  • 4 vine goo
  • 1 circuit board


5. Cooking Pot

Ready to make vegetable soup.

Just like the juicer, the cooking pot brings an otherworldly factor to your food game. Even the simplest vegetable soup tops even the biggest fish in the sea. That hunger bonus is what you’re looking for in order to survive in Raft.

The cooking pot is cheaper to make and use than the juicer, since the juicer needs a circuit board to craft and batteries to power it. The cooking pot is fueled by planks.

Recipes for the cooking pot are found in loot boxes, barrels, and trading posts, but you don’t need the recipe to make the recipe.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Dishes made in the cooking pot give a bonus to your hunger bar.
  • Some dishes are very cheap to make and very satisfying to your hunger.
  • Most dishes are quick and easy.

How To Craft The Cooking Pot: 

  • 6 plank
  • 6 plastic
  • 2 metal ingot
  • 4 vine goo
  • 1 bolt


4. Biofuel Refiner

Turning beets into fuel.

Biofuel is important for fueling machines like engines and battery chargers. Without the biofuel refiner, you can never think about making your raft go fast with engines. So, be sure to make one after you’ve visited Balboa Island.

The blueprint for the biofuel refiner is found at the Ranger Station on Balboa Island.

Save your animal heads and watermelons for the biofuel refiner. They’ll fill up your refiner fairly quickly.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Biofuel fuels engines.
  • Biofuel fuels battery chargers.
  • Biofuel can be made with your excess raw materials.

How To Craft The Biofuel Refiner: 

  • 25 plastic
  • 10 plank
  • 6 scrap
  • 2 bolts


3. Biofuel Tank

Biofuel tank connected to battery charger.

The fuel tank is so convenient for storing and distributing biofuel to other machines. This connected to fuel pipes, fueling your engines and battery chargers automatically is pure bliss.

The biofuel refiner can be connected to the biofuel tank with the fuel pipes, automatically filling the biofuel tank with biofuel. It can also be connected to engines and batteries through fuel pipes, so they will be filled with biofuel automatically as well.

The blueprint for the biofuel tank is found at Relay Station 6 on Balboa Island.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Stores up to 4 biofuel.
  • The biofuel refiner can be connected to the biofuel tank, engines, and battery chargers through fuel pipes.
  • It’s fairly cheap to make.

How To Craft The Biofuel Tank: 

  • 12 plastic
  • 2 scrap
  • 2 bolts
  • 1 circuit board


2. Sprinkler

How many sprinklers can you spot in this photo?

The number of times I dreaded replanting my crops because I was too lazy to water them is fifty too many. So personally, the sprinkler is number two on my list.

It can water a three-by-three area, which saves me a lot of time running back and forth to fill my water bottle. The sprinkler waters up to 30 plots before it goes empty and needs a refill.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Saves time from watering plants.
  • Can store 5 cups of water.
  • Can be connected with water pipes and can be connected to a water tank.

How To Craft The Sprinkler: 

  • 12 plastic
  • 2 scrap
  • 2 bolts
  • 1 circuit board


1. Engine

The engine that could go.

The blueprint for the biofuel tank is found on Vasagatan. Once you have your engines ready, you can move in any direction without the wind getting in the way.

The engine runs on either wood or biofuel. A full engine lasts 10 minutes. If a biofuel tank is connected to the engine, a full biofuel tank can power a single engine for up to 48 minutes.

Why It’s A Great Metal Item:

  • Makes your raft go fast.
  • Driving is easier when used in combination with the steering wheel.
  • Six engines can make the raft go at maximum speed.

How To Craft The Engine: 

  • 5 metal ingot
  • 5 rope
  • 1 circuit board
  • 20 plank


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