Top 10 Upcoming Survival Games That Will Blow You Away (2019-2023)

 Upcoming Survival Games
Get ready to use that fight or flight

With human instincts we have grown from hunter gatherers to bright thinking intellectuals. However, the desire for something primal exists deep down inside of us. That is why the solution to those desires would be the very thing we all crave. Exhilarating survival and adventure. Here are the top ten games that stir up your primal cravings for the hunt.

10. Generation Zero

Generation Zero Gameplay

As young adults on an island excursion, you find the area completely abandoned by human civilization. You and friends investigate the land and find it peculiar. While there are houses and lush greenery everywhere, there is not a soul in sight. At first it might look like the start of a horror movie.Yet, you find yourself being hunted. But by what exactly? It turns out you are the prey for a fast and intelligent thinking AI. Find out what has happened to the island while trying to stay alive with your friends. In this first person shooter, solve mysteries while fighting off stone-cold machinery.

Hope you weren’t expecting zombies. This takes apocalypse to an extreme.

This is how Solid Snake must have felt when he was fighting Metal Gear.

9. Lost Region

Lost Region Gameplay

Everyone has a story, and in this game you create yours in the aftermath of a world civilization crisis. Buildings are old and decrepit. People are less trusting. In the world of Lost Region, re-explore what nature is as you craft campfires, tents, and even wooden pykes to block incoming invaders. The only goal for yourself is to survive, and to use whatever means is around you. Create groups, smooth talk your way out of circumstances, or kill everyone in sight. Ah, the comfort of a nice campfire with strangers. But don’t blink they could betray you.

Although beautiful with nature and life, humans have turned against one another.

8. XERA Survival

XERA Survival Gameplay

Left in the wake of destruction, you live hunting each other. People’s mindset have shifted from “give and take” to “take it all”. Humanoids, intelligent robots who were programmed to destroy you, freely roam the earth. As you fight for survival and hunt each other, the greater threat of Humanoids still exists. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t want to take your resources.But if you are lucky, find groups with a common interest to survive longer. In this dark dystopian reality, fight off anybody or any machine that stands in your way of survival.

Humanoids don't need sleep or light. Putting you at a heavy disadvantage.

Makes you wonder where the good times went.. 

7. Dead Matter

Dead Matter Gameplay

The stakes are high in this open world survival. Take your car and drive through territories unknown as you move from house to house. People are being chased by the undying threat of zombies. As they are undying,  zombies are also infinite in number. Survive the colossal hoard whether by day or by night. The environment is watching your every move. In the shadows of a dark room, or in the eerie parking lot in the day. Surpass the dead matter and just survive.

At least you have a gun, what else could go wrong?

Look at all those experience points running around.

6. Jaws of Extinction

Jaws of Extinction Gameplay

Shoot, swim, run, or die. In this zombie sandbox game freely roam your area while gathering various amounts of equipment. Get tons of canned food all the way to bottles of peanut butter. Armed with a gun, pick up other necessities like bludgeons to get yourself away from a rock and a hard place. Traverse the wildlife, or break into abandoned buildings.Customize and tailor your character to your liking. Someone inspire you to make a spiked bat and name it Lucille? Feel free. Just remember that out there, you are being hunted. What can you do in the face of death?

Well, it can’t get any worse.. Right?



Scavenge for stronger, faster, and deadlier weapons. Sneak up behind your enemies to deliver a fatal blow and disappear as a ghost would. Or attack from the front and petrify your advisories as you hold them at gunpoint. This world is yours to experiment with. What works? What is most effective? Only you, the player can decide.

What will you do in a world that doesn’t want you?

Dark, a little too dark.

4. Death From Unknown Survival

Death From Unknown Survival

With only your sheer instincts, survive. That should be the first thought that runs through your head. The adrenaline will build up as you realize the first thing you shouldn’t look for is exploration and its beauty, but tools and equipment for survival. Let a wasted moment cloud your judgement and find yourself on the ground, permanently. With a third person look that resembles The Last of Us, combat mechanics look like they will be a blast.

Once a beautiful island, it is now home too perilous traps.

Will you paint the island red for the sake of your survival?

3. Era of Newborns

Era Of Newborns gameplay

The world that was once frivolous and happy, is now a shadow of its former glory. Broken down cars on every sidewalk, and torn down billboards with old faces of advertisements. Roam the endless world and scavenge for supplies. In this new generation of life, there must be a light at the end of the dark tunnel. So you create it.

That means wild ladders or log cabins of your choice.

Everything you see? You made it. Become a master architect as you tailor living spaces to your desire.

2. Overland

Overland Gameplay

Strategy meets Post Apocalyptic. Many say the hare lost the race because he moved to fast. In the world of Overland, one misstep will get you hacked, slashed, or killed. Whether it be by aliens, or by your fellow race, think before you act. Otherwise in this case, you won’t just lose the race, you will lose your life. In a world where everything has gone wrong, make the most out of it and you might just barely survive.

A walk in the dark is nice.. Well it used to be.

The crossroads of destiny can usually lead you to many choices. Pick wisely.

1. Left Alive

Left Alive Gameplay

During the deadly invasion of Novo Slava 2127, three stories are told. In a land filled with war ravaged homes and countries, who can be left alive in destruction’s wake? Take control of three protagonists as you venture out in the world. In this action packed survival, the stakes are higher as you hunt down criminals notorious for their heinous deeds. Each character coming from separate backgrounds, all of them will lead to a single point. They will collide on the truth of all that is happening in Novo Slava. It is not just about an individual’s survival, it is about the survival and order of a whole nation.

A rugged man, framed for something he didn’t do. What is his story?

Better hope that gun is packing some serious heat. Infinite ammo bandanna sounds good right about now.  


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