[Top 5] Raft End Game Machines to Upgrade Your Raft (And Why They're Useful)

Squatting flex on end-game machines below the upper-deck.

While you play through your run of Raft, you will notice that you’re constantly upgrading your raft. And eventually, you’ll have a full set of end-game machines and equipment on your raft. Here are the top 5 end-game machine upgrades for your raft and why they’re useful.


5. Advanced Collection Nets

The advanced ones look nicer and they hold lots more stuff!

The overall gameplay experience of Raft is better after you get a good flotsam collection system going. By making it easier to gather resources, you can spend more time on other parts of the game, like exploring and building, instead of being stuck on boring tasks.

The advanced collection net in Raft is designed to increase the efficiency of resource collection in the game. You can leave the nets to do their thing while you go off to do other tasks. This saves time and reduces the need for repetitive movements.

It also reduces waste in the game. By collecting multiple items at once, you are less likely to miss resources that are floating in the water or those that are more difficult to reach. This helps ensure that all resources are utilized and not wasted.

Why it’s Great:

  • It holds 15 items in each net.
  • Less chance of passing over flotsam because the nets have more space.
  • You can focus on other aspects of the game rather than flotsam collecting.

How to Craft an Advanced Collection Net:

  • 6 plank
  • 10 rope
  • 4 titanium ingots


4. Advanced Stationary Anchor

Fancy-schmancy anchor that can be hooked up to engine controls.

The advanced stationary anchor is an amazing upgrade, especially for single player runs. Since you can drop and weigh the anchor with the engine controls, there’s no need to rush to the anchor before you crash into or pass an island.

If you have engine controls, the anchor is automatically linked up to them, so there is no need for any kind of configuration.

If you don’t have engine controls, there is a manual switch on the anchor that you can use to drop and weigh the anchor.

Why it’s Great:

  • No need to run back and forth.
  • It’s not a one-time use anchor.
  • It’ll already be linked to the engine controls.

How to craft the Advanced Stationary Anchor :

  • 10 plank
  • 6 rope
  • 4 metal ingot
  • 4 bolt
  • 8 titanium ingot


3. Engine Controls

Engine controls keep you from running all over just to turn or stop your raft.

The engine controls have three functions: they activate or turn off all engines, change the direction of all engines, and drop and weigh the Advanced Stationary Anchor. The blueprint for the engine controls is found on Caravan Island.

When pulling the lever for the engines, note that the engines will all start or switch directions simultaneously. If you’d like to change the direction or turn on/off only a select few engines, then you must do it manually.

Why it’s Great:

  • It has three functions for the raft all-in-one.
  • Saves time for the player as all the raft controls are basically within arm’s reach away.
  • Can be placed on any floor of your raft.

How to craft the Engine Controls:

  • 6 scrap
  • 6 titanium ingot
  • 2 bolt
  • 1 circuit board


2. Wind Turbine

Wind power to charge batteries.

The wind turbine in Raft provides a source of renewable energy for players. It harnesses the power of the wind to generate electricity, which can be used to power a variety of devices, including the engine, battery charger, sprinklers, etc. This can help players reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy sources, like our precious wood planks.

The wind turbine requires very little maintenance once it is constructed. Unlike other sources of energy, such as fuel and batteries, the wind turbine does not need to be refueled or recharged. As long as there is wind, it will continue to generate electricity for the player.

The higher you place your wind turbine, the more effective it becomes, which in turn will charge your batteries faster. To reach its max efficiency, place the wind turbine at least 3 walls high.

Why it’s Great:

  • It can charge 4 batteries at once.
  • At its highest efficiency, it can charge a normal battery in 140 seconds and an advanced battery in 525 seconds.

How to craft the Wind Turbine:

  • 20 planks
  • 8 rope
  • 4 titanium ingot
  • 4 circuit board


1. Advanced Biofuel Refiner

The chompers on this one can easily break rocks and scraps.

The advanced biofuel refiner is more efficient than the basic biofuel refiner. It requires less organic material to produce the same amount of biofuel, saving players time and resources.

It can also produce more biofuel than the basic biofuel refiner. This means that players can produce more energy with less effort and can focus on other tasks in the game.

The blueprint for the advanced biofuel refiner is found in the main building in the Igloo Village on Temperance.

Why it’s Great:

  • Can produce more biofuel than the basic biofuel refiner.
  • Uses less resources to create biofuel than the basic biofuel refiner.
  • Can be linked to the engines through fuel pipes.

How to Craft the Advanced Biofuel Refiner:

  • 20 plastic
  • 8 metal ingot
  • 6 titanium ingot
  • 2 bolts or hinges


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