Top 10 Best PS4 Horror Games To Play in 2019

Best PS4 Horror Games
Best keep the light on while playing these horror classics...

Chills, thrills, and jump scares - horror video games come in all different shapes and sizes.

There’s something for everyone - whether you prefer grizzly death scenes or mysteries that make your skin crawl.

Explore dark winding corridors, abandoned space ships, and characters minds’ in these terrifying games that are guaranteed to keep you up at night long after you’ve completed them!

10. We Happy Few

 We Happy Few Gameplay

Step into a dark alternate universe that reveals itself to be more twisted and creepy with every turn. We Happy Few takes us to a new version of the 1960’s where the populace is kept blissfully (and creepily) ignorant by a drug called Joy. Play as three different characters as they each try to escape the city of Wellington Wells, just don’t get destroyed by your own demons first…

The cartoon like animation of We Happy Few highlights the horrors of Wellington Wells, as everyone dances around in a fog, trapped in their own personal fantasies.

Don’t run afoul of the locals! The police are just as corrupt as - well - you’d expect from a creepy smile like that. Do your best to avoid the authorities… and all of the other citizens who want to kill you.

9. The Evil Within (PS4)

 The Evil Within Gameplay

Murders, mental asylums, unworldly beasts. This horror classic has it all; play as Sebastian, a detective who is sucked into a dimensional vortex. Nothing is at it seems in this terrifying world with danger behind every corner. Get ready for a game that makes you want to jump at every noise, and always keeps you on your toes.

Wander the halls of the asylum as you try to uncover the grizzly mystery that caused its demise, but take care, you never know who might be lurking behind the next door....

Get ready for some blood and gore as you unravel the twisted mystery that awaits, and sink further and further into the bowels of the asylum.

8. Dying Light

 Dying Light Combat Gameplay

Dying Light drops the player into a world infested by zombies. Use every weapon to your advantage as you try to outrun the hoard and complete your mission. Be warned though - Dying Light has an intelligent day/night cycle where the zombies become increasingly aggressive and bold as the light fades. Explore at your peril, and get ready to run.

Get creative as you slash, hack and shoot at the hoards of zombies infesting the city of Harran. Search every inch of the city for scrap and weapons to give you the edge you need.

The world is your playground. Use the terrain to your advantage as you traverse the city. Avoid the hoards as they chase you to complete your mission!

7. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Gameplay

Alien: Isolation takes the player deep into the unknown. You play as Amanda Ripley, who is searching for clues to her mother’s disappearance. As you make your way through the labyrinth of the spaceship it can be hard to tell friend from foe. Get ready for double crossings and plenty of alien gore this horror/survival fusion game.

They’re back! Avoid aliens and humans alike as you search the ship for information on the original Ripley. Use stealth, distractions, and combat to best your enemies and get home.

Play the game as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen, who goes on a personal quest as she heads to space searching for her lost mom and discovers far more insidious creatures run amok.

6. Until Dawn

Until Dawn Gameplay

Another classic horror scenario - Until Dawn follows a group of friends who visit a mysterious cabin in the woods. A tragic accident leads to far darker discoveries. As the friends split up to explore the dark cabin with a killer on the loose, every minute counts and your choices determine who lives and who dies.

Who is behind the mask? Stay alive long enough to escape the killer! Until Dawn is designed from multiple perspectives, so get ready to pick up that controller and sink back into heart pounding world of Blackwood Mountain time after time to explore different endings.

Keep ‘em all! As you try to escape whatever horror’s are chasing you, all of your friend’s lives are in your hands. A moment’s hesitation is the difference between life and death, so dive in and get ready for some chills.

5. Outlast

 Outlast Gameplay

Outlast ups the game by making it all about stealth. Hold your breath as you sneak by enemies, hide in the shadows, or, if you’re desperate, make a run for it! Get ready for a ton of jump scares as you explore the infested halls of an asylum. Rabid patients aren’t the only thing to look out for though, as there is something far more sinister stalking the corridors halls…

Play the game as Miles, an investigative reporter who gets way more than he bargained for when he starts investigate the insane asylum in Leadville. Search for clues to the mystery and try to survive the onslaught of homicidal maniacs hunting you.

Get ready for lots of jump scares as the otherworldly inhabitants of the asylum come for you. Run, sneak, and hide from each new horror to try and escape.

4. Prey

 Prey Gameplay

An open world take on the horror genre, Prey promises possibilities behind every corner. Explore the space station and decide whether to assist crew members as you battle Typhon. Even the smallest choices count, but this mind bending game saves the very best twist for last.

The choice is yours: Abandon the crew to the plague that is spreading throughout the ship, or help them to freedom.

At every turn Prey asks you to make tough decisions, pitting humanity against the need for survival., and those questions have no answer. Be prepared for a morally complex experience that will have you thinking about it far after the credits roll.

3. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay

Getting back to its horror roots, Resident Evil 7 uses a first person view in this terrifying tale with gore and terror in plenty. Play as Ethan, a man searching for his wife who disappeared three years ago, who gets a mysterious message and finds her in an abandoned house. Cannibals, the living dead, and of course the infamous Umbrella Corporation all play a role in this horrorfest which put Resident Evil back on the map of horror franchises.  

A family affair: RE7 takes family dinner’s to a whole new creepy level as you search for your wife and encounter a cannibalistic family.

It wouldn’t be Resident Evil without some freaky skin crawly monsters! Load up your weapons and prepare for some heart pounding action as you take them down and save your wife!


2. Resident Evil 2 (2019)

 Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

Coming in at number two is the most recent Resident Evil, released in January of 2019. A remake of the original 1988 game with a couple of tweaks, we revisit the zombie infested Raccoon City. Play as Claire or Leon for two different experiences as you fight your way through the city searching for a cure. Avoid zombies and the Umbrella corporation by any means necessary in blend of gore and scares in this re-mastered classic game that shows why CapCom is the oldest name in horror.

Get ready for hours of adrenaline rushes as you rid the city of a zombie scourge with Leon and Claire. Equip your favorite hand-gun and get ready to hunt!

New and old enemies alike come out of the dark to challenge our heroes, presenting us with nail biting encounters and narrow escapes!

1. The Last of Us

 The Last of Us Horror moments

Reigning at number one is The Last of Us, a horror/survivor/action combo that combines terror, well written characters, and masterful storytelling to create a powerful game with a bit of everything. Start at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse with Joel as he experiences the panic and fear of a pandemic and the unknown. Jump to 20 years later and test your metal against different types of the infected, from runners to clickers, and finally, the massive bloaters. Make your way across the country with humanity’s only chance at survival, but choose your strategy carefully as resources are limited and every bullet counts.

Even more dangerous than the undead are the bands of thugs who have staked out territory, and viciously kill any visitors. Use stealth or a guns blazing approach to take them out.

Clickers, runners, and bloaters all pose a danger, and each of them hunt differently. Make sure you’re armed with the right ammo or you won’t last long against their brutal attacks!

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