[Top 20] Best Grand Strategy Games

To war! (power metal albums recommended)


Sometimes, you want the simple life. Wake up, shoot some bad guys, crack open a chest or tw0 and head back home, nice and quiet. 

Other times though, other times you aim a little bit higher. Armies, political maneuvering, fleet combat, conquering the world! Grand Strategy games are all about this, and believe me, if you're thinking of something you’d like to see in a game, we’ve got the title for you! From fantastical warfare, to tense World War 2 combat, all out war to galactic scale conflict, it's here for you! Check out our list of the Top 20 Best Grand Strategy Games below! 


20. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is a medieval Grand Strategy game about taking control of a bloodline of kings, creating an empire that will be remembered for all of history by any means necessary. 

When you boot up the game, you’ll be thrown into a world of scheming politics, crusades, and backstabs-a’plenty, so do your best to land on your feet. While it's never not cool to whip out your favorite cool sunglasses and go on a conquering rampage from turn one, it might be a wiser idea to be cautious in the beginning. 

Engage with the in-depth systems of trade and politics that we love this game for, make allies where you can find them and avoid enemies until you're ready to carve out your own empire!

Can’t beat that classic fashion, can you?

19. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron 4 is the premiere World War 2 Grand Strategy war game, focused on taking the tense conflict of battle one trench at a time. Pick control of a variety of factions, big or small, and balance stealthy tactics, politics and good ol’ warfare to succeed!

Your goal, as you might guess, is to win World War 2 with your chosen faction, but the terms of execution are mostly up to you.l you’ll make enemies and forge alliances, racing to develop the latest technology before the enemy can and thinking two steps ahead of them to claim victory. Alternatively, you could always wrangle up some buddies and go head-to-head in a PVP match. 

We love Hearts of Iron 4 for its intricate systems, giving realistic simulations for everything from the morale of troops to political maneuvering. If you're looking for World War 2 Action, it doesn't get better than this!

Ah, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face.

18. Stellaris

Stellaris is one of the hottest Grand Strategy games on the market, all about taking over the galaxy and either incorporating or annihilating alien species while expanding your inter galactic empire. 

This one is a game where you’ll need to keep an open mind and open ears, because you’ll need to keep an eye out for other species in the galaxy as you expand and colonize system after system, because until you find them, you’ll never know where they are or what they’re planning. Some are here to help, some are here to trade, and others are more on the…Murderous ...side of things. (tip: if they have lots of fangs and speak in threats, maybe keep them at arms distance).

We love Stellaris for its constantly changing world, where empires can start or end without you knowing it until the information reaches you through the galactic grapevine. 

Snap some photos for the postcards!


17. Total War: WARHAMMER III

Total War:WARHAMMER III is one of the more unique Grand Strategy game on our list, where you’ll play as anything from a race of angry mushrooms to a horde of lizard magicians, with the goal of beating the rest of a dynamic fantasy world to whatever your goal is as the world begins to end. 

This one is all about massive battles and warfare on a continental scale, where you’ll have to manage wars, peace treaties, and your economy, all while up to over a hundred other AI controlled factions are scheming and fighting, just out of sight. Your rewards will be great, from special units of rock golems to dragons, as well as a vast array of special characters to use while playing, giving this game nearly infinite replay value. 

We love this game for a few reasons, but most of all, it's undeniable just how cool it is. Everything is fantastically over the top, where sentient ships a hundred feet tall fire cannons into hordes of thousands of magically animated rats and everything is constantly in a state of war. It's much more action packed than you might expect, but it never stops being fun!

It really doesn’t get cooler than this


Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is a Grand Strategy game about the Warring Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Take control of one of many historical leaders and do everything you can to unite the world, either in peace or in conquest. 

This is some of the best you can ask for if you’re into eastern warfare games, flat out. If you’re a history fan, this game has got all the details you could ask for, and if you’re more focused on looking cool while playing, there's enough different factions and armies that there’s sure to be one for you. 

We love this game for its fun take on a very interesting period in history, with an active community and a variety of expansions for you to delve into if you want more! 

Ooooh, that one's going to be expensive to repair. 

15. Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 is one of the newest Grand Strategy games on our list, full of fantasy action and wonderful customization. You’ll be set down in a fantasy world of magic and monsters, with nothing but your wits and bit of luck to secure and expand your empire. 

Age of Wonders 4 is all about being crafty, either through subtle spells and politics or flanking and strategy. you ‘ll hand craft your followers, from physical appearances to social traits, and decide yourself how you want to take the world!

We love this title for its fun, unique take on fantasy tropes, maintaining a sense of wonder while still keeping you invested all the while! There's enough customization to drown in, from units to armies to empires to even the world around you, it's all there for you to tweak and change. 


14. Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is a medieval Grand Strategy game, where you’ll be thrown into a world of hostile factions, and you’ll have to fight your way into historical fame!

In game, take control of one of many nations and try to expand your territory as best as you can! Play well enough, and the world is yours for the taking! If you’re already a fan of Hearts of Iron IV or Crusader Kings III, this is absolutely the right game for you!

We love Europa Universalis IV for its in-depth combat and fun, ever changing political map. Grab a sword and get to work, it's time to make a name for yourself!

It's all about the fashion

13. Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total war: Rome II- Emperor Edition is the Grand Strategy game for any and all fans of Roman history! There’s mechanics and details from Roman history galore, but if you aren’t a big history buff, don’t worry, you’ll be just fine without the context!

Play as the famed empire during its golden age, re-fighting historical battles and doing what you came to improve on one of the greatest empires in history.  You’ll have to play careful, deciding when’s a good time for war, negotiation, or a little bit of good old fashioned assassination. 

We’re big fans of history, and there aren't many easier ways to scratch that historical itch than games like this! Invicta!

Watch for the pointy bits!

12. X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations is a Grand Strategy game where you’ll choose your own path, anything from exploring space to managing an empire. These games are all about player freedom, and it’s hard to find better than this one!

This game excels at player freedom, giving your choices between trading, fighting, exploring or managing missions, all while flying around the galaxy in your own, hand built ship, and eventually a whole fleet!

We love X4: Foundations for its unique approach to Grand Strategy and its constantly updating experience, with the promise of more and more fun on the horizon. 


11. Total War: ATTILA

Total War: ATTILA is a grand strategy game about the grand age of the Mongol Empire (around 395 AD). You’ll scramble and scrap your way to the top in an age filled with war and scheming empires. 

In the game, you’ll have to make choices about how you want to take the world, either through peace or through sweeping destruction, but keep an eye out! Rome may be falling by this point in history, it’s not do not kicking in yet, and there's rumors in the wind that the remnants of the empire are coming in behind you to take your newly earned empire. 

We love Total War: ATTILA for its new take on the Total War  franchise, with a focus on tough, grim combat and destructive siege battles. 

Launch the fireworks!

10. Dune: Imperium

Based on the world changing Sci-Fi series, Dune: Imperium  is a Card Based Grand Strategy game, with a focus on political prowess and short, lightning fast rounds. 

The game is based on the Board Game of the same name, giving it a very unique approach to the formula you might be expecting, as well as a fun, well polished art style. 

We love Dune: Imperium for its quick paced card battling system, where you might be king of the world one turn and near to dying the next! You never know how things will go, so stay sharp!

Keep calm and try not to get backstabbed out there


9. Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome is a Grand Strategy game about taking control of one of the many successor emperors to Alexander the Great, with the goal of taking control of Rome. 

In game, you’ll have to balance invasion and attacks from your rivals, alongside political maneuvering and managing a growing empire's food and resources. 

We love this one for its unique take on Roman history, tackling a time before most people think about, with tons of potential for fun rivalries with AI and the story of the game itself!

There’s no way he’s comfortable


8. Victoria II

Victoria II is one of the greatest modern grand strategy games, focused on the 19th century and the age of expansion that followed. 

Often called the spiritual successor to Hearts of Iron, Victoria II is head and shoulders above its competitors, home to an in-depth political system and highly detailed systems of trade, as well as over two hundred different countries to play as!

We love this one for its depth of mechanics, with enough detail dn small systems to satisfy even the most obsessive of players!

This way, everyone!


7. Terra Invicta

Terra invictia is a Grand Strategy battle game about human civil war in space. 

It's all about human factions battling it out after an arrival of mysterious aliens, with goals from wiping out the aliens to worshiping them to just up and leaving the solar system all together. 

This game is unique for its presume and looks promising already, even though it's still in early development. We love it for its fun, incredibly detailed gameplay, that manages to tell you everything about everything without becoming boring!

You can make your own spaceship noises, if you’d like

6. ENDLESS™ Space 2

ENDLESS™ Space 2 is a Grand Strategy game about conquering and trading in a galaxy full of diverse alien races and empires. 

In game, you’ll take control of a newly space-bound empire, slowly expanding and meeting with various alien empires. You’ll have to choose between allying and destroying them, managing your relations to avoid everyone on the map deciding you're now the biggest threat. 

We love ENDLESS™ Space 2 for its well polished design and well-voiced cast of alien characters, as well as the undeniable cool factor of getting to zip around the galaxy in your very own fleet!

Oooo, pretty

5. Democracy 4

Democracy 4 is a Grand Strategy game all about politics, focused on uniting a world and trying to maintain popularity for re-election! 

This game is unique for its heavier focus on peaceful, political solutions to problems in an already established empire. You’ll navigate tax law and surprise events like pandemics and refugee intakes, all while trying to maintain peace in the nation for your re-election. 

We love Democracy 4 for its fun take on the established Grand Strategy formula, as well as its ability to draw you in for replay after replay. 

Team work makes the dream work


4. AI War 2

AI War 2 is a Grand Strategy game about duking it out in space against challenging AI opponents in space. 

You’ll take the reigns of vast fleets of powerful starships, fighting against the signature AI systems. When the game begins, you’ve already lost the war, and the AI enemies are smart enough to give you a good challenge without being unnecessarily hard. The game is both very accessible and very deep, with the potential to play on the surface layer or get in deep with it, as you choose to. 

We love AI War 2 for its unique AI systems, challenging players while playing so you always feel like every victory you earn was truly earned and proves that you’re smarter than the machine!

Space squids!!

3. Galactic Civilizations IV

Galactic Civilization IV is a new strategy game about space colonization, with a focus on customization and numerous layers of interactions between separate races and factions. 

In game, you’ll take control of a newly space-capable race, spreading your influence throughout the galaxy one world at a time. Fly from one system to the next, planting flags and claiming them or engaging with the newly discovered aliens, either align with them for trade or fight them for conquest. 

We love Galactic Civilization IV for its fun, diverse alien races and its fun political play, with a wide range of choices in every interaction to supply nearly unlimited player freedom!


2. Chaos Galaxy 

Chaos Galaxy is a Retro Grand Strategy game about conquering space, one pixel at a time. 

In game, take control of a leader of your choice and a fleet, ranging from assassins to killer robots to space pirates! Experience the story of a collapsing empire’s new age, which is up to you! Destroy it, revive it, change it, it's all up to you! 

Chaos Galaxy is an incredible game, hand coded, detailed, written and painted by a single developer. We love it for its fun art style, unique premise and snappy, responsive combat systems. 

Gotta look good while you’re out and about, conquering the galaxy

1. Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest is a Hex-Based Grand Strategy game, set in a fantasy world and focused on using might and magic to take back the world from evil.

In game, you’ll constantly be switching between empire management and quick, easy to learn but hard to master combat, balancing political relations, town building and warfare. Keep an eye out for people seeking up on your settlements, and be sure to know who your allies are and aren't. If you’re feeling lonely, find some friends and have a duel of your armies!

We love Songs of Conquest for its unique approach to gameplay and its gorgeous pixel art detail, as well as that good old skeleton bashing heroic fun!


What did you think about our picks? Any other games that you think should be here? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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