All Resident Evil Female Characters, RANKED Worst To Best

All Resident Evil Female Characters, best Resident Evil Female Characters
Battle of the female characters

Resident Evil is Capcom’s top-selling franchise. The series is also a household name; even if you haven’t played the games, you most likely heard of it. This game series has many characters. This article will be ranking all female characters from worst to best. 

This article will show the name of the character and their first game in parenthesis, or the only game they appeared in depending on the character.

48. Unknown Woman (Resident Evil 3)

This unknown woman is an NPC from Resident Evil 3. This woman appears after Jill Valentine meets up with Brad Vickers at a bar. The woman in the streets is seen running off, but eventually gets eaten by zombies.

As a random NPC, there isn’t much information about her.

Interesting fact(s) about the unknown woman

  • Her sprite showed blood on her arm, suggesting she was injured before her appearance. It is not known how she got her injury. 

47. Hannah (Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles)

She was a radio operator who talked to Jack Krauser until he met Leon Kennedy. There isn’t any other information about her. 

Interesting fact(s) about Hannah

  • In the localized version of Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, her name is Ingrid Hannah. Ingrid is the same first name of Ingrid Hannigan (from Resident Evil 4).

46. Allyson (Resident Evil 5)

Allyson is a minor character in Resident Evil 5. She visited Africa with her boyfriend, but she was eventually abducted by parasite-infected people. She was eventually infected with the parasite leading to Chris and Sheva killing her. 

As a minor character, there isn’t much information about her. She is just a victim of abduction in the game before getting infected. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Allyson

  • When the player destroys Allyson’s head by shooting it, a Cephalo-type parasite pops out of her head. This marked the first time Chris and Sheva have seen a Cephalo-type parasite.

45. Katherine Warren (Resident Evil 2)

Katherine is a minor character in Resident Evil 2. She was the daughter of the mayor of Raccoon City. When the outbreak occurred, the father left her and she eventually found herself under Police Chief Brian Iron’s care. At some point, Brian killed her to make her a taxidermy trophy. 

The only time the player sees Katherine is when she is dead in both Resident Evil 2 and its remake. Just like other minor NPCs, you don’t learn much, if any, at all about this character, thus placing her at a lower rank then other characters. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Katherine

  • Despite being dead in the main game of Resident Evil 2 and its remake, Katherine is a playable character in Ghost Survivors in the remake. Her scenario is a “what if” where she survives and kills Brian Irons. She has to make her way to the police station to save her boyfriend. 

44. Goblin 6 (Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City)

She was a minor character in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. She was an Umbrella soldier who was sent to an underground laboratory to retrieve the G-virus with Hunk in a team. At some point, during the mission, she was attacked and killed by William Birkin. 

43. Liz (Resident Evil 6)

Liz was a minor NPC in Resident Evil 6 in Leon’s campaign. She was a university student who got infected with the C-virus. Once she became a zombie, she killed her father but was then killed by Leon and Helena. 

As usual, very little is known about her, so she is just another plot device NPC. 

Interesting fact(s) about Liz

  • Liz is the first C-virus zombie that Leon and Helena come across in Leon’s campaign. Her first appearance scene, as a zombie, is similar to the first zombie in Resident Evil 1.

42. Nancy (Resident Evil 6)

Nancy was a minor NPC in Resident Evil 6. She, her boyfriend, and a cop were at a gas station when they were saved by Leon and Helena during the Tall Oaks outbreak. She eventually escaped the streets inside a bus but was killed near a cliff by zombies when the bus was about to fall off a cliff.  

Again not much is known about this character as she is a minor character. However, she seemed to have cared about her boyfriend very much even after he deserted them. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Nancy 

  • At the Tall Oaks church, a woman is praying to God that he watches over Nancy. This woman could be Nancy’s mother. 

41. Gina Foley (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Gina is a minor character in Resident Evil Revelations 2. She was Claire Redfield’s co-worker at TerraSave. In 2011, she was abducted and sent to an island (along with Claire Redfield and Moira Burton), and was injured by an “Afflicted.” She died of those injuries in Claire’s arms. 

Interesting Fact(s)

  • Her last name is the same last name as Rachel Foley (a character in the Resident Evil Revelations 1), but it is unknown if they are related. 

40. Lucia (Resident Evil Gaiden)

Lucia is a character in Resident Evil Gaiden. She was 13 years old during the events of the game. She was in a cruiser called “Starlight,” and an outbreak occurred there. She eventually escaped the cruiser along with Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Lucia 

  • Lucia was actually infected with a parasite in the game. Eventually, Barry extracted the parasite out of Lucia’s body.

39. Lily Klein (Resident Evil Survivor)

Lily Klein little girl from Resident Evil Survivor; she is the younger sister of Lott Klein. She was hiding throughout Sheena Island while her brother Lott went out to get help. Eventually, she escaped Sheena Island with Lott and protagonist Ark Thompson. Besides that, her character doesn’t have anything going for her. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Lily Klein

  • At Lily’s house, her bedroom has multiple drawings and posters. Two of those posters are of Street Fighter, and Ghost and Goblins. 

38. Monica (Resident Evil Outbreak)

A minor character in Resident Evil Outbreak. She appeared in the second scenario called “Below Freezing Point.” She was an Umbrella employee who worked with Yoko Suzuki. 

When the Raccoon City outbreak occurred, she took a G-larva sample and tried to escape. At some point, she was attacked by a monster (might have been William Birkin). She later died by having a G-larva bursting through her stomach. That G-larva would then mutate into being the boss of the scenario. 

Monica was shown to be selfish who would be willing to kill others if it benefitted her. She killed a co-worker, so she could get the G-larva sample. She then took Yoko’s Umbrella card at gunpoint. 

Interesting fact(s) about Monica

  • Monica is an unlockable costume for Alyssa Ashcroft in Resident Evil Outbreak.

37. Linda Baldwin (Resident Evil Outbreak File 2)

Linda was an Umbrella employee in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. In the final scenario End of the Road, she was attacked by a Tyrant and fell into the sewer. When the sewer was flooded, she found herself in the streets and was injured by a sniper. 

If the player helps Linda, she survives and escapes Raccoon City with the player. In the epilogue, she testifies with Yoko Suzuki against Umbrella.

Interesting Fact(s) about Linda 

  • Just like Monica, Linda is an unlockable costume, but for Cindy Lennox instead of Alyssa. 

36. Deborah Harper (Resident Evil 6)

A character, and later a boss,  in Resident Evil 6. She was Helena Harper’s younger sister who was abducted with her sister. Eventually, she was infected with the C-virus and mutated into an arachnid-like monster. Leon and Helena had to kill her as a result. 

She would eventually be avenged by Leon and Helena killing Derek Simmons since Simmons was the one responsible for infecting her. 

Interesting fact(s) about Deborah 

  • She dated a man who physically abused her to the point that she had to be hospitalized. Helena shot the boyfriend thus injuring him. This led to Simmons using Helena as a scapegoat for plans he was going to implement. 

35. Veronica (Resident Evil 7)

Veronica is an off-screen character in Resident Evil 7’s scenario called Not a Hero. She is a member of Blue Umbrella and was the radio contact for Chris Redfield. There isn’t any information about this character beyond being radio contact for Chris. 

Despite there not being much information about her, she works for Blue Umbrella. Blue Umbrella is a rebranded version of Umbrella, and its goal is to fight BOWs. Furthermore, Veronica could return in the upcoming Resident Evil Village. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Veronica 

  • Her name was revealed to be Veronica by her voice actor on Instagram. Veronica’s name was never mentioned in the game.

34. Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)

Ashley Graham was an important character in Resident Evil 4. She was the president’s daughter who was kidnapped by Jack Krauser and was sent to an area in Spain where the locals were infected with a parasite. 

Leon Kennedy was sent to rescue her. Ashley was eventually taken to an island by the parasite-infected people. She eventually escaped the island with Leon. 

Ashley is infamous for being annoying. When she is grabbed by an infected, she constantly screams “help” or “help me, Leon.” 

Interesting fact(s) about Ashley 

  • Ashley was infected with the same parasite that the locals were infected with, along with Leon. Fortunately, both were cured of the parasite when they used a machine on themselves.

33. Valerie Harmon (Resident Evil Resistance)

Valerie is a character in Resident Evil Resistance. She was a college graduate who interned with Umbrella but was abducted when she got suspicious of them. 

Her character, during gameplay, is supposed to be the healer of the group. In other words, her abilities focus on healing others in the group which makes her an important aspect of the group. 

Interesting fact(s) about Valerie 

  • While interning at Umbrella, she was taking classes for her master’s degree. 

32. January Van Sant (Resident Evil Resistance)

January is a playable character in Resident Evil Resistance. She was a computer hacker who was abducted by Umbrella after she began investigating connections between them and the Raccoon City Police Department. 

During the gameplay, her abilities focus on disabling cameras thus limiting the mastermind’s control. 

Interesting Fact(s) about January 

  • The person who told January to investigate Umbrella was a reporter from a newspaper called News Comet. 

31. Becca Woolett (Resident Evil Resistance)

Becca is a playable character in Resident Evil Resistance. She was raised by her family on a farm outside of Raccoon City. One day, she was attacked by zombie dogs, but escaped unharmed. However, she was then abducted by Umbrella.

During gameplay, she is a “damage-type” character. Her special abilities focus on doing damage when using firearms. One of her abilities grants her unlimited ammunition for a short amount of time. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Becca 

  • Before being abducted, Becca worked as a park ranger. 
  • Her uncle taught her camping and hunting skills.

30. Manuela Hidalgo (Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles)

Manuela is a character in Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles. She is the daughter of Javier Hidalgo (who Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser were after) and Hilda Hidalgo. 

Manuela got a disease that was killing her, so Javier infected her with the T-Veronica virus to save her. During the outbreak, she met Leon and Krauser. She, along with Leon and Krauser, eventually escaped the area and was taken in by the government for custody. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Manuela 

  • The disease she got, which prompted Javier to infect her with the T-Veronica virus, was the same disease her mother got. When her mother got the disease, Javier was prompted to infect her with the T-virus. 
  • Depending on conditions met during the final boss fight in Darkside Chronicles, Manuela could die or live. 

29. Annette Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

Annette Birkin is a character in Resident Evil 2. She was a scientist working at Umbrella. She worked alongside her husband William Birkin to develop the G-virus but neglected their daughter Sherry Birkin.  

When the outbreak of Raccoon City was going on, she stood in the sewers and the lab. At some point, she met Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. She helped Claire treat Sherry when Sherry was infected with a G embryo. She was killed in the lab by William Birkin who was infected with the G-virus. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Annette 

  • She is a playable mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance. In the game, she sends monsters, including William Birkin, after the survivors. 

28. Ingrid Hannigan (Resident Evil 4)

Ingrid Hannigan was introduced in Resident Evil 4. She was Leon’s radio contact until it was hijacked by Los Iluminados. At the end of Resident Evil 4, she regained contact with Leon. She would go on to help Leon in Resident Evil 6 as his radio contact. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Ingrid 

  • At the end of Resident Evil 4, Leon flirted with Ingrid and asked for her number. Ingrid rejected him by reminding him that he was still on duty.

27. Carla Radames (Resident Evil 6)

Carla Radames was one of the main antagonists in Resident Evil 6. She was a scientist who created the C-virus. She became a doppelganger of Ada Wong. 

She would encounter protagonists, such as Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, but would ultimately be killed by Ada Wong. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Carla 

  • Carla’s real identity was only revealed in Ada Wong’s campaign. Before that, it was thought that she was Ada Wong due to her appearance.

26. Marguerite Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Marguerite Baker was an antagonist in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. She was the wife of Jack Baker who became infected with the mold fungus when her family took in Eveline causing her and her family to abduct and kill people for Eveline. 

In the game, Ethan (the protagonist) would encounter her and fight her. She would eventually go on to be killed by Ethan.

Interesting Fact(s) about Marguerite 

  • Before the infection, she was a kind and loving wife. Once she became infected, she became crazy over time.

25. Excella Gionne (Resident Evil 5)

She was an antagonist in Resident Evil 5. She was a member of Tricell. She worked with Albert Wesker during an outbreak in Africa.  

Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar encountered her multiple times throughout the game. Wesker would eventually infect her thus killing and mutating her into a monster only to be killed by Chris and Sheva. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Excella

  • Excella was born to a family of rich merchants. 
  • She went to university at a very young age and graduated with a degree in genetic engineering. 

24. Eveline (Resident Evil 7)

The main antagonist in Resident Evil 7. She was created in an experiment to control the minds of people. Two agents, one of which was Mia Winters, took care of her as they were traveling to a lab on a ship. The ship was caught in a storm causing Eveline to go insane and wreak havoc on the ship. 

The wrecked ship made its way to Louisiana where she got into contact with the Baker family. The Baker family became infected over time. The protagonist Ethan would eventually encounter her in the game and kill her. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Eveline

  • She ages rapidly. To prevent it, she had to take medications. But when the ship was destroyed and she was taken in by the Baker family, she didn’t take the medicine causing her to age rapidly and giving her the appearance of an 80-year-old woman once Ethan confronted her. 

23. Mia Winters (Resident Evil 7)

Mia Winters is a character in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Being the wife of Ethan Winters, she went missing after a ship was caught in a storm when she was trying to get Eveline to another laboratory. 

She got infected by Eveline and would attack Ethan (when he found her). But eventually was cured by Ethan who also cured himself. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Mia

  • Mia’s husband Ethan didn’t know that she was working with The Connections (the same organization that created Eveline) until the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. 

22. Rachel Foley (Resident Evil Revelations)

Rachel Foley was a character in Resident Evil Revelations. She worked as an agent for the FBC. She was sent to investigate in a ship called Queen Zenobia only to be killed and infected with the T-abyss virus. Jill Valentine and her partner Parker encountered the infected Rachel and killed her.

Interesting Fact(s) about Rachel

  • She didn’t want to do the mission in Queen Zenobia. When the player reads her journal, it is revealed that she knew she was likely going to die. 

21. Lady Hunk (Resident Evil Revelations)

Lady Hunk is a bonus character introduced in Resident Evil Revelations. She is a bonus costume for Hunk. She only appears in bonus modes in both Revelations games. Therefore, she is not a canonical character. 

That being said, people do like her as she is a female version of Hunk. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Lady Hunk 

  • In Resident Evil Revelations 2, she is a costume for Gina Foley. 
  • There have been mods of older Resident Evil games, particularly Resident Evil 3, to include her as a costume for the games’ respective protagonists. 

20. Karena LesProux (Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City)

Karena LesProux (codenamed LUPO) was a playable character in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. She was the leader of Umbrella’s Delta team who was sent to do missions in Raccoon City. Her default weapon is the assault rifle. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Karena 

  • Karena is a mother and does missions for Umbrella to provide for her children. 
  • Before joining Umbrella, she served in the French Special Forces. 

19. Michaela Schneider (Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City)

Michaela Schneider (codenamed Bertha) was a playable character in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. She served in the military as a medic. She eventually retired and joined Umbrella leading her to do missions in Raccoon City. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Michaela 

  • During the development of Operation Raccoon City, Michaela was given the last name “Heinzwaffen.” For whatever reason, the development team changed her last name to Schneider. 

18. Christine Yamata (Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City)

Christine Yamata (codename Four Eyes) was a playable character in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. She joined Umbrella due to her interest in Virology. Her abilities in the game are sensing enemies, infecting enemy soldiers, or curing infections. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Christine

  • She has been interested in science since she was a child. This led her to be interested in virology.

17. Jessica Sherawat (Resident Evil Revelations)

Jessica Sherawat was a character in Resident Evil Revelations. She worked with Chris Redfield throughout the game. After the events of Revelations, it is revealed that she was secretly working with Tricell the entire time. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Jessica

  • Jessica is skilled with sniper rifles. 
  • Jessica appeared in a bonus mode in Resident Evil Revelations 2 where she wears her FBC costume. 

16. Fong Ling (Resident Evil Dead Aim)

Fong Ling is a character in Resident Evil Dead Aim. She is an agent from China who helped Bruce McGivern during an outbreak occurring on a ship and an island. She escaped the island with Bruce. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Fong Ling

  • She, alongside Bruce, is a playable character in an RPG game called Namco x Capcom. The game was only released in Japan. 

15. Yoko Suzuki (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Yoko Suzuki is a playable character in the Resident Evil Outbreak games. She was a former umbrella employee who found herself caught during the Raccoon City outbreak. Eventually, she escaped Raccoon City where she testified against Umbrella. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Yoko 

  • Her ability is her being able to hold extra items due to her backpack. 
  • She is the main character of the scenario “Below Freezing Point.” The scenario takes place in the same Umbrella lab from Resident Evil 2. 

14. Cindy Lennox (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Cindy Lennox was a playable character in the Resident Evil Outbreak games. She worked as a waitress at a bar in Raccoon City. Eventually, the outbreak began occurring, so she eventually escaped Raccoon City with other survivors. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Cindy 

  • Her abilities in the game involve storing and mixing herbs. 
  • She was the main character in a scenario called “Wild Things.” The scenario took place at a zoo. 

13. Alyssa Ashcroft (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Alyssa Ashcroft is a playable character in the Resident Evil outbreak games. She worked as a reporter who found herself caught in the middle of the Raccoon City outbreak. After escaping Raccoon City, she would go on to write articles about her experience during the outbreak. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Alyssa 

  • Although not appearing in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Alyssa wrote newspapers that the character can read. 

She appeared in Resident Evil 5 as a playable protagonist. Sheva was born in a town where most of the population, including Sheva’s family, worked at an Umbrella plant for a living. Thanks to an American government official, she moved to America. 

She became a member of BSAA to fight Bioterrorism. She worked as Chris Redfield’s partner during the parasitic outbreak in Africa. She would go on to confront  Albert Wesker along with Chris.  

Interesting fact(s) about Sheva 

  • Sheva survived a massacre perpetrated by Umbrella soldiers when she was a child. 
  • She went through eight months of training when she first joined the BSAA. 

11. Zoe Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Zoe Baker was a supporting character in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. She got infected with the mold fungus just like her family. However, she was able to resist control from Eveline and help Ethan throughout the game. 

She eventually survives the events of the game through a mode called “End of Zoe” where she got cured. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Zoe 

  • In the main game, the player (as Ethan) can choose to cure Zoe instead of Mia. Doing so will lead to an alternate ending. 
  • The reason she was able to resist Eveline’s control was that she found out the truth about Eveline by reading a letter. 

10. Helena Harper (Resident Evil 6)

Helena Harper was a character in Resident Evil 6 in Leon’s campaign. She had a younger sister who died after she got infected with the C-virus and mutated into a monster. Helena worked with Leon to eventually kill Derek Simmons, one of the antagonists of Resident Evil 6.

Interesting Fact(s) about Helena 

  • Despite working as Simmons’ accomplice. She was found innocent of the crimes committed by Simmons and thus was not criminalized. 

9. Moira Burton (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Moira is a playable character in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Moira is the daughter of Barry Burton. She joined TerraSave and worked with Claire Redfield. She was abducted and sent to an island with Claire Redfield. She eventually survived the events of Revelations 2. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Moira 

  • She was scared of using guns. The reason was that she accidentally shot her sister when she was younger; thankfully, the sister survived the gunshot. 

8. Natalia Korda (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Natalia Korda was a playable character in Resident Evil Revelations 2. She met Barry Burton on Sejm Island and helped him throughout the game. After the events of Revelations 2, she was adopted by Barry. She can sense enemies throughout the game. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Natalia 

  • There is a bad non-canonical ending where Alex Wesker takes over Natalia’s body. 

7. Alexia Ashford (Resident Evil Code Veronica)

The main antagonist in Resident Evil Code Veronica. Being Alfred Ashford’s sister, she was a researcher at Umbrella who infected herself with the T-Veronica virus and put herself in cryogenic sleep. She eventually woke up during the events of Resident Evil Code Veronica and was killed by Chris in the final boss fight.

Interesting Fact(s) about Alexia

  • Alexia’s final boss fight is considered as being one of the hardest in Resident Evil. During her boss fight, she attacks the player with tentacles while spawning bugs that attack the player and disrupt the player’s attacks.

6. Alex Wesker (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Alex Wesker was the main antagonist of Resident Evil Revelations 2. She had people, such as Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, to be abducted and sent to Sejm Island. She would encounter the protagonists throughout the game, and be killed during a BSAA assault by being shot with rockets. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Alex 

  • Despite sharing the last name, Alex is not Albert Wesker’s biological sister. Wesker is a name given to them by Umbrella. 
  • Alex died in her mutated form that occurred after she infected herself with the Uroboros. Albert Wesker also died in his Uroboros infected form in Resident Evil 5.  

5. Sherry Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

Sherry first appeared in Resident Evil 2 where she was a 12-year-old girl who met Claire Redfield during the Raccoon City outbreak. Her G-virus infected father was going after her, and eventually, put an embryo in her. She was treated with a vaccine by Claire and escaped Raccoon City with Claire and Leon via an underground train.

She also appeared as a playable protagonist in Resident Evil 6 where she helped Jake Muller during the C-virus outbreak that took place in multiple locations throughout the world such as China.

Interesting fact(s) about Sherry

  • The vaccine (in Resident Evil 2) prevented her from mutating, but the virus remained in her. This caused her to half regenerative abilities. 
  • Her parents were more interested in their research thus neglecting her. 

4. Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil 1)

Rebecca first appeared in Resident Evil 1 where she was a medic in STARS. She helped Chris throughout the game and escaped the mansion with him, Jill, and Barry Burton. She was the main character in Resident Evil 0, alongside Billy Coen. 

After the events of Resident Evil 1, she went on to work as a professor as revealed in Resident Evil Vendetta. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Rebecca 

  • She is a child prodigy and graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and joined STARS at 18 years old. 
  • A picture of Rebecca, of her playing basketball, can be found in Resident Evil 2 by searching the STARS room. 

3. Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2)

Ada Wong works as a spy throughout the games. She learned how to be a spy from a crime syndicate in China. Ada Wong may not even be her real name, but just an alias she goes by throughout the series. 

She was introduced in Resident Evil 2. She helped Leon Kennedy throughout Resident Evil 2 and helped him in Resident Evil 4 and 6. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Ada 

  • It is suggested that she has feelings for Leon due to her helping him throughout the series and kissing him twice (once in Resident Evil 2 and another in Resident Evil 6)
  • She often betrays clients she works for. 

2. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)

Claire Redfield was introduced in Resident Evil 2 and is Chris Redfield’s younger sister. In Resident Evil 2, Claire goes to Raccoon City to find Chris but finds herself caught in the outbreak. She escaped Raccoon City with Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin. 

She returned as one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil Code Veronica. In the game, she reunites with Chris and they escape an Umbrella Antarctic base as it blew up. She returned as a protagonist in Resident Evil Revelations 2 where she works for TerraSave and survives after the Sejm Island incident.  

Interesting Fact(s) about Claire

  • She originally was going to be a character called Elza Walker in the Resident Evil 2 prototype called Resident Evil 1.5. Elza was into bikes and was a college student like Claire, but wasn’t related to Chris. Elza’s costume was included in the Resident Evil 2 remake as Claire’s DLC costume. 
  • Chris trained her to use firearms and gave her a combat knife as a gift. 

1. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 1)

And sitting in number one is the one and only Jill Valentine. She appeared as one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil 1 where she had to survive a mansion filled with zombies and other mutated monsters. She returned as the main character in Resident Evil 3 where she is being hunted by a monster called Nemesis during the Raccoon City outbreak. 

After Resident Evil 3, she joined the BSAA to fight Bioterrorism. In Resident Evil 5, Jill was being controlled by Wesker but was freed by Chris and Sheva. 

Interesting Fact(s) about Jill 

  • She is half French and half Japanese. 
  • During the events of Resident Evil 3, Nemesis infected her with the T-virus, but she was treated with the vaccine. However, the virus remained in her, but in a dormant state. 
  • Her expertise is bomb disposal and picking locks. She would use her lockpicking skills in Resident Evil 1 and 3. 


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