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Resident Evil 6 contains a few new game mechanics.

Have you ever had issues with not knowing how to do some simple things in Resident Evil 6, such as how to use your herbs correctly, or how to do some of the new game mechanics that you may or may not know about? This guide will help insure that those types of issues will be resolved for all consoles, including PC.

Resident Evil 6 how to coop/play 2 players

  • First put the game on and get through the prologue which lasts about 15 minutes.
  • There are 3 ways to play 2 players.
  • Online coop mode:
  • prologue→ campaign→ switch to screen mode→ set network performance (XBOX LIVE for Xbox, PLAYSTATION NETWORK for ps3 & 4, or ONLINE PC)→ partner join and set to allow→ location settings→ select worldwide→ start game and wait for partners
  • If you're joining someone online:
  • Prologue→ campaign→ join game→ custom match→ set up game options→ search and join

Make sure your options are the same as the person you're planning to join.

  • If you're playing locally on the same screen:
  • Prologue→  campaign→ switch screen to split mode→ set up game and play game

Resident Evil 6 how to use herbs

This displays your health, ammo, combat gauge, and the amount of tablets. This is always located in the bottom right corner of the screen while you play.

  • After picking up herbs, pause the game and go to your inventory, where you keep your items. Select the herb, or item of choice, which will give you the options to put in your case or give (to partner/ ai), and combine.
  • Adding to case gives you a quick way to use it later. The give  option will give it to the ai/ partner. Combine works like all the other Resident Evil games except when you combine you make small green tablets, which you can add to case or give away.


G= green herb and R= red herb

G=1 Tablet

G+G=3 Tablets 

G+G+G=6 Tablets

R+G=6 Tablets

Resident Evil 6 how to heal

Pushing R2/Rt/1 one or more times is the total number of times you used the tablets. Located in the bottom right corner of screen which shows how many is left in the case after use.

Resident Evil 6 how to unlock Carla

She can be unlocked by beating all the campaign chapters, with each unlocked character, in their alternate costumes. Each has to pass with at least an A rank.

Resident Evil 6 how to use first aid spray

Go to inventory, after pausing, and select the 1st aid spray to use it. The equip option makes it so you can use it on your partner or yourself.

Resident Evil 6 how to unlock infinite ammo

Play through the game and pick up skill point when they are dropped. Don't spend any since you'll need them. When you have enough, buy it from the departure screen where you use your skill points. Make sure you save up because its gonna cost you an arm and a leg.

Resident Evil 6 how to spend skill points

After each chapter for the departure. There's a list of skills that you can buy with the skill point(s) you got in the chapters. Select 1 or more to buy it.

Resident Evil 6 how to save

Resident Evil 6 autosaves when checkpoints are reached, but some don't work as actual saves. If you exit the game and return, it will automatically start you at the beginning of the chapter you left off with.

If the icon of a typewriter is present then that counts as a save for your progress. The game saves after each chapter as well. Exiting to other chapters when it's not complete, or exit before the typewriter is present then you will lose progress.

Resident Evil 6 how to do mods

The original Resident Evil 2 mod was made by Packman texture and download by fallingstars9. Some gameplay with Resident Evil 2 mod on.

There's several sites to get the mod from to change the different textures, clothes, characters, etc. Here's how to apply mods with Game Customization

Resident Evil 6 how to counter

Counter can be performed just before the enemy jumps.

When you stand a few feet from the enemy it will attack by jumping at you. Then the button will flash quick on the screen.

Zombies, dogs, and J'avo have a specific time when they leap at you so it's better to dodge for beginners. You also can't perform it when you are low on stamina. If your character(s) is holding their side when they move, you'll have to wait til the bar is replenished.

Resident Evil 6 how to dodge

  • To dodge, aim with your weapon + Direction of which way you want to dodge + X/A.
  • For PC:
  • Roll to the left it's right click + A + space/Z
  • Roll to the right it's right click + D + space/C
  • To crouch it’s right click + space/2
  • Roll forward it's right click + W + space/3
  • Fall onto your back it's right click + S + space/X to perform it.
  • This will help evade your enemy attacks.
  • You can also counter, slide on the ground, and do quick shots.
  • Quickshot can be performed by pressing aim and fire at the same time. This can shoot a automatic head shot to stun enemies.

Resident Evil 6 how to unlock costumes

The costumes are unlockable through mercenaries mode found under extra content. Another way is through

Resident Evil 6 how to unlock all mercenaries characters

  • Default is unlocked by having the character.
  • EX1 can be unlocked by passing any stage with at least a Rank A or higher with the character.
  • EX2 is unlockable by spending 60,000 RE Points on RE Points are obtained through Web Badges & Web Medals by playing Resident Evil 6.
  • EX3 can be unlocked on with tickets.

Resident Evil 6 how to change costumes

Select alternative  and it will show a list of costumes.

Resident Evil 6 how to get skill points fast

Playing mercenaries mode can help get skill points fast. If you can survive the sessions, then you won't lose your points.

Resident Evil 6 how to defeat the gigantic B.O.W

One of the biggest B.O.W.'s in Resident Evil 6.

First go to a high point on one of the nearby buildings while avoiding other zombies and attacks. Then take aim and shoot at its weak point on its back, which will eventually cause it to collapse against the building. When it's down, perform a quick action to deal extra damage.

Resident Evil 6 how to slide

To slide you can run + aim , or forward + aim + X/A for PC it's X, Shift, Z and C for shortcuts. When you slide you can shoot your enemy as well.

Resident Evil 6 how to give ammo

Pause and go to inventory to select the ammo. Then click the give option to give to your partner or ai.

Resident Evil 6 how to unlock Ada

Beat the 1st 3 scenarios on any game difficulty.

Resident Evil 6 how to trade items

Press pause select item in inventory select give. The partner, if you're playing on split screen mode, can do the same as well.

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