10 Adventure RPG Games You'll Love

10 Adventure RPG Games You'll Love
Excitement and adventure await with these 10 games.

10.) Dragon Age: Origins

Fight the Archdemon and rid the world of the Blight.

Intense play as a human noble warrior.

The Archdemon has risen from beneath the surface of the world, you must become a Grey Warden and rally armies and allies in order to defeat him.
Begin the game by choosing your race and class, then start completing quests in order to gain allies, and continue making choices throughout those quests to determine how the storyline will progress.

Give everything you’ve got to defeat the Archdemon.

Fight back the darkspawn, who are forcing the Blight onto your world, and ultimately battle the Archdemon who’s taken on the form of a dragon to end the Blight. The best thing about Dragon Age is Overall Dragon Age is the game to play if you like story driven games where you get to be a hero.  

My Rating: 3/5

9.) Elder Scrolls Online

Incredible graphics and intense battles await.

Jump into Elder Scrolls Online gameplay with Jane Douglas.

The Ruby Throne is empty and someone must fill it.

Choose your alliance and begin the fight against Molag Bai and for the Ruby Throne.

Choose your race and alliance to start fighting for the throne and try stopping Molag Bai, the villain who’s trying to force Tamriel to merge into Oblivion. Do you prefer PvP or PvE play? It doesn’t matter because you can play both in Elder Scrolls Online, so whether you’re a loner or a joiner, ESO has something for you.

Explore the diverse world of ESO and complete quests in order to level up, and once you pass level 10 you can join massive PvP battles. With its incredible graphics, dynamic locations, and intense multiplayer battles it’s not hard to see why Elder Scrolls Online is on this list.   

My Rating: 3/5

8.) Baldur's Gate 2

Watch the story of Baldur’s Gate 2 unfold.

Check out KartGaming as he goes through the Great Escape.

Based on Dungeon’s and Dragons stories, Baldur’s Gate 2 continues the original story of your character who has now been imprisoned by the elven mage Jon Irenicus to strip you of your power.
Escape from your prison to begin the game, and once you’ve escaped align yourself with the Shadow Thieves or the Vampires, build your party, and ultimately try to find Jon Irenicus again and defeat him.

Will you follow the path of the hero or villain?

The best thing about Baldur’s Gate 2 is that you have the option to be a hero or a villain which gives you really diverse gameplay. If you like Dungeons and Dragons style role playing, a lot of options throughout the game, and a decision-based storyline, then Baldur’s Gate 2 is for you.   

My Rating: 3/5

7.) Torchlight 2

“Hope may fade but new heroes will arise.”

A little taste of Embermage gameplay.  

Torchlight 2 continues the original Torchlight story years later. Someone has stolen Ordrak’s power and is using it to try to destroy the world and it’s up to you to stop them.

Fight your way through monsters to defeat the villain with Ordrak’s power.

Choose your character and customize them so they look like you - or your favorite hero - and begin going on randomly generated quests for magical loot and experience points.

As in the original Torchlight you can have a pet, but you can customize them more, and you can still go fishing. Two awesome new things about Torchlight are the ability to create your own mod and more places in the world for you to explore.

A new cooperative multiplayer mode is also available for those of you who believed the original game was too lonely. With all the new options and the classic elements of Torchlight, what’s not to love?

My Rating: 3.5/5

6.) Mount & Blade: Warband

Run into battle. Become a legend.

ReformistTM choses his character and joins the fray in Mount & Blade.

Become the adventurer of the middle ages you’ve always wanted to be in the world of Calradia.
Choose your character and customize them any way you want, then begin going through the world and forging your path. In Mount & Blade you can become an advisor to the king or not, you can become wealthy and powerful or not, you can become famous for fighting in the arena or not; basically, you have free reign to be who you want to be and do what you want to do.

Live in the middle ages as the badass you were always meant to be.

Gain enough allies throughout the game and you can even lead a rebellion to usurp the king and place yourself on the throne. The best thing about Mount & Blade is easily the option for massively multiplayer battles - how can you not want to battle with up to 64 people - and the different modes you can fight it out in.

Do you like the middle ages? How about fighting knights and intense multiplayer battles? Big rebellions? If you answered yes, then Mount & Blade: Warband is for you.

My Rating: 3.5/5

5.) Fallout 3

Protect your future by purchasing your Vault-tec shelter today!

Watch as Ian goes through the opening gameplay of Fallout 3.

It’s 200 years after the Great War and the country is a post-apocalyptic wasteland with too many mutants, not enough humans, and a risky plan to change that.

Kill the mutants!

Begin the game as an infant and choose your gender, race, and other basic characteristics, then choose your skills and acquire more specific skills as you “grow up.” Gameplay really begins when your father gets out of his home in Vault 101 and you must find him.

As you look for him you learn about Project Purity, the plan to purify the water so that it will kill all the mutants - and some humans - in order to save the population. Make decisions throughout gameplay which will determine how Project Purity will ultimately come about, and how other characters will interact with you.

The thing you’re going to love most about Fallout 3 is that the attacks are shown in slow motion, which really maximizes the gore effect and gives you the biggest sense of accomplishment after defeating a character. So why aren’t you already playing Fallout 3?

My Rating: 4/5

4.) Divinity: Original Sin

What choices will you make?

Some awesome single player Original Sin gameplay.

Play as the Source Hunters and work with the witch Icara to stop her evil sister Leandra who is trying to use the Source - a dangerous magic - to conquer the world.

Throughout the game fight against Leandra’s summoned army of death knights, the Immaculates (people who can use the Source), orcs, and hired mercenaries in order to get closer to your fate.

Collect the Star Stones as you go to gain more insight into your own past and discover your destiny to get the corruption of the Source back into containment by epicly battling the dragon form it’s taken.
You can either control both Source Hunters or play two player co-op and control one, so it has something for you no matter what you prefer.

Control the Adam and Eve-esque storyline in Divinity.

If you like games with deeply rooted storylines, multiplayer and single player options, and truly epic gameplay, you’ll love Divinity: Original Sin.

My Rating: 4/5

3.) Skyrim

Just a little bit of the epic gameplay you can expect in Skyrim.

TheRadBrad goes through the opening gameplay of Skyrim.

Play out the final prophecy of the Elder Scrolls as likely the last dragonborn, a person born with the power of the dragons.
Choose your race - but you don’t have to chain yourself to a specific class - and customize your character to start. Begin completing quests to end the civil war wracking the empire and stop Alduin, a dragon, from destroying the world. You can also choose to roam the map and interact with NPCs - as with earlier Elder Scrolls games - and you can postpone your storyline as long as you want to do so.

Complete the final Elder Scrolls prophecy as you were meant to.

The greatest thing about Skyrim is the amount of options you have as far as gameplay goes; you can choose to ignore the war and interact with people around the empire, you can marry or kill NPCs, or you can follow the main storyline, it’s all up to you.

Do you like countless options, impressive graphics, and endless maps to explore? Then it’s not hard to see why Skyrim is on this list.    

My Rating: 4/5

2.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What are you doing? Killing monsters.

Watch as Gopher plays again as the Witcher, Geralt.

Play as Geralt once again when his controllers have left and he is free to live his own life. In the beginning you must rescue Ciri from the Wild Hunt, the phantom army, and then work with her and your other companions to stop the Wild Hunt from taking over.

Defeat the Wild Hunt at all costs.

Use magic and good old-fashioned steel to fight your enemies and advance your skills. Do you love to roam a map? The most impressive thing about Witcher 3 is the sheer size of the world, you can explore for hours and still see new places.

If long gameplay, expansive maps, and/or fantasy and adventure elements mixed together are your thing, then Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is  the RPG for you.

My Rating: 5/5

1.) Pillars of Eternity

Nostalgia awaits in Pillars of Eternity.

Check out the Druid class with Scott Lufkin.

Do you long for the glory days of RPGs? Look no further, Pillars of Eternity was designed to combine only the best of the classic games.
Begin Eternity by choosing your race and creed as usual but begin your storyline by becoming a Watcher, a person who can read souls. Discover the Hollowborn epidemic afflicting Dyrwood, where babies are being born without souls.

Can you make it out alive?

Go through quests to try to discover who’s behind this terrible curse and ultimately defeat them. As with most RPGs you can explore the map of Eternity but you can also gain experience points for finding new areas.

With so many quests to complete and the “best of everything” ideal, Pillars of Eternity is definitely an RPG you should already be playing.

My Rating: 5/5

Whether you’re looking for epic battles or romance, substantial maps to roam or quests and storylines to follow, distinct storylines or laissez faire style gameplay these 10 RPGs have something for you.
Is there a game you think should have been on this list? Comment and tell me why. Do you think this list is perfect? Share it with your friends and introduce them to great new games!

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