Fallout 4: Total Play Time Could Reach 500 Hours. Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Here's why Fallout 4 is going to suck up all your time

Fallout 4 is going to take up all of your free time

Bethesda makes massive games that take up huge portions of your freetime. We know this from the Elder Scrolls series and we know it from the Fallout franchise. It's no surprise then that their upcoming installment, Fallout 4, is looking to suck you in for more than 500 hours of game time. Now that's a bold claim but one which the game is sure to live up to.

In fact we've gone ahead and scoured the internet for every shred of information about the game and the following list is our top five reasons why Fallout 4 is going to surpass 500 hours. Say goodbye to the real world folks, this one's going to be a doozy.

5. Loveable Characters

What keeps bringing you back to the Fallout world again and again? Strong and loveable populations that’s what. You care about the various settlements, you care about your friends and you care about the various factions fighting against each other, or at least you care about the outcome of their fights.

There's noone better to love than your dog

You inadvertently feel an emotional connection to the people you encounter, though sometimes of course that connection does result in mass murder but that’s really a topic best left for another day. When you like, or even dislike, an NPC you then care about what happens to them, and you will try your hardest to either help them or hinder them, actions which often involve spending hours doing numerous side quests for them, or putting a bullet in their head. 

You will put many hours into these games just helping out your favourite characters, this becomes particularly prevalent in Fallout 4 with the ability to build and run your own settlements, you will then be able to fill it with your friends and ensure they remain safe and well.

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