Fallout 4, Modders Paradise: 5 Reasons Modders Will Keep Us Playing For Ages

Nice, but does it play pong?

Making The Apocalypse Gorgeous

Anytime Bethesda announces a new title, PC gamers rejoice. That’s because new Bethesda games mean new toolkits, and new toolkits, mean new mods! The most notorious modding community would be Skyrim, though, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV are no pushovers when it comes to great mods.

Check out Fallout 4’s wonky, beautiful E3 gameplay teaser.


Why We Love Mods

Community mods can keep a game alive forever. I must have installed Skyrim and Fallout NV at least a dozen times each since their releases because every couple months something insane comes out that knocks the pants off your standard DLCs.

War Trash Trailer

War Trash is a content mod which adds hours of gameplay to Fallout NV. The mod forces players to go undercover to expose a climbing danger. When your developer runs out of DLC ideas, modders step up.

With Fallout 4’s new building and management features, we can only imagine what kind of expansive mods are going to stem from.

Moonpath Trailer

Moonpath is a mod for Skyrim which takes players to the realm of the Khajiit. It features hours of polished content and test, a brand new story, and engaging new features. 

Reason 5 Free Updates:

Insanely detailed graphics mod.

Mods make dated games look amazing. Modders love taking low-res textures and making them picture perfect.

Fallout 4 already looks amazing compared to it’s predecessors, but were wowed with next-gen graphics every console launch. And if you’re a PC gamer, you’re exposed to insane graphic demos nearly every month. It’s safe to say that eventually Fallout 4 will look just as dated as Fallout 3 does now. That’s where the mods come in.

Fallout 3 was a spectacular wasteland, but after years of exploration, players wanted to lift the grimey filters a little bit.

Mods, making snipers playable.

This is a simple clarity mod, toning down on the air pollution. In this case, gamers quickly realized that the filter choice would limit ranged capabilities. So, they fixed it themselves. Having a good modder community means there’s more hands ready to polish.

Complete graphics overhaul Video:

It almost looks like a brand new engine.

Reason 4 Flavor:

And I played in 3rd-person from that day on

With the power to create anything, sometimes sexy happens. Augmented armor let’s you play in the attire you want. Look sharp, keep your stats. We can’t wait to see attires like these in the new engine.

Kawaii gameplay coming to a desert near you

Guerilla warfare never looked so good. Creating new characters with mods is infinitely more fun, especially when they look as great as this. I can't stop marveling over how well fit her straps are.

Great looking mods probably explains why my moddable games have way more hours clocked into them. We can only hope the Fallout 4 Toolkit comes out as soon as possible. As of right now, creators are focusing on maximum polish for launch, but promises a Toolkit to follow as soon as possible.

Advanced Recon Stealth Armor by Gopher

Tricked-out armor makes you look great and make revisiting old content fresh, the glory of game developers who support modders. Looking great in a blue hue in the Capitol Wasteland!

Reason 3. More Than Just Visuals:

Sounds of the apocalypse

Existence 2.0 is an awesome radio mode mod for those of us who get tired of listening to the same old-timey tunes on loop. You’ll get treated to a terrifying robot DJ and an entourage of creepy ambient music that puts you into the heart of armageddon.

Tweaks to traveling system with ATM mod

Modders have made great impacts on making the duller moments of gaming a thing of the past. Fallout 3 and earlier Bethesda titles lacked the ability to fast travel. Modders have implemented instance travel points to lighten the load on your feet.

Reason 2. Easy As Pie:

Mods used to be a pain in the butt to install, and they still are for some games, but with each new release, mods are getting better user-end support. Best of all, we’re not breaking our game files nearly as often and reinstalling our games four times.

Nexusmods.com have been a great resource for years now, catalogging, rating, and listing mods. They’ve made their own mod manager to help gamers easily download, install, and play.

Steam Workshop has been a great tool to easily subscribe to player mods, making mod installs as easy as a single click.

Reason 1. Console Mods?

There’s been a lot of promise for modding capabilities on consoles, specifically, XboxOne. The possibility for PS4 mods may come later, but no promises yet. Still, streamlining mod use for consoles is a giant step for the future of gaming.

We hope more games will follow suit and share the love PC gamers have known for years. How wonderful would it be to have something like Steam Workshop on your console? Let’s keep the dream alive because the answer is “awesome”.

If you haven’t seen the official nine-minute gameplay trailer for Fallout 4, you should do so now. I can only imagine what kind of mods we’re going to sink our teeth into a year from now.

See you on the other side

Fallout and Skyrim are still being played religiously years after their release. Here’s hoping we’ll be playing Fallout 4 until the next title comes along.

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