[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Companions

Best Fallout 4 Companions

Venturing across the Commonwealth alone is dangerous, even for a tough, hardened survivor like yourself. You don't know when a deathclaw will come and slice off your head. But it can also get lonely being alone, and everyone needs someone to call a friend or perhaps even a lover. Luckily for you, Fallout 4 has all sorts of companions for all sorts of vault dwellers.



Institute courser, X6-88.

X6-88, an institute courser, X6-88 is emotionless, ruthless, and a cold-hearted killer who does not care about the “surface dwellers,” as he calls them. The player can get X6 after completing a main story quest. And for those looking for protection from an institute courser- then X6 might have what you are searching for. However, his demeanor is not for everyone. And he is often forgotten about for that reason-  making him one of Fallout's least interesting companions.  

In addition, X6-88 carries an institute laser rifle for combat, which is less powerful than your standard laser rifle. However, X6-88 is great for laser weapon builds as he provides the player with free fusion cells. 

  • His affinity perk, “Shield Harmonics,” gives the player an extra 20+ energy resistance 
  • He is great for laser weapon builds. 
  • He is the only companion in the game that agrees with the institute making him a must for an institute-focused playthrough. 

X6-88 Base Stats:

Carry weight: 150

Health: 135 

Special: S:20, P:16, E:18, C:8, I:10, A:18, L:8


9. Codsworth

Codsworth outside of Player's home in Sanctuary Hills. 

Codsworth is a mister handy, but not just any other mister handy. Codsworth is the sole survivor’s personal robot from before the war. He projects an outward gentlemanly and playful personality, but don’t be fooled. Codsworth is one of Fallout 4's most useful companions in the early game. With his Robco-certified blade and flamethrower, Codsworth can turn any foe into minced meat or chard steak. 

In addition, upon receiving max affinity, Codsworth gives the player his “Robot Sympathy '' perk, which boosts energy protection by 10- making it one of the most useful perks for any build in the game. Also, if you have the Automatron DLC, you can fully customize Codsworth and equip him with all sorts of odds and ends. Codsworh will be available to the player after completing the “When Freedom Calls' quest.  

  • He is the player’s first robot companion in the game. Making him useful during the game. 
  • Codsworth is equipped to say 1000 pre-recorded player names. 
  • Codsworth has one of the highest strength stats in the game, making him a reliable pack mule. 

Codsworth Base Stats:

Carry weight:150

Health: 195 

Special: S:9, P:10, E:7, C:7, I:16, A:10, L:7


8. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey after at the Muesem of Freedom after being saved by the Sole Survivor. 

The Last Minuteman, Preston Garvey is one of the first companions that the player will encounter along the main quest. Preston Garvey is one of the last remaining Minutemen. You first encounter him in Concord, where he is trying to protect the remaining survivors of the Quincy massacre. After saving them and doing a quest for Garvey, he will become an unlockable companion for the player. Being the last Minuteman means Preston has adequate combat training, making him one of the best fighters on the roster. However, his primary weapon, a laser rifle, quickly becomes useless against higher-level enemies.  

  • Preston has one of the most rewarding affinity perks, “United We Stand,” giving the player a +20% damage boost and 20% damage resistance when fighting- 3 enemies or more. 
  • The laser rifle is powerful in the early game.  
  • Doing his quests provides increasingly powerful tools and support like artillery fire. 

Preston Garvey Base Stats: 

Carry Weight: 165 

Health: 185 

SPECIAL: S:5 ,P:10, E:7 , C:9 , I:8 , A:10 , L:8

7. Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse at the Cambridge Police Department.

Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Danse may seem like your stereotypical tough guy soldier at first glance. Learning more about him and a twist later in the story- makes him one of Fallout 4’s most compelling characters. In addition, he is constantly in power armor, making him a walking tank and a powerhouse in combat. Danse becomes unlockable after helping the brotherhood stop a ghoul onslaught on their base of operation inside the abandoned Cambridge police department. 

  • Reaching max affinity with Danse grants the Know Your Enemy perk, which increases damage to ghouls, super mutants, and synths by 20%. Making it an ideal perk for all builds. 
  • Danse’s power armor is unbreakable and unequipable, making him a walking tank in combat. 
  • The best combatant companion in Fallout 4 

Paladin Danse Base Stats: 

Health: 185 

Damage Resistance: 1160% 

Energy Resistance: 885% 

SPECIAL: S:5 ,P:10, E:8 , C:6 , I:8 , A:10 , L:7


6. Cait

Cait outside of Swans Pond.

One of Fallout 4’s most tragic companions, Cait was a slave and was often used for activities that she refuses to discuss. However, this led to her dependency on jet to cope, which later led to an addiction. The player can find Cait at Combat Zone in Downtown Boston, and after having to kill several raiders, she becomes an unlockable companion. Cait might be a foul mouth and puts on a tough girl act, but under that exterior, she is one of the Four’s most loving, compassionate companions. Kait can pick any lock, making her ideal for stealth builds. She also likes violence and combat, making her great for aggressive player characters.  

  • One of the few moral gray companions 
  • a tragic and honest portrayal of a drug addict  
  • She is a tough and unrelenting fighter, making her great for combat 
  • Her affinity perk grants the player an accelerated AP regeneration rate when health falls below 25%. 

 Cait’s Base Stats: 

Health: 185 

SPECIAL: S:5 ,P:10, E:8 , C:7 , I:7 , A:10 , L:7


5. Curie

Curie when the Player first meets her during the Quest "Hole In The Wall."

Originally a miss nanny robot, Cure becomes an unlockable companion after completing the side quest, Hole in the Wall, in Vault 81. After reaching an affinity event, Curie’s consciousness is placed into a synth body. She also has the most useful companion perks, "Combat Medic,” which grants the player an extra 100hp once a day when their health reaches 10%- making her the ideal and one of the most powerful companions for a survival mode playthrough. 

  • Curie can be placed into a synth body, increasing her stats 
  • Curie has one of the best and most powerful perks among companions 
  • Curie has a significant damage output when fighting enemies making a useful fighter

Curie’s Base Stats: 

Health: 440 

SPECIAL: S:4 ,P:4, E:4 , C:4 , I:11 , A:4 , L:4


4. Robert Macready

Macready at The Third Rail in Goodneighbor.

We first met Robert Macready in Fallout 4 as the mayor of Little Lamplight- however, it’s been a decade since then. Robert has grown up to be one of Fallout 4's most useful companions, found in the back of the Third Rail in Goodneighbor. Robert makes it clear that he’s not your normal companion but a gun-for-hire, having to pay him to join your crusade. But don’t worry, after reaching an affinity event, Macready will repay the player. The reason why Macready is so useful is his companion perk, “Killshot,” which gives the player 20% more accuracy in VATS with headshots. Making him a necessity for V.A.T.S. and sniper builds. 

  • His sarcastic personality guarantees a never-dull moment in the wasteland 
  • His perk, “Killshot,” is one of the most useful companion perks 
  • A tragic and emphatic backstory. 

Macready Base Stats: 

SPECIAL: S:5 ,P:10, E:9 , C:7 , I:7 , A:10 , L:8


3. Piper Wright

Piper interrogating the Player outside of Diamond City.

Piper, a self-start-up reporter for her newspaper, “Publick Occurrences.” Piper is unmissable, first encountered trapped outside of Diamond City, trying to regain entry. After the player helps Piper regain entry to the city, she notices the pip-boy on the player’s wrist and asks to do an interview, starting the quest, The Story of the Century. After the quest is completed- Piper becomes an unlockable companion. Upon reaching max affinity with her, the perk, “Gift of Grab,” is granted- doubling successful charisma checks and new locations exp points. Making it an ideal perk for the early game and charisma builds. In addition, Piper is quite good in combat. 

  • A tragic backstory full of twists and surprises. 
  • Her companion perk is ideal for the early game, and charisma builds. 
  • A likable and charismatic personality. 

2. Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine at Vault 114.

The hardboiled Noir synth Detective Nick Valentine is one of the most memorable companions in the Fallout series. His gruff voice and trench coat give him the impression that he just stepped out of one of those pre-war crime thrillers. Nick is unmissable, as he is a primary character in the main questline, and becomes unlockable after a main quest. And if the player has the Far Harbour DLC, Nick can become a main character in the DLC, further enhancing his character and backstory. Nick can also hack and picklock almost any terminal or lock, making him extremely useful. His affinity perk, “ Close to Metal,” gives the player an extra hack and reduces terminal lockdown by 50%, making him the ideal companion for stealth builds. 

  • Nick Valentine has the most compelling backstory and companion questline 
  • His affinity perk “close to metal” is a must for stealth builds 
  • Can pick or hack any terminal or lock that isn’t owned 

Nick Valentine’s Base Stats:  

Carry weight: 141 

Health: 225 

Damage Resistance:25% 

Energy Resistance: 5% 

SPECIAL: S:5, P:12. E:8, C:8, I:16, A:10, L:8


1. Dogmeat

Dogmeat at Red Rocket.

Dogmeat is the potentially first unlockable companion in Fallout 4. Found at the Red Rocket just outside of Sanctuary, Dogmeat is hard to miss. He will run up to the player, asking for pets. When in combat, Dogmeat can grab onto enemies, stunning them for the player. He can also help the player salvage useful items like medicine, ammo, and scrap. While Dogmeat is considered a companion in Fallout 4, he does not negate “The Lone Wanderer '' perk- increasing the player’s damage resistance and carrying weight.  

  • He is the first potentially unlockable companion 
  • He does not judge the player for their actions 
  • He is compatible with the Lone Wanderer perk, increasing damage resistance, and carry weight for the player 
  • Dogmeat can stun enemies in combat with his grab for a second, making him useful when fighting.

Dogmeat’s Base Stats: 

Carry weight: 150 

Health: 150

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