[Top 5] Team Fortress 2 Best Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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The Engineer is engi-here!

What weapons should you use to quickly beat your opponents?

You would be surprised at how balanced Team Fortress 2 is despite having nine classes and hundreds of different weapons. If you were to ask most players what the best weapons in the game are, they would often point out that the stock guns are just the way to go due to their reliability in any situation.

But other weapons in the game have some incredible advantages that the stock weapons could never achieve, even if they have some downsides. It takes some serious skill to take these weapons to their full potential, but when used correctly, you’ll destroy the enemy team so hard that you’d think maybe these weapons slipped undetected when going through balance checks.

Here we present you with five weapons in TF2 that can turn the tide of battle!


5. Loch-n-Load (Demoman)

Craft Loch-n-Load in Team Fortress 2

The fastest heavy-hitter grenade launcher for the Demoman!

There was a time when this gun could have been number one on this list back when it terrorized players by having a damage bonus that could one-shot most classes! You may think that having three grenades instead of four with a bonus projectile speed isn’t worth it, but once you start hitting your pipes and obliterating the enemy, you will think differently. Every shot counts with this weapon, but with the 25% speed projectile bonus, you will find it easier to react and hit opponents at closer ranges. 

Even though this weapon has seen better days, it remains a powerful choice for players who feel confident in a one-on-one battle and can take advantage of its 20% damage bonus against buildings to obliterate sentry guns easily. Not only the projectile speed but also the narrower arc trajectory can help you aim this weapon better. The grenade’s flight path is better and more accurate for longer ranges compared to other grenade launchers. 

Why the Loch-n-Load is great:

  • Faster projectile speed makes reacting and hitting targets easier.
  • The damage bonus against buildings is perfect to destroy defensive positions.
  • Arc trajectory and path make the grenades go farther.
  • Fun and satisfactory weapon that rewards good aiming with the Demoman.

Check out more Loch-n-Load information here!


4. Bazaar Bargain (Sniper)

How To Crafting the Bazaar Bargain

Your enemies won’t know what they’re bargaining for when they die from body shots!

When scoped in as a Sniper, you’ll slowly fill a charge meter that makes your shots do more damage the longer you’re charged, making body shots do up to 150 points of damage and headshots 450 points of damage when fully charged. The Bazaar Bargain is a Sniper rifle that starts with a slow charge speed, but with every headshot kill, you’ll increase the charge speed up to six headshots. It may take some work, but when you’re reaping this weapon’s full potential, you’ll be an incredible damage dealer.

The drawback of this gun is how slow the charge speed is when you’re starting fresh, but this isn’t a big deal considering it takes only two headshot kills to have the same charge speed as the stock Sniper rifle. When you get this gun going, you’ll be like a kid in a toy store, but the difference will be that you’ll be the one dealing the gift of devastating fully-charged shots to the enemy team. Because the Sniper isn’t a frontline attacker, you can take advantage of this gun for longer periods by staying alive and just making sure you can outlive the Snipers and Spies that may target you.

Why the Bazaar Bargain is great:

  • It only needs two headshot kills for this weapon’s drawback to disappear.
  • Faster charge speed means you’ll be dishing out tons of damage with every shot.
  • At max charge speed with six headshot kills, you’ll be doing easy 150 points of damage constantly.
  • It rewards good players who can land headshots.
  • Encourages good positioning and caution to stay alive and not lose your benefits.

Check more Bazaar Bargain information here!


3. Phlogistinator (Pyro)

Team Fortress 2 - Crafting The Phlogistinator

The controversial pick on this list!

There is no other weapon in the game with the disparity of being at the bottom at its lows while also at the top at its highs. The concept of the Phlogistinator is simple; you sacrifice a flamethrower’s ability to airblast in exchange for filling a meter after 300 points of fire damage that gives you critical hits for almost ten seconds. When used at its full potential, no other weapon in the game can cause as much havoc as this infuriating flamethrower!

The reality of this flamethrower is that you will not see it shine at its brightest very often because it makes the Pyro, an already linear class, even more linear when you strip its ability to airblast. But dealing 300 points of damage isn’t a big deal when you can also use the secondary flare guns to fill the meter, so you don’t have to rush at the enemy team in the open, even if that’s what many players using this weapon do. Having critical hits on command becomes incredibly strong when paired with a Medic, resulting in a Phlog uber push as one of the most powerful tactics in the game when used right.

Why the Phlogistinator is great:

  • Easy to understand weapon concept.
  • Has activatable critical hits that deal massive damage.
  • Rewards players who choose their battles right and stay alive longer.
  • Can make players on the other team really salty.

Check out more Phlogistinator information here!


2. Direct Hit (Soldier) 

tf2 crafting ep 2 (direct hit)

This deadly fast rocket will destroy your enemies before they know what hit them!

A player that can aim well enough to consistently land Direct Hit rockets is one of the scariest enemies you’ll ever face. Sacrificing explosive radius for a 25% damage bonus means this weapon is suited for one-on-one battles and single-elimination targets. But the real meat of this weapon is its 80% projectile speed bonus, making rockets incredibly fast compared to Soldier’s other rocket launchers.

Note that the 25% damage bonus applies to both players and buildings, making the Direct Hit also a great tool to destroy the enemy Engineer’s sentry gun and other constructions. A veteran Soldier player will probably reign supreme in the skies with their rocket jumping abilities, so this weapon and incredible mobility will create chaos on the enemy team. This weapon won’t be as effective in the hands of those who aren’t good enough to aim direct hits, but for those who put time into improving their skills, no other weapon will reward your efforts as clearly as the Direct Hit does.

Why the Direct Hit is great:

  • Increased 25% damage to kill your foes fast.
  • The 80% projectile speed bonus makes it easy to react and quickly aim at your targets.
  • Great weapon to destroy sentry guns.
  • Rewards players who can land direct hits.

Check out more Direct Hit information here!


1. Wrangler (Engineer) 

Team Fortress 2 - How to craft The Wrangler (Engineer Secondary Slot)

Making the already powerful Sentry Gun almost unbeatable! 

More than a weapon, the Wrangler is a tool that lets you take manual aim control over your sentry gun. This nifty tool is incredibly powerful, and more useful and deadly than many other weapons in the game, to the point of being so overpowered that even Engineer players can agree that it’s just not ok. The power of a wrangled sentry gun is balanced by being in the hands of the Engineer, a defensive class that needs metal and time to set up his buildings in a good position.

When controlling a sentry gun manually with the Wrangler, the guided laser comes with a generous auto-aim that helps you hit your targets, which means you can attack your enemies from greater ranges. You would think that the firing speed buff makes the Wrangler busted, but the shield that essentially triples the sentry gun’s health is what makes this tool so overpowered. The enemy team has to put out many resources to destroy a wrangled sentry gun, and it gets even harder with the Engineer’s team's support.

Why the Wrangler is great:

  • Manual aiming of your sentry gun allows it to have an extended limitless range.
  • Firing speed increases depending on which sentry gun and which level it is, killing your foes faster.
  • Auto-aim assist is generous enough to let you hit farther targets.
  • Manual aiming allows you to disperse sticky bombs by shooting a rocket at them.
  • Manual aiming allows the Engineer to sentry jump, letting him reach new places.
  • The defensive shield makes all damage the sentry gun takes be 33% of what it’d normally be, meaning its health triples.

Check out more Wrangler information here!


You can craft all of these weapons with the game’s crafting system, while some of them you can also earn as achievement items after completing a certain number of achievements with their respective class. You can also find them randomly sometimes, or you can try trading them with other players.

Stock weapons are considered the best and more reliable, but the weapons in this list give you high thrills only achievable by mastering their use. Fair warning, you may want to take it slow and improve at the game and train with these weapons before you can achieve their maximum potential. 

Do you agree with our list? What weapons in Team Fortress 2 do you think are the most powerful? Tell us in the comments down below!

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