[Top 10] FPS Games With The Best Graphics!

FPS Games With The Best Graphics, FPS Games With good Graphics
Large scale battle in Post Scriptum

We can finally experience grass textures with RTX, 4K, ultra settings.

Graphics have always been a major selling point for video games. It's always great to play a game that portrays its locations so closely that it looks photorealistic. While a game doesn't need 4K RTX visuals, it should still have graphics that are crisp and pleasant to look at. Here are some (mostly) recent games with great visuals.

10. Valorant

Being one of the newest competitive games, Valorant blends the gameplay of Counter-Strike and the hero abilities of Overwatch to create a unique experience. Taking a more stylized art direction, the game looks great while having a cartoonish charm.

Keep things in perspective: keep your weapons choice and character abilities in mind during the match, as you need to use both to outplay the enemy.

9. Escape from Tarkov

If looter shooters weren’t hardcore enough for you, then maybe this is the fix. Escape from Tarkov mainly revolves around going into combat zones, getting some loot, and exfiltrating the area. Along the way, you will get into lots of gunfights and probably die plenty of times. 

Watch your back: with lots of cover and a short time to kill, you can be easily killed and lose all your gear.

8. Hunt: Showdown

Stick to your guns and gut as nothing else can be trusted. Go through the Louisiana bayou to hunt monsters for a bounty, but be aware that other hunters will want that bounty you collected and will take it at any cost. 

Trudging through the bayou: while there are buildings dotted around the map most of the map is either swamp or the woods.

7. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Existing somewhere between Battlefield 4 and Arma 3 the Insurgency franchise aims to replicate the weapons and sense of danger of real world close-quarter combat. Defend, attack, and kill your way through detailed streets and buildings.

Don’t get caught in the open: the enemy will deploy rockets, machine guns, and snipers so trying to just run across a street is often a death sentence. 

6. Post Scriptum

March on to Paris soldier! Fight in large 40v40 battles with infantry and vehicles set during World War 2. Coordinate with your team or die as no single man can take on the German army.

Move with caution: coordinate with your team to assure you're always covered. Moving in an open field with a tank within range is a recipe for disaster.

5. Fallout 4

Come and enjoy the newly revamped wasteland! While the community might be split on the game, there is an agreement that the improved gunplay, smoother animations, and overall better visuals make Fallout 4 a winner.

Puny human! On top of the revamped super mutant models, there are plenty of new big creatures to squash the protagonist.

4. Battlefield 5

The Battlefield franchise returns to World War 2! After a stint of being set in the modern-day and even taking place during World War 1, the franchise is once again visiting World War 2. Fight in the Pacific and in Europe with the cutting edge visuals you’d expect from the newest Battlefield game.

Gotta love that Garand ping! Engage in large fights with a great selection of historical weapons.

3. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is well… an exodus from the safety of Moscow’s metro system. The move is in hopes of getting to a safe place out East. Play through non-linear missions and explore the wasteland on your journey to safety.

See what’s left: explore what used to be called Russia before the bombs fell.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

The new kid on the block! So new it’s not even out as of this list being written. From the cutscenes and limited gameplay footage, it's obvious it will have some of the best graphics this year. The game will also depict futuristic technology and body augmentations, along with a great storyline set around cybernetics.

Wake up, samurai! Going along cyberpunk themes, many of the people in the game have cybernetic. Anything from replaced limbs to attachments that enhance the person’s senses/combat ability.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The numbers, Mason, what do they mean?! Black Ops Cold War brings back fan-favorite characters from the original for a new story. Being the newest addition in the franchise, it also has some of the best graphics the franchise has to offer.

Back to basics: the Call of Duty franchise seems to be moving away from the bemoaned futuristic settings that dominated the franchise in the early 2010s.

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