The Top 10 Best Multiplayer Shooter Games

best multiplayer shooter games
See what trigger-happy titles made the list.

We count down today's best multiplayer shooters.

These multiplayer games are the peak of pulse-pounding PC shooter action. Whether co-op, battle royale, team-based, or classic deathmatch, they’ve all found a dedicated playerbase. So load up and strap in as we go down the list of today’s top online shooters.

10. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream DLC gameplay

The follow up to the iconic zombie co-op shooter, Left 4 Dead 2 brought more mayhem to the series.  Almost nine years after its release, players are still blasting their way through zombie hordes across Georgia and Louisiana to reach safe zones.

Find yourself in an abandoned mall, a creepy amusement park, a rainy swamp, and an overrun city. Step into the shoes of one of four different survivors and pick up an assault rifle, shotgun, SMG, or grenade launcher. Ammo can be upgraded to help you survive long onslaughts until you reach a safe zone or help arrives. Certain weapons can be dual wielded for twice the stopping power. The action is always chaotic but gameplay is simple– just how many fans like it.

With five campaigns (and three DLC campaigns) each comprised of three to five levels, there are a ton of environments to get your zombie bashing on. Hordes and items are procedurally generated depending on your group's performance. Possibly the best thing about the game are the boss-style infected enemies. Chargers, Boomers, Jockeys, and Witches attack in their own ways and require unique strategies to defeat.

Akimbo style: Best not to reload while the Charger’s coming right at you.

Bloody aftermath: You took some damage but you’re still standing after the onslaught.

9. Rainbow Six Siege

Let’s Play Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a top contender for best siege game ever. It’s a 5v5 first person shooter full of insane moments and fluid gameplay. An initial planning phase where each team readies for the siege is followed by an attack phase. Rounds are close-quarters and intense, involving hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and other tactical situations. Defenders barricade and attackers breach in fully destructible environments.

Siege can be summed up with one word– cinematic. Rappel down a roof and kick through a window. Blow up a wall to reveal the enemy inside. Send a tiny drone in to scope out positions. Gunplay is visceral. Sound design is realistic. Weapons can be modded and customized. Futuristic gadgets are actually useful. Deploy a black mirror onto a wall to see through it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Play as one of forty different operators, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, special gadgets and custom weaponry. With so many operators to choose from, play styles are unique and gameplay is always dynamic. As updates have rolled out with new maps, gadgets, and operators, the game has evolved.

They’re in the walls: Fully destructible environments introduce new strategies.

Shields up: Rushing an enemy with a riot shield is one strategy.  

8. Overwatch

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