[Guide] RUST Best Ways To Get Tech Trash (Top 5 Ways)

RUST Best Ways To Get Tech Trash
RUST Best Ways To Get Tech Trash

What is Tech Trash and why is it important?

Tech Trash is an essential resource in Rust. It cannot be farmed, or gained from mining. It is a resource that can only be found in Loot Crates or obtained from recycling certain items.

Tech Trash is a vital crafting component in Timed Explosives AKA C4, and weapon attachments. Not only that, but it is used to craft a lot of the more advanced electronics in the game such as the RF items and batteries which are a must for bases that use electricity.

5.Recycling Night Vision Goggles

At number 5 we have the Night Vision Goggles. This item is a piece of equipment that can be worn by the player. While wearing the goggles, the player has increased vision in dark places or at night. The goggles also offer small protections against Projectile, Melee, Bite and Cold damage types.

Recycling the Night Vision Goggles will yield in 1 Tech Trash 100% of the time. The reason that I specify the chances is because when recycling some items, you are not always guaranteed to get materials. In this case, you are guaranteed 1 Tech Trash every time you recycle these bad boys.

The Night Vision Goggles aren't exactly easy to come by. Not only that, they can prove useful so you aren’t always going to have a pair to recycle. In my opinion, recycling these goggles is the worst way to get Tech Trash from this list.

How it works:

  • Once you acquire a pair of night Vision Goggles, find a recycler, preferably a safe one.
  • You can then recycle the goggles and get 1 Tech Trash.


4.Recycling Large Rechargeable Batteries

At number 4, we have the Large Rechargeable Battery. This is the largest battery in the game, both by volume and how much electricity it can store. Undoubtedly, it is a late game item that is very key to big bases that use electricity.

Recycling the Large Battery will yield 1 Tech Trash 100% of the time. These stats are exactly the same as theNight Vision Goggles. However, what is not the same is the rarity of the item. Personally, when playing I have found out that I come by Large Recycle Batteries in Loot Crates way more often than Night Vision Goggles.

Similarly to the night Vision Goggles, this method is also not the most effective on the list. However, I claim it to be more effective than the 5th method because Large Rechargeable Batteries are easier to come by.

How it works:

  • Once you acquire a Large Rechargeable Battery, find a recycler, preferably a safe one.
  • You can then recycle the battery and get 1 Tech Trash.


3.Recycling CCTV Cameras

At number 3 we start getting some good yields for Tech Trash. CCTV Cameras can be planted and used as… well CCTV Cameras but they can also be used as crafting components for the Auto Turret. This makes the need for the camera very limited, and that is good for us since we can easily recycle any surplus of Cameras.

Recycling a CCTV Camera will yield in 2 Tech Trash 100% of the time. This is a double increase compared to the Large Rechargeable Battery and the Night Vision Goggles. As compensation, the Camera is slightly harder to acquire.

This method is a good way to get a decent amount of Tech Trash. If you aren't using Auto Turrets and don’t need base surveillance you can pretty much recycle all of the CCTV Cameras that you get, which leaves you with 2 Tech Trash per Camera. Very decent,

How it works:

  • Once you acquire some CCTV Cameras, find a recycler, preferably a safe one.
  • You can then recycle the cameras and get 2 Tech Trash each.


2.Recycling Targeting Computers

At number 2, we have the Targeting Computer. Very similar to the CCTV Cameras but better. The Targeting Computer is only used in 2 crafting recipes; Auto Turret and Computer Station. They cannot be placed down like the CCTV Cameras.

Upon recycling a Targeting Computer, you will receive 3 Tech Trash 100% of the time. This is a triple increase from the Battery and the Goggles. Not only that, but the computer is just as lacking in crafting recipes as the CCTV Camera. 

Recycling Targeting Computers is one of the best ways to acquire Tech Trash in Rust especially if you aren’t planning to build Auto Turrets or use CCTV Camera surveillance.

How it works:

  • Once you acquire some Targeting Computers, find a recycler, preferably a safe one.
  • You can then recycle the computers and get 3 Tech Trash each.


1.Loot Crates

At number 1, we have Loot Crates. 

Loot Crates, namely; Locked Crates, Treasure Boxes, Underwater Lab Tech Crate, Elite Tier Crate, Underwater Lab Elite Crate and APC Crate have really good drop chances for tech trash in high quantities. That is not all. All of the items on this list can be found in some sort of Loot Crates which means even more Tech Trash.

This is the most effective way to obtain Tech Trash at the moment in Rust. you can expect high yields of Tech Trash from high tier crates with the added bonus of getting any of the items on this list and recycling them for more Tech Trash.

How it works:

  • Visit Monuments and loot Loot Crates as much as you can. A good place is the Oil Rigs.
  • Take the Tech Trash from those and any items that can be recycled into Tech Trash.
  • Take the extra items to a safe recycler and recycle them into Tech Trash.

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