Destiny 2: How To Align The Beacons

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Line up those beacons before those hordes of Fallen, Scorn, and Taken get you.

Align the Beacons Shattered Realm - Debris of Dreams (by WoW Quests)

Need help completing the Shattered Realm missions for "Wayfinder's Voyage"?

The final season of the “Beyond Light” expansion involves a ton of activities and questlines. These include the weekly Shattered Realm missions, “Ruins of Wrath”, “Forest of Echoes”, and “Debris of Dreams”. 

These are a set of missions that rotate each week and involve completing the same objective to progress in the Season’s main questline, “Wayfinder’s Voyage”: Aligning the Beacons. Below is a series of quick guides for aligning the beacons in all 3 Shattered Realm missions:    

How to Align the Beacons in Destiny 2:

  • Ruins of Wrath:
    • Head down the platform and reach the first beacon, a pillar of light near where you first spawn. 
    • Fight the horde of Acolytes, Knights, Wizards, Ogres, and the Unstoppable Ogre. 
    • Head through the portal.
    • Navigate the field of floating platforms. Time your jumps wisely and avoid enemy attacks. 
    • Reach the second beacon. 
    • Fight off the horde of Hive enemies and defeat the Barrier Knight.
    • Head for the northern part of the map. 
    • Jump up several platforms to a Dreadnaught ship. 
    • Defeat all enemies inside and reach the third beacon. 
    • Defeat An Xohol, Jaws of Xivu Watch to align all three beacons in “Ruins of Wrath”. 
  • Forest of Echoes
    • Follow the path down and find a group of Taken near a church. Kill them. 
    • Enter the church and kill the enemies protected by a barrier. 
    • Reach the first beacon in the church and activate it. 
    • Kill all waves of Taken enemies, including the Unstoppable Phalanx. 
    • Leave the church and head across the map to the second beacon. 
    • At the large dead tree, head south over several platforms and go to a building. 
    • Take a left and follow a path to the second beacon. 
    • Activate the second beacon and defeat all waves of enemies. 
    • Head back across the platforms and through a portal near the building.
    • At the final beacon, activate it and take on squads of more Taken. 
    • Defeat the Techeun and align all three beacons in “Forest of Echoes”. 
  • Debris of Dreams 
    • Once you spawn, head for the island and kill all the Scorn on it. 
    • Then, go left to the Fallen building and jump the gap over to it. 
    • Reach the island and enter a building that contains the beacon. 
    • Fight off and defeat each wave of enemies, including an Overlord Chieftain. 
    • Return to the middle island. 
    • Follow a series of lights to a cave in the South. 
    • Enter the Fallen base and find the next beacon. 
    • Activate the beacon and kill all Scorn enemies that attack you, including an Unstoppable Abomination. 
    • Return to the Fallen base. 
    • Follow another series of lights down a mineshaft. 
    • Go to the left and enter a teleporter. 
    • Activate the final beacon and destroy a Scorn Scrapwalker to align all three beacons in “Debris of Dreams”. 

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