Top 15] RUST Best Early Game Items (And How To Get Them)

RUST Best Early Game Items
RUST Best Early Game Items


Let us start with the Rock because without the Rock, you wouldn’t be able to play the game.

The player spawns with the Rock and it can be used as an all round gathering tool, using it will get you Wood and Stone, and will allow you to skin animals and break barrels for components. It will also let you brawl with the other nakeds when you spawn on the beach, you can also throw it at them!

The Rock is pretty much the least effective tool in the game. It has low gather yields and slow speed, most players will look to upgrade to stone tools as soon as possible.

How to get the Rock


  • You can craft the Rock with 10 Stones.



Let there be light, said the naked.

The Torch is the second and last item that the player spawns with in vanilla Rust. It is used to provide light where there isn’t any. Or you can also use it as a “Kill me” beacon at night, since you will stand out like a sore thumb.

It is recommended to use the Torch, or any light source for that matter only when absolutely necessary. Despite that, when used the Torch is pretty effective at its only job. The only drawback is directional lighting, but that isn’t its function. You can also use it to hit other players, and break barrels.

How to get the Torch


  • The Torch can be crafted using; 30 Wood, 1 Cloth and 1 Low Grade Fuel.


13.Camp Fire

The most common item in any survival game!

The campfire will be the player’s first way of cooking food. It will also provide comfort, light and keep the player warm in colder areas. Camp Fires also have the bonus functionality of smelting Empty Tuna Cans into Metal Fragments.

The Camp Fire is not very effective for smelting Tuna Cans, but it is great otherwise. Comfort helps the player heal back up faster, the light will luminate your base at night and the fire will keep the player warm. It is an essential starting item.

How to get the Campfire


  • The Camp Fire can be crafted with 100 Wood. It does not require a Workbench or Research.



The Furnace is a basic ore smelting item.

Once you get a decent amount of Metal Ore, you will probably want to smelt it. That is where the Furnace comes in. It is the first item in the game that allows the player to smelt Ore. It can smelt any type of ore including Tuna Cans and Bean Cans.

The Furnace is effective at its job since it is the cheapest item in the game for smelting Sulfur and Metal ore. It also provides light and comfort much like the Camp Fire.

How to get the Furnace


  • The Furnace can be crafted using 200 Stone, 100 Wood and 50 Low Grade Fuel. It does not require a Workbench or Research.


11.Large Wood Box

Juicy loot!

The Large Wood Box is the most common item in the game for storing loot. It can store most items in the game, and it is commonly used in loot rooms for storing valuable items. They can also be placed on Shelves to save space.

The capacity of the Large Wood Box is 48 items or stocks of items. Additionally, you can place Locks and Code Locks on them to secure your loot from other players. When destroyed, a portion of the loot stored inside the Large Wood Box will also be destroyed.

How to get the Large Wood Box


  • You can craft the Large Wooden Box with 250 Wood and 50 Metal Fragments. It does not require a Workbench or Research.


10.Workbench Level 1

At number 10, we have the Workbench Level 1 which is a valuable item in the early game for a reason.

The Workbench Level 1 is used to Research Level 1 items, or in other words early game items. The Workbench also works as a crafting station. Items that were Researched from the Workbench Level 1, or belong in the Tier 1 Research Tree must be crafted near the Workbench.

This item is very sought after in the early game since it will provide a passage for players to start upgrading their gear and base. They are also part of the Bandit Camp and the Outpost.

How to get a Workbench Level 1


  • You can craft a Workbench Level 1 with 500 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments and 50 Scrap. It does not require a Workbench (obviously) or Research.



At number 9, we have probably the most commonly sought after resource.

Cloth is an important item in the game. It is used for many crafting recipes such as medical supplies, explosives, clothes and sleeping bags. In the early game, you will need a lot of Cloth to get started. You will probably be using a lot of Bandages to heal yourself, and those require Cloth to craft. Not to mention the Sleeping Bag, the most important early game item needs Cloth.

Cloth is scarce, and you won’t find a lot during the early game. It is quite valuable and therefore must be treasured when found. You can get Cloth in so many ways, too many ways to write about here. In the “How to get” section, a link to another one of our articles dedicated towards Cloth and the best way to gather it is located.

How to get Cloth

Top 5 Ways to get Cloth


At number 8, we have the first crucial healing item in the game.

Bandages heal the player 5 HP when used. They also stop any kind of bleeding to a certain degree. Bandages are best used in bulk to heal a good portion of the player’s health. Unlike medical Syringes they also make very little noise when used.

In the early game, you will be using Bandages quite frequently since you will tend to be lower on health. You will also be using them in big amounts as they only heal 5 HP. This means if you were on 5 HP, you would need 19 Bandages to heal all the way.

How to get Bandages


  • Bandages have a chance of dropping from medical crates. All of the Scientists and Dwellers have a chance to drop 1 Bandage with the exception of the Heavy Scientist which has a chance to drop 2.


  • You can craft 1 Bandage using 4 Cloth. It does not require a Workbench or Research.



At number 7, we have food. Some foods are better than others, but it is a good thing to not be hungry in Rust.

Food is an essential resource in the game. Without it, the player will die. With it, the player can heal up while eating, or heal up faster as the hunger bar fills up. There are many food sources in the game with many different stats.

Generally, fattier foods such as meat from bears tend to be more filling for the player. While vegetables or fungi like the Mushroom will be less filling, but will provide more hydration. The Pumpkin is the best food in the game, it is one of the most filling foods in the game. It also heals the player a small amount when consumed.

How to get Food


  • Meat can be gathered from animals such as bears, wolves and fish. It will need to be cooked for it to reach its highest nutritional stats. When eaten raw it has a chance to cause the player to vomit, which decreases health and hydration.


  • Vegetables and fungi can be found growing in the wild. Mushrooms can be found growing in forests while Corn and Pumpkin can be found growing near rivers. Plants such as Corn and Pumpkin can also be grown in gardens inside of a player’s base.


  • Food crates will provide the player with processed foods such as Tuna Cans, Bean Cans and Chocolate Bars. they can also provide apples and water bottles or water jugs which are great for hydration.


6.Burlap Clothes

At number 6, you can finally put some clothes on.

Clothes provide bonus resistance stats to the resistance stats the player already has. They will provide protection from; Projectiles, Melee, Radiation, Cold and Animals. Clothes will provide more protection the harder they are to craft, but not necessarily the protection you might be looking for.

Burlap Clothes are the first step towards upping your protection. Burlap Clothes should be crafted only after securing a Hunting Bow and some Bandages. They will provide sufficient protection to win you more fights in the early game.

How to get Burlap Clothes

All Burlap Clothes are made using Cloth. They will not require a Workbench or Research. Below are the crafting recipes for the full Burlap Set:

  • Burlap Headwrap - 10 Cloth
  • Burlap Gloves - 5 Cloth
  • Burlap Shirt - 20 Cloth
  • Burlap Shoes - 10 Cloth
  • Burlap Trousers - 20 Cloth


5.Stone Hatchet

At number 5, we have the first primitive gathering tool on the list.

The Stone Hatchet is an upgrade from the Rock. It can be used to smash player’s skulls but more commonly used for gathering Wood from trees. It can be used to skin animals, but it is not as good as the Stone Pickaxe for this purpose.

While the Stone Hatchet is not as effective as the Hatchet or the Salvaged Axe, it is still commonly used by players since it is very easy to craft and provides significant yields for Wood compared to the Rock.

How to get the Stone Hatchet


  • The Stone Hatchet can be found in Minecarts and Mine Crates at an 8% drop chance.


  • The Stone Hatchet can be crafted for 200 Wood and 100 Stone. It does not require a Workbench or Research.


4.Stone Pickaxe

At number 4, we have the second and last primitive survival gathering tool on the list.

The Stone Pickaxe is an upgrade from the Rock like the Stone Hatchet. It can be used for mining and gathering Stone, Metal ore and Sulfur ore. It can also be used to skin animals since it has a high harvest rate for flesh.

This will be your first major tool for mining crucial resources. It can also be used for defense since it has a damage of 17. The Stone Pickaxe is rated higher than the Stone Hatchet since it can be used to mine ores which are more valuable in the early game the Wood.

How to get the Stone Pickaxe


  • The Stone Pickaxe can be found in Mine Crates and Minecarts at a 8% chance


  • The Stone Pickaxe can be crafted using 200 Wood and 100 Stone. It does not require a Workbench or Researching.


3.Building Plan

At number 3, we have the Building Plan. One of two essential items for making bases.

The Building Plan is used for building a blueprint for a base. A Blueprint if the overall look of the base but in Twig. Twig is a very frail material which only has 10 HP.This makes it very easy to destroy. It costs a small amount of Wood to place down these building components.

Without the Building Plan, you would have no way of creating a base. It is the only way in the game to lay down the foundations of the base before upgrading it.

How to get the Building Plan


  • The Building Plan can be crafted for just 20 Wood. It does not require a Workbench or Research



As we are approaching the end of the list, at number 2 we have the Hammer. The other significant item in constructing bases.

While the Building Plan was used to create Twig building components, the Hammer is used to upgrade these components into more sturdy material. Usually, you will build the base bit by bit and upgrade with the hammer as you go. This way no one can shoot down your Twig base and destroy all of your building progress and leave you defenseless. 

Without the Hammer, your base will collapse even if the wind blows slightly too hard one day. It is crucial that you upgrade your base to another building material to increase its durability. These are all of the building material tiers in the game; Wood, Stone, Metal, HQM. The Hammer can also be used to pick up deployable items in the base such as Furnaces and Workbenches and repair items that have been damaged.

How to get the Hammer


  • The Hammer can be crafted using 100 Wood. It does not require a Workbench or Research.


1.Sleeping Bag

At number 1, we have the sleeping bag. The most crucial item in the early game.

The Sleeping Bag is simple, but so good. It is a critical part of playing Rust, especially for someone like ‘you’ that dies quite often. When placed in a valid area, it allows a player to respawn on the location of the bag. It cannot be used continuously as there is a cooldown between usage of 5 minutes. 

It can also be gifted to other people, which is another great functionality. By holding the action button on the bag you can gift it to someone currently in the same server as you. This is useful since it allows you and your friends to meet up much quicker. The bag can also be moved by the wonder by also using the action key.

How to get the Sleeping Bag


  • The Sleeping Bag can be crafted using 30 Cloth. It does not require a Workbench or Research

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