[Top 10] RUST Best Loot That Are Excellent

Two loot crates
These are the two crates where you will find all these stuff

Have you ever wondered what is the best thing you can get from a loot box? There is a wide variety of stuff that you can find, that aren’t just useless chair blueprints.

This top ten list will show you the pros and cons, where to find and the chances of finding these items in Rust.

These things are necessary for your whole playthrough, you will definitely need all of them at one point during the wipe, so knowing this will be useful.

10. Hazmat Suit

We are starting with the hazmat suit.

It is a great piece of clothing that covers the entire body, so you will not have any need for other armor. It will help you against radiation and it will easen up the whole process of crafting and equipping clothes.

The hazmat suit will warm you up, protect you from radiation and damage, it is not difficult to find.

It is:

  • Easily obtainable
  • Warm and radiation proof
  • Good for combat

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Hazmat_Suit

9. Flame Turret

Only friends that you can completely trust in Rust.

This will be your “best friend” in Rust. It is going to help you defend your base while you are online or offline.  It is an item that may be more difficult to find, but it’s overall really fun.

It can be a good surprise for people who are trying to get in your base, it can also protect you from door campers, but your so-called friend will burn you too to death, if you are next to it while it’s working or if you hurt it.

It is:

  • Difficult to obtain
  • Base compatible
  • Hostile towards player
  • Durable

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Flame_Turret

8. Hatchet

This tool is really important.

Hatchet is one of the things that you will want to research as soon as possible. It will increase the amount of wood you have because of its strength and harvesting level.

It can be also looked upon as a last resort melee weapon, but it’s important to have one of these with you.

It is:

  • Difficult to obtain
  • Stone axe alternative
  • Good for harvesting wood
  • Durable

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Hatchet

7. Salvaged Icepick

We are skipping the regular pickaxe.

It’s one of the best stone harvesting tools that will definitely help you harvest more stone, metal and sulfur.

Just try not to die with this because you really wouldn’t want your neighbor to have this tool.  It is not easy at all to get this tool.

It is:

  • Hard to obtain
  • Great pickaxe alternative
  • Excellent for harvesting nodes
  • Durable

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Salvaged_Icepick

6. Large Furnace

Finding this may be a little harder.

A large furnace is something that you will definitely not need in the early game. And it is not easy to get it.

You should place it down only if you have the right type of protection around it, large wooden walls.  If you are not able to do that then you should research it so you can have it later.

It is:

  • Hard to obtain
  • Great for smelting large amounts of things
  • Placeable
  • Difficult to protect

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Large_Furnace

5. Garage Door

If you get this you are really lucky.

The garage door is really durable and useful. You can use it if you especially have a lot of large crates that are exposed, the garage door can serve as extra protection.

It is loud when you open it, but it will cost the raiders some extra satchels.

It is:

  • Difficult to obtain
  • Great storage protection
  • Base compatible
  • Tough

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Garage_Door

4. Supply Signal

This one is even rarer.

Supply signals are really difficult to find in Rust. Even when you find one it will be difficult to collect it without any tension.

You should use it in the morning when there aren't many people on the server.

Deploy it on a remote part of the island, or just in the middle of the ocean.

It is:

  • Hard to obtain
  • Difficult to consume

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Supply_Signal

3. Medical Syringe

One of the most useful items in combat.

The medical syringe is an item that is going to save you from death every time. You will maybe not encounter it while in early game, but if you do, you surely are lucky.

It’s not that hard to craft after you research it, it is one of the most useful items in the game, especially in combat.

It is: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Medical_Syringe

  • Difficult to find
  • Easy to research
  • Useful in combat

How to get and more details:

2. Beancan Grenade

Now we are getting to the top two.

By seeing the second you can probably guess what’s the first entry here.

Once you find a beancan grenade, it will change your entire wipe. You will unlock much more opportunities like raiding.

It is certainly one of the most important items.

It is:

  • Difficult to find
  • Not hard to research
  • Very important

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Beancan_Grenade

1. Satchel Charge

The satchel charge deserves the number one spot.

This is going to be the item that you will encounter the most when you exit an early game. It is going to be one of the most important items during your whole wipe.

Your whole early game should just be focused on finding and researching the satchel charge, hence why it has the number one spot.

It is:

  • Hard to find
  • Difficult to craft
  • Extremely important
  • Very strong

How to get and more details: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Satchel_Charge

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