[Top 10] Rust Best Base Designs

Rust Best Base Designs
A tremendous base compound in the world of Rust

In Rust, your base is everything. It’s where you store your loot, spawn, and hide from marauding clans. So, having an intelligently designed base can often be the difference between losing everything or keeping going. In this guide, I am going to list 15 of the most popular and well-designed Rust bases.

10. The Garrison Trio

This may be a base for a max of three players, but it is no joke! It has a mini-copter landing pad and hanger, SAM site, roof battlements, enclosed 360 degree defense level, and more.

Why this base is great: 

  • 28 rockets to raid under ideal circumstances
  • Easy to access drop boxes
  • Mini-copter landing pad and hangar

Base details: https://youtu.be/L5bnNdrZc50

9. The Javelin

This base is smaller and will support up to a trio. It features a helicopter pad, roof AA battery, and a 360-degree defense window design. It is a cheap, simple, and formidable base.

Why this base is great: 

  • Dominate the skies with the chopper pad and AA battery
  • Internal and external auto turrets
  • Low upkeep
  • In ideal conditions it would require 24 rockets to get to TC

Base details: https://youtu.be/8jWHNByrICc

8. The Aggravator V2

Inspired by “The Frustrator” base design, this is a smaller looking base that would pose a significant “aggravation” to any opponent seeking to raid it. It is secretly a floor stacked design, making it much harder for raiders to use the popular top-down raiding method.

Why this base is great: 

  • Undrainable trap placements
  • External auto turrets
  • One tool cupboard

Base details: https://youtu.be/LSDCORAj7A0

7. Roof Bunker (Fixed)

In Rust, the bunker has often been a premier choice for building low cost yet difficult to raid bases. These bases are designed to where the player will be able to build themselves into a base every time they log off. Some patches have made this difficult or impossible, but this base design still should work.

Why this base is great: 

  • A bunker design is a smart way to make it a lot harder to raid an otherwise smaller and easier base
  • This base takes advantage of recent updates that enable the building of a roof bunker

Base details: https://youtu.be/rbes3YiWzkI

6. Next Level 2x3

A 2x3 is not a big base in Rust, but this gets the job done. Surrounded by high walls and with the compound filled with auto turrets, it will pose a challenge to any raiding party. The nice thing about this base is that it can be built in stages.

Why this base is great: 

  • 360-degree windows for defense
  • Bunker entrance
  • A 31-rocket raid to TC under the best conditions

Base details: https://youtu.be/HdM_x9FmBbY

5. The Fortress Duo

The name says it all. This is a fortress built for a player duo. It is small but can fit multiple loot rooms and even provides 360-degree auto turret protection. 

Why this base is great: 

  • The cheapest path to the TC is 27 rockets or so
  • Full circle auto turret protection
  • Uses an interior roof bunker for extra protection

Base details: https://youtu.be/rRl_prAxOfw

4. The Raptor 2.0

This is a base for three players – the perfect trio bunker. It is a stability bunker with 360-degree auto turret coverage. Made of pure sheet metal and carefully layered, it will make the raiders want to think twice before they use their explosives here.

Why this base is great: 

  • Can be filled with various traps
  • Takes approximately 30 rockets to raid into the loot under ideal circumstances
  • While small in size, a great deal can be packed in here and for up to three players to live

Base details: https://youtu.be/0m3p_VQ5GCo

3. The Javelin

This base is a beast. Easy to defend, it is surrounded by a high wall and covered in windows from which a defense can be staged. It also utilizes multiple tool cupboards to prevent the enemy from being able to build over the walls and inside the base.

Why this base is great: 

  • 30 rockets to main TC and loot
  • An end game base to last the wipe
  • Formidable to raid for practically any foe

Base details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gu8rbVBlfQ

2. The Garrison

This is an ideal example of a group starter to main base. While it may not be sufficient for all groups to last the wipe, this is certainly a formidable design. It will require a lot of resources to build and maintain, but with that comes a high level of protection. Oh, and auto turrets too!

Why this base is great: 

  • 21 Rockets to TC and loot
  • 360-degree turret protection
  • High exterior walls for extra protection

Base details: https://youtu.be/ecLkHv8KZGI

1. The Harvester

Furnace bases make a tremendous difference. When you are in the later game and have stacks and stacks of ore to cook at a time, you really need a large furnace base. This base has four. It also has auto turrets to cover 360 degrees all around it.

Why this base is great: 

  • 10 rockets to TC
  • Four large furnaces
  • Auto turret defenses

Base details: https://youtu.be/I-mHW8wqSvw

Source: https://www.corrosionhour.com/category/rust/rust-base-designs/

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