[Top 10] Rust Best Explosives

Rust Best Explosives
A Rust player fires a rocket at a base.

    In Rust, explosives are king. If you have explosives, you have a way into others bases. Raiding without any form of explosive device in the game is practically impossible unless you are raiding wood or lower-level buildings, or soft siding stone walls. In this guide I will list the top 10 explosives in Rust, ranked for raiding efficiency.

10. Landmine

The landmine stands out on this list because it is the one and only explosive in Rust that cannot be used for raiding. It simply does not damage structures, at least not in a productive way to make it a raiding tool. It is meant only for the swift and unseen killing of an unfortunate Rust player.

Item details:

  • Instantly kills any player except those in full plate armor
  • Destroys some items in your inventory
  • Can be disarmed if you notice you have stepped on it before stepping off

What it is good for:

  • Laying traps around your base
  • Making life hard for people who live in the area
  • Raid defense

9. Incendiary Rocket

The incendiary rocket in Rust is only useful for raiding in terms of burning down wood structures and making certain areas uninhabitable for a few minutes. You might consider shooting it up into the defense levels of a base you are raiding to prevent the enemy from shooting down at you, or you might shoot it into a heavily defended room in the base to make sure that room gets cleared out. Oh, and it is useful for destroying auto turrets.

Item details:

  • Creates a lasting fire that spreads from the point of impact around the immediate area
  • Can very effectively burn through any wood structures
  • Deals damage and makes running impossible while it is hurting you

What it is good for:

  • Burning down wood bases
  • Destroying auto turrets
  • Making areas impassible and uninhabitable until the fire goes away

8. Beancan Grenades

The beancan is an effective raiding tool, but only when it actually goes off. While satchel charges are much preferable, a handful of beancans will still get the job done. I just wouldn’t recommend trying to do much more than a couple sheet metal doors with these suckers.

Item details:

  • Will randomly dud or explode
  • Does a minor amount of damage to any structure
  • Can be thrown as a grenade (of course)

What it is good for:

  • Knocking down doors and walls that are almost finished
  • Being used to craft satchel charges
  • Throwing at enemies and hoping it explodes in time – or at all

7. F1 Grenades

The F1 is comparable to the beancan in damage, but it will actually explode every time and after a specific amount of time. Like the beancan, it can be stuck onto surfaces with right click or thrown with left click. You can even cook it to have a better chance of killing your opponents.

Item details:

  • Explodes after a few second timer
  • Does minimal damage but can be used for raiding
  • Reliably useful in PVP

What it is good for:

  • PVP scenarios
  • Similar to the beancan, it is useful for destroying almost fully destroyed structure pieces
  • Wiping out a room of enemies

6. Satchel Charges

Now we are getting into real raiding tool territory. The satchel is your first actual, powerful raiding weapon on this list. Throw it onto a surface and hope it explodes. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to run up and ignite it again… and maybe again.

Item details:

  • Blows up at a random time after ignition, and sometimes duds
  • Does a high amount of damage to any structure
  • Is crafted from beancan grenades and cloth

What it is good for:

  • Knocking down structures
  • Blowing through doors
  • Other raiding purposes

5. Multiple Grenade Launcher

The MGL is a special weapon in Rust. It can only be obtained from certain crates and drops and can never be crafted. You also might be able to find it in a trade. It fires six HE grenades that can be used in PVP and raiding alike.

Item details:

  • Not craftable
  • Can be used to raid or PVP
  • The ammunition is not craft able either and rare to find

What it is good for:

  • Demolishing enemies in PVP
  • Demolishing doors, walls, etc. in raiding
  • Wiping rooms of people and things

4. Rockets (high velocity)

The high velocity rocket is not particularly useful for raiding but is more often used in PVP. However, it does a small amount of damage to walls and buildings – comparable to the MGL. You might even use this to down the chopper or something similar.

Item details:

  • Much faster and less damaging than the normal rockets
  • Can be crafted with 100 gunpowder and one metal pipe
  • Not recommended for raiding

What it is good for:

  • PVP encounters
  • Destroying vehicles
  • Finishing off severely damaged structures

3. Explosive Ammunition

Explosive ammo, or explo as it is often known, is a favorite for raiding in Rust. You will almost never find players using this for PVP but will often see it being used in raids for its accuracy and the ability to use it to silently raid structures. All you need is a gun that fires 5.56 ammunition and a silencer (or 20).

Item details:

  • Can only be crafted at a tier three workbench
  • Can be used in any 5.56 weapon
  • Highly efficient for raiding structures

What it is good for:

  • Silent raiding
  • Accurate raiding
  • Very damaging in PVP

2. Rockets (normal)

Now we come to the rocket, the single most commonly used raiding tool in all of Rust. These weapons are powerful, expensive, and slow moving. They can demolish any structure in a handful of strikes.

Item details:

  • Very powerful against structures, players, and vehicles alike
  • One of the most sought-after items in game
  • Requires a pipe, explosives, and gunpowder to craft

What it is good for:

  • Raiding
  • Raiding
  • Raiding

Timed Explosive Charge

The timed explosive charge is the foremost raiding tool in Rust. Only a few of these will get you through just about any wall in the whole game. Throw it on a surface and wait about 10 seconds for the boom!

Item details:

  • Requires tech trash, explosives, and a little cloth
  • Sometimes found in helicopter drops
  • Really only useful for destroying structures

What it is good for:

  • Destroying structures

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