Day 2 of Rust Charitable Event for Preemptive Love Goes Live

Day 2 of Rust Charitable Event for Preemptive Love Goes Live
Dusty old Rust horse stables.

Day 2 of Rust’s charitable event for Preemptive Love has just gone live.

On 20 November 2021 at 5:12 PM CET, Rust announced that Day 1 of its charitable event was going live. Today is Day 2 of the same event and is a continued effort to raise money for the charity, Preemptive Love.

Fishing village in Rust. Image by Rust.

Rust has stated on the charity event’s official campaign page that “The landscape of Rust is harsh and brutal. Although it is fun to play in brutal virtual environments, harshness in real life is no game.”

It is for this reason that Rust is raising money for Preemptive Love, to try and help people out who are struggling in life, and who are having to survive the harsh, brutal side of life with little to no assistance.

Preemptive Love is an organization operating in Iraq, Syria, Latin America, the United States, and other countries. They help to provide relief and assistance to conflict-stricken communities by providing food, shelter, and medicine.

Rust scrap helicopter. Image by Rust.

Furthermore, they endeavor to create as many jobs as possible to give struggling people an opportunity to fend for themselves.

Rust is running a Twitch Drop campaign for its charity streams, allowing players to earn in-game rewards by watching. People can donate money via the campaign page or directly via Twitch.

A total of $42,290.95 of the $42,500.00 goal has been raised already. Full details can be found on the official event campaign page.

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