[Top 5] Rust Best Auto Turret Guns

Rust Best Auto Turret Guns
An auto turret stands against a bucolic background in Rust.

In Rust, the auto turret has long been the staple of a wealthy clan base who are serious about protecting their loot. It’s not always easy to get the required materials and blueprints to craft the auto turret, but if you have the ability to do so it is well worth it. A recent update added the ability to craft auto turrets with any in-game gun built into it (rather than just the AR). Here are the top five of these turrets for base defense.

5. Python Revolver Turret

This has one use, and it will do that one thing well: quickly decimate any enemy it sees at close range. It will pump off a number of rounds very quickly, blasting the intruder away before they have a chance to react. Throw on a flashlight to leave them especially surprised.

What's good about the Python turret:

  • Ammo is cheap.
  • Very quick kills.
  • If the gun drops and is destroyed or taken, it’s not a huge loss.

Turret details:

  • Fires pistol bullets quickly and accurately.
  • Deals lots of damage.
  • Cheapest of the turrets on this list to craft.

4. MP5 Turret

With the MP5 turret, you won’t get much damage at further ranges. You will, however, get a lot of rounds down range very fast. This is best for indoors and close-range defense environments, but it can be used outdoors to surprise the enemy also.

What's good about the MP5 turret:

  • Ammo is cheap.
  • Fires rounds quickly.
  • Accurate.

Turret details:

  • Moddable.
  • Not a huge loss if destroyed.

3. AR Turret 

This is simply the default turret. This is what you would originally have used before the update because you didn’t have any other choice. It is the most basic yet also one of the most powerful and applicable turrets to choose.

What's good about the AR turret:

  • The OG turret.
  • High rate of fire.
  • A bunch of damage done very quickly.

Turret details:

  • Will drop the AR if destroyed.
  • Not a tremendously expensive turret if you have the resources.

2. LR-300 Turret

Throwing an LR-300 on a turret may seem extreme… and that’s because it is. You really would have to be a rich clan or a very lucky solo player to have an extra LR lying around just to be used in a turret. But it would be worth it. The range, damage, and accuracy would make said turret highly lethal.

What's good about the LR-300 turret:

  • Fires rounds fast.
  • Does a lot of damage.
  • Extremely accurate.

Turret details:

  • You don’t want to lose this gun, so carefully place this turret.
  • Fully Moddable.

1. M249 Turret

No compromises. Or maybe just no f***s given. This turret will certainly leave all the others in the dust when it comes to pure damage output. I can see any raiding clan being whittled away at by the 100 round M249 magazine with the spectacular accuracy that only an auto turret can bring.

What's good about the M249 turret:

  • A ton of damage, very fast.
  • 100 rounds at a time.
  • Highly accurate.

Turret details:

  • Will drop your M249 if destroyed.
  • Can use any of the attachments.

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