[Guide] RUST Best Ways To Get Guns (Top 5 Ways)

RUST Best Ways To Get Guns (Top 5 Ways)
Want to stop being the noob that always crafts guns just to lose them moments after leaving your base? If that sounds like you, this guide is perfect for you.

5.Farming Scrap to buy guns

The Outpost

Scrap can be used in Rust to purchase guns from the Bandit Camp and Outpost Monuments. Bandit Camp offers the largest variety of guns, which include some of the best guns in the game. These include the LR-300 Assault Rifle, M92 Pistol, Spas-12 Shotgun, and the M39 Rifle. You will also be able to buy things like grenades, night vision goggles, and a 16-x scope. On the other hand, the Outpost only offers the revolver and double-barrel shotgun. You can use various scrap farms to accumulate loads of scrap and buy guns from the Bandit Camp in bulk, or if you are just starting out, simply looting crates and farming the road should get you sufficient scrap for at least a revolver, which costs 200 scrap.

If you are just starting out, I recommend using this method to get at least a revolver from the outpost. With the revolver, you can research the bullets that come with it and the revolver itself. Once you have a good intake of scrap, you can opt out of the bandit camp and get the LR-300 assault rifle, which will help you get more guns, as you will need to defend yourself if you want to try a better method from this list.

This method is also quite quick; you can get a revolver simply by running toward the outpost and farming scrap along the way. Buying in bulk from the bandit camp will also mean you have a good supply of scrap; this will depend on how big your scrap farms are, if you have any at all.

The Details:

  • To begin, head over to Outpost as soon as possible.Make sure to farm barrels and loot crates for more scrap.
  • Recycle components and gather all the scrap that you have and head over to the vending machine that sells weapons, which is located on the other side of the recycler.
  • Buy the Revolver or the Double-Barrel
  • You can research them if you want, but you will need more scrap for this.


4.Puzzle Monuments

Military Tunnels Monument

We can split the Monuments into 2 categories. Puzzle Monuments and non-puzzle Monuments. Non-puzzle Monuments can be small or large. Some examples of small non-puzzle Monuments are Oxum’s Gas Station and Supermarket. You can slo find large Monuments without puzzles, these are Dome and Junkyard exclusively. 

Puzzle Monuments can be broken down into 3 further categories. These are, green, blue and red card Monuments. The color of the card correlates with the difficulty to obtain and the loot it promises.. For green card Monuments, the Sewer Branch is your best bet. For the blue key card Monuments, your main locations should be the Train Yard and Air Field which almost guarantee you finding a gun, given that you loot every container. For the red keycard Monuments, the best of the lot is the Military Tunnels which can contain up to 4 guns by looting all the crates and killing all of the Scientists.

Looting these Monuments is your second best bet at getting guns. However, the better the chances of you getting a gun, the riskier it will be. I personally love Dome, it is a non-puzzle Monument and can spawn up to 4 military crates and a couple of normal crates. The catch is that it places you in a position where you are trapped if you encounter players while climbing it. You will either have to kill them, or lose the loot. For this reason, it is best to be adequately equipped to loot Dome.

The speed at which you gather guns depends on the type of Monument that you visit. If you have a green, blue and red keycard laying around make sure to visit the Military Tunnels. You can use each card to unlock a puzzle room. Make sure to bring a fuse and some guns with plenty of ammunition and meds. By looting the Military Tunnels you can get up to 4 guns each visit if you loot everything.

The Details for Military Tunnels:

  • Grab a Fuze, a Green, Blue, and Red keycard, and gear up. You will need at least 25 levels of radiation protection to not be affected by radiation.
  • Head to the Military Tunnels and follow the guide below for the puzzle:
  • Take the right door at the front entrance.
  • Head to the right, then look for a door marked "Armory" on the right.
  • Go down the hall, first door on the right, and find a fuse box and timer (place the fuse and activate it).
  • Head back out the way you came and down the tunnel as it curves right.
  • Look for the hole in the fence on the left, go through it, and head left.
  • Look for a door marked "Storage" across the tracks. Swipe the Green card.
  • Head to your right and flip the switch labeled "Laboratory."
  • Head back out and to the left, towards the center of the core.
  • Grab the elite crates from the center rail car.
  • Exit the rail car and head down towards your right.
  • Keep heading straight until you see a blue door on the right marked "Laboratory."
  • Behind the blue door, you'll find the red door with a short timer.
  • You've now reached the main objective of the puzzle; congrats!
  • Now that you have completed the puzzle, make sure to kill the scientists, as they can drop extra loot like ammo and guns.


3.Attack Helicopter and Bradley

Attack Helicopter and 'Bradley' Events

The attack helicopter and "Bradley" are events that happen while playing Rust. The attack helicopter will spawn in the air somewhere on the map. It will proceed to fly around the map, targeting players that are near it or that shoot it. It has two automatic guns and can occasionally shoot rockets. The helicopter has 10,000 total horsepower, but if you destroy both rotors, which have considerably less horsepower, the helicopter will crash. Upon crashing, it will drop crates that are on fire and cannot be looted until the fire ceases. The helicopter can also be farmed with a pickaxe for HQM, also when the fire ceases.

Bradley, unlike the Attack Helicopter, only appears in the Rocket Launch Site Monument.It is equipped with a single machine gun, and from time to time it will shoot shells at the player. To take down Bradley, you will need exactly 7 HV rockets; you should bring some more just in case you miss. Using HV rockets is not the only way to take it down, but it is the cheapest way in terms of the sulfur needed. Upon destroying Bradley, it drops three APC crates with high chances of containing guns. Just like the attack helicopter, you will also have to wait for the crates to cease being on fire, and you can also farm them for HQM with a pickaxe.

These two events are unique in that they are the only way to obtain the M249, a powerful LMG that is arguably the best gun in the game.However, these events are pretty hotly contested by other players, especially when the crates have to "cool down," giving nearby players a chance to intervene. I would recommend doing these events if you have a couple of guns already and don’t have any red cards to use for the monuments mentioned above.

Assuming you are the only one looting the crates from both events and you are somewhat lucky, you can get 4-6 guns.However, the events have a big cooldown, especially the attack helicopter, which spawns every 2 hours.

The Details:

  • You should be equipped adequately to take down these NPCs.
  • Locate either event.
  • For the attack helicopter, you should try taking it down from inside your base.
  • Make around 10 HV rockets for Bradley; you need 7 but 3 extra in case you miss.Head to the launch site and locate Bradley. Bradley, unlike the Attack Helicopter, cannot be found on the map.
  • Wait for the crates to "cool down" and be vigilant for any players nearby.
  • Once you have to loot, head home and congratulate yourself for getting more guns.


2.Small & Large Oil Rigs

Oil Rig (Left) and Large Oil Rig (Right) Monuments

The oil rigs are monuments in rust that could contain loads of guns; thus, they are very contested. The large oil rig is just a larger version of the normal oil rig. In addition, it has double the number of scientists and double the number of crates. Both oil rigs have a special crate called the "Locked Crate." These crates have to be "hacked" by the player before opening. Don’t worry, you just have to press the action button on the crate and wait 15 minutes. These have the highest chance of containing guns in the whole game. On top of that, when you activate the crate, a helicopter will drop off "heavy scientists" on the oil rig, which you have to kill. These NPCs drop a lot of items when killed and also have a higher chance of containing guns. Locked crates not only spawn on the Ol' Rigs, but they can also be dropped by a Chinook helicopter at some monuments.

Going after locked crates is a very good way to get guns. Although they spawn at various locations, I recommend just running oil rigs. The cargo ship is another way to get locked crates, but we will get to that next. You will also need to bring a fuse and one of each color card: green, blue, and red.

The locked crate on the oil rig will appear on the map, so you can see when it is available. If the crate does not appear on the map, it means it is respawning or it has been just hacked and players are looting it. While it is being hacked, you will be able to see it on the map and counter if you wish. The speed at which the loot spawns depends on how often the crate spawns on the rig, as this is where most of the loot will be gathered. Overall, it is one of the best ways to get guns in Rust.

The Details:

  • Prepare yourself and bring plenty of medications to heal from the scientists.
  • Bring a green, blue, and red card.
  • Locate either oil rig on the map.
  • You can get there by boat, but this will mean that you will have to climb all the way up and kill the scientists from the bottom up. It also makes it easier for players to know where you are.
  • You can swim to the oil rig; you won't make much noise this way, but you will be vulnerable if players on a boat or helicopter spot you.
  • You can approach by helicopter, which puts you straight into the action if there are players already on the oil rig. This lets you skip the blue scientists, which have less loot than the heavy scientists and aren't really worth killing.
  • On the top of the oil rig, use the red keycard to open the door and activate the locked crate.
  • NOTE: There are other puzzles on the oil rig that require the blue and green cards; they will not be mentioned here as we are focusing on the fastest way to get the best loot.
  • Wait for the heavy scientist to spawn. Be vigilant, as while you are killing the heavy scientist, it is easy to not hear other players coming for you.
  • Once you’ve killed the heavy scientists, wait for the locked crate to open. In the time that you have, get a good vantage point so you can spot other players approaching.
  • TIP: Use your phone to set a 15-minute timer. With this, you don’t have to go back and check on the progress of the crate.




1.Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Event

In Rust, the cargo ship is the best way to obtain guns.It is an event that spawns a massive cargo ship, which will circle the island before disappearing. This will take roughly 40 minutes. It will take 1 to 2 hours for it to respawn after it has vanished.The ship can contain up to 27 normal, military, and elite crates, which are spread out through the top and lower decks, as well as the central tower of the ship. The ship is guarded by 12 scientists equipped with military-grade weapons like the MP5. The cargo ship will spawn an additional three locked crates that will be scattered around the ship. For each spawn, the ship will sound its horn three times, and additional loot crates will spawn around the ship. At the back of the cargo ship, you can find a RHIB (boat), which you can use to escape.

The cargo ship is by far the best way to get guns in Rust. This is largely because of the 3 locked crates and 27 other crates that can spawn on the ship. For the reasons above, the cargo ship is highly sought after by players, as everyone is typing to get a slice of the pie, or in some cases, the whole pie.

The cargo ship despawns after it has circled the island, which gives you plenty of time to try and board it. The time it takes to loot the ship depends on factors like players onboard the ship, looted crates, and dying. After despawning, it will take at least 1 hour of real time to come back, giving you the chance to use another method on the list to get guns while you wait. Another great thing about the cargo ship is that it is accessible to most players as long as they have at least a Hazmat suit and a boat. You will not need any security cards to loot the crates.

The Details:

  • Gear up as always and make sure to bring at least a Hazmat suit and loads of ammo and medicine as you will need to fight off the scientists and any other players.
  • Locate the cargo ship on the map and decide on a method of travel.
  • You can use the boat to get on the cargo ship. There is a ladder on both sides of the boat, which makes you very vulnerable if there are other players on it.
  • You can use a helicopter to get on the boat and surprise other players that may be on it.
  • As you kill the scientists on the ship, keep an eye out for other players.There are plenty of hiding spots on the ship, and it is very easy to get snuck up on.
  • Loot as many of the normal, military, and elite crates as you can. Locate the 3 locked crates and begin hacking each one.
  • While they are hacking, make sure to look around the ship and secure your location. Guard the ladders very well, as most players will come by boat. High-gear players will likely come by heli; keep your eyes on the skies.
  • Once you have as much loot as you can carry or are satisfied with what you already have, You have three different ways of escaping.
  • If you came by heli, simply use it to get off the ship.
  • You can use the RHIB that spawns at the rear of the ship to escape. It comes with 50 pounds of low-grade fuel, so bring more if you are relying on this method of escape.
  • Jump off and swim away from the boat. Having a scuba tank and fins can help you escape underwater, making it harder for players to shoot you as you swim away.

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