[Top 25] RUST Best Practices and Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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If you are a new player, then you have definitely came to the right place. Here you will learn 25 crucial tips and tricks that every player should know. They are very important for your gameplay, it's better to learn out of someone else's experience than yours.

The tips and tricks are not in order, but each one of them is equally important. This will really make your overall experience better, and if you are tired of constantly getting killed and losing, you should branch out and learn some new things that we are going to share with you.

Over time, you will notice how your gameplay is getting slightly better.

1. Airlocks save lives
When you are building a base, you must make some extra space for airlocks. Yeah, you heard me right, airlocks, not just one airlock.

Every good base design has a lot of airlocks, they make the whole raiding process harder for the enemy. Because loot and TC are far away.

It also prevents doorcamping if placed right.

2. Don't be gullible

You've got to be careful when talking to people in Rust. It's a ruthless community that will take advantage of you in any way possible.

Most "friendly" people that start conversations are actually cold-hearted killers, without exaggeration.

Never build your base with someone that you've met on the server, never ask someone to get you up, you are better off dead than left in someone else's hands, because they will loot you first before getting you up.

3. Manipulate

As the past tip suggests, never trust anyone. Regardless of how good or merciful you are, you have to take advantage of other players.

Charm them with nice words, give them fake promises, steal their stuff. You have to do it if you want to survive the wipe.

Just don't be too cruel, don't destroy long relationships just because of the game, they are real people, after all.

4. Be aware of greed

Greed is a big problem amongst the new players.

If you see left out loot, scout the area first, look out, and be careful. Since there are high chances that someone is waiting for you.

Also, when you kill someone, or when you are raiding a base, and a lot of people are around on the server, try to get the most important things first, then come back for more.

5. Early research

This is really important. Researching plays a big part in the game, and because of that, you should embrace it to the fullest.

Research in early game as much as you can, focus especially on bean can grenades and satchels, early weapons, etc.

6. Zig-Zag movement

Mostly new players don't know this, but everyone who has played the game for quite some time is familiar with this type of movement.

When you are being attacked, you should run in zig-zag so the player has a harder time aiming for you. If you want to progress further in the game, this is a must know.

Never run in a straight line, only zig-zag, it will save your life.

7. Kits

This one is more for the mid and late game. You should always have a couple of kits prepared that are going to stand in your base in case of an emergency.

They will certainly help you gear up in a very short period of time.

This is useful if you died somewhere close, but want to take revenge and get your stuff back. 

8. Spear rushing

Spear rushing is a great method for exploring the area, collecting materials, and loot boxes on the road without the risk of losing anything.

Just equip yourself with a spear and few bandaids and you are ready to go.

Armor is optional, you can make it from some cloth that's on the way. Spear rushing is fun, and yet it can be very helpful.

9. Scouting out 

Knowing your surroundings is important while playing Rust. You should go outside naked from time to time so you can observe everything that is around your base.

Don't be afraid to venture out into the wilderness, it's best if you know the entire map and all the big bases that are on it, this is really useful.

10. Organization

This one is more psychological, try to make sure that your inventory is always organized, this also applies to storage.

If everything is nice and clean, you will feel better in the game and in real life.

It can also help in combat.

11. Fake code lock

This one doesn't always have to work, but on your front door, put a code lock instead of a regular lock, making the players that come near your base think that you play with more people.

This is also a psychological trick that can make a lot of people uncomfortable going around your base.

12. Avoid spawn points
When you spawn, try to get ASAP out of there. You will encounter countless nakeds trying to give you brain damage with a rock or a torch.

You should also avoid building bases near the spawn points.

The entire server will know where you are situated, and nakeds running around with rocks can be pretty annoying, especially if they constantly spawn next to your base.

13. Rivers and lakes

Rivers and lakes are great places to build bases, trust me.

You have access to a variety of resources like water and food, especially corn and pumpkins. Also a lot of good base designs can be implemented in those places.

The place is almost always occupied, and it will make your base known to a majority of people, so beware.

14. Don't hesitate to kill

Rust is a harsh game, you definitely shouldn't play it if you are too good as a person.

Don't spare people, people who are farming and especially nakeds, eliminate every one of them.

Jokes aside, it can be a pretty fun activity to hunt nakeds, and that's that you should consider doing.

15. Massacre scientists

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are feeling good, you should also farm scientists.

They can often drop stuff that will help you in game, but more often garbage. Don’t try to do this if you just started, they are pretty strong.

16. Massacre animals
Animals are a great source of food and animal fat.

You should definitely hunt more often, try to find bears and boars and get them stuck somewhere.

Believe me, the outcome is going to be totally worth it.

17. Bandage importance

This one is more for combat purposes, but having bandages on you is very important.

Despite the situation that you are currently in, everything can change. That's why you should always carry them with you, no matter where you are going.

They can save you from literally anything.

18. More sleeping bags

Put sleeping bags around your base, hide them in bushes or somewhere where people will not see them, if your main one is destroyed, having this one by side can be pretty useful.

Put them also around the world, or next to your rivals' bases, annoying someone can be enjoyable.

19. Footstep awareness

Be aware of footsteps everywhere you go, listen carefully and have your volume turned up.

This is one of the most crucial things that you should always be aware of. Listening to footsteps will save you a lot of nerves.

Turn up your volume to the max, especially when you are at the monuments or your base, you never know when it will come in handy.

20. Recoil control

Learn how to control your weapons while shooting, if you learn this early it will really help you out.

Since the majority of people know how to somewhat decently do this, if you know how to do it better than they do, that's a huge plus.

21. Practice servers

This tip is related to the last one, you should go as often as possible to various Rust pvp servers where you will practice your gun skills.

There are certain servers where you can focus on certain guns, so you can master something as a weapon without having to die continuously on normal servers.

22. Watch youtube/twitch

Always strive to learn more.

Research and watch YouTubers that are excellent at the game, this will save you a lot of time and you can learn great tactics and things from them.

Video platforms are full of quality Rust YouTubers/streamers, give them a try, it will significantly improve your gameplay.

23. Doorcamping

Sometimes you have to rely on dirty tactics.

Don't hesitate to doorcamp, it's an important aspect of the game that you should definitely perform.

It will definitely help you enter the bases of new players, which can be fun, as well as serve as good pocket loot.

24. Secure TC

Always, literally always, put a lock on your TC.

You never know what might happen, if someone enters your base they can take everything from it and leave your base hanging like that.

Treat it as extra storage, you should put locks everywhere.

25. Eoka's strength

In the early game, you always have an eoka.

You never know when you might enter close range combat, eoka is always a live saviour.

It can be pretty dirty to play with it, but it’s a great weapon. It would be a shame to just forget about it and embrace the dirty mechanics of the game.

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