[Top 5] Portal 2 Best Custom Maps That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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Some of the very best custom maps for Portal 2

With thousands to choose from, here is a short list of some the very best custom maps for Portal 2.

Unsurprising to anyone who’s played the 2011 game, Portal 2 is still inspiring reams and reams of original content from millions of fans. With such an overwhelming amount of custom maps made for Portal 2, it’s not easy to determine which ones are actually worth downloading and checking out. So here’s a short list highlighting some of the fun, the challenging and the gimmicky custom options available for the iconic puzzle game.


5 – CaretCaret – 12 Angry Tests part 03

Often considered the best part in CaretCaret's beloved mod series

Here's the walkthrough to this brilliant and immersive custom map

In this highly esteemed chapter of CaretCaret’s ‘12 Angry Tests’ series, the player crash-lands from an Aperture elevator and has to figure out how to get to the actual puzzle area. Improvise briefly in some rusted Aperture wreckage to find your trusty portal gun, allowing you to portal all the way up to the real challenge. This puzzle is often praised by fans for its effective use of the propulsion (orange) and repulsion (blue) gels which are commonly overused in fan-made maps. Part 3 also features a series of seamless and satisfying momentum manoeuvres that require the player to think on their feet (figuratively, considering that they’ll likely be in the air) with quick reaction times and forward thinking. This map has multiple layers to it, providing an in-depth sense of challenge and fun.

Why is this map so good?

  • Great use of gels.
  • Goes the extra mile in immersion by requiring the player to find their own way to the testing area.
  • Perfectly calculated jumps and requirements for the player that almost feels like it could be from the base game.


4 – Tuleby (CZ) Pinball Portal 2 

The most unique entry on the list, 'Pinball Portal 2'

Check out the demonstration of this genius custom map

A more gimmicky entry to this list, ‘Pinball Portal 2’ is more or less exactly what you'd expect: a giant Aperture pinball machine. Map designer Tuleby (CZ) decided to make use of Portal 2 elements to design a fully operational pinball machine, complete with aerial faith plates, portals and a giant mural of Chell with her droid friends. Tuleby cleverly mapped the player's jump button (space bar on PC) to trigger a series of levers and paddles in the ginormous machine that keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. It's so weirdly satisfying to operate such a gigantic and elaborate pinball machine with just a jump. Check out this dangerously addictive map.

Why is this map so good?

  • Entirely unique in every way.
  • Compete against other players using the in-game leaderboard of highscores.
  • Hours of replayability and challenge that is often updated and fixed.


3 – Nortisop029 - Chainbuilder

Possibly the trickiest on this list, 'Chainbuilder' is impressively designed to say the least

From just one look at this map, it's plain to see that there's going to be plenty of steps from the beginning, to the solution. Lasers, light bridges, buttons, cubes, tractor beams, ‘Chainbuilder’ has it all. Although just as satisfying and genius as Portal 2's later, more challenging puzzles, ‘Chainbuilder’ doesn't feel like anything that the level designers of the base game would've thought of. Not because this map is so difficult but more because it's just so elaborate and advanced. So many different components have to work together in this puzzle for it to work. Once the player has figured it out and has put all of the vital components in their correct place, all there is left to do is wait on the platform that should (in theory) take you to the chamber's exit. As you wait, you gleefully look up in pride as various cubes levitate and glide above you to slot into exactly where they need to go in this Rube Goldberg-like puzzle.

Why is this map so good?

  • An undeniable challenge for even the most seasoned of Portal 2 veterans. 
  • Combines a lot of Portal 2 mechanics, some of which were under-utilised in the actual game.
  • Many, many steps finally come to fruition in a satisfying final combination of all of the mechanics.


2 – Radix - Gelocity – Time trial 1

The most fun entry on the list, all Portal fans simply must check this one out

From one of the best Portal 2 mods available, the first time trial in ‘Gelocity’ is a high-octane racing map. As the mod title suggests, in this map, you need to utilise the Aperture repulsion and propulsion gels to navigate your way through the course in as quick a time as you can. Just like ‘Pinball Portal 2’, compare your time to a leaderboard and compete for the hotly contested quickest time. This map has you speeding through stretches of propulsion gel to build momentum to launch yourself across perilous spikes in one moment and then you'll suddenly find yourself in a series of aerial faith plates where you'll have to act quickly to portal yourself to the next motorway of the race. The first playthrough barely gives you enough time to react, however the fun really comes from trying to shave off fractions of a second from your own highscores.

Why is this map so good?

  • Not really a puzzle, but it does require a lot of figuring out and experimenting to get the best time.
  • Get something of an adrenaline rush as you speed through hallways of orange propulsion gel, all the while avoiding obstacle after obstacle.
  • Compete for the best times and interact with the Portal 2 community.


1 – Enderlux – Unreal Chamber 02

Try and wrap your head around this one

'Unreal' is certainly apt for this entry. As well as the orange and blue ones that you're used to, ‘Unreal Chamber 02’ features a different kind of portal. At first, this test looks absolutely ordinary. A rudimentary arch made from black blocks takes up the centre of a small testing area, however you soon realise that this is by no means a simple arch, but in fact leads to a multi-dimensional alternative area of testing that’s linked to the first area that you set foot in. Enter the arch and find yourself in an entirely different testing section of the same puzzle with different dimensions, mechanics and options. Still sounds confusing? That's because it is. You might need to check this one out for yourself to believe it. What should be utterly mind-bending is actually executed and designed so well that it isn't too baffling to navigate for new players.

Why is this map so good?

  • One of the best, most game-altering concepts ever implemented in a Portal chamber.
  • Provides a new dimension (in several ways) to gameplay and the way you need to think when tackling this puzzle.
  • Although initially confusing, what is actually presented to the player in terms of options is still very manageable and encourages them instead of putting them off..


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