[Top 20] The Sims 4 Best University Mods

An acceptance letter from the Sims 4 Discover University.
You've been accepted to university in The Sims 4!

20. Teens Jump to University

This incredibly entertaining mod is similar to a feature of the High School Years expansion pack! If your teen gets an A in high school, he or she may be able to graduate early and go straight to university! 

The chances aren't great, but genius sims have a good chance. Your teen will see a pop-up window with this opportunity. 

You don't have to do this if you haven't finished watching your child grow up! You can simply decide to keep your teen in high school, and his or her life will go on as usual.

What’s Fun About Teens Jump to University:

  • Teens with an A grade may be able to skip high school, giving them the opportunity to complete university sooner
  • Genius teens have a high chance of skipping high school
  • Fun pop-up system
  • Gives you the chance to experience a feature of the High School Years expansion pack, even if you don’t have it

Teens Jump to University details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-teens-31714934


19. Genius Teens Can & Enroll to University Anytime

If your teen Sim has the Genius trait, they can now apply and enrol in university at any time! This includes the time right after they start high school. 

While there are cheats available, this mod allows your Genius teen to go through the nerve-racking process of applying and waiting for an acceptance letter before enrolling.

What’s Fun About Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University:

  • Enroll in University as a teen if you sim has the Genius trait
  • Includes the entire process of application, waiting, and enrolling
  • allows your sim to drop out of high school when they have the Genius trait

Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University details: https://ilkavelle.wixsite.com/simsquest/post/genius-teens-can-apply-enroll-to-university-anytime


18. University Costs More

If you want to make university more difficult, this mod is for you! Some players felt that the original price of classes (240) made the game too cheap, and certainly not realistic. 

This mod drastically alters the prices of classes, totaling 30720. Elective costs differ. Vampire Lore, for example, is the most expensive class (5200), followed by Gourmet Cooking (4000), and Piano, Violin, and other artistic classes, Handiness, and Flower Arranging are the least expensive (1500). 

You then repay the loan in the same manner as you would in real life, gradually but steadily! The page linked below contains information on how to change the prices yourself.

What’s Fun About University Costs More:

  • Make your game more financially challenging
  • University is far more realistic with these increased costs
  • Altered payback of loans, which is like real-life.

University Costs More details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-costs-31623191


17. University Rejection Letters

This is an extensive mod that brings the concept of a University rejection letter into fruition! Without this mod, almost every sim will get accepted to university, no matter what.

Now school grades and certain traits and skills will impact upon whether your sim will get that exciting acceptance letter, or the feared rejection letter. Traits such as goofball, lazy, clumsy, childish, and hot-headed will increase your sims’ chances of getting rejected.

To increase your chances of being accepted, make sure their Charisma, Logic, and Writing skills are at least level 5. Don’t worry if you get rejected, though - you can always apply again after some time.

What’s Fun About University Rejection Letter:

  • Not all sims will receive an acceptance letter - they'll have to earn it!
  • Acceptance is contingent on grades, traits, and skills
  • New rejection letter pop up and moodlets
  • Can apply multiple times after getting a rejection letter

University Rejection Letter details: https://ilkavelle.wixsite.com/simsquest/post/rejection-letter-from-university-possible


16. No University Housing Restrictions

This is one of the most helpful mods on the list! All restrictions on stoves and outdoor cooking have been lifted, allowing your Sims to cook for themselves rather than rely on the cafeteria. There will be no more starving university students!

What’s Fun About No University Housing Restrictions:

  • No more restrictions on stoves or outdoor cooking
  • No longer need to rely on the cafeteria or quick/microwave meals
  • Increase cooking skill while in university housing

No University Housing Restrictions details: https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/189086439615/the-sims-4-mod-no-university-housing-restrictions


15. The Sheldon L. Cooper Program

The Sheldon L. Cooper Program is for young geniuses who want to progress from high school to university! Students will be eligible for three scholarships: one for Young Geniuses, one for Young Promises, and one for a special scholarship programme. 

Following your application, you will be required to attend a preparatory course. To meet the requirements, you must attend night school, which will be difficult. Along with your regular homework, you'll have special homework and tasks to complete, and once this course is completed, your application will be sent off.

What’s Fun About The Sheldon L. Cooper Program:

  • a new program for young geniuses that allows them to be awarded highly valued scholarships
  • Fun preparatory course to complete
  • attend night school with extra homework and tasks to complete

The Sheldon L. Cooper Program details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-l-31743270


14. Required Degree for Promotions

With this mod, you'll be able to start in any career. However, the requirements panel will eventually inform you that you must have a specific degree in order to advance. Some careers will necessitate a specific degree from a specific university with honors, so keep that in mind! 

This adds a little difficulty to the otherwise simple promotion requirements, and it definitely adds realism to the game.

What’s Fun about Required Degree for Promotions:

  • At some level in all careers, a degree will be required
  • adds realism and challenge to the game
  • sometimes, a specific degree from a specific university will be required

Required Degree for Promotions details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/university-but-31705811


13. Choose Your Roomate

Your sims' best friends can now be their roommates and attend university with this mod! It can also assist you in finding specific Roommates for your Residential Lots. 

To be able to choose University Roommates, you must first "prepare" them by enrolling them in a university. This can be accomplished by enrolling specific Sims from Households or by moving all Sims you want to be Roommates into a random Lot. 

Then, on the Mailbox, you’ll find two new Interactions: “Remove a Roommate” and “Choose a Roommate”. You can also remove a current Roommate you don’t like (the game will automatically replace them eventually).

To add your prepared sim as your Roommate, click “Choose a Roommate” and search in the List for the Sim. The List will show all game generated Uni Students as well as your Sims when you are living in University Housing.

Your chosen Roommates will automatically claim a free Bed when they arrive shortly after, and you’ll be able to have fun with your best friends!

What’s Fun About Choose Your Roomate:

  • Choose whoever you want to be a roommate in University Housing
  • Allows your sim to keep in touch with their best friends easily
  • Remove unwanted roommates which is handy if you don’t like them!

Choose Your Roomate details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/189154109868/choose-your-roommate-discover-university-finally


12. New bicycles

This mod adds several new bicycles to Discover University. There are new colours, shapes, and sizes to enjoy with your sim! Despite being a minor change, it allows you to personalise your university experience.

What’s Great About New Bicycles:

  • New interactive bicycles
  • comes in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes 
  • its fun customize a new aspect of your sims university journey

New Bicycles details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/uncategorized/bicycles-for-discover-university-by-sandy-at-around-the-sims-4/


11.  University Aspiration Packs

University students have a diverse set of interests, and so should our sims! This set of seven aspirations makes use of some of the new features included with the pack while also focusing on other aspects of your sim's life. 

Sporty Scholar, Campus Crook, Part-time Parent, Part-time Student, Balanced Life, Campus Crush, and Party School are the seven aspirations included.

What’s Fun About University Aspiration Pack:

  • 7 new aspirations
  • each aspiration focuses on a different trope and set of skills
  • more realistic and lifelike

University Aspiration Pack details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/31754980


10. Choose Your Helmet

This small mod allows you to select a helmet for each Sim, wear no helmet, or use the default random helmet for each Sim. 

Simply click on a Bike, select "Choose Your Helmet," and then select one of the options in the item picker. 

All of the vanilla game's helmets are available, as well as the option to wear no helmet at all! Unless they have been played and a Helmet has been selected for them, NPCs will continue to use the default random Helmet Option.

What’s Fun About Choose Your Helmet:

  • accessorize your sim quickly and easily
  • lots of different colors and styles to choose from
  •  there's even the option to wear no helmet

Choose Your Helmet details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/189192624518/choose-your-helmet-discover-university-this-mod


9.  University Application Overhaul

This mod completely redesigns the university application process! A letter of recommendation from a teacher and the guidance counsellor, high school transcripts, essay submission, and, finally, an admissions interview are all new application requirements. 

The "Apply to Universities" interaction is only available once all application requirements have been met. Your sim will be reminded to attend their interview for the interview. They have the option to reschedule if they miss it or are unable to attend. 

This is a great way to add realism to your game and spice up the otherwise dull application process!

What’s Fun about University Application Overhaul:

  • New application requirements, making the game far more fun and interactive
  • Much more life-like than the original university application process
  • attend a campus tour prior to applying and enrolling

University Application Overhaul details: https://modthesims.info/d/654600/university-application-overhaul.html


8. Chores

You can add Cleaning Schedules to the Parenthood Bulletin Board using this Mod. You can schedule Sims to be on Cleaning Duty, and while they are on Duty, they will receive a visible Buff that gives them a small push to do cleaning Interactions if necessary. 

It will not disable all other autonomy, but it will motivate them to complete the necessary tasks! The Buff will be applied via the Board, so if you have a multi-story house, make sure to place one Board on each floor. 

If a Schedule is created, a new Interaction called "Remove Cleaning Schedule" will become available, allowing you to remove Schedules from specific Sims.

What’s Fun About Chores:

  • Schedule your housemates to clean up your university housing
  • It means that NPCs will actually help out, it won’t just be your responsibility!
  • Adds a moodlet and a buff

Chores details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/188656442453/chores-parenthood-andor-discover-university-i


7. Shorter University Degrees

This mod reduces the number of credits required for university degrees! This is ideal for people who have shorter lifespans or simply want to finish university sooner. 

There are four shorter flavours: four credits, six credits, eight credits, and ten credits (the default in-game credit requirement is 12 credits). You can easily cut your degree length in half or two-thirds depending on which flavour you use! This means you'll be able to start your chosen career sooner and earn more money.

What’s Fun About Shorter University Degrees:

  • Choose how many credits you want to study
  • Perfect for players who play short lifespans or don’t enjoy the university gameplay
  • Enter your chosen career faster and make some money

Shorter University Degrees details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41632608


6. Homework Tweaks

This mod allows university students to complete their homework in either 10, 25, or 50 minutes depending on which one you choose to download.This is far faster than the default, which is about 150 minutes.

Additionally, they’ll be able to complete their homework even while Tense or Uncomfortable which is a huge benefit! Sims with Research & Debate skill at 3+ will complete faster than above times, too.

What’s Fun About Homework Tweaks:

  • students will complete their homework far faster, affording you more time (especially great if you take 4 classes)
  • They’ll be able to complete homework even when tense or uncomfortable, which is usually a big problem
  • students tend to have high Research & Debate skill, and if their level is above 3 they will complete it even faster

Homework Tweaks details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/644989810099077120/scarlets-mods-masterpost


5. Quickly Check Uni Performance

This is a simple script mod that allows you to quickly check how your sims are performing in each of their university courses.

All you have to do is Press CTRL + SHIFT + C in Live mode to open the cheat console, type ‘grades’, and then press ENTER. Simple!

What’s Fun About Quickly Check Uni Performance:

  • It’s an easy way to quickly check how your sims are performing
  • easier than going onto a computer and emailing professors
  • Makes it easier to perform well at university

Quickly Check Uni Performance details: https://modthesims.info/d/637945/quickly-check-uni-performance.html


4. Newcrest Campus

This mod introduces the exciting new Newcrest Campus, which is available to both Foxbury and UBrite students! Show your school pride by joining Foxbury's Galba Nypso Nypso or UBrite's Alma Yupso! 

There are fully operational apartment buildings, student flats, and dorms! Every student has a story to tell and a secret to keep. Even the Professors have some secrets they don't want anyone to know about. 

This mod is extremely exciting and does not reveal much in the description, so it is well worth downloading for some new experiences.

What’s Fun About Newcrest Campus:

  • new university campus in Newcrest
  • For students from both universities, Foxbury and UBrite
  • join sorities such as Galba Nypso Nypso or Alma Yupso
  • Functioning University Housing on campus
  • Lots of secrets and exciting new experiencing

Newcrest Campus details: https://modthesims.info/d/636430/newcrest-campus.html


3. Evening and Weekend Study

Sims can now study and attend class in the evenings and on weekends thanks to this mod! This talented moderator changed the class time on weekdays to 18:30 and on weekends to 13:00. 

This means that they will be able to combine their studies with a career and earn money at the same time!

What’s Fun About Evening and Weekend Study:

  • Affords your sim time to have a day career by switching class times to evenings and weekends
  • Means they can earn money easier and study at the same time
  • In the vanilla expansion pack, weekends are completely free which can be a little boring. This changes that!

Evening and Weekend Study details: https://modthesims.info/d/666436/evening-and-weekend-study-at-sims-4-university.html


2. Homework at Desk

This straightforward mod addresses a common and vexing issue in the Discover University expansion pack: sims doing their homework in completely random locations! This causes them to write down their university homework, which is easily lost. 

This mod restricts your sim's ability to do their homework to a specific desk. Handy!

What’s Fun About Homework at Desk:

  • stop losing your university homework
  • sims will no longer do their homework in random places
  • Pick a desk that you want them to complete their homework from. It's easy!

Homework at Desk details: https://modthesims.info/d/665564/homework-at-desk-mod.html


1. New Cafeteria Options

This modpack adds a variety of extra recipes and buyable food to the University Cafeteria Station. Every day has a slightly different menu, and the enormous variety of harvestables makes eating healthily enjoyable!

What’s Fun About New Cafeteria Options:

  • Extra recipes and buyable food to the University Cafeteria Station
  • Different menu each day
  • lots of new harvestables to try out - the possiblities are endless!

New Cafeteria Options details: https://icemunmun.blogspot.com/2019/12/university-cafeteria-custom-food.html

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