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Everything You Need To Know About Sims 4 Milestones
Let your Sim achieve as many Milestones as they can.

With the launch of the Growing Together pack came lots of new and exciting additions to the game, one of them being milestones. Sims acquire milestones throughout their life, as they experience new things, and the milestones will focus on different aspects according to their age. 

There are many different milestones, and they focus not only on the good parts of life but also on the bad parts. Your Sim can experience their first kiss, their first child, but also divorce and losing their job. Additionally, Sims can be affected by some milestones. For example, Infants will get new interactions if they acquire certain milestones.

So, do milestones seem complicated to you? Then continue reading this article, because we’ll be giving you a guide on Everything You Need To Know about Milestones. 


10. Infant Fine motor and Gross motor milestones

Gain access to new milestones for the infant stage.

In The Sims 4, your Sim can achieve milestones even in the Infant stage. These milestones include Fine Motor, Firsts, Gross Motor, Life, and Social, with Fine Motor and Gross Motor milestones being present only in the Infant stage. There are 6 Fine Motor milestones that showcase the development of their smaller muscles. Achieving more advanced Fine Motor milestones will give your child a head start on their Thinking Skill when they become a Toddler. Gross Motor milestones are 8 in total and they capture the development of body movements, strength, and coordination. Just like Fine Motor, Gross Motor milestones will boost your child’s Movement Skill when they become a Toddler. 


9. Infant Life and Social milestones

Embrace the experience of seeing your infant grow with Life milestones.

Infants also have Life and Social milestones categories that they have to achieve. Life milestones capture some of the most important moments of your Sim’s life, while Social milestones capture verbal communication and relationship-based moments. There are only 2 Life milestones for your Infant, including being born and adopting a pet. These are pretty straightforward, the first one being the first one your Infant will achieve. There are 8 Social milestones your little one will achieve, which reflect how your child is interacting with others. Completing many of these milestones will give your child a boost in the Communication Skill when they become a Toddler. Milestones like Learned Peek-a-Boo, and Learned to Blow Raspberry can be achieved if you spend a lot of time with your Infant.


8. Toddler milestones

Help your Toddler reach important stages.

Toddler milestones are all about continuing the development started in the Infant stage. During this stage, toddlers learn various skills and reach important milestones that contribute to their overall growth and development. Toddlers have 5 milestones categories, such as Cognitive, Firsts, Life, Motor, and Social. Some of these milestones can be achieved if your child has a Caregiver. There are 7 milestones in the Cognitive category, which are related to a Sim's ability to develop the Thinking and Imagination skills, 5 milestones in the Firsts category, which presents your Sims' first experiences when it comes to crucial life events, 1 in the Life category, 5 in the Motor category, which develops the Movement skill, and 4 in the Social category. 


7. Child/Teen milestones

Work with your kids and help them through the Childhood phase.

Children in the game have their own set of milestones and activities that contribute to their growth and development. They have 3 milestone categories, such as Firsts, Life, and Social. The Firsts category has 5 milestones, Life has 6, and Social has 2. In the Simology panel, you can see hints about some milestones your child might work towards next. With these milestones, your child will go through the Childhood phase, which will make them have random moods, like being angry and sad. An adult can work with them through these emotions by interacting with the child. The First Day of School and Celebrated a Birthday milestones will be the easiest and fastest to achieve.


6. Adult milestones

Gain access to more milestones for your adult Sims.

In The Sims 4, adult Sims experience various milestones and gameplay features that reflect their stage of life and offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. As an Adult, your Sim will have 3 milestone categories, such as Life, Firsts, and Social. The Life category has 11 milestones and revolves around getting married, starting a family, and getting or quitting a job. The Firsts category has 7 milestones and features the first WooHoo, Promotion, Bladder Failure, and more. The Social category has 4 milestones focusing on relationships. When your Adult Sim completes a certain milestone such as getting a promotion, they might get rewarded with a trait, such as Ambitious. If your Sim gets into a fight, they could get the Mean or Hot-Headed trait. 


5. Mid-life crisis

Get through your Sims Mid-life crisis.

With these milestones comes a midlife crisis. If your Sim hasn't accomplished any or too few milestones, they will begin to have a midlife crisis. At first, you will get a warning about 24 hours before it starts. The details of the midlife crisis can be found in the Aspiration panel, and the duration can be seen by hovering over the midlife crisis moodlet. For your Sim to get over their crisis, you must complete a set of desires that appear in the panel. There are 4 different types of midlife crises: The Desire for Adventure, The Desire for Relationships, The Desire to Create, and The Desire for Success. All of these have different tasks that need to be completed, and after that, your Sim will have a 2-day Happy moodlet and will develop new likes and dislikes. 


4. Cross-pack milestones

Achieve new milestones by going to other worlds.

In The Sims 4, the Growing Together update came with milestones that also include other expansion and game packs. This means that there are a few milestones your Sim can achieve by going to other worlds or experiencing some things that are specific to other expansion and game packs. For example, your Sim will get the Adopt a Pet milestone if you have the Cats & Dogs pack. Getting Struck by Lightning may not be a pleasant experience for your Sim, but it is considered a milestone in the Seasons pack. The Graduate from High School, Reached Top of Afterschool Activity, and Prom Royalty milestones will be available if you have the High School Years pack.


3. Location milestones

Become a world traveler and discover new milestones.

There are 7 milestones you can achieve by traveling and discovering new places. By completing these milestones, your Sim will be a world traveler with many stories to tell from his different life adventures. These 7 milestone categories have only one milestone to complete, and they are available if you have certain packs. Discover the Hermit Neighborhood in Outdoor Retreat, Climb the top of Mt. Komorebi in Snowy Escape, Finish the main temple from the Jungle Adventure pack, Discover the hidden Alien Neighborhood in Get to Work, Endure the Haunted House from Paranormal Stuff, Win the village fair in Cottage Living, and Defeat the Mother in Strangerville to become the ultimate traveler. 


2. Occult milestones

Play with the occult and discover spooky milestones.

The Sims 4 offers a wide range of interesting ways to spice up your game, one of them being the occult species. They are Sims who have special powers and different appearances, adding interesting gameplay mechanics to improve your base game. There are 8 occult Sims in the game: Ghosts, Servo, Aliens, Spellcasters, Plant Sims, Mermaids, Vampires, and Werewolves. There are 5 occult milestone categories in the game, each having 1 milestone to complete, and they all revolve around the occult. These are: Get abducted by Aliens in Get to Work, Beat Greg from the Werewolves game pack, Become a Mermaid in Island Living, Become a Spellcaster in the Realm of Magic expansion pack, and Transform into a Werewolf with the Werewolves game pack.


1. Milestones cheats

Make your life easier by using milestone cheats.

Just like for anything in The Sims 4, there are also cheats for milestones. Milestones can take a while to complete, and you might not be able to complete all of them in your Sim’s lifetime. This is where cheats come in. If you want to play your usual gameplay without getting into the occult, traveling, or moving to other worlds, you can just cheat your way to the top. Make sure you have testingcheats on, and you’re ready to complete those milestones. To get the milestones, you need to type in developmental_milestones.unlock_milestone before each cheat. For example, to complete the First Blowout milestone, you have to type in developmental_milestones.unlock_milestone infantMilestones_Generic_FirstBlowout.


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