The Best Sims 4 Challenges To Play in 2024

Best Sims 4 Challenges
Explore new ways to play with these hot challenges.

One of the greatest things about the Sims is how open-ended it is. There's no end goal, no preset storyline, just endless gameplay limited only by your imagination.

But, sometimes, the well of imagination runs dry, and your Sims' lives grow stale. I find the best way out of that rut is to start a new save and do something totally different. And the best way to come up with that "something totally different" when I'm out of ideas?

Challenges. Sims players have created hundreds of fanmade challenges over the years, focusing on various themes, settings, storylines, and gameplay styles. Whether you're bored and looking for something new or want to up the difficulty and challenge yourself, these challenges are the way to go.

25. Budget Rental Challenge (For Rent Tenant Challenge)

Sims 4 For Rent Tenant Challenge.

Every new expansion pack is an opportunity for new challenges and new twists on existing ones. For the latest EP, For Rent, there's the Budget Rental Challenge, created by Sims YouTuber Muir Dragonne (MuirlySims).

This challenge is a rags-to-riches–style challenge set in Tomarang. You start out as a broke tenant in a cheap, run-down apartment, and your goal is to upgrade your home and make it the best rental property in the town.

The catch? You can't get a regular job. You can make money however else you choose (like gardening or painting), but standard jobs are off-limits.

Why it's fun:

It's fun seeing your Sims move on up, but making money is so easy in The Sims 4, it doesn't always feel like much of an achievement. Not having a job makes upward mobility much more challenging, so when your Sim finally furnishes that five-star apartment, it really feels like they—and you—earned it.

Plus, it's a chance to experience For Rent's new world and rental gameplay. If you aren't sure where to start with the new pack (or you need an excuse to buy it), give this challenge a try!

How it works:

  • Rent the cheapest property in Tomarang.
  • Fill it with only the worst furniture, then cheat your money to zero.
  • Without getting a job, upgrade your apartment until it's the best in Tomarang.
  • If you get evicted or die, game over!

Watch the video to hear Muir's full explanation of the rules and see how he furnished his starting home.


24. Movin' On Up Challenge

Can you reach San Myshuno's best penthouse?

This next challenge is similar to the Budget Rental Challenge but for City Living players. In the Movin' On Up Challenge by ImaginingMystic, you start out as a single Sim in the cheapest apartment in San Myshuno and move on up until you reach Torendi Tower, the most expensive penthouse.

Why it's fun:

This is a rags-to-riches challenge as well as an opportunity to explore all that San Myshuno has to offer. Each apartment is a stepping stone to the next; by the end, you'll have lived in nearly every apartment in the city.

How it works:

  • Start in the cheapest San Myshuno apartment, unfurnished, and cheat your money to zero.
  • Fully furnish your apartment (after earning some money, of course).
  • Move into the next cheapest apartment, also unfurnished (bring the furniture you have with you).
  • Fully furnish that apartment, then move into the next one. Repeat until you reach Torendi Tower (the most expensive penthouse).

Read the full rules here, and look here for the list of apartments in order.


23. Create-A-Sim Challenges

Create-A-Sim: The dress-up game that's socially acceptable for adults to play.

Not every challenge is about gameplay. If you're the type who spends hours in CAS populating your worlds and making over townies, you'll be thrilled to know there's a boatload of CAS challenges out there.

These challenges are usually lists of prompts to inspire unique characters or outfits. Some are themed, like MogSimmer's Growing the Family CAS Challenge or MangoSimoothie's "Let's Have a Kiki!" challenge (themed around party outfits). For the super ambitious, Grimalkin_ on Mod the Sims created a challenge with a whopping 100 prompts.

Why it's fun:

If you mainly play the Sims to unleash your creative side, this should go without saying. These challenges are also great inspiration for gameplay-focused Simmers who want to brighten up their worlds with more unique characters.

Many CAS challenges have their own hashtags, so you can show off your creations and see what others have made.

How it works:

Pick a challenge.

  • Make a Sim or outfit for each prompt.
  • If the challenge has a hashtag, share what you've made!

Create-A-Sim challenges are posted on various sites. You can find a few lists here, here, and here.


22. Build Challenges

The favorite mode of amateur architects and interior designers.

Creative challenges aren't just for Create-A-Sim. Build Mode is a major part of the Sims, and it's no surprise players have created a number of that too.

Some of these are prompt-based, like surrahhyo's 30 Days of Building. Others challenge you to build around set restrictions, like the Original Swatch Challenge that bans you from using color swatches or the Puzzle Shell Challenge, which has you fit oddly shaped rooms together to make a house.

Why it's fun:

Again, the creativity is the fun. Prompt-based challenges are great inspiration, while ones that set restrictions make you work outside of the box and really get creative. Once you're done, you'll have new homes and buildings to liven up your world!

How it works:

  • Pick a challenge.
  • Follow the prompts/rules.
  • Share your creations!

Here and here are a couple lists of build challenges. Gaming YouTuber James Turner has a challenge generator here for detailed Build Mode and CAS prompts.


21. Build a City Challenge

This was once nothing but empty land.

Can't decide whether to do a gameplay challenge, a build challenge, or a Create-A-Sim challenge? How about all three? In the Build a City Challenge, you start with a handful of founders in an empty world, which will develop into a built-up, vibrant community as the challenge progresses.

Your "city"starts out as just a few off-the-grid residential lots. As you reach milestones, like having a certain population level or residents maxing skills and careers, you'll unlock more amenities and points you can spend on new residents and lots. Develop your starting world enough, and you'll unlock more.

Why it's fun:

What's more rewarding than starting from nothing and turning it into a thriving world? This challenge perfectly balances world-building and gameplay challenges, letting you build the world to your liking but only when you've earned it.

Previously, this challenge required you to play every household in rotation, but the latest rules include a legacy-style variant, if you'd rather stick with one household.

How it works:

  • Start in an empty save.
  • Create your founding household(s).
  • Track your progress on the BACC spreadsheet as you play to keep track of unlocks.
  • Have fun growing your world!

There are many versions of the Build a City Challenge. Here is the latest version for The Sims 4. Dozens of variations exist for The Sims 2, 3, and 4, so you can find a different ruleset (or game) if that one isn't to your liking.


20. Runaway Teen Challenge

Not every Sim's life is rainbows and sunshine.

The runaway Teen Challenge is about surviving as, you guessed it, a runaway teen. Play as a teenager who's left home with no money and nowhere to go and survive your teen years without getting caught. This gritty challenge was originally created for The Sims 3 and adapted to The Sims 4 by StormyDayz.

Why it's fun:

The Runaway Teen Challenge is fun because it's HARD. Like the Homeless Challenge, you'll be roughing it at first, with no house and no job. You'd be surprised how hard it is to keep up a Sim's needs when you take away their basic necessities.

On top of that, you can't interact with adults in any way. If you do, they'll report you as a runaway, and it's game over.

How it works:

  • Start as a teen on an empty lot with no money.
  • Survive without getting a job, going to school, or interacting with adults.
  • Reward yourself with a nice life when you reach adulthood—you've earned it!

Read the full rules here.


19. Big Sister Challenge

There's no stronger bond than sisterhood.

The Big Sister Challenge is a more wholesome version of the last one. This time, the teen protagonist is taking care of her younger sibling, who she wants to raise as well as she can. That means helping them complete their childhood aspiration and succeed in school.

Why it's fun:

This challenge combines the struggles of the Runaway Teen Challenge with wholesome family gameplay. It's heartwarming yet tragic, perfect for let's-players and Simmers who love crafting storylines. Since both siblings have to complete their aspirations, it has an achievement aspect as well.

How it works:

  • Create two siblings: a teen and a child.
  • Give them a backstory. Are they orphans? Runaways?
  • Complete both their aspirations before they age up. The younger sibling must also earn an A in school.

Find the original challenge rules here. An updated version called the Older Sibling Challenge can be found here.


18. Big Brother Challenge

8 Sims, 1 house, and a whole lotta chaos.

Don't let the name fool you: the Big Brother Challenge has nothing to do with the last one. This challenge is based on the popular reality game show Big Brother, where contestants sharing a mansion cut off from the outside world compete in challenges for a grand prize.

Like in the real-life version, Sims in this "reality show" take part in a series of challenges while building relationships with their housemates. If they can't keep up—or if they make themselves unpopular—they risk eviction.

The American version of Big Brother has some different rules from the international one. The Sims version, created by gizmoman49, has international- and American-style rules, so you can recreate your favorite version of the show.

Why it's fun:

Who doesn't want to lock a bunch of Sims in a big house and force them to compete? The contestants have full autonomy, so whatever happens, happens. You get a front-row seat to watch the competition—and the drama—unfold.

You aren't just a spectator, though—you're Big Brother. That means you're free to reward and punish the housemates as you see fit. You can also take control of Sims to fulfill their Wants—a great way to turn up the drama!

How it works:

  • Put 8 (or more) Sims in one big house.
  • Give them a challenge, like building a certain skill.
  • DON'T control anyone, except to fulfill Wants.
  • Reward whoever wins. Evict the loser (international rules) or have the housemates vote someone out (American rules).
  • Keep on until only one Sim is left. They win!

Read the full rules here. Both versions are included.


17. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Who will be the lucky woman?

I'm a sucker for reality TV, and I know I'm not alone. Lucky for us, Urban Sims created another reality-TV-based challenge, based on The Bachelor and its companion show, The Bachelorette.

If you don't know how the show goes, it stars a bachelor or bachelorette and a group of romantic interests. The bachelor(ette) goes on dates with the others and eliminates one each week, until finally proposing to his or her chosen candidate.

Why it's fun:

Again, it's reality TV. There's so much potential for drama (what, you didn't think no one would get jealous?), plus a love story and a sweet ending!

Of course, if you're just in it for the drama, you can always have their marriage fall apart after. The rules don't say they have to stay married.

How it works:

  • Create a bachelor/bachelorette with the Romantic trait and 7 potential partners.
  • Have them all live in a big house together (you can use the money or freerealestate cheat).
  • Each day has one event (listed in the rules), usually a date, party, or elimination.
  • On each elimination day, whoever has the lowest relationship with the bachelor/bachelorette leaves the house.
  • Have the bachelor/bachelorette propose to their chosen partner on the final day.
  • Optional: Play the newly engaged couple and their life after the show!

Read the full rules here.


16. The SimDew Valley Challenge


TV shows aren't the only thing people have recreated in the Sims. When Cottage Living was released, Mod the Sims user LexDoesSims quickly saw the potential to turn The Sims 4 into a farming simulator, a là Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon.

The SimDew Valley Challenge is basically Stardew Valley in the Sims. The rules are based on Stardew Valley's gameplay, like how house expansions need to be unlocked and how you earn rewards for collecting bundles of items. You're also tasked with filling the museum with every collectible.

Why it's fun:

If you're a fan of Stardew Valley and the like, why WOULDN'T this be fun? Even if you've never played a farming sim, there's a charm to the idyllic, steady pace of life this sort of gameplay emulates.

How it works:

  • Start as a single young adult in Henford-on-Bagley.
  • Set seasons to 28 days and turn aging off.
  • Build a house with basic necessities and any decorations you like.
  • Build a museum with enough room for all the collections.
  • Enjoy an idyllic farming life while helping out the townsfolk and collecting items.

Read the full rules here. Prefer Harvest Moon to Stardew Valley? There's a challenge for that, too.


15. The Happy Sim Challenge

Life is about learning to dance in the rain, as they say.

This challenge revolves around one simple thing: keeping your Sim happy, for as long as you can. Neutral moods like Fine are okay, but any bad mood is an instant game over.

Why it's fun:

The rules are simple enough, but the stakes couldn't be higher. Since even a moment of sadness or discomfort means the end, you have to stay constantly on your toes keeping your Sim's mood high and needs met. And since you're pretty much guaranteed to lose sooner or later, it's the kind of challenge you can play again and again, trying to beat your best score.

How it works:

  • Keep your Sim in a good mood for as long as you can.
  • The challenge ends when your Sim gets unhappy or dies.

Read the full rules here.


14. Mystical Motherhood: The Occult Baby Challenge

Having a child with Death is certainly a challenge.

Ever wondered if you could Try for Baby with the Grim Reaper? The answer is yes! (With the right cheats, that is.)

The aim of the Mystical Motherhood challenge is to have a child with every type of occult Sim. Even the Grim Reaper. It's like the 100 Baby Challenge (scroll down to #11), but with more magic, more weirdness, and 80% less babies.

There are two versions of the challenge: the original, by simssav, which has a pretty straightforward ruleset, and a revised version by KissaLopa that borrows additional rules from the 100 Baby Challenge.

Why it's fun:

You can't make a more unique family than you'll get from this challenge. Each child belongs to a different occult bloodline with a unique related objective. That's right, there's more to this than just having babies.

How it works:

  • Start with a single female human.
  • Have a child with every type of occult.
  • Complete each child's objective and raise them all to young adulthood.

You can find simssav's original rules here and KissaLopa's take on it here.


13. The No Buy Mode Challenge

Furnishing a huge house without using Buy Mode.

The No Buy Mode Challenge has a simple premise: complete the Mansion Baron aspiration without using Buy Mode. You can use Build Mode as much as you want, but you can never touch the Buy Mode catalog. Ever.

Why it's fun:

Every item you get has to be found, bought, or earned in Live Mode, so you have to think strategically about how you'll get them. You can get a fridge and stove from the Culinary career, but is it worth it when the most useful reward before level 8 is a coffee maker?

If you have no idea how you'd furnish a house (let alone complete an entire mansion) without Buy Mode, check out that video up there to see the various ways Petey Plays It got stuff in his go at the challenge.

How it works:

  • Start on an empty lot.
  • Without buying anything (building is OK), complete the Mansion Baron aspiration.
  • You must also have items to fill all your Sim's needs (a bed, toilet, shower, etc.).

Read the full rules here.


12. The Room Challenge

Living in a concrete bunker is optional.

This challenge also requires you to complete the Mansion Baron aspiration, but with a different twist: you're trapped in an 8x8 room you can never leave. Katoregama's Sims 4 Room Challenge challenges you to build an extravagant home without ever having a job, social life, or even the freedom to leave your room.

Why it's fun:

This might not sound too hard at first. Just put your Sim in a room with the basic necessities and an easel, have them paint 24/7, and voila!

It isn't that simple, though. Isolation is lonely, and your Sim's Social need will quickly become a problem… which only makes it more fun, of course. How well can you keep your Sim happy while keeping them confined and working?

How it works:

  • Create a Sim and move them into a house or lot.
  • Put them in an 8x8 room, then delete the door.
  • Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration. (Note: You can build outside the room.)

Read the full rules here.


11. 100 Baby Challenge

Hard mode: Raise 100 babies at once.

Simmers are known for our crazy ideas (in case you haven't noticed), and the 100 Baby Challenge is a perfect example. The goal is to have and raise 100 children in as few generations as possible… as a stay-at-home single mom. It's one of the most popular challenges out there, with a long history that dates back to The Sims 2.

The current rules, written by blogger Snarky Witch, are a little more complicated than just having 100 babies. Your "matriarch" (the unfortunate woman destined to birth all these babies) can't have a job outside the home, can't hire a nanny or live with anyone but her kids, and has to raise every child successfully. That means they can't die or get taken by the social worker, and they can't move out before they're grown.

To make things a little easier, children can age up early if they reach certain milestones, like getting an A in school.

Why it's fun:

Too Many Toddlers too easy for you? The 100 Baby Challenge turns the difficulty up to eleven, and you bet it's hectic. If you want a real challenge or just thrive in chaos, this classic challenge is for you.

How it works:

  • Start as a single Sim who can get pregnant.
  • Have and raise 100 children with different fathers as a stay-at-home single mom.
  • If your Sim becomes an elder, continue as her youngest daughter.
  • You win when the 100th child is born. You fail if any get taken away or die before adulthood.

Read the full rules here.


10. Alien Adoption Challenge

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

The 100 Baby Challenge is so popular, even aliens are doing it! Pinstar's Alien Adoption Challenge begins with an alien mothership crash-landing in the desert. It's an "alien mothership" in the most literal sense: piloted by a single alien mother (who, sadly, died in the crash) with 100 babies on board.

Don't worry, you don't have to raise 100 babies this time. A top-secret government program selected just as many humans to raise and study these aliens. You'll be one of these humans, so your objective is to raise one alien baby from toddlerhood to young adulthood.

Why it's fun:

There's a catch: you can never control the toddler. You can't even select them to see their needs. This makes parenting way tougher—and way more rewarding when your kid earns good grades or reward traits.

How it works:

  • Start with a human parent and alien toddler.
  • Raise the alien to young adulthood, playing only as the parent.
  • Bonus challenge: Build a rocket and visit Sixam before the alien grows up.

Read the full rules here.


9. Asylum Challenge

Yep, they look like functional members of society.

You did it: you raised a child to adulthood without once selecting them. So, what's next? How about living with seven other Sims you can't control?

In the Asylum Challenge, you'll play as a young adult who has been forcibly committed to a run-down mental health facility. To get out, you'll have to prove you're fit to rejoin society by completing the goals your psychiatrist set for you(in other words, your aspiration). You'll also have to keep the other patients alive and happy.

Why it's fun:

You don't control the other patients, so this is another challenge for the chaos-lovers. With seven wildly unpredictable "housemates", there's no telling what will happen next! Fights? WooHoo? Eliza Pancakes trying to force her husband into the asylum?

This challenge has several variations. The most popular, linked below, has three difficulty levels to choose from, so you can make it as "easy" or hard as you like.

How it works:

  • Create eight Sims with the Erratic trait and any other traits you like.
  • Build an asylum using only cheap objects or download one from the Gallery (hashtag: #AsylumChallenge).
  • Control ONLY ONE Sim and complete their aspiration. Try not to let the others die.

Read the full rules and scoring here. Still play the older games? There are versions for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, too!


8. Globetrotter Challenge

The world awaits!

Ever wanted to travel the world? Moonfi's Globetrotter Challenge is for all you aspiring world travelers! This challenge has you travel the world completing aspirations, taking nothing with you but a tent and the keepsakes you acquire.

Why it's fun:

The Globetrotter takes you through several of The Sims 4's exotic locales, from Mt. Komorebi to Forgotten Hollow. Each round's aspiration is related to the region you're in, so it encourages you to fully immerse yourself in the land and culture.

For extra depth to your adventures, play this challenge with Kuttoe's Home Regions and Townie Demographics mods, which give each region a unique population and demographics (unless you want blonde Japanese townies following you everywhere). You can even add Frankk's Language Barriers for a true international feel.

How it works:

  • Start in any empty lot in Mt. Komorebi.
  • Buy a tent and cheat your money to zero Simoleons (or 50, your call).
  • Complete the first round's main aspiration and at least half of the secondary aspiration before the round ends.
  • Move to the next location when the next round starts (based on the calendar), taking nothing but your tent and souvenirs.
  • Keep completing aspirations and traveling until you've seen the world!

Find the full rules and list of rounds here.


7. Decades Challenge

Fashion changes through the ages.

This next challenge takes you on another tour, this time through history. The Decades Challenge, created by ZombieCleo in 2015 and extended into the 2020s by CuteCoffeeGal, follows a family through the ages, from 1890 to the present day.

Each decade has rules and restrictions to reflect society, culture, and technology at the time. Restrictions are generally lifted over time, but some decades add new ones, like the 1920s prohibition on alcohol. Some decades have special events, too. During World War II, every family must have a Victory Garden, and young adult men are drafted into the war.

There's no "winning" the Decades Challenge—the point is the experience. That said, there's a scoring template for achievement-focused players.

Why it's fun:

The world of The Sims 4 is pretty static. No matter how many generations of a family you play, they all live in the modern day. The Decades Challenge makes that world dynamic, creating a sense time is really passing around your Sims.

Technically, there are no restrictions on Create-A-Sim, but dressing your Sims in clothes that fit the time period is also part of the fun. If you use custom content, twentiethcenturysims has a directory of CAS and Build Mode items, as well as ready-built lots, organized by decade from the 1890s to the 2010s.

How it works:

  • Start with a young adult Sim or couple in 1890.
  • Play as them and their descendants until the present day (2 Sim days = 1 year).
  • Every decade, change the rules to fit the time period.
  • Have fun living in every era!

Read the full rules here.


6. Ultimate Decades Challenge

Family is a constant through all ages.

1890 not historical enough for you? Want a longer challenge that spans centuries? Morbid Gamer's Ultimate Decades Challenge is a variation on ZombieCleo's original Decades Challenge that starts way back—in the Middle Ages!

The Ultimate Decades Challenge isn't for the faint of heart. Medieval life was hard, and dangers like illness outbreaks, wars, infant mortality, and even pregnancy often cut life short. The challenge doesn't shy away from the harsh reality, so expect a lot of your Sims to die young.

Of course, the early hardships make it all the more rewarding when your medieval peasants have a thriving tree of descendants in the modern age.

Why it's fun:

This challenge combines the fun of the Decades Challenge with extra eras and a higher starting difficulty. Just want to see history without death always lurking around the corner? The challenge has rules for every era from the Middle Ages onwards, and you can start whenever you like.

It goes without saying you'll need custom content for this one (unless you want to dress your medieval peasants in jeans and hoodies). Don't have any? Historical CC Finds has you covered.

How it works:

  • Choose a starting year (1300 or later).
  • Create a founder Sim or couple living in that year (medieval peasants if you start in 1300).
  • Put them on the biggest lot in Windenburg (or a different world, if you don't have Get Together) and build or download a house.
  • Reduce your money to zero.
  • Follow the family through generations until modern times—try not to let the lineage die out!
  • Have a set of gaming dice or online die roller handy, because you'll be rolling them for chance events like death and pregnancy.

Read the full rules here.


5. The Wonder Child Challenge

Raising a star student is part of this challenge.

The aim of the Wonder Child Challenge is to raise the most talented, most successful child possible. Starting with two adults, you must have a child and pour all your attention into their success.

The challenge ends when the wonder child ages up to young adult. How gifted they are determines your final score. Most of the points come from their skills and reward traits, and you also get points for things like good grades and successful birthday parties.

Why it's fun:

If The Sims 4 had a competitive mode, this would be it. The Wonder Child Challenge is all about achievement. You can challenge your friends to see who can raise the best child or compete against your own personal best.

It's especially fun if you have packs that focus on kids and teens. For example, your teenage wonder child can earn extra reward traits by maximizing their character values (Parenthood) and completing teen aspirations (High School Years).

Also, since "gifted kid burnout" isn't a thing in the Sims, you'll end the challenge with a young adult who's gotten a huge head start in life!

How it works:

  • Start with two adults (NOT young adults). Set their relationship to "housemates".
  • Have them get married (optional) and Try for Baby (required).
  • Raise the kid as successfully as you can.
  • Tally up your points when the child grows up, or keep score along the way.

Read the full rules here.


4. The Immigrant Challenge

San Myshuno is the series' biggest cultural melting pot.

Get to Work may be old, but its retail feature is timeless. The Immigrant Challenge focuses on running a successful retail business—while trying to get by as an immigrant in a foreign country.

The challenge has two phases: Temporary Citizen and Full Citizen. As a temporary citizen, what you can and can't do is pretty restricted. For example, the only way you can make money is through your store, and you can't sell anything you make.

After paying off your loan (your starting funds), you become a full citizen. This lifts most of the restrictions, so you can get married and start a family (which temporary citizens can't do) or just focus on growing your business.

The challenge ends when you become an elder or die. Your final score is based on your retail funds and perk points, and, of course, whether you've repaid your loan.

Why it's fun:

Rabbithole careers are, honestly, kind of boring. Running a retail business is a great way to mix things up, and the added rules and goals make sure the surrounding gameplay doesn't get stale.

You can even play this challenge with an existing Sim! Any single young adult will do. The challenge page even has an alternate backstory for wonder children (look up if you're skimming) going into the Immigrant Challenge.

How it works:

  • Start with a single young adult (new or pre-existing).
  • If you're using an existing Sim, quit their job and cheat their Charisma skill to zero (to simulate language barrier/culture shock).
  • Buy a retail store.
  • Make money ONLY from your store and don't marry/have kids until you pay off your starting loan.
  • Repay your loan (using the money cheat).
  • Keep playing until you retire/die.

Read the full rules here.


3. The Clone Challenge

Those clones look a little funny…

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if things had gone differently? The Clone Challenge, conceived by Nicarra60, is a virtual exploration of those endless possibilities.

In this challenge, you'll play as one Sim across several alternate lives. You're free to do pretty much whatever you want with them—even play other challenges—but there's one catch: you can't follow the same path twice. Each clone has to have a different job, marry a different spouse, live in a different world, you get the idea.

Why it's fun:

This is all about "what ifs". What if you owned a restaurant instead of working in one? What if you ate one of those weird fruits that grow in StrangerVille? Or started a cult?

You can do all this with different Sims, of course, but it's fascinating to see how one person's life can be so different depending on the decisions you make.

How it works:

  • Create a single Sim and save them to your library.
  • Play however you want until they die.
  • Start a new game with the same Sim, but give them a completely different life.
  • Repeat as many times as you like!

Read the full rules here.


2. The Lot Challenge Challenge

The Sims 4 with every lot challenge enabled. Start at 2:26.

No, that isn't a typo. The Lot Challenge Challenge is a challenge where you start with every lot challenge and…

Whoa, let's try that again: This is a challenge where you start with every bad lot trait (a.k.a. lot challenge) and have to get rid of them all. Each one has to be removed in a unique way, like doing positive interactions to voodoo dolls to banish the curse (Cursed trait).

Why it's fun:

A lot with every challenge is CHAOS, and it's rewarding to see that order restored little by little. Also, some of the methods for removing the traits are pretty out of the box. To remove Quake Zone, you don't just have to upgrade every object to be unbreakable—you also have to write five best-sellers about earthquake safety! Off-the-Grid is solved by spamming people with chain letters begging them to sign a petition so you can have power.

How it works:

  • Start with any Sim or family you want—no restrictions here!
  • Build or buy a house with your starting funds.
  • Add every lot challenge to your home.
  • Work to clear the lot challenges until your home is problem free!

Read the full rules here.


1. The Legacy Challenge

How to start a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. Start at 0:25.

Pinstar's Legacy Challenge is THE most iconic Sims Challenge. First created for The Sims 2, fans of this challenge have created countless variations… but let's start with the basics.

The goal is to achieve as much as you can in ten generations. Points are awarded for things like mastering skills, completing collections, and memorializing family members (through portraits or biographies, for example).

Why it's fun:

Reaching ten generations is an achievement in itself, even more so when you can look back at your scoresheet and family tree and see how much you've accomplished. Many legacy players share their family trees online, and believe me, they're huge!

Some players love the idea of a legacy but find the pages of rules and complicated scoring off-putting. Honestly, I don't blame them, and neither does Pinstar. He created a lighter version of the challenge with laxer rules and no scorekeeping so everyone can enjoy creating a legacy, even if a ten-page rule and score book isn't their thing.

Some legacy veterans find the challenge too easy. For a harder legacy challenge, try out a "hard mode" variation, like matchacake's Nightmare Legacy or Snarky Witch's Anti-Legacy.

There are also themed and story-based legacy challenges, where each generation fits into an overall theme (like the Zodiac Legacy) and/or has objectives that fit into a multi-generational story (like Differences in the Family Tree). Lilsimsie's Not So Berry Challenge is probably the most popular legacy challenge that fits into both of these categories.

If you want to mix things up, the Random Legacy Challenge is pretty fun. This version uses a random number generator to decide how each generation has to live, from career to marital status to goals and more!

How it works:

  • Start with a single founder.
  • Track your progress through ten generations. Try to achieve as many of the goals as you can.
  • Tally up your score when the tenth generation heir is born—and look back at your family tree and everything you've accomplished!

Read the full rules here. The other official versions of the challenge are on the same site, and you can find over 100 more fanmade variations here.


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