[Top 15] Best Sims 4 Mods for Clothing

Best Sims 4 Mods for Clothing
Pop open that dresser and dig out those duds, there's a shopping spree to do!

Doll up all your favorite Sims like never before with this collection of CC that we've found and kept safe just for you.

Everybody knows one of the best parts of the Sims is simply bringing them to life! Each Sim is unique and deserves their own attire that is just as one-of-a-kind as they are. Creating a more believable and inclusive world nearly demands the use of custom content to give each Sim justice. So, sit back and enjoy this look into a more complete CAS closet.

15. Child And Toddlers Hair Pack by xxblacksims

A collection of natural hair meshes for our youngest Sims, give them those wild curls you see in the mirror!

This mod makes it a little bit easier to bring our adorable POC Sims to life from the youngest CAS life stage. We can bring our friends and family into the Sims with us easily with custom content curated by creators that yearn to make inclusive content.

  • Brings more options to our adorable toddler Sims.
  • Adds inclusive content to our games to properly represent each Sim.
  • Adds the personality and spunk of a beautiful head of wild curls.

Find the mod here: Child and Toddlers Hair Pack by xxblacksims

14. Toddler Hair Meshes by Filo4000

This pack transforms your young Sims into spitting images of their parents. No longer will only mom have that mature bob.

Now your little ones can truly be “mini-me’s” with their parents. This pack brings adult hairstyles to our Toddler Sims, giving you, and mom, more options. Everything from liberty spikes to a sophisticated up-do can be found here!

  • Your Toddlers get their big kid haircuts just like they’ve always wanted.
  • Let the little ones run wild with tons of fun swatches to choose from.
  • Enhance your Toddlers’ sense of admiration for their parents and give them the matching do.

Find the mod here: Toddler Hair Meshes by Filo4000

13. Autumn Coat for Toddlers by Pinkzombiecupcakes

A collection of comfy and cozy new autumn coats for your Toddler Sims. Keep them warm and fashionable!

Add some cute, colorful coats for your Sims to play all day in, rain or shine. Know that your Toddlers are well bundled for a chilly Winter morning or a rainy Autumn afternoon.

  • Give your Toddlers a brand new coat perfect in rain or snow.
  • Add some fun colors for your energetic young Sims.
  • Perfect to bundle up your Toddlers for a day in the yard or on the town!

Find the mod here: Autumn Coat for Toddlers by Pinkzombiecupcakes

12. Pants Denim by bukovka

Give your Child Sims the perfect pair of pants to rough and tough out every day in every way.

Our Sims just don’t have enough daily wear that fits with anything else in their closet. These denim jeans are perfect for your Child Sims to wear to school, to the park, or to Grandma’s for Winterfest.

  • A perfect pair of all-terrain jeans for your Child Sims.
  • Multiple swatches that guarantee a match with that cute shirt you found at the bottom of the closet.
  • Gives your Sims more freedom in their dress as they take on the big, wide world beyond the backyard.

Find the mod here: Pants Denim by bukovka

11. EA BG Tank Top Child by Qnoix

Your Sims will never have to pick the same shirt twice in the summer, with these tank-tops, your Sim is bound to have tons of fun in the sun.

Everybody likes a nice CAS item with a ton of lively swatches. With this pack, your Sims will be rocking every color under the sun with fun designs to boot!

  • A unisex tank top for all of your Child Sims.
  • With over 50 swatches to choose from, there’s a style for every Sim!
  • An easy to work with tank-top that offers tons of customizability that can be paired easily for everyday wear and party outfits.

Find the mod here:  EA BG Tank Top Child by Qnoix

10. Deligracy + Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack by Deligracy&Grimcookies

Easy to match, simple pieces make it simple to craft the perfect outfit for your Sims.

A collaboration between two simmers is a recipe for artwork! This content pack introduces some long sought after tops and bottoms that work with anything you have in the closet.

  • Includes over a dozen items for you to mix and match with anything your heart desires.
  • Easy to match colors that make it easy to customize outfits.
  • Comes with everything from boots to a necklace!

Find the mod here: Deligracy + Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack

9. Deligracy + Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack 2 by Deligracy&Grimcookies

Even more simple clothing to turn into an adorable outfit, easily match any piece of clothing under the sun!

Another beautiful collection from the dream team leaves your Sims ready to dazzle. A set with easy to jazz up pieces and something for every Sim.

  • Has more easily matchable pieces to enhance your Sim’s closet. 
  • Allows you to mix and match basic pieces into an adorable look.
  • Adds another dozen new items to CAS with neutral swatches to work with.

Find the mod here: Deligracy + Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack 2


8. Accessory Tops No. 1-4 by MelodyElodie

Does anyone else miss layering clothes like we could in the Sims 2? No longer! Layer to your heart's content.

This simmer really thought outside of the box to bring us these accessory tops. These tops are found under Accessories and can be layered under other clothing for a brand new look.

  • Allows you to add that cami underneath that should have always been there.
  • Adds more dimension to your Sims’ outfits through layering different tops.
  • Create brand new styles with these undershirts!

Find the mod here: Accessory Tops No. 1-4 by MelodyElodie

7. SimmieV Short Island Print Pareo. by SimmieV

A collection of colorful sarongs for your Sims to bring a splash of life and color to the already bright and beautiful Sulani.

Sulani is a one-of-a-kind world with a style to match. With these new sarongs, your Sims can show off their inner colors and keep cool while having fun in the sun.

  • Adds a new gorgeous sarong to your island wardrobe.
  • Adds some more options for our lacking male Sims.
  • Splashes some color in the closet with bright and elaborate designs.

Find the mod here: SimmieV Short Island Print Pareo

6. Basic Office Set by McLayneSims 

Do you have a Sim looking for some interview-chic clothes that can easily translate to a business setting? With this office set, your Sims will be prepared for anything the dreaded 9-5 can bring.

Our hard-working Sims deserve more clothes to fit the “business-casual” bill. This pack adds an array of dress shirts and suit pants to mix and match.

  • A set of snazzy work clothes for your male Sims.
  • Easily mixable and matchable with each other and other items for tons of possibilities.
  • Perfect to wear to that Winterfest work party or to Grandpa’s birthday dinner.

Find the mod here: Basic Office Set by McLayneSims

5. Sims 4 Collection For Men by Hoppel785

Effortlessly switch from work to play with these fabulous day-to-day styles for men!

Add some more day-to-day clothes for your Sims to both lounge around in and hit the town too. These stylish clothes are sure to make their way into a plethora of different outfits.

  • Add both everyday jeans and dress pants for your Sims to strut their stuff in.
  • With t-shirts and blazers to choose from, you’re sure to be able to craft the perfect outfit.
  • These stylish pieces are perfect for everyday outfits and your best party duds.

Find the mod here: Sims 4 Collection for Men by Hoppel785

4. [Sapphire] - 3D Eyelashes by ScreamingMustard

Bat those long lashes and have your romantic interest simply melt beneath your gaze. Feel free to give them a few butterfly kisses for their efforts.

Add a pop of dimension to your Sims with these beautiful 3D lashes. With six different looks in three different colors, you’re bound to find the perfect match for even your poutiest Sims.

  • Adds dimension to your Sim’s face.
  • Several different styles of lashes that range from every day to red-carpet glam.
  • Leaves space on your Sim’s waterlines for custom eye makeup to really work its magic.

Find the mod here: [Sapphire] - 3D Eyelashes by ScreamingMustard

3. Zara Freckles + Moles N09 by PralineSims

Add a new level of depth and detail to your Sims with this collection of freckles and moles to dust their cheeks.

There are not nearly enough options when it comes to facial features. Never fear! This pack adds plenty of options when it comes to your Sims’ freckles and moles.

  • Adds nearly 30 different variations of freckles and moles to choose from.
  • Add a light dusting of freckles to your Sim’s face for time spent in the sun.
  • Gives your Sims the beauty marks they deserve.

Find the mod here: Pralinesims' Zara Freckles + Moles N09

2. Realistic Eye Color + Contact Lens by DaisySims

Get lost in the eyes of another and sink down into those glittery orbs and peer in at their very soul.

Shimmering eyes are what you’ll get with this pack! These realistic eye colors come in many colors to give your Sims the touch of realism you're looking for.

  • Adds 15 new non-default eye colors found in the Face Paint section of makeup.
  • Gives your Sim’s face dimension with these realistic eyes that truly bring them to life.
  • These eye colors mesh well and don’t show any strange shading beneath the eyelids.

Find the mod here: Realistic Eye Color + Contact Lens by DaisySims

1. Beard Megapack 01 by PralineSims

Too often our male Sims go baby-faced, with few appealing options for facial hair. This pack remedies that stark smoothness and replaces it with a rugged looking beard.

Our men are in dire need of more facial hair to choose from. Look no farther than this mega pack by Pralinesims. It has everything from a five o'clock shadow to full beards.

  • Adds 15 new facial hairs for your Sims to cover their chins with.
  • Get rid of your Teen’s baby face with a goatee or a mustache.
  • Allows more customization of your male Sims to really shape them into exactly who you want them to be.

Find the mod here: Pralinesims' Beard Megapack 01


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