The Sims 4 Building Tips Guide (Top 25 Tips)

Top 25 Sims 4 Building Tips Guide
Spice up your builds with the help of this Guide!

Building in The Sims 4 is such a fun activity that everyone should enjoy because it brings out your creativity and style. However, it can look a bit intimidating, especially if you’re new to the game. The creators come out with many new packs and DLCs, so it’s normal to get swept under the mountain of items and new gameplay.

There are so many controls, items, and buttons, and you might not know where to start. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you're into cozy cottages, sleek modern homes, or even fantastical dreamscapes, we've got something for everyone. If you’re struggling with building a great house for your Sim, check out these Top 25 Building Tips that are sure to make you a master builder in no time.


25. Use references

Having a reference picture can make your experience easier.

One of the most important steps when building a house in The Sims 4 is to have a reference picture next to you. That includes pictures of real-life houses, floor plans, or even houses that you see around your Sim’s neighborhood. It can be challenging to build a house from memory, so the best thing to do in this case is to look online for pictures of houses or floor plans, choose the one that fits your Sim's needs, and use it as a reference.  However, some real-life houses may be difficult to recreate in The Sims 4, because of the limited controls that you have in Build Mode. In this case, you can look around your neighborhood, spot a nice house, and recreate it.


24. Stick to one theme

Don't mix contrasting styles in your builds.

Before building a house, you must decide on a theme or style you want. This is important because using different-style furniture can look tacky at times, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know what looks good together. Look for items that are from the same game pack, or look like they are similar. To help you with this, the game has a filtering option, where you can choose to see only items from certain packs, DLCs, or styles. It is located in the right-hand corner of the screen, right above the rectangle where you can see all the items.


23. Use cheats


Cheats can be your best friend, even when building.

No, we’re not talking about cheats for infinite money or free real estate. The most important cheat to use is bb.moveobjects on. What this cheat does is it allows you to move objects off-grid in build mode. With the cheat enabled, objects will no longer snap to the grid layout and can be placed within or onto other objects. Some other very useful cheats are bb.showhiddenobjects, and bb.showliveeditobjects. These ones are useful because they let players access hidden and usually playable objects such as collectibles, rocks, trees, decor, and even cars. Now you can really decorate your house without problems.


22. Get familiar with the controls


Know how the game works beforehand.

Another great tip is to get familiar with the controls. The Sims 4 has many controls that aren’t known by a lot of people, which can help you tremendously. For example, if you press 9 objects will move up, and 0 moves them down. This is really helpful if you want to place certain decorations on some shelves that won’t allow that. Other controls include holding Alt to place objects freely, using [ and ] to size objects up and down, and using F5 to place objects on quarter tiles. These are some of the most important controls that you need to know because they will make your building experience much easier. 


21. Experiment with different architectural styles

Find the best style for you by experimenting,

The Sims 4 offers a wide variety of architectural styles, which can be seen all around the neighborhoods. Each world has a different architectural style, ranging from Victorian, Tudor, and Cape Cod Colonial, to Gothic Victorian, Country Cottage, and Ultra Modern. Each style has its own unique features, allowing you to create a variety of atmospheres and moods in your builds. With this in mind, you can create the most beautiful homes that match the world you chose to live in. It can also help you build houses that match your Sim’s personality best. You wouldn’t see a vampire in a cottage, right? 


20. Learn all about walls


Don't settle for boring, straight walls.

I know, walls aren’t the most interesting thing in The Sims 4, but they are the most important part of a house, so it’s best to learn everything about them. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can even place them diagonally, so you can create different-shaped rooms. One of the most interesting features is the curved walls, which give new possibilities for creative Sim builders. What is great is that most windows and doors are compatible with the walls, so you can create buildings without worry. However, one downside is that the roofs are kind of tricky to place, but it’s nothing some trial and error can’t fix. 


19. Use half walls


Play around with what the game has to offer.

While we’re on the topic of walls, another great tip is to use half walls. These are a special kind of walls that vary in size, from short to very tall. They can be painted just like a normal wall, and they act similarly to fences. You can also place wall decorations, fireplaces, doors, and windows on them if the walls are tall enough. Your Sim can’t walk over or through them, but can talk to other Sims over the wall. A great way to use them is by creating sandboxes for kids, lemonade stands, or just using them as fences. All sizes of half walls can be topped off with a trim if wanted.


18. Create custom rooms

Experiment with shapes and sizes.

Don’t limit yourself to basic square rooms or basic sizes. Add uniqueness to your build by experimenting with different shapes, from regular shapes like circles and triangles to more interesting ones, like stars or diamonds. This will be sure to make your house the most interesting one on the block. All you have to do is pick up the wall tool and trace your desired shape. Custom rooms can bring a fresh and unexpected element to your design. They allow you to think outside the box and create spaces that reflect your creativity and imagination.


17. Add wallpapers

Spice up your rooms with an accent wall.

Whenever you build a house, it’s not finished until you paint the walls, and that’s the case in The Sims 4 as well. It is important to choose the most appropriate wallpaper for your room because it can make it look stylish or tacky. You can opt for a plain solid color, or you can spice it up with a fun wallpaper. Sometimes using wallpaper with a design on it for the whole room can look bad, so instead you can use it for an accent wall, and then paint the rest of the walls with a matching color. There is a wide range of wallpapers and paints to choose from, so you’ll definitely find one that matches your Sim’s personality and house.


16. Make custom floors


Get creative with the flooring,

Just like the wallpaper, choosing the right floor for your house is essential in any building. Thankfully, The Sims 4 offers again a variety of patterns, ranging from tiles, carpeted floors, and linoleum to stone, masonry, and wood. However, if you’re not pleased with the options you have, I have some good news for you. Pressing ctrl+f will rotate the floor tiles individually, helping you create a custom pattern. Just pick whatever floor you want and get creative. 


15. Build an attic and basement

Make your house more realistic with an attic or basement.

Attics and basements aren’t necessary for your home, but they can add a touch of fun to it, making the house more interesting. A basement is easy to create, you just have to click on the basement tool and trace your ideal shape. You can use it as a storage room or even make an underground cinema room or an at-home gym. The attic is a bit tricky to make, as there isn’t a tool for it, but there are plenty of tutorials out there. You can use it as a storage room, an office, or an extra bedroom for your Sim or their kid. Building an attic or basement adds variety to your home and improves its overall look.


14.  Create new things

Let your creative juices run while building.

Although The Sims 4 offers an extremely wide variety of items, there are lots of items that haven’t made it into the game for now. To solve this problem, however, you can use the items and tools you already have to create new things. For example, if you want your kids to sell lemonade in the summer, you can easily create a lemonade stand using a half wall, some pillars, a dresser, and a window canopy for shade. Just let your creative juices flow and you’ll definitely be able to make some new creations out of usual items.


13. Play around with stairs


Stairs can help you elevate your house.

At one point in your building journey, you’ll definitely need to use stairs in the game. There are many different styles and swatches for stairs in the Base Game. What is great is that when placing stairs, you have a button that allows you to create L-shaped, T-shaped, or U-shaped staircases, adding variety to your house. The height and length of stair sections can then be modified by dragging the arrows from the object for the desired result. You can delete the wall behind the staircase to create more room in your home. If you’re feeling quirky, instead of a staircase you can use a ladder, which is another great addition.


12. Add clutter


Make your house more cozy by adding clutter.

Normal decorations are great, but clutter is so much better. Using it will change the game for sure. It is amazing because it adds personality to your home, making it look more realistic than usual. For example, you can place some mugs on a table, to show that your Sim is a coffee lover, or place a basket with gym supplies next to the door for easy access, because your Sim is athletic. A great trick when placing clutter around is to have the bb.moveobjects cheat on, and press alt while dragging the item to wherever you want to place it. This makes it easier to have multiple items in one space so that your room really looks cluttered. 


11. Access custom cabinetry


Add variety into your kitchen without Mods or CC.

When building a kitchen, you probably choose a basic cabinet and counter and place it wherever it looks best, right? With custom cabinetry, you can take your kitchen to the next level. This is actually a feature that not many people know about, and that is because it’s not easily accessible. This is due to Automatic Counter Placement. To access custom cabinetry, you need to turn off the Automatic Counter Placement by pressing the button next to the text “Auto Counters”, located on the right of the Simoleons balance. Now all you have to do is choose a counter or cabinet you like and click on the symbol next to the swatches. There you can find a variety of shapes that will upgrade your kitchen.


10. Customize your mirrors


Make your own perfect mirror for your room.

Are you tired of the same old mirrors? Well, you’re in luck. You can make customized mirrors to spice up your bedroom. All you have to do is delete a few wall panels, depending on the size of the mirror you want, add mirror panels in that space while holding Alt to place it as precisely as possible, and then add the deleted wall back. Now the only thing you need to do is to choose a window that fits the style of your room and place it on the wall you created. They aren’t playable, but they do make your room look nicer. If you want playable mirrors, though, you can just stick to the ones already in the game.


9. Have fun with colors


Don't be afraid to add color into your life.

You don’t always have to make plain houses. Once in a while, it’s great to play around and experiment with colors. The Sims 4 offers an extensive range of colors for all things, from walls and floors to objects. If you’re a bit scared, you can use a color wheel to see which colors match well together. Usually, opposing colors look best together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t match any colors you want. You should also consider the mood and theme of the room you’re decorating. Use bold and vibrant colors to add energy and uniqueness to a room, and soft and neutral tones to create a relaxing atmosphere. All you need to do is to choose what looks best to you and what makes you happy.


8. Play with lights


Choose the best light to illuminate your house.

Lights are an important part of your home, as much as colors. Choosing the best light that fits your room is vital because it can make your room look weird. Usually, the lights you use should match the theme of the house. Don’t worry, there are many options in the game, from chandeliers and lanterns to wall lights and lamps. However, the style of lights you choose isn’t the only important part. There is also the light color and intensity. Choosing the best one will convey the vibe that you want a room to have. For example, in your office opt for a more yellow light that isn’t very bright, to show that the room is relaxing. Just play around with the options that you have, until you find the perfect one.


7. Use windows strategically


Get the most out of your windows by placing them carefully.

The widows you choose for your house play an important role, not only because they bring in natural light, but also because they contribute to the aesthetics of your build. If your building is small, you could place large windows to make the room feel like it’s bigger. Additionally, you should take into consideration the style of the windows, so that they match your build. You can also customize your own windows to make them look like they’re open. All you have to do is place an archway where you want your window to be, build some diagonal walls on the sides, add windows on them, and then delete the walls you created. 


6. Build a porch

There's nothing better than having a cup of coffee on your porch In the morning.

A porch is one of the best and easiest things you could add to bring charm to your home. To create a porch, just click on the porch button and trace the shape of it. After that, you just have to decorate it however you want. Try adding some chairs and a small table, a grill, or a chessboard, so that you can make the most of the available space. You can change the way the platform and the fence look by choosing from the many swatches available. By adding a porch to your Sim’s house, you’re creating an enticing space that enhances both aesthetics and functionality, and that makes it an amazing addition.


5. Use columns and pillars


Make your house look luxurious with columns.

When it comes to building, Sims 4 has a variety of tools and options to choose from and all of this makes the game realistic. One of the most beautiful ones is the columns and pillars. There are plenty of styles for columns and pillars, from Modern ones all the way to Victorian, Oriental, and even Mediterranean ones. Besides the fancy styles, the columns and pillars also have a lot of practical uses so let's talk about them. Their primary role is to provide support for the structure that you are building and create a realistic architectural design. Another good use for columns and pillars is creating entryways, porch areas, or fence support, all of this while looking amazing. Also, the most important use for pillars and columns is in the design category. You can't go wrong by placing old-fashioned Mediterranean columns in your garden. 


4. Explore what the roofs have to offer


Add depth to your build with the help of roofs.

When building a house for your Sim, the first thing is to plan the living space and the shape of the structure you’re creating. Another important thing is the roof and what it has to offer. The first thing you have to do when placing a roof is to enter the Building Mode and select the Roofing section. After you choose the style and shape that's suited for you, just drag it onto the structure of your building, then adjust the shape and size. If you’re not pleased with the materials or colors of the roof, just click on the roof swatches, browse, and select the material and color you’re looking for. You can also change individual roof sections by using the Color Tool. Building an interesting roof for your house is not hard if you know how to use the variety of tools that Sims 4 has to offer.


3. Add greenery

Take a breath of fresh air every day by having plants in your house.

Adding greenery to your surroundings makes your environment feel more alive and changes the feeling of the place. The same rule applies in Sims 4 and with the variety of options, it’s going to be an easy task. Outside, flowers will add vibrancy and color to the surroundings. You can place flower beds and add hanging flower baskets to the front porch. Vertical gardens with climbing plants and ivy on exterior walls, trellises, and fences are indicative of good taste. Adding a variety of plants and flowers will make your surroundings feel more natural and alive. Greenery is also important inside the home, and It must be balanced properly. Inside the house, you can place potted plants, small trees, terrariums, and even a bonsai. There are a ton of ways to make your Sims's home more fresh and alive, you just need to play around and find out.


2. Incorporate outdoor spaces


Don't let your backyard become a junk yard.

Incorporating outdoor spaces is a pretty important step in designing and building your favorite house in The Sims 4, so take advantage of it. When designing an outdoor space in the game, you have to think about the activities that your Sims are going to do. For example, in the backyard, you can have a grill area or an outdoor kitchen, a place for your Sims to relax like a patio or a deck, or even a pool, so you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.  If your Sims are going to have kids, a children's play area equipped with climbing structures, swings, and slides is a must. Also, a hobby area is a good way to embellish your outdoor space, especially if your Sims have certain hobbies like gardening, where you have a variety of beautiful plants and ways to make it look stylish, or an art corner full of painting supplies and easels. 


1. Use terrain manipulation 


Manipulate the terrain as you please in just a few clicks.

The Sims 4 is a game that lets you choose from a very large range of options when it comes to designing and building your favorite outdoor spaces. When it comes to terrain manipulation, everything is possible, from creating bodies of water to changing the texture and appearance of the ground. And all you have to do is press the corresponding buttons for raising the terrain or flattening it.  For those who want to build a certain place, like their favorite cabin near the lake or in the mountains, terrain manipulation is a must. This tool helps you lower or raise the ground, add cliffs, and make valleys, hills, and even ponds and deserts. With creativity, a little hard work, and the right tools, landscaping will be your favorite way to enhance the aesthetics of your Sim's world.


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