[Top 50] The Sims 4 Best Clothing Mods That Are Fun

Some sims in great custom content clothing!
Some sims in great custom content clothing!

For both your male and female Sims, this clothing mod adds a lovely selection of winter attire. Your sims won't be cold this winter thanks to cozy jackets and adorable cardigans! 

There is a cute hat-compatible hairstyle in addition to each of the 12 additional items being compatible with the base game. 


Why baby it’s cold outside / a winter collection is fun:

  • items for wearing during the winter that are missing from the main game. 
  • There are 12 new things for men and women, so no one is left out. 
  • The updated hairstyle is base-game compatible and hat compatible.  
  • base-game compatible

Get the mod here:  https://arethabee.tumblr.com/post/637935595804639232/baby-its-cold-outside-a-winter-collection

49.  Wild ones collection by arethabee

Start at 8:35:

The wild one collection by Arethabee is ideal for a rebellious, edgy sim! This clothing collection, which includes 19 new pieces for both male and female Sims, is a welcome break from the often uninteresting original attire. 

This package contains tops, skirts, pants, shoes, and even hairstyles (which are all hat and base-game compatible). 


Why wild ones collection is fun:

  • For both male and female Sims, there are 19 new goods. 
  • interesting and distinctive designs. 
  • a wide variety of outfits and hairstyles. 
  • Suitable for use with the base game (and hairs are hat compatible). 

Get the mod here:  https://arethabee.tumblr.com/post/641577746466750464/wild-ones-collection-19-new-items-base-game

48.  Hot date collection by arethabee

Start at 8:40:

There are five new things in this glitzy mod by Arethabee that are ideal for a romantic evening. Two necklaces, a frock, a jacket, and pants are included for your male Sim in the collection. 

Your sims will undoubtedly appear chic and seductive on Valentine's Day! 


Why Hot date collection is fun:

  • 5 brand-new products for both sexes. 
  • Additionally, it includes accessories. 
  • Elegant and beautiful designs with a romantic or date-night theme. 


Get the mod here:  https://arethabee.tumblr.com/post/642366838751264768/hot-date-collection-゚-5-new-items-base-game


47.  Boys Be CC Pack by dyoreos

Start at 8:43:

This fantastic bundle is just for male Sims, which is sorely underrepresented in the community of clothing mods! It includes a group pose pack, a short hairdo, drawstring shorts, baggy ripped jeans, a cardigan, a layered shirt, and a t-shirt. 

Although the poses require a few extra mods, the rest of the products are all compatible with the standard game. The fact that the haircuts in this collection are gender neutral makes them even better! 


Why Boys Be CC Pack is fun:

  • for guys (teen-elder). 
  • It comes with several poses and a selection of attire. 
  • creating fun streetwear designs 
  • It is a unisex haircut. 
  • hues and colors that are compatible with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://dyoreos.tumblr.com/post/642570299533082624/dyoreos-boys-be-cc-pack-this-male-cc-pack-has


46.  Ring zip sweater by Casteru

Start at 8:51:

Since there aren't many sweater alternatives in the standard game, Casteru's mod is unquestionably a godsend! It is a soft half-zip sweater with a collar that is offered in a wide range of hues and samples. 

Your male and female sims can both wear the sweater because it is unisex. 


Why ring zip sweater is fun:

  • Stylish and cosy half-zip sweater that is unlike anything in the core game. 
  • several shades of hue. 
  • teens and older, both males and females 


Get the mod here: https://casteru.tumblr.com/post/184324627867/ring-zip-sweater-tou-download


45.  Idea Cropped Turtleneck Sweater by trillyke

Start at 8:55:

This unassuming item was influenced by Taemin's memorable appearance in the IDEA MV! This big 15-swatch turtleneck is perfect for any season and comes in several different colors. 

This Trillyke mod is an absolute necessity because it is compatible with the base game and has a unique thumbnail. 


Why Idea Cropped Turtleneck Sweater is fun:

  • Unique from all of the base game's attire thanks to Taemin. 
  • able to work with the core game 
  • 15 samples 
  • a personalized thumbnail to facilitate finding 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/639551550588583936/idea-cropped-turtleneck-sweater-cropped-sweater


44.  Red Sign Jumper & Stop Accessory Turtleneck by trillyke

Start at 8:57:

Trillyke gives us a V-necked, large jumper that is tucked in with this mod. You may accessorize the jumper with a turtleneck from the same collection to give it a fashionable look. 

The turtleneck is available in 5 color swatches, while there are 30 color swatches for the jumper (you can find it in the gloves section). Your sim will appear fashionable everyday thanks to the fascinating patterns and motifs and the neutral colors! 


Why Red Sign Jumper & Stop Accessory Turtleneck is fun:

  • Combinable goods that are two separate things 
  • 30 samples for sweaters (different patterns and colours) 
  • 5 samples total for the turtleneck (muted or nude tones) 
  • All players can access it because it is base game compatible. 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/640369466269696000/red-sign-jumper-stop-accessory-turtleneck


43.  Finn Sweater by joliebean

Start at 9:00:

The children's jumper from the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack served as the model for this sweater, which JolieBean wanted to make available to everyone. It is now available to all Sims, including infants, adolescents, and adults. 

There are 20 colourful swatches, including pastel hues and more subdued tones. With this mod, your male Sims will look fantastic! 


Why Finn Sweater is fun:

  • inspired by an Eco Lifestyle children's product 
  • There are 20 samples; a vast array of diverse colors and tones; available for both kids and adults. 
  • for male Sims, something the original game lacks! 


Get the mod here: https://joliebean.tumblr.com/post/645559850594697216/finn-sweater-by-joliebean-i-thought-this-sweater


42.  Male & Female Tops by busted pixels

Start at 9:02:

Both your male and female sims can use this collection, and Busted Pixels played around with it themselves. We are happy to find that it is also compatible with the main game. 

Each of these two tops has a different, vibrant design and is available in 20 samples. You must try these unique shirts because the patterns are so different from everything else in the base game. 


Why Male & Female Tops is fun:

  • Both male and female sims are compatible with the base game. 
  • Each top has 20 samples of vibrant, enjoyable colors and patterns. 
  • No bugs due to play testing. 
  • unique thumbnails, making everything very simple to find. 


Get the mod here: https://bustedpixels.tumblr.com/post/640730194964086784/male-female-tops-base-game-compatible-base


41.  Miracle cc pack by clumsy alienn

Start at 9:05:

This lovely, laid-back pack contains 12 new things for both male and female Sims, including hair, sweaters, cardigans, skirts, slacks, and scarves. 

I adore this collection since it allows you to make an entirely new costume without the aid of any additional mods or stuff from various packs. There is no doubt that the base game doesn't capture the indie, charming vibe! 


Why Miracle cc pack is fun:

  • 12 new products 
  • a wide range of diverse hairstyles and outfits. 
  • for sims both male and female. 
  • pleasant, laid-back vibe that is compatible with the base game. 


Get the mod here: https://clumsyalienn.tumblr.com/post/637147783071137792/miracle-cc-pack-bgc-all-lods-shadow-maps


40. Tiny Living Add-On Pack by solistair

Start at 9:07:

No worries, this cute collection is compatible with the base game!  Although he intended to make it available to everyone, Solistair was inspired by the Tiny Living Stuff Pack. 

Three tops, two accessory tops, and one earring make up the total of 11 things (plus lots of new swatches for each, and the original swatches). Additionally, you will receive 20 additional solid swatches when you download her Hibiscus palette patch! 

Why Tiny Living Add-On Pack is fun:

  • Though compatible with the base game, the Tiny Living stuff pack served as inspiration. 
  • There are several new swatches for each of the three tops, two accessory tops, and one earring in addition to all of the original in-game swatches. 
  • both for men and women. 
  • cute, relaxed vibe 


Get the mod here: https://solistair.tumblr.com/post/643990176730955776/tiny-living-add-on-pack-my-paranormal-add-on-pack


39. Luka top by pixelette

Start at 9:09:

For male Sims, this pixellete shirt is available in 30 distinct hues! It has a very casual and laid-back style because it is layered under an oversized button-up as a long-sleeved shirt. 

I like that Pixellete is keeping its packs compatible with the basic game and including our male Sims. 


Why Luka top is fun:

  • male sims 
  • 30 unique swatches 
  • accommodating and fashionable
  • available with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://pixelette-cc.tumblr.com/post/644118008487346176/luka-top-new-mesh-ea-mesh-edit-bgc-all-lods-30


38. Raglan Hood-Tee by cmescapade

Start at 9:17:

This incredibly fashionable clothing for men will give your sim an urban appearance. It has a t-shirt style with a hood and accessory sleeves to spice up the look. 

The accessory sleeves are available in 20 plain and 20 plaid designs, while the tee is available in 15 swatches (10 solid colors and 5 patterns). In case you were wondering, the sleeves are under the gloves category. 


Why Raglan Hood-Tee is fun:

  • The hooded tee for men is ultra-urban and on-trend and has sleeves as an accent. 
  • 15 samples for the t-shirt (range of solid colors and patterns) 
  • For the sleeves, 40 samples (a mixture of plain and plaid) 



Get the mod here: https://cmescapade.tumblr.com/post/642005004696305664/raglan-hood-tee-sp15-moschino-tee-logo-shirt


37. Spliced Button-Up by cmescapade

Start at 9:20:

Another shirt for men by cmescapade, this one a two-toned button up. Each of the 15 available swatches features stunning colors and patterns. 

This is a terrific statement top, and I love how the shirt is two-toned and has such loud, vibrant graphics! 


Why Spliced Button-Up is fun:

  • men's sims 
  • 15 unique swatches 
  • patterns that are colourful and quirky and work with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://cmescapade.tumblr.com/post/643273318165856256/spliced-button-up-sp16-button-up-mesh-edit

36.  Boudoir Collection by Sentate

Start at 9:29:

Sentate is a high-end virtual fashion brand that aims to provide high fashion to the Sims universe. With this pack, which includes 23 lingerie styles for both male and female Sims, they undoubtedly succeeded. 

The 23 things consist of 5 bras, 4 panties, 3 panties with garters, 2 complete body ensembles, 2 pairs of male pants, 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of stockings, and 4 accessory bras. Each of the 23 items has a 20-swatch palette. 

Treat your Sims with this sexy pack in honour of Valentine's Day! 

Why Boudoir Collection is fun:

  • There are 23 alternatives for lingerie for both men and women. 
  • for each item, a 20-swatch palette 
  • very distinctive - this pack adds a fresh element to The Sims 


Get the mod here: https://sentate.tumblr.com/post/642277860978180096/boudoir-collection-what-better-way-to-spend


35. Himbo Shorts by crypticsim

Start at 9:47:

With this mod, Cypticsim gives us some gorgeous velour shorts! They are designed for your male Sims because it's crucial that they look fantastic as well! 

They are really realistic and come in 25 different hues, if you get what I mean. 


Why Himbo Shorts is fun:

  • men's sims 
  • shorts made of velour in 25 various hues. 
  • They are easily found because they have a custom catalog thumbnail.
  • they are quite realistic and work with the base game


Get the mod here: https://crypticsim.com/post/644395915774410752/himbo-shorts-velour-short-shorts-for-your-sims


34.  January 2021 Collection by Sentate

Start at 9:54:

Sentate's high fashion bundle is classy and right in trend. Each of the four things for women in the box has a variety of colour swatches, so you may pick the one you prefer. 

The collection includes a cropped tied-up shirt, a casual button-up shirt, a chic belted pencil dress with rolled-up sleeves, and an oversized shirt dress with a belted waist. This mod is for you if you want your Sims to always appear refined and stylish. 


Why January 2021 Collection is fun:

  • high-end style, elegant and classy 
  • 4 unique objects (dresses and shirts) 
  • many many swatches in all hues for the female Sims 


Get the mod here: https://sentate.tumblr.com/post/639747999270109184/january-2021-collection-as-if-its-2021-already


33.  Cara Corset by greenllamas

Start at 10:00:

This cute corset shirt is really fashionable. There are 21 solid hues available for this satiny shirt with corset accents for your female Sims. It works with the base game, too! 

Why Cara Corset is fun:

  • 21 solid satin swatches for female Sims
  • are on-trend and adorable
  • work with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://greenllamas.tumblr.com/post/642393792211828736/cora


32.  Prien Blouse by simstrouble

Start at 10:36:

Any outfit should include this adorable blouse by Simstrouble. It has 50 distinct swatches and is compatible with base games! 

This top is a must-have for your female Sims and may be worn every day (simply change the colour!). 


Why Prien Blouse is fun:

  • 50 distinct samples
  • a trendy, charming female shirt
  • works with the base game
  • perfect for any occasion. 


Get the mod here: https://simstrouble.tumblr.com/post/642655788602638336/prien-top

31.  Nola Blouse by simstrouble

Start at 10:38:

Simstrouble has 45 samples of another another blouse. Their designs have a large variety of patterns and colours, which is what I find so appealing about them. 

This shirt has a similar design to the one before it, but it includes adorable pattern details. Again, this mod is compatible with the standard game and looks fantastic on all of your female Sims. 


Why Nola Blouse is fun:

  • adorable, flowing blouse 
  • 45 swatches that are compatible with the base game (EA's original swatches + random patterns and their Troublemaker Palette). 


Get the mod here: https://simstrouble.tumblr.com/post/641408625797152768/nola-top


30.  Winter (ish) stuff by sondescent

Start at 10:41:

Winter attire is something you can never have too much of, especially in The Sims' universe! This makes the Sondescent mod indispensable. 

The seven items in the pack are hair, piercings, stomper boots, a dress, baggy jeans, and a charming shirt. Every item is gender-neutral and base game compatible, and it comes with a variety of swatches for your enjoyment. 


Why Winter (ish) stuff is fun:

  • 7 new winter accessories and apparel pieces 
  • a variety of swatches for each item
  • work with the base game
  • appropriate for all genders 


Get the mod here: https://sondescent.tumblr.com/post/637704670649958400/winter-ish-stuff-hey-this-is-me-i-promise-im


29.  Summer in Mt. Komorebi set by Joliebean

Start at 11:05:

This collection is very adorable and oriental and is based on Mt. Komorebi (from the Snowy Escape expansion pack). It includes five brand-new items: a wide-brimmed hat, a midi skirt, a flowy shirt, shoes, and an updo for the hair. 

Each item is base game (or hat) compatible and comes in a tonne of various swatches. 


Why Summer in Mt. Komorebi set is fun:

  • influenced by Mount Komorebi (Snowy Escape expansion pack) 
  • Compatible with the base game (Snowy Escape is not required!) 
  • 5 new things (skirt, shirt, sandals, hair, and a hat) 
  • several color swatches for each casual, oriental design 


Get the mod here: https://joliebean.tumblr.com/post/635619866588725248/summer-in-mt-komorebi-set-by-joliebean-even-its


28. Illusions cc pack by clumsyalienn

Start at 11:10:

This stylish cc pack includes a number of unique items, such as two haircuts, a jacket, a shirt, a skirt, a coat (as an added bonus), and a pair of pants. 

Your female sims will always look amazing since the adorable, laid-back goods are compatible with the base game and for them. 


Why Illusions cc pack is fun:

  • includes 6 unique things (plus a bonus coat) 
  • a casual yet fashionable look that works for your female sims' 
  • you only need the base game 


Get the mod here: https://clumsyalienn.tumblr.com/post/643661532462465024/illusions-cc-pack-bgc-all-lods-shadow-maps


27.  Nocturne cc pack by clumsyalienn

Start at 11:10:

8 new things are included in this autumnal cc pack for your game. They are all highly adaptable and compatible with the base game. 

There are two hats, two blouses, two pairs of slacks, and two hairstyles included. The uniqueness of this mod is exactly what we need. 


Why Nocturne cc pack is fun:

  • autumnal fashion 
  • Eight new items that work with the core game 
  • adaptable, can be worn with a variety of clothes, and is quite distinctive compared to what is currently there in the original game. 


Get the mod here: https://clumsyalienn.tumblr.com/post/632505075536936960/nocturne-cc-pack-bgc-all-lods-shadow-maps


26.  horizons cc pack by clumsyalienn

Start at 10:49:

Clumsyalienn has returned with yet another mod, this time with a stripy design. Two haircuts, a cardigan, a shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, socks, and a necklace are among the eight new products that are included. 

This pack exudes a sense of the great outdoors for your female Sims. It is also compatible with the base game. 


Why horizons cc pack is fun:

  • 8 new items
  •  for female Sims
  • work with the base game
  • outdoor-themed, stripy patterns


Get the mod here: https://clumsyalienn.tumblr.com/post/634946604967903232/horizons-cc-pack-bgc-all-lods-shadow-maps


25.  Vinyl Set (Bikershorts + Top) by emmiBouquet

Start at 11:10:

This awesome vinyl combo includes a blouse and motorcycle shorts in 17 distinct colors. It works with teen-older Sims and is compatible with the original game! 

Any hue will make your female sim look incredibly stylish thanks to the vinyl texture's highly shiny appearance. 


Why Vinyl Set is fun:

  • two-item set (biker shorts and top) 
  • base game compatible
  • for teen-elder female sims
  • The vinyl texture is very shiny and cool, giving them a bad-girl image!
  • comes in 17 various color swatches! 


Get the mod here:  https://emmibouquet.tumblr.com/post/629314442567581696/vinyl-set-bikershorts-top-i-fell-ill-while​


24.  Sunny Summer Top by Trillyke

Start at 11:12:

For a summer day in the sun, reach for this adorable crop top! I adore the look, which is available in 40 various hues and patterns. 

Any female Sim will look charming wearing the tie-up top, which is compatible with the base game. 


Why Sunny Summer Top is fun:

  • Cute summer crop tops
  • 40 different colors and patterns
  • works with the base game
  • for female Sims 


Get the mod here:  https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/632301060686594048/sunny-summer-top-a-crop-top-version-of-my-summer


23.  Splash Oversized Cropped Cardigan by trillyke

Start at 11:14:

A cropped version of trillyke's earlier mod, Splash Oversized Cardigan, inspired this lovely cardigan. It comes in 30 swatches with a variety of hues, designs, and looks. 

It's simple and convenient because the cardigan works with a custom thumbnail in the base game! 


Why Splash Oversized Cropped Cardigan is fun:

  • 30 swatches of different hues, patterns, and designs
  • works with the base game
  • unique thumbnails, so readily available in CAS. 

Get the mod here:  https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/638009576419131392/splash-oversized-cropped-cardigan-cropped-version


22.  Splash Oversized Cardigan by trillyke

Start at 11:17:

This gorgeous cardigan by trillyke served as the inspiration for the previous mod. There are 30 swatches total, each with a unique pattern and color, for the Splash Oversized Cardigan. 

It can be worn alone as a darling dress, with pants or tights, or both! Remember that it is compatible with the base game and has a unique thumbnail. 


Why Splash Oversized Cardigan is fun:

  • 30 swatches
  • compatible with the base game
  • custom thumbnail
  • can be worn alone, or with pants or a skirt. 
  • adorable, feminine designs 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/637740774659915776/splash-oversized-cardigan-i-am-a-fan-of-oversized


21.  Happy Bodysuit by Trillyke

Start at 11:20:

A must-have for Valentine's Day (or any other day of love for your Sims) is unquestionably this mod! Trillyke created this garment by fashioning a gorgeous bodysuit out of her Happy Dress. 

It's a classy blouse with puffy, semi-transparent sleeves, and it's available in ten different solid colours! The bodysuit is compatible with the base game and seems stunning worn alone or with a skirt or pair of pants. 


Why Happy Bodysuit  is fun:

  • Elegant bodysuit—found nowhere in the base game
  • 10 swatches of solid color
  • compatible with the base game
  • can be worn alone or with a skirt or pair of pants. 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/643111725919617024/happy-bodysuit-valentines-day-gift-i-had-no


20.  Hide & Seek Top by Trillyke

Start at 11:21:


This top, another modification by Trillyke, is stunning. It has 32 swatches and is a knit vest over a white, short-sleeve top. There are numerous color selections as well as a variety of pattern options. 

It's a fantastic top for ensembles for school or for a fashionable everyday look. The mod has a unique thumbnail and is compatible with the basic game. 


Why Hide & Seek Top is fun:

  • A cute and current look
  • 32 samples (color and pattern) 
  • excellent clothes for school
  • work with the base game
  • custom thumbnail 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/633752920869027840/hide-seek-top-knitted-vest-over-a-white-short


19.  First Love Top by Trillyke

Start at 11:24:

This lovely top looks great on all female Sims! There are 12 solid color swatches available for this crochet top with bows. 

This mod's amusing feature is that it's based on a genuine shirt that Trillyke found, so if you like it, your sims might match! 


Why First Love Top is fun:

  • 12 solid color swatches
  • based on a real-life top
  • compatible with the base game
  • incredibly attractive on any female Sim 

Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/643987720274870272/first-love-top-my-special-february-cc-suggested


18.  Lover Blouse by candysims4

Start at 11:26:

Females between the ages of teen and elder can wear this adorable blouse with a cutout heart-shaped neckline. 

Amazingly, there are 70 swatches total, including 30 solid hues, 5 floral designs, 14 gingham patterns, 13 polka dot designs, and 8 heart designs. 


Why Lover Blouse is fun:

  • A vast 70 swatches in a variety of colors and designs
  • developed for ladies
  • compatible with the base game
  • range in age from teen to elder. 
  • unique handmade thumbnail
  • sweet heart-shaped cutout. 


Get the mod here: https://candysims4.tumblr.com/post/643022045116055553/lover-blouse-a-cute-blouse-with-a-heart-shaped


17.  Lettuce Tops by solistair

Start at 11:28:

With an optional decal, Solistair created these adorable tops with ribbed edges and frill trim in 20 solid colours. There are many different decals available, and they're sweet emoji-styled accents that will liven up your attire. 

Along with many design options, they are available in three different sleeves lengths: short, mid, and long. They work with the main game and look fantastic no matter how you customize them! 


Why Lettuce Tops is fun:

  • Cute top
  • 20 solid color 
  • decals that are optional, with over 20 distinct decal choices 
  • 3 different sleeve types (short, mid, or long) 
  • able to work with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://solistair.tumblr.com/post/643263229916839936/lettuce-tops-my-patreons-have-voted-ribbed-and


16.  Get More Columns

When you're scrolling through hundreds of clothing items, CAS might become a little monotonous. By adding an additional column, this mod addresses that issue, making it much simpler to explore and choose your outfit. 

Why Get More Columns is fun:

  • more rapid CAS experience 
  • Choose an outfit quickly and effortlessly. 
  • Set the desired number of columns. 
  • Excellent if you frequently use mods and custom content


Get the mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/more-columns-in-27751117


15. KatVerse’s Backgrounds for CAS Mod

Sims 4's CAS studio features a plain blue background. This mod is a fantastic addition that gives your game a new perspective. It's fun to personalise the CAS procedure so you may test out the attire for any upcoming event! 

Why KatVerse’s Backgrounds for CAS Mod is fun:

  • A large selection of backgrounds makes the CAS procedure more interesting 
  • You can delete one of the backdrops from the mods folder and then download a new one if you become tired of it. You may repeat this as frequently as you like! 


Get the mod here: https://katverse.com/category/custom-content/cas-background/


14. Polo Crop Top by cubersims

Start at 11:31:

This straightforward cropped polo is perfect for a casual, everyday outfit. It comes in 15 different colours and is compatible with the main game! 

Additionally, it is available in three pattern swatches, a white collar, and full colour swatches. There are countless colour combinations, and your female sim will look stunning while running errands! 


Why Polo Crop Top is fun:

  • 15 colors that work with the base game 
  • three pattern samples 
  • Swatches in full color and a white collar 
  • excellent custom thumbnail for a casual, daily appearance 


Get the mod here: https://cubersims.tumblr.com/post/645003315139264512/179-download-polo-crop-top-i-have-had-this-top-in


13. Triangle Bodysuit by cubersims

Start at 11:33:

Although I adore bodysuits, finding them in The Sims 4 is a real challenge. That is why this cubersims high cut triangle bodysuit is so fantastic. 

With 15 color selections and 5 pattern swatches, it is straightforward and adorable. It may be dressed up or down as you see fit because you can wear it alone or with a skirt or pair of slacks. 


Why Triangle Bodysuit is fun:

  • 15 colors that work with the base game 
  • 5 designs 
  • As it is difficult to locate great bodysuits in TS4, a custom thumbnail is simple to find in CAS. 
  • dress it down or up with a skirt or pants 


Get the mod here: https://cubersims.tumblr.com/post/644761651424428032/178-download-triangle-bodysuit-just-a-very-simple


12. Silk Spaghetti Strap Crop Top by cubersims

Start at 11:35:

Yet another item by cubersims, you need this mod if you’re looking for your female sims to have a cute silk cropped moment!

It comes in 32 color swatches and 8 pattern swatches, so the possibilities are endless. If you want a versatile item that can be dressed up or down for any event, this silk top is for you.

Why Silk Spaghetti Strap Crop Top is fun:

  • Base game compliant 
  • 32 hues. 
  • 8 styles 
  • ideal for any event since it can be dressed up with a skirt or worn for an everyday look with slacks. custom thumbnail 


Get the mod here: https://cubersims.tumblr.com/post/644469025191149568/177-download-silk-spaghetti-strap-crop-top-a-cute


11.  Square Neck Bodysuit by cubersims

Start at 11:37:

Just one more gorgeous bodysuit—yes, I'm obsessed! It is simple and adorable and has folds and wrinkles for a natural appearance. 

It is available in 32 different colour swatches and can be worn alone or with a skirt or pair of pants. I adore the long sleeves and square neckline! 


Why Square Neck Bodysuit is fun:

  • 32 colors that work with the base game 
  • Personalized long sleeves with folds and wrinkles make the cloth appear authentic. 
  • so versatile that it may be worn both alone and with a skirt or pants. 


Get the mod here: https://cubersims.tumblr.com/post/645363837618520064/180-download-square-neck-bodysuit-just-a-simple


10.  Archive Sims 4 CC Pack by Ridgeport

An archive of Ridgeport's earlier years' mods can be found in this CC pack. It has a huge selection of attire so that your Sim may look their best! 

Why Archive Sims 4 CC Pack by Ridgeport is fun:

  • Numerous item choices 
  • Just download the files you need. 
  • easily accessible 


Get the mod here: https://ridgeport.tumblr.com/post/629362529310818304/downloads


9.  Go Shorty by sondescent

Start at 11:39:

If you want to flash your booty, try these denim shorts! The biggest feature of this mod is that it works with all genders, allowing every sim in your world to look fantastic. 

There are 5 samples available, each with a unique denim colour. They also come with an integrated belt to complete your outfit! 


Why Go Shorty is fun:

  • appropriate for all genders 
  • 5 swatches
  • built-in belt 
  • authentic denim look 


Get the mod here: https://sondescent.tumblr.com/post/148908031135/show-off-that-booty-new-mesh-suitable-for-all


8.  Annie Jeans by pixelette

Start at 11:40:

Jeans are one item that you can never have too many of! With 26 samples and a variety of patterns and designs, this new mesh is available. No female Sim is left out because they are also compatible with the original game. 

The swatches come in a variety of colours and designs, as well as plain, old jeans. Nothing can go wrong! 


Why Annie Jeans is fun:

  • 26 swatches (various hues, patterns, and designs) 
  • suitable with the base game
  • for female Sims' 
  • cropped clothing, currently highly in style. 


Get the mod here: https://pixelette-cc.tumblr.com/post/642759068913664000/annie-jeans-new-mesh-ea-mesh-edit-bgc-all-lods


7.  mirabel clothing set by orukee

Start at 11:40:

This outfit is ideal for giving off a carefree, off-duty model vibe. The set includes a hoodie with a zipper and straight-leg jeans with 12 and 10 swatches, respectively. 

They are for female adolescents to elders and base game compatible with modified thumbnails. 


Why mirabel clothing set is fun:

  • pair of straight-leg jeans and a zippered hoodie 
  • 12 samples of hoodies 
  • 10 denim jeans swatches
  • compatible with the main game
  • female, teen-to-elderly 
  • custom thumbnails 



Get the mod here: https://okruee.tumblr.com/post/643670479804268544/mirabel-clothing-set-a-hoodie-some-straight-leg


6.  Big Belted Bad Boy Jeans by sondescent

Start at 11:51:

These trendy jeans were a part of Sondescent's 1000 follower gift package. They have holes and rips, are boyfriend-style, and have a substantial black belt. 

All genders can wear these, and they will make any sim look incredibly stylish. 


Why Big Belted Bad Boy Jeans is fun:

  • Base game compatible
  •  boyfriend style, with rips and holes
  • stylish
  • appropriate for all genders. 


Get the mod here: https://sondescent.tumblr.com/post/154771219335/1000-followers-gift-i-dont-even-know-what-to-say


5.  Jessie Jeans by Kumikya

Start at 12:12:

For your sims, these trendy, wide-leg, high-waisted jeans are a must-have! 

They are completely in fashion and are available in 8 dark-toned shades. 

They are compatible with the base game and have a distinctive thumbnail that makes it simple to identify them in CAS. 


Why Jessie Jeans is fun:

  • 8 dark-toned swatches
  • works with the base game
  • a personalised thumbnail
  • stylish, wide-leg jeans 


Get the mod here: https://kumikya.tumblr.com/post/642081950826446848/jessie-jeans-i-saw-a-pic-of-some-really-cool-high


4.  Sim Style Stuff by sondescent

Start at 11:14:

This outfit includes six pieces: joggers, ripped jeans, a maxi dress, chunky boots, a septum piercing, and a buttoned up top. It's incredibly inclusive because everything is appropriate for both sexes and compatible with the base game. 

Why Sim Style Stuff is fun:

  • 6 items (boots, piercing, top, jeans, dress, and joggers) 
  • dozens of swatches for each item
  • suited for all genders
  • compatible with the base game 


Get the mod here: https://sondescent.tumblr.com/post/615868451639181312/sim-style-stuff-i-swear-im-not-going-mad-i-just


3. Villain Pants by Trillyke

Start at 12:15:

For female Sims, these techwear-inspired pants will make them look really stylish! Numerous compartments, zippers, buckles, and studs are present. 

You'll never be at a loss for what to wear with 25 swatches. They work with the basic game, have a unique thumbnail, and are very detailed! 


Why Villain Pants is fun:

  • There are 25 color swatches
  • works with the base game. 
  • There are several details, like pockets, zippers, buckles, and studs. 
  • really edgy 


Get the mod here: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/642633718334357504/villain-pants-ive-been-asked-quite-a-few-times


2.  Willow Skirt by candysims4

Start at 12:17:

We adore this little skirt by Candysims4 that has side slits! They are base game compatible and are for girls in the teen to elder years. 

There are 3 variations with a total of 90 swatch colours and patterns, each with a unique texture. You'll never lack for options! 


Why Willow Skirt is fun:

  • For females
  • adorable miniskirt with unusual side slits
  • appropriate with the base game, for teens to elders 
  • There are three different textures in each edition. 
  • 90 total swatches (different colors and patterns) 


Get the mod here: https://candysims4.tumblr.com/post/642113402554220544/willow-skirt-a-mini-skirt-with-side-cuts-i


1.  Oh Santa! short dress by Joliebean

Start at 12:35:

With this gorgeous mini-dress, your sims will look fantastic throughout the joyful holidays. This ruffled dress comes in ten colors. 

They are made for women and work with the main game. Happy holidays to all! 


Why Oh Santa! short dress is fun:

  • 10 colors
  • suitable for the joyous holiday season
  • mini-dress for women with adorable ruffles
  • compatible with the base game

Get the mod here: https://joliebean.tumblr.com/post/638417736757886976/oh-santa-short-dress-by-joliebean-time-to-get

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