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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is an amazing game franchise loved by millions of players. Each game and expansion pack includes new activities and fun things for your sims to do, but why not take this fun to a whole new level with some amazing mods? Keep reading to find out about 15 of the most popular Sims 3 mods!

15. More Careers

the sims 3 careers

Although The Sims 3 base games offer some exciting careers, players wanted more. 

  • The Ultimate Career mod opens a whole new world of careers to your sims. 
  • When you assign a certain career to your sim, this mod will even allow them to interact with objects on the lot where your sim is working. 
  • The interaction with objects can affect your sim’s mood and work performance. 
  • I would suggest installing this mod if you want to make more out of your sim’s professional career. 

Check out this mod here:


14. PG 13

the sims 3 romance

The Sims 3 has some realistic features, but players wanted more. Let me tell you about a fun mod that can make your gameplay as close to real life as possible:

  • This mod allows romantic relationships to evolve between different age groups. 
  • There is a more realistic sense of violent interactions.
  • You can even have your sims use illegal substances!
  • This mod also allows the “Woohoo” interaction to have the ability to get your sim pregnant. This way you don’t have to “Try for baby”. 

To download this mod, click here:


13. Overwatch 

the sims 3 overwatch

The Sims 3 is very professionally created and the bugs and errors are quite minor, but trust me, they are there. 

  • The Overwatch mod is an amazing tool that I recommend to all players. 
  • This mod makes the game more fluid and less buggy by acting as a cleanup tool. 
  • Overwatch resets stuck NPCs, deals with memory and lag issues, and even cleans the game every time you load a save. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that it periodically cleans the game every night. You won’t even know about it!

Check out this mod here:


12. Story Progression

the sims 3 story progression

When you are playing with a certain household, the rest of the households in the sims world will be inactive. I have just the mod to fix that:

  • This mod allows the rest of the unplayed households to continue with full autonomy. 
  • While you are taking care of one household, the rest of the households will carry on with their lives as if you are playing them. 
  • They can perform realistic activities such as getting jobs, marrying, and having children. 
  • This mod is perfect if you want a realistic and fun-filled experience when playing The Sims 3. 

To download this mod, click here:


11. Master Controller

the sims 3 master controller

Similar to the Story Progression mod, the next mod gives you more control over the households that are not being played when you are occupied with one specific household. 

  • The Master Controller mod expands the control that you have over each sim in your world. 
  • With this mod, you can alter relationships and careers of sims that you are not currently playing with. 
  • This mod even offers you more freedom when it comes to CAS. You have more options to choose from. 
  • The Master Controller mod is also a must if you decide to play The Sims 3 with mods because it allows you to have control over which mods are in working and which mods should be dormant. 

Look at this mod here:


10. Retuner

the sims 3 retuner

The next mod might seem a bit complicated to most players, but there is a reason for it being one of the most popular mods!

  • The Retuner mod is the ultimate tool if you want to completely customize and personalize your gaming experience. 
  • This mod allows you to tweak and make changes to almost everything during gameplay. 
  • With this mod, you can decrease or increase the prices of items and objects and you can even alter social interactions between sims. 
  • This mod offers endless options of things for you to alter and play with. I would suggest taking some time to learn the ins and outs of this mod, but once you have it, you will not regret it!

Install this mod here:


9. Tagger

the sims 3 tagger

Sometimes you just want to keep an eye on every sim in town. Maybe you are looking to visit an old friend or maybe you have a secret crush. With this next mod, this will all be possible! 

  • The Tagger mod allows your sim to view all other sims in Map view. 
  • This is great when you are looking for a specific sim or if you want to get your stalk on and see what sims around you are up to. 
  • You will always know where other sims are and you can easily find them by clicking on Map view and seeing their icon. 

Who doesn't want to know about everyone’s whereabouts all the time? Click here to download the mod: 


8. Roommates 

the sims 3 roommates

Although creating a family and playing with all sims in a household remains fun, some players wanted to experience the realism of living with a roommate.

  • The Apartment mod allows your sims to roleplay as tenants or landlords. 
  • With this mod, you can place a sim or household on a lot with other sims or households without including them in your household. 
  • The families that share a lot with your active household will continue living their lives, but there is an option to control them. 
  • This mod also lets your sims act as real tenants who have to pay rent on time or even landlords who can make a career out of renting out their properties. 

Install this mod here:


7. Let’s get talking!

the sims 3 talking

Some players of The Sims 3 get bored with the regular social interactions available to sims. They can become quite repetitive, therefore this amazing social mod is perfect if you face the same issue as these players:

  • The Deeper Conversation mod allows your sims to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • It offers an option where you can type a phrase into a dialogue and your sims will say that to the sim they are in conversation with.
  • You can have meaningful conversations with other sims to improve their friendship level faster. 
  • This mod also allows an “Improved Get to Know” option that will enable you to learn other sims' traits much faster. 

Click here to download this mod:


6. Electronics

the sims 3 electronics

The Sims 3 allows sims to have fun on computers, but players wanted more out of this feature. They created a mod that will enable more interactions with the computer and there is a few good reasons for this mod being one of the most downloaded mods ever: 

  • The Study Skills Online mod allows you to learn more skills on a computer. 
  • This mod can save you some simoleons because you don’t have to purchase equipment to build and master skills. 
  • You can even do online shopping on your home computer with this mod. 
  • You can perform many more interactions with the computer than just playing games and adopting babies. It is very broad, and realistic, and it is tons of fun! 

Check out this mod here:


5. Interviews

the sims 3 interviews

Walking right into your dream job on The Sims 3 seems way too unrealistic and boring. Players wanted to change the game…

  • The Job overhaul mod allows your sims to go for an interview whenever they apply for a job.
  • The days of applying and jumping right into it are over! Sims will now have to be at their interview on time and they even have some competition. 
  • If other candidates appear to be a better match for the job, they will get the job and your sim will have to try again. 
  • This mod is tons of fun if you want to play your game with a bit of realism and a challenge!

Check out this mod here:


4. Minimum Wage

the sims 3 wages

The next mod is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Wages in The Sims 3 are quite unrealistic and the more ambitious players wanted to change that. 

  • The Minimum Wage mod can be a real pain to some players as it generalizes all starting wages to about 8 simoleons or less. 
  • With this mod, raises will be realistically decreased and they won’t come as often. 
  • This mod creates the ultimate challenge for ambitious sims who want to test their career-driven mindsets. 
  • I would only recommend this mod to players who are up for the challenge but trust me, there is a reason for it being so popular!

Install this mod here:


3. CAS

the sims 3 CAS

The next mod is extremely popular based on the fact that The Sims 3 does not offer much when it comes to CAS. You have limited options and even those are not the best. 

  • The Dresser mod is a fun and much-needed mod that automatically alters the appearance of your sims. 
  • With this mod, you have access to a ton of new hairstyles, accessories, makeup, and clothes. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that you can even alter the items that are only available to specific age groups. This means that a full-grown adult can wear a toddler’s onesie! 
  • This mod might not add the most features to your gameplay, but it will most definitely make a difference in your sim’s appearance!

Look at this mod here:


2. Life-Saver

the sims 3 life-saver

This mod might not be as exciting as other mods, but trust me, it is a lifesaver! 

  • The Sims 3 does not save your gameplay automatically, but luckily this mod will ensure that you are reminded of saving your gaming frequently. 
  • It gives you reminders from time to time so save your game. 
  • This mod is perfect if you get too carried away with your gameplay and forget to save your game. 
  • Once this mod is installed, you will never have to worry about losing your progress ever again. It might not add anything to your gameplay, but it most definitely saves everything important!

Download this mod here:


1. Traits!

the sims 3 traits

The next mod deserves first place when it comes to the most popular mods. Traits are used to create your unique sim and it sets them apart from other sims. Let me tell you why you need a mod that unlocks more traits:

  • The More Traits mod unlocks a massive variety of traits that you can choose for your sim. 
  • A sim with a bigger variety of traits will have more opportunities in life. 
  • They will be able to perform special actions and be more diverse.
  • Unlocking new traits means that your sim can be unique compared to other sims. 
  • Sims with as many traits as possible also can master more skills than your average sim. 

This mod can be downloaded here:

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