[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Reshade Mods and CC For Great Graphics

A stunning scenery with trees and a sunset.
A stunning Sims 4 scenery, made better by a graphics mod!

10. Drama

This preset is very well known and lends your game a cinematic feel. There are two versions: Drama (works best in daylight and brightens dark scenes) and Drama Night (works best at night).

They’re easy to tweak with many toggle hotkeys, so you can get the exact effect that you want.

What’s Great About Drama:

  • Two versions (day/night)
  • Easy to use and tweak
  • Makes it look far more realistic
  • Makes the depth far better and the light brighter

Drama details: https://pixelore.tumblr.com/post/166871500838/download-simfileshare-requires-reshade-30


9. K-101 Builder Mod

This great mod replaces all of the EAxis floors! Not only the base game, but the expansion and game packs are included. It works in-game and in build mode.

The creators wanted to beautify the game further and make it far more high definition and realistic.

What’s Great About K-101 Builder Mod:

  • Replaces all of the default floors
  • Changes the base-game floors, and also all expansion and game pack floors
  • Works in-game and in build mode
  • Beautifies the game and makes it far more high definition and realistic

K-101 Builder Mod details: https://tech-hippie.com/sims4-faktory/archives/10024


8. Prismatic

This preset is inspired by a pastel-based aesthetic, making the game soft and sweet. Unfortunately, this preset cannot be used for gameplay. But worry not, you can take some excellent screenshots.

What’s Great About Prismatic:

  • Pastel-based aesthetic, soft and sweet
  • Take amazing screenshots
  • Looks like a professional photograph

Prismatic details: https://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/post/183889290360/whiisker-prismatic-a-ts4-preset-for-reshade 


7. Nostalgia

This preset is great for screenshots, creating gorgeous pictures for storytelling. With editable toggles and the ability to turn things off, this reshade is highly personal.

This preset is nostalgic and old-looking, which brings back memories and flashbacks.

What’s Great About Nostalgia:

  • Great for screenshots
  • Good for storytelling
  • Editable toggles
  • Turn certain things off
  • Nostalgic and old-looking, 90’s style

Nostalgia details: https://maxismatchccworld.tumblr.com/post/182364661960/honeybodies-nostalgia-a-preset-for-reshade


6. Patchouli Rose Reshade Preset

This soft rose, peach preset is gorgeous and faded, creating a romantic feel. It doesn’t work in performance mode, but is soothing and smooth, making for some gorgeous screenshots.

It’s lovely and unique and looks totally different to any other presets that I’ve seen before.

What’s Great About Patchouli Rose Reshade Preset:

  • Soft rose, peach
  • Faded and soft
  • Take beautiful screenshots
  • Unique

Patchouli Rose Reshade Preset details: https://intramoon.tumblr.com/post/184453780734/patchouli-rose-reshade-preset-by-intramoon-a


5. Love Shade Vogue

This preset brings a film-inspired look that wouldn’t wash out sims of any color!  Each of the shaders are turned on by default, but you can turn them off and use whichever you want to. It is extremely lightweight and should be able to be used during performance mode.

What’s Great About Love Shade Vogue:

  • Film-inspired look
  • Doesn’t wash out sims
  • Shaders on by default, but can be turned off
  • Lightweight, can be used during gameplay

Love Shade Vogue details: https://hazelminesims.tumblr.com/post/185383314486/another-follower-gift-this-is-my-personal-reshade


4. K-505 Mod

This mod brings an entirely new look to the terrains in The Sims 4! The default terrains lack texture, depth, contrast, and color. Fear no more!

It brings bright colors and a hippie feel to the game. This mod is incredibly detailed and covers all expansion packs and game packs, giving your entire game a makeover.

What’s Great About K-505 Mod:

  • Changes and updates all terrains
  • Brings bright colors and a hippie feel
  • Covers all expansion packs and game packs

K-505 Mod details: https://tech-hippie.com/sims4-faktory/archives/287 


3. Clear Bloom Reshade

Clear Bloom is intended to be a hands-on preset, designed to be turned on and off depending on the lighting in-game. This is great as, since the release of seasons, the lighting can vary so dramatically.

This creates a much more realistic look, no matter the weather. The vibrant colors are beautiful, which is why I love this mod so much!

What’s Great About Clear Bloom Reshade:

  • Hands-on, turn on and off
  • Suits any lighting and weather
  • Looks more realistic
  • Very vibrant and colorful

Clear Bloom Reshade details: https://pictureamoebae.tumblr.com/post/185661051559/clear-bloom-reshade-release


2.  Money and milk updated

This stunning preset creates a rich, deep look and brings a whole new level of color to The Sims 4! It is vibrant and real, far better than the original graphics! You can alter the shaders and make everything suit your personal taste.

What’s Great About money and milk updated:

  • Great for screenshots
  • Rich, deep look
  • Vibrant and realistic
  • Alter the shaders and toggles

Money and milk updated details: https://pictureamoebae.tumblr.com/post/188616406654/midpoosimmerr-money-and-milk-music-reshade


1.  HQ Mod Switch

This incredible mod adds the HQ Mod to your game, but with a switch to turn it off/on in the graphics options. It will massively improve the graphics and add higher resolution shadow maps along with higher resolution object CC textures.

Overall, this mod is a must-have when creating a beautiful game experience and makes Sims 4 look far more real!

What’s Great About HQ Mod Switch:

  • HQ textures on sims
  • Switch to turn it on and off
  • Improves graphics massively
  • Adds higher resolution shadow maps
  • Adds high resolution object CC textures
  • Option applies immediately (no game restart needed)
  • 4k shadow maps
  • Non-HQ textures will show as black

HQ Mod Switch details: https://modthesims.info/d/628834/hq-mod-switch.html


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