[Top 20] The Sims 4 Best Building CC

Best Sims 4 Building CC
Have the best house on the block with these CCs.

The Sims 4 Base Game offers a wide variety of furniture, decorations, and appliances, but it may not be enough for some players. If you want more interesting pieces to build with, you need to buy certain Game Packs, but not everyone can afford them. In this case, the best thing that has been invented is Custom Content. 

There is CC for everything, from Clothes and Accessories to Makeup and Skins, so you best believe that there is CC for Building as well. There are many CC packs you can choose from, making it very easy to find a house that matches your Sim’s personality really well. If you want to create the home of your dreams, keep reading this article because we’ll be showing you The Top 20 The Sims 4 Best Building CC.


20. Wallpaper (by Nordica-Sims)

You won't find variety like this in any other pack.

This CC pack by Nordica-Sims is the perfect pack to have because it includes 270 swatches. Yes, you read that right. With this pack, you won’t need to download different CCs for specific rooms, or styles, because this pack has it all: Artistic, Boho, Classic, Flora, Kids, Outdoor, Tiles, and Tropical. You can use these as an accent wall, or for every wall because they don’t look tacky, they are very tasteful and will enhance every room in your house. 

Wallpaper Features: 

  • Has 270 swatches
  • 8 different wallpaper categories
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Wallpaper details:



19. VEOX Wood Floor 11 (by Cross Design)

Match your floors with the rest of the house easily with this CC.

The Wood Floor pack of your dreams is here. With 24 different swatches, you get the most beautiful and stylish wooden floors that look good in any room and with any aesthetic. Because there are 24 different colors, you will be able to pair them with many different pieces of furniture, making your house look simple yet elegant.

VEOX Wood Floor 11 Features:

  • Has 24 swatches
  • Matches every piece of furniture
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

VEOX Wood Floor 11 details:



18. Classic Spandrel (by Plasticbox)

Don't forget to spice up your spandrels.

This spandrel made by Plasticbox is specially made to match the Fancy Picket Fence but works really well with other fences too. It also comes in a few different swatches so it gives your house a nice pop of color. A great feature is that it works with curved walls as well, it is a little taller than the Maxis spandrels so that the edge of a flat roof won’t show and only costs 12§.

Classic Spandrel Features:

  • Has 9 swatches
  • Works with curved walls
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Classic Spandrel Details:



17. Chlorophyll column (by SIMcredible!)

You can use these columns in many different ways.

These colorful columns can be used to enhance your build, or even create new ones. For example, you can build up your roof structure on them. You can adjust the height of your structure by using bb.moveobjects and pressing 9 on the keyboard. There are 7 swatches, so you can get really creative with what you want to build.

Chlorophyll column Features:

  • Has 7 swatches
  • You can put a roof over them
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Chlorophyll column details:



16. Doors (by Descargas Sims)

Find the perfect door in this pack.

This CC pack made by Descargas Sims is the perfect one to download because it doesn’t give you the same door in different colors, but 12 different-looking doors. They are perfect for any build and any aesthetic. With this pack, you don’t need to get other CCs because this one gives you doors that look stylish and sleek.

Doors Features:

  • Has 12 swatches
  • All swatches look different
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Doors details:



15. Screened-in Series (by Peacemaker) 

Keep out the fictional mosquitos and make your home look more realistic.

This CC pack gives you both Screened-Doors and Windows with 3 different sizes for both of these and 12 color/style options. Doors come in Single, Double, and Sliding, while Windows come in Counter, Short, and Medium. Using these Windows will make your gameplay feel more realistic because it looks as if you are trying to keep out mosquitos, just like in real life. They work only in short and medium wall heights. 

Screened-in Series Features:

  • Has 20 swatches
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Screened-in Series details:



14. Yokeda lighting set (by Winner9)

Light up your home with this lighting set, perfect for everyone.

This Lighting set is perfect for anyone because they are very versatile and look great with any aesthetic. A great thing about them is that this set contains 8 different lights with 4 metallic color options. You will get a Floor lamp, Pendant lamp single/double/triple, Table lamp, Wall lamp, and Wall lamp single/double. Each item only costs 1§ in the game, making it a really affordable piece for anyone. Even if they aren’t your style, at least the price will make you consider getting them.

Yokeda lighting set Features: 

  • Has 8 different lamps with 4 colors
  • Are extremely cheap
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download 

Yokeda lighting set details:



13. 100 Kelims set (by Zozo)

You won't need another rug CC again.

This is the best set if you want beautiful traditional rugs because it gives you 100 rugs to choose from. They come in 4 different packs, such as Red Kelims, Muted Kelims, Colorful Kelims, and Neutral Kelims, so there is something for everyone. All of these rugs will make your house unique and will give it a pop of color. This is the set of your dreams if you are bored with the current selection of rugs in the Base Game. Your house will thank you if you use these rugs.

100 Kelims Set Features:

  • Has 100 different rugs
  • Each category can  be downloaded separately
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

100 Kelims Set details:



12. Rooting For You Plant Set (by Ravasheen)

Make your house more fun and green.

Attention all plant lovers, this set is for you. There are 20 plants you can choose from, all unique and fun, adding personality to your home. There are succulents, flowers, standard greens, and some plants for kids. They all come in lots of different swatches and are a great addition to your house. One amazing feature is that they are designed to be scaled, so use [ or ] to scale as you please, because they won’t look weird. There is something for everybody in here, so make sure to download this set.

Rooting For You Plant Set Features:

  • Has many swatches
  • Can be scaled as preferred
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Rooting For You Plant Set details:



11. BBQ Time Outdoor Kitchen (by Mensure)

The best item to have in your backyard.

This set is perfect for anyone who loves having a BBQ space in their backyard. It comes with a BBQ, Counters, Fridge, Sink, Trashcan, and even some food options to decorate the counters with. All of these have a rustic look to them, making it a perfect addition to your game. The counters are perfect for storing stuff and making the place look more realistic and like someone is actually living there.

BBQ Time Outdoor Kitchen Features:

  • Comes with many items
  • Perfect for any aesthetic
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

BBQ Time Outdoor Kitchen details:



10. Breezy Patio by SIMcredible!

Don't forget to decorate your patio.

This incredible Patio set is perfect for spring and summer, combining mostly the baby blue color with white and black on the pillows. This combination of colors makes this cozy Patio a piece of art. The scene is also revitalized by the greenery provided by the many beautiful plants and the unique piece of art. This is going to be the perfect place for your Sims to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Breezy Patio features:

  • Unique color scheme 
  • Very cozy atmosphere 
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download 

Breezy Patio details:



9. French Country Kitchen by ShinoKCR

All your neighbors will be jealous of your kitchen.

This classic furniture is going to take you back to the unique past of France. The style that this furniture set has is a real piece of art and it will fit in every house that was designed with care and good taste. ShinoKCR, the creator of this fantastic set of furniture also designed it with 4 classic colors: white, white with gray, all black, and brown with white. The beautiful color set and attention to detail will assure that this furniture set will be the best fit for your Sims.

French Country Kitchen Features:

  • Unique old French style 
  • Has 4 swatches to choose from
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download 

French Country Kitchen details:



8. Scandinavian Christmas living (by Severinka)

Get into the Christmas spirit with this CC.

This living room made by Severinka is the perfect fit for a Christmas day with the family. It was designed in the Scandinavian style and this set includes 12 objects: 2 sofa 2-seaters, one on the right side and one on the left side, the corner of the sofa, a coffee table, a fireplace, a cabinet with wood, a beautiful decorative deer sculpture, candles with a deer, candle (2 variants), pictures and Christmas letters. This furniture set for the living room will bring the spirit of Christmas into your Sim's home for sure.

Scandinavian Christmas Living Features:

  • Has a Christmas vibe
  • Has 12 objects 
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download 

Scandinavian Christmas Living details:



7. Christmas Bedroom (by Severinka)

You can have the coziest bedroom with this CC.

This Christmas Bedroom is also made by Severinka and is designed for our favorite holiday, Christmas. This Bedroom also made in Scandinavian style includes 13 objects: a double bed, a bed blanket (2 versions), bed pillows, a decorative fireplace, curtains, a floor mirror, a floor clock, wall decor, branches with stars (2 versions), candles and a fur rug. Try both the living room and the bedroom for a beautiful, cozy, and enhanced Christmas experience.

Christmas Bedroom Features:

  • Beautiful Christmas feel
  • Has 13 objects set
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download 

Christmas Bedroom details:



6. Asian Bathroom (by Severinka)

Dive into new cultures and experiment with styles.

Bring the atmosphere of warmth and relaxation to your Sims home with this amazing Asian bathroom. All the furniture comes in 2 colors, dark brown and black. The bamboo plant and the other greenery make the atmosphere perfect for a relaxing bath. The set includes 14 items: a sink, closed/open cabinet, low cabinet, corner box, traditional tub, shower, bath ofuro, bench, round mirror, mirror in the shape of a fan, bamboo plant, geta, and bottles of perfume. 

Asian Bathroom Features:

  • Asian-style bathroom 
  • Has 14 items  
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download 

Asian Bathroom details:



5. Pokemon Kids' Room (by NYNAEVEDESIGN)

The perfect bedroom for Pokémon fans.

This one is for the kids and is of course Pokémon themed. This well-designed kids' room features bright colors and a lot of attention to detail. The playful design and fun furnishings bring back childhood fun and Pokémon adventures. This set includes a single bed, headboard, Nightstand (left and right), table lamp, ceiling fixture, dresser, sideboard, bookshelf, Ash silhouette, a rug, and wallpaper. Use this Pokémon-themed bedroom to bring life and playfulness to your little Sim's room.

Pokemon Kids' Room Features:

  • Pokémon-themed bedroom
  • Has 11 pieces
  • Compatible with the base 
  • Free to download 

Pokemon Kids' Room details:



4. Laminated Glass Roofing (by emerald)

Your electricity bill will be so much cheaper.

When it comes to buildings in The Sims 4, besides the walls, placement, and interior, the roofs are very important, because they can make it or break it. If your building is perfect but you place the wrong roof, the final result will not be as good as it could be. This roof designed by Emerald has the texture of laminated glass and allows you to see very well the inside of the building from above and it also looks amazing when the sun hits it. Use this amazing laminated glass roof to finish off your building in The Sims 4.

Laminated Glass Roofing Features:

  • For every building 
  • See-through 
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download 

Laminated Glass Roofing details:



3. Designer set by SYBOULETTE 

The perfect office for a perfect person.

This CC is perfect for a designer’s office. The attention to detail that the creator had is unbelievable and it gives the vibe of a very busy office with boards and tools to work with. This CC includes 31 items and everything it offers is base game compatible, but you will need Ravasheen's functional vending machine mod because this Designer set has a vending machine. Most of the items that this CC features are lowpoly, except the meeting chair (9k) and the wall lamp (8k). Use this Designer set for the ultimate office experience in your Sims 4 world.

Designer set Features:

  • Ultimate office experience 
  • Needs Ravasheen's functional vending machine mod 
  • Compatible with the Base Game 
  • Free to download

Designer set details:



2. Build your clutter by Around the Sims 4

Get creative and decorate your house with hand-made stuff.

There are a ton of options for clutter made by CC creators, but did you ever think about making your own clutter using a CC? This creative CC allows you to make your own clutter and brings a lot of diversity to your Sims 4 game. With this CC you can place plants, pencils, desk accessories, and paintbrushes in containers and cans.. This brings a high level of creativity to your game and it makes it feel realistic. The items made with this mod can be placed anywhere in the house.

Build your clutter Features:

  • Lots of creativity 
  • Create your own clutter 
  • Compatible with the base game 
  • Free to download 

Build your clutter details:



1. Meow and Woof set by SYBOULETTE

Let your pets have the lavish lifestyle they deserve.

This one is for our lovely pets because they also need furniture and a cozy and comfortable place to live in. In Sims 4 there are not a lot of options when it comes to pets, so this mod will bring what your Sims 4 pets need. This mod requires Cats & Dogs DLC, includes 8 functional items that are lowpoly (optimized for every computer) and the items are also available in 14 color swatches for more diversity. This mod will change your pet's life making it fun for them and for you.

Meow and Woof set Features:

  • Customizable food dispensers
  • Has 14 color swatches
  • Needs Cats & Dogs DLC
  • Free to download 

Meow and Woof set details:



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