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Sims 3 Best Careers
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Find out which careers are the best in Sims 3!

One of the most important and fun things to do on Sims 3 is  choosing your sim’s career on Sims 3. Whether it’s your dream job or fantasy job. This list has the best careers on Sims 3 from different domains. You can also check out my other article “Top 15 fun Mods in Sims 3 2020 Edition” in which you can find mods that will help your sim get more traits as well as mods that unlock more job options. 

10. Firefighter: 

If you are brave and like to sacrifice your life in order to save someone else’s,this job is for you. You will be helping out during earthquakes, saving sims from fires and fixing gas leaks in order to prevent other sims from danger. 

What makes this career great:      

  • You will improve your athletic and handiness skills while working.  
  • You can flirt with other sims. Once they know that you are a firefighter, they will definitely appreciate you more.  
  • During your work hours, if there is no emergency, your sim can socialize with other coworkers, play video games…etc.

What to expect from working as a firefighter?

  • You can become a firefighter either by using the newspaper/computer or by joining directly at the Fire station in your town.  
  • Your sim needs to have the Handy and Athletic traits. Other traits that can help would be Daredevil, brave, friendly and charismatic. 
  • You can earn a weekly stipend that ranges from 276$ as a water person to 2480$ as a fire chief.     

9. Architectural design:  

If you like decorating houses, this career is for you. Sims across town will hire your Sims to renovate and decorate their houses. The career does require you to have some home building skills. 

What makes this career great: 

  • This profession is really fun if you want to unleash your creative and artistic side. 
  • Once you master this profession, you can start making up to 6000$. So, the more you work the higher you are paid ! 
  • You will get reviews for your renovations which is very satisfactory as a reassurance that you are on the right path. Positive feedback will also convert to up to 5000$. 

What to expect from working as an architectural designer? 

  • Head to city hall in order to apply for the job. However, keep in mind that taking a class in painting and charisma will be a plus in order to unlock your sim’s skill. 
  • The stipends that you can earn vary from 272$ as a Fabric Fetcher to 2480$ as a Dictator of design. 
  • Your working hours will be from Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM and you will have to watch out for jobs that pop up until you reach level 3.

8. Ghost hunter:  

This career comes along with the Ambitions expansion pack. Your sims will work at night tracking down spirits that haunt the city. Several types of spirits exist, including poltergeist thatmove furniture around (basically my mom). It’s a somewhat silly career, but when I am in the mood for silliness, it’s great fun. 

Are you into silly fun careers? A fan of paranormal activities? Then keep on reading because this career is for you. You will hunt ghosts and spirits that are haunting the city and earn money for it.  

What makes this career great: 

  • You can play with some gadgets from the ghost buster arsenal while hunting down spirits not just across your town but from around the world! 

You literally get paid for collecting spirits, what more do you want! 

  • As a ghost hunter, you will get a lot of Honor Trophies along with some cool decorative items. 

What to expect from working as a ghost hunter? 

  • Ghost hunters’ most needed traits are the genius trait and the eccentric trait. These traits will help you get money fast. 
  • For every spirit you collect, you will earn extra money that ranges from 25$ to 1500$. Your weekly stipend can go from 280$ to 2480$ depending your level. 
  • You need to head to the Science lab to become a ghost hunter in which you can take a class in logic. Your working hours will be from 5PM to 3AM, Monday-Friday

7. Fortune teller: 

Are you into mystery, spirituality… or/and scamming? If you are into only one of these combined with a bit of greed then this job is for you.  

What makes this career great:          

  • This career has two branches; the Mystic and the scam artists. And both of them are fun! 
  • You can scam celebrities and rich people.  
  • You can perform private readings once you reach level 2.

What to expect from working as a fortune teller?

  • In order to be a fortune teller, you can either hunt the job using the newspaper or the computer, or by clicking/adding the gypsy wagon in town. 
  • You can earn from 378$per day as Conjurer of Cheap Tricks to 1800$ per day as a Master of Mysticism. The highest you can earn as a scam artist would be 2304$ per day as a Celebrity Psychic.  
  • In the mystic track, when you reach spiritual guide you can get 20% off at the Elixir Consignment store.

6. Criminal:

Why have an ethical job if you are playing a game? If this is how you think and want to be an outlaw then being a criminal is what you’ll enjoy playing as. If you want to earn money while having fun / stealing, then you might want to read what’s next to know how. 

What makes this career great: 

  • You can simply be the bad guy.  
  • There are different uniforms and one of my personal favorites is the Emperor of Evil uniform.  
  • You can build your athletic skill while working. 

What to expect from working as a criminal? 

  • You will have to go to the warehouse and apply for a criminal job. The traits that your sim should have are the Athlete and the genius traits. There are two tracks: thief and evil.
  • You can earn from 480$ per day as a safecracker to 2260$ as a Master thief. As for the evil branch, the pay varies from 654$ per day as a henchman and 2090$ per day as the Emperor of evil.
  • The working hours are at night starting from 9PM-2/3AM except for decoys and cutpurses.

5. Gardener

Money might not grow on trees in real life, but in Sims 3 it is possible. If you like plants, growing your own vegetables and fruits, or simply being self-employed, then being a gardener is definitely a career you would like to explore. 

What makes this career great: 

  • You can literally grow money trees… need I say more? 
  • You can use the vegetables and fruits you grew to help with the cooking skill or even sell them to supermarkets to earn money. 
  • There are multiple challenges and opportunities.

What to expect from working as a gardener?

  • You can explore town in order to find seeds. It is very fun waiting to see what the seed will produce until it is no longer a seedling. 
  • In order to be a gardener, you simply have to go to City Hall and register as self-employed and build your gardening skills. Being self-employed also means that you can work your own hours.  
  • Promotions depend on the amount earned from your gardening and can come with bonuses up to 5000.

4. Medical career track: 

If you can’t be a doctor or a surgeon in real life, then you can finally make your parents’ (or your) dream come true. You can save people’s lives and determine a baby’s gender. 

What makes this career great:      

  • You can save people’s lives, sometimes politicians or celebrities and get a bonus.  
  • You can also donate your heart when you become a World Renewed Surgeon in exchange of an artificial one and get a 4000$ bonus and a raise. 
  • Your sim will have to read medical journals, and will have a life that can sometimes be on edge all in order to help other sims and do good deeds. 

What to expect from working in the medical field? 

  • In order to get a job in the medical career, you have to apply at the hospital. The traits that would be good for your sim to have are the genius trait and the bookworm trait. 
  • You should know that the higher you rank, the most likely your day can get interrupted due to emergencies at the hospital. 
  • You can earn 123$ per day as an organ donor, work your way up to become a World Renewed Surgeon at level 10 and earn 2400$ per day.

3. Private Investigator:  

My personal favorite as a huge mystery fan. This career is so fun. If you want to play the role of Sherlock Holmes or Jessica Jones then this career is for you. However, you should keep in mind that if you want a high paying career then this career might not be the best choice.  

What makes this career great

  • You get to solve crimes! I already said it but it’s worth repeating. At first, the crimes can be lame but the more your sim moves up in the career, the more interesting the cases become. 
  • The working hours are open which means that you do not have to rush and can solve cases at your own pace. 
  • You can break in, hack information database, interview suspects, look for clues by dusting for fingerprints… etc.

What to expect from working as a private investigator?

  • You can start working as a P.I. by simply going to the police station and joining “Investigator Profession”. 
  • The starting weekly stipend is 275$. You earn 650$ per case or double if you have the Opportunistic Lifetime Reward. 
  • The more cases you unlock, the higher the stipend gets to up to 2475$.

2. Film career: 

Ever wanted to direct films? Be an actor? Basically, be a celebrity? Well, you can be. Take pictures with your fans (or ignore them), sign autographs, be famous and rich. 

What makes this career great:  

  • Money. The pay in this job is pretty good especially after you get to be a level 4 celebrity.  
  • The luxurious life. You can easily enter clubs, ride limos and you can even get your own trailer. 
  • As a director, you will be able to write screenplays that you can sell for quite a large sum of money.  

What to expect working in the film industry? 

  • You can either get an acting job from the newspaper or by manually adding a Film studio in your town.  
  • Charisma, writing and the ambitious traits can definitely help you get the job and get promoted.  
  • You can earn from 126$ per day as a background extra, until 2256$ per day as a Superstar Actor. As for the director branch, you can earn from 465$ per day to 2420$ per day as a Distinguished Director. If you complete writing a screenplay, you can get 250$-500$ per hour!


Want to become a singer who entertains their fans? Live a fun life full of events and concerts while still earning good amounts of money? This career is for you then.  

What makes this career great:         

  • Not only will you get a weekly stipend, but you will also be able to take on gigs and work at a daily job.  
  • You can sing with a guitar and polish your guitar skills. 
  • The songs are lowkey catchy and you will probably find yourself singing them.  

What to expect working as a singer? 

  • You can take on gigs found on the newspaper of the computer. Another way would be to befriend the owner of a venue and see if you can join the Singer career. 
  • You can earn 275$ by performing for tips or 3600$ by becoming a Vocal Legend which is the highest pay per week. If you can get steady gigs at the stadium you can earn 18000$per show! 
  • Expect it to be a little hard early on when you are first starting but it definitely starts paying off staring level 5. 

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