[Top 15] Best Sims 3 Mods That Make The Game Fun 2020

Best Sims 3 Mods
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 Find out which mods are the best to download for a better gameplay!

Sims 3 is so good that even after Sims 4 is out, people still run back to play it and spend hours and hours on it while sacrificing their sleep to try and build a big mansion and end up calling in sick the next morning… no one, just me? Well, things have changed now. These mods will make an already fun game way more fun with lots of twists (you’ll know what I’m talking about in a bit). Without further ado, Let’s get started. 

15. No intro mod 

   Do not underestimate this mod just because it is at the bottom of the list, this is one of my ultimate favorites. You can’t have fun playing a game if you haven’t started it yet. Sims 3’s intro can be fun if it’s your first time playing it but by the 10th time, you can’t wait to skip the into. This mod is for you. It disables the intro video for all regions so you can jump to action without having your sims waiting around! Get the mod here

14. Consigner mod

   This mod will allow you to sell rocks, metals, sketches, relics, gems and even insects by replacing the “Buy” interaction on the Consignment Register. You can sell pets if you have any (even though I would not recommend doing that in real life). Once you have installed any pets, you will be able to see an interaction saying “Sell Pet” that will be added not only to consignments and pet stores in your town but to social interactions between friends so that you can profit off of your pets. This mod is available here 

13. Tagger mod  

   Voyeurism and spying may be a massive no-no in real life (without consent). However, in Sims 3 they are both allowed and advisable since they can definitely spice up your gaming experience. You’ll be able to spy on any sim of your choice and be able to identify them when they are nowhere to be seen by you (“you” reference anyone?). You can set their tags either automatically or manually along with coloring the map tags or even customizing them. 

You can get the mod here

12. Traveler mod 

   Are you a traveler in real life or someone who loves traveling but for some reason they can’t… strict parents? Working a 9-5 shift because capitalism is still a  thing? Well this mod allows you to live through your sim (after all, don’t we all play video game in order to escape reality?). This mod allows you to load any world as a Vacation destination so that your sim can move from a town to another without losing any of your sims' relationships. Beware though because this mod can clash with other mods. You can get a free traveling ticket to this mod here.

11. Returned attraction

   You know when you get asked out several times by the same person but you simply don’t have *that kind of* connection. Well, Sims are hardheaded and they can’t “read the room”but you can fix it. Whether the same sim asks you out or you can’t stand a trait but somehow end up with another sim for mainly that specific trait, this mod’s attraction system fixes that by being  attracted to a person with traits that you do not despise and your sim doesn’t have to repeatedly reject someone because the mod forbids them from asking your sim out after that. If you want to improve the unnatural romantic aspect of your story, get this mod here

10. Woohooer mod  

   If you like playing the sims for “romantic’’ purposes, this mod is for you. It has more  relaxed rules unlike EA’s. You can have pregnant sim teens along with male sim pregnancy. You can also order “professional services”, or a little flirty text feature…etc. This mod can definitely spice up your game and it goes very well with mod number “3” in this list which is more of at a Carolina Reaper level. You can get the woohooer mod here 

09. Grow / aging mod  

Other than unnatural romantic attraction that “Returned attraction mod” fixes, sims going from a stage to another in their life without aging can be disturbing or envy-inducing. This mod will make your sim more human and will implement an aging process by updating sims every night. Your sims will start having wrinkles, gray hair and even a change in the way they walk so that it can be more believable. And just like real life, they can still dye their hair after it turns gray. You can get the mod here 

08. Third person sim mod  

   Remember how we talked about living through your sim? This mod makes you do exactly that. It allows you to step into the shoes of your Sims with one button (F1) to switch from normal mode to third person. You can use your WASD keyboards to move your sim anywhere which gives it a very natural feel and makes it  feel like a PC game or RPG game. Get this mod here 

07. Midnitetech’s Career mod 

   Sims 3 does have some career choices.However, why settle for less if you can have more? This mod includes a lot of content and different careers that allow you to explore your dream job. You can be a journalist, an investigator, a body artist, a lawyer, a producer, a cat lover (yes, yes, you read that right). Overall, this mod allows you to explore new jobs thus new stories and you can get it right here.

06.  Zerbu’s ultimate career mod 

   We have already covered the Midnitetech’s Career mod which allows you to choose from a multitude of careers. This mod allows you to assign a lot of locations as your sim’s working space location instead of going to a rabbit hole in which they disappear in a virtual realm you have no access to. Your sim can also interact with others during work. You basically have full control over your sim’s work, you can go to an art gallery where you make and sell your paintings… etc. The choice is yours since you have full control. Youcan get this mod here  

05. Master controller mod 


    Ever wanted to customize your or any other sim to be exactly how you want it to be? Ever felt like you wanted to be in full control of the entire game? EA may not have included it in the game but long lives the modding community! 

     This mod has tons of customization so you can change anything in any sim. It increases the maximum sliders possible and allows for 100 sliders in each facial panel. Not only that, but it also gives you access to menus that will give you full control of all the people in your town, so you can either add or remove any sim of your choice!  

Get this mod here

04. More traits for all ages mod 

   Have you ever spent way too much time deciding which trait to give to your sims or are you normal? Well, this mod allows you to have more traits than the ones allowed by the game. You can earn more  traits the longer you play just like in real life! It makes the game more fun and realistic since your sim can have a more unique personality. You should keep in mind however that you cannot remove the traits given unless removed manually, so test it out first. Here is the mod.

03. Overwatch mod 

   You know when you are walking and you see a sim that’s stuck and you can’t do much about it? For all my empaths (and anti-bugs enthusiasts),this mod is here to fix not just that but bugs in general in order for the game to run smoothly. It acts as a periodic cleanup system to correct errors and eliminate junk that piles up during gaming sessions. It also comes in handy when 2 mods clash with one another. Another good feature this mod has is that it allows you to create your own cheat list so you do not have to look it up every single time. You can get this mod here

02. Kinky world mod 

   This is a NSFW mod. If you are coming from the woohooer mod then be prepared to get more than a woohoo since this mod adds animations that make your sims do more than just “woohoo”. This mod will basically make your game have a more realistic and definitely mature approach…It will basically add a sex feature. Just keep in mind that it will be graphic. Get this mod here.

01.Story progression mod  

   This mod alters the way the interactions are done between sims making the game much more fun. The sims will realistically live their lives, get pregnant, get married, divorce/break up…etc. You can also control the demographics, choose the sims you want to keep and the ones you want to get rid of, they can die or get married too… etc. Moreover, you can also attribute certain skills or traits to other sims in town. This mod is great because it does what EA didn’t do and you can get it here

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