[Top 10] Sims 3 Best Traits to Have

Sims 3 Best Traits
Me when I try to concoct the perfect traits for the perfect sim.

Who wouldn't want a perfect sim using THE perfect traits?

Unlike Sims 4, Sims 3 allows you to have 5 traits and not just 3 for each sim. The more traits you have the more unique and distinguishable your sim will be and the more opportunities it’ll have. As a sim, you are born with 2 traits, and accumulate more traits while growing up. From a toddler to a child, from a child to a teen and finally from a teen to a young adult. You can also choose to have 2 additional traits with University Life. Let’s take a look at which traits are worth choosing for both a fun and fruitful gameplay!


An overemotional sim crying.

Over-emotional sims (me) will experience all of their emotions intensely, whether they are negative or positive. If you are up for a rewarding challenge then this trait is perfect for that.

Trait details:

  • An over-emotional sim can spontaneously cry if they are left with nothing to do, or if they are watching a romantic channel on TV…etc.
  • Their moodlets are strongly affected.

What’s good:

  • It gives a +25% boost to all active moodlets. Both the positive ones and the negative ones. As long as you keep your sim happy, you will have nothing to worry about.
  • In career tracks where mood matters, an over-emotional sim will get a promotion faster than others with positive moodlets.
  • They will get a bonus when they write in the Satire genre.


A sim who is drowning but who will be resurrected by the grim reaper out of pity.

This trait isn’t like other traits that will move you up in your gameplay. However, if you want to have fun. This trait will do. Your sim will very rarely have good things happening to him.

Trait details:

  • An unlucky Sim is more likely to have unlucky bad things happen such as losing, breaking items, fire…etc.
  • Your sim has absolutely nothing to lose (including his life, we’ll get to it in a bit)

   What’s good:

  • An unlucky sim can only die of old age… The Grim Reaper literally feels bad for how unlucky they are so he resurrects the sim while laughing at his misfortune.
  • Speaking of not dying, if your sim gets his hands on Age Freeze Potion, they will no longer age making them immune to death. In other words, your sim becomes immortal.
  • An unlucky sim will also have a bonus if they write an auto-biography.


A sim with the evil trait who is also a criminal.

This trait is available from birth and conflicts with the good trait. This trait is not for everyone but it can be fun when used and is recommended if your sim wants to be a criminal.

Trait details:

  • Sim can get the Fiendishly Delighted positive moodlet if they see another sim in distress nearby.
  • Evil sims gain a Fun boost if they witness a stranger’s or an enemy’s death.
  • If evil trait is used in another EP like supernatural, witches can summon poisoned apples while mermaids can summon sharks.

What’s good:

  • Your sim can be fun to play, they can do a numerous of evil things and get along with other sims who are also evil or mean spirited.
  • Your sim can undermine charities when donating by clicking on the mailbox.

07- Insane

An insane sim trying to do God knows what.

If you want your sim to be unpredictable then look nowhere else because this trait has it covered. What your sim will say, do or wear will not make sense to anyone, but that is why this trait is so good. I will let you discover it on your own.

Trait details:

  • Your sim will do questionable things such as responding to marriage proposals unexpectedly, making distorted Stylized still-life paintings and so much more.

What’s good:

  • Expect the unexpected. An insane sim will make the gameplay feel as though it’s on steroids. I will not spoil the fun.


A fearless and brave firefighter.

Brave sims are simply fearless. They are courageous and can save and protect others around them when endangered.

Trait details:

  • Brave sims will never panic no matter how endangering the situation may be. They will face it fearlessly even if they risk death.
  • A brave sim will put out a fire, defeat a burglar, overcome traps when exploring tombs in World adventures…etc.

What’s good:

  • A brave sim will never get the fear moodlet.
  • A brave sim is never scared of ghosts and does not experience the “Creepy Graveyard” moodlet if they visit the cemetery.
  • They have multiple career choices.

05-Computer whiz

A smart sim with great computational skills.

Sims with this trait can spend most of their time on the computer. They have great computational skills to the point where they can monetize it by hacking.

Trait details:

  • Computer whizzes are able to improve their logic skill 10% faster when playing chess on the computer.
  • Computer whizzes can have a virtual life by making friend over the computer.
  • They can also hack on the computer at night.

What’s good:

  • Computer whizzes can earn money hacking and get better at it the more they do it.
  • They can hack their way through a VIP list to get to the cub without being a celebrity.
  • They are great at writing sci-fi.


Artistic sims making art.

Artistic sims are simply artists. They can produce high quality paintings and can even become good musicians and writers.

Trait details:

  • Artistic sims prefer going to the Art Gallery.
  • They have the “Talk About Art” interaction option, but can negatively react if someone does not like their art.
  • They can spontaneously start painting.

What’s good:

  • Artistic sims will improve their painting skill 25% faster than others, and are 10% quicker to learn to play the guitar and write (especially children’s books) due to their artistic abilities.
  • It is easier for them to follow an artistic path such as an illustrator Author or a Master of the Arts.


Genius sim who is a master in chess.

If you want your sim to be super smart, then this is the trait needed. Geniuses are brilliant thinkers and can be masters of chess and great hackers. 

Traits details:

  • Genius sims are great mystery and sci-fi writers.
  • Geniuses will most likely perform better in the law enforcement, science and medical careers.
  • Geniuses are more family-oriented.
  • Your genius sim can have “deep conversations” at parties.

What’s good:

  • Genius sims can start contemplating their surroundings which will activate a Fascinated moodlet that will last 2 hours.
  • Genius sims can earn money by fixing mathematical problems on the computer of by hacking thus improving their logic skill.
  • Genius sims can benefit from undertaking any major in college.


An ambitious sim in his office.

Ambitious is one of the best traits for a sim to have if they want to advance in their career. They have big dreams and pursue them every second of their lives but can fear failure if things do not go as expected.

Trait details:

  • An ambitious sim will react positively when asked about careers.
  • Ambitious teens and children will have possible lifetime wishes appear more often.
  • If the sim does not get a promotion or improve one of their skills, The Anxious to Advance moodlet will appear after 4 days. It lasts until the opposite of what caused it occurs. 

What’s good:

  • Ambitious sims will get a raise and get promoted faster due to their increased job performance gain rate.
  • An ambitious sim will get 15% more LHP (Lifetime Happiness Points) from fulfilling a wish.


A charismatic sim making a conversation.

For those of you who love socializing and keeping friends, this trait is THE ONE. It does not have any drawbacks and it’s basically perfect for gaining more charisma.

Trait details:

  • A charismatic sim will lead more successful conversations that will never be boring.
  • They excel at writing auto-biographies.
  • They are fast learners and can learn other Sim’s traits faster.

What’s good:

  • Charismatic sims learn Charisma 25% more quickly, and not only make friends more quickly but will easily keep them.
  • A charismatic sim will get a 25% bonus relationship by socializing.
  • If your sim pursues a political career track, they will successfully get campaign.

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