[Top 20] The Sims 4 Best Parenting CC

Best 20 Sims 4 Parenting CC
Elevate your parenthood experience with these CCs!

The Sims 4 developers added the Parenthood Game Pack to give more content involving raising children. With this pack, players get new interactions, traits, furniture, and objects that they can use to create a more realistic feel for their gameplay. 

However, there are many other things you can’t do with this Pack, so that is why there are many CCs and Mods that have been created. So, if you are one of those people who want to get more out of their gameplay, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll showcase the Top 20 Best Parenting CC in The Sims 4. 


20. Better Babies & Toddlers (by Caradriel)

More lovely interactions with your little ones.

This Mod was created because of the lack of interactions in the Parenthood Pack. In this Mod you get 9 different moods for your Sim that will activate when doing something specific, such as Breastfeeding, Talking with Baby, Changing Diapers, and more. You will get new interactions with Toddlers as well, such as Ask to Say Mommy (or Daddy), and Debate Powdered vs Fresh Milk. Additionally, when clicking on a computer, you will get the interactions Read Parents Magazine or Search for New Veggies Recipes. To use this Mod, you need to download the Mood Pack by Lumpinou.

Better Babies & Toddlers Features:

  • Needs the Parenthood Pack, and Mood Pack by Lumpinou
  • Adds new Moods and Interactions
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Better Babies & Toddlers details:



19. Education Overhaul (by Adeepindigo)

Develop skills and socialize by attending preschool.

This Mod focuses on Children and Teens, but there are also some features for Toddlers and Young Adults and up. In this Mod, Toddlers can go to preschool, where they develop skills, have their needs met, and learn character values. Children and Teens get new School Interactions, Field Trips, Detention, Military School, and more. For YA and up, they get a new branch of the Education Career for K-12 teachers with new assignments, tasks, new career goals, rework of the education track, support for degrees, and university career entitlements including custom degrees.

Education Overhaul Features:

  • Education Career, Preschool
  • New Education Enrollment Options
  • Compatible with the Base Game, but requires Discover University
  • Free to download

Education Overhaul details:



18. Foster Family Mod (by LittleMsSam)

Enlarge your family by fostering kids.

With this Mod, you can take care of Infants, Toddlers, Children, Teens, or Pets who need a Foster Family. By clicking on your Sim’s phone, you will be able to Register/Unregister at the Network for Foster Kids/Pets and Check it for potential applicants of an adoption. After you register, you can choose the Pet/Kid you want. Once a week, your Sim will receive a Foster Service Support of §500 for Kids/Teens, and §750 for Toddlers. To use this Mod, you will need to have the XML Injector Mod. It is recommended to have the Parenthood Pack, but if not, the creator added a few Interactions to influence Kids via the Foster Family Pie Menu.

Foster Family Mod Features:

  • Requires the XML Injector Mod 
  • Allows you to become a Foster parent
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Foster Family Mod details:



17. Adoption Overhaul (by Lumpinou)

Pass the criteria and adopt children.

This Mod is the 9th one in the Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection and can be downloaded separately or together with the rest of the Mods. With the help of this Mod, your Sim can adopt or put their child up for adoption. While the Base Game offers the option to Adopt children, this Mod adds a different way of doing that, which is having to satisfy the criteria of adoption agents. Additionally, Sims can look for their biological parents, and any friends or family can adopt your Sim’s child.

Adoption Overhaul Features:

  • A realistic way of adopting
  • Sims can look for their biological parents
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Adoption Overhaul details:



16. Character Values Overhaul (by Tyjokr)

Develop your kid's Character Values and embrace Parenthood.

As of right now, only 15 out of 50+ Traits in The Sims 4 Parenthood pack have an impact on Character Values, which is an issue for many players. With this Mod, all Traits impact Character Values when a Sim is first created, and the points needed for earning Parenthood Traits are rebalanced. Additionally, when a Sim ages up, the trait they age up with impacts their Character Values, and Infant traits will impact a Sim's Character Values when they age up to a Toddler. These two require XML Injector to work.

Character Values Overhaul Features:

  • Fixes some issues from the Parenthood pack
  • Makes all Traits impact Character Values
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Character Values Overhaul details:



15. Faster Gain and Lose Character Values (by Diffevair)

Gain and lose Character Values faster and easier.

This Mod was created because the Character Values from the Base Game were loading very slowly. Now, the speed at which your Sim gains and loses their Character Values is increased by 25%. This is a simple yet really useful Mod that will make your gameplay much easier. You won’t need to wait a long time for your Character Values to load, making it easier to get all of them before your Sim grows up so that they will definitely get a Trait when they grow up. 

Faster Gain and Lose Character Values Features:

  • Speed of gains and losses increased by 25%
  • Makes gameplay easier
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Faster Gain and Lose Character Values details:



14. Pre-Teen Mod (by ItsKatato)

Gain access to Middle School and Pree-Teens.

If you feel like Kids grow up way too fast in The Sims 4, then this Mod is for you. It gives your Sim an in-between phase, making the game more realistic. Your Pree-Teen can Apply Body Spray, Deodorant, and Lotion, and will go to Middle School. Additionally, they will experience phases more often and might have voice cracks. This Mod requires the Parenthood pack, Snowy Escape, and Lumpinou’s Mood Pack Mod. Additionally, you can download the First Crush Add-On from the same creator, because this Mod has the romance menu disabled for Pre-Teens.

Pre-Teen Mod Features:

  • Gives a realistic feel to the gameplay
  • Adds a Hygiene System and Middle School
  • Requires the Parenthood Pack and Lumpinou’s Mood Pack Mod
  • Free to download

Pre-Teen Mod Details:



13. Mean Teen Mod (by Persea)

Try new interactions between teens and parents.

This Mod will let your Sim be a very controlling parent, and your Teen a rebellious teenager. The parent will be able to Argue about their kid’s friends, Scholarships, Nag them about their style, and many more. Along with those Interactions, there will also be moodlets such as Stylish Father, Bad Influence, and more. Your Teen will have the Interactions Be Disrespectful, Confess to Not Wanting University Studies or to Hating These House Rules, and many more, and the Moodlets Leave School Early, Communicating, etc. 

Mean Teen Mod Features:

  • Gives a new perspective to Teen-Parent relationships
  • Makes the gameplay more realistic
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download

Mean Teen Mod details:



12. NO! Ask For Advice (by PolarBearSim)

Get rid of all annoying Pop-ups and bits of advice.

This is another Mod that seems simple at first, but it makes a really big difference. Have you ever gotten overwhelmed by the Pop-ups asking for advice? It can happen especially if you have a lot of Sims in your household. Well, this Mod fixes it. If you don’t want any Pop-ups ever, you can turn them off with this mod. Additionally, if you still want a few Pop-ups from time to time, you can choose to get only the ones related to the Emotional Personality. For this Mod you will need the Parenthood pack because Pop-ups only come in that pack.

NO! Ask For Advice Features:

  • Stops annoying Pop-ups
  • Lets you get only the Emotion-related Pop-ups
  • Requires the Parenthood Pack
  • Free to download

NO! Ask For Advice details:



11. Parent-Child Relationships Mod (by Persea)

Experience new emotions and interactions with your Step Mom and Step Siblings.

This is an amazing Mod that focuses on the Child-Parent relationship, specifically when the Parent gets a new partner. It can be challenging to introduce a new partner into your Child’s life, and this Mod showcases that. This Mod contains Parent-Child Interactions, New Partner Interactions, Sibling and Step-Sibling Interactions, Step-Parent Interactions, and Bestie Interactions. Along with Interactions, there are also Moodlets, such as Stressing, Hopes They Understand, Upset Child, They Took My Parent From Me!, and more. 

Parent-Child Relationships Mod Features:

  • Gives your gameplay a realistic feel
  • Adds many new Interactions and Moods
  • Might require the Parenthood Pack
  • Free to Download

Parent-Child Relationships Mod details:



10. Cherished Moments - Toddler (by YourFalseHope)

Embrace the experience of seeing your child growing.

This amazing mod aims to add a little more depth to your Sims Toddlers as they play and grow. The mod offers 2 Teething Moodlest ( Angry and Sad), 7 Occult Specific Growing Moodlets, 11 Moodlets from using the Wabbit Tablet, playing with the Dollhouse, watching TV, playing with toys, Crawling through the Jungle Gym, Playing Make Believe on the Jungle Gym, Climbing the Slide, Playing in the Ball Pit, and more. This exciting mod will have you cherish moments with your Sim toddlers.

Cherished Moments - Toddler Features:

  • Amazing moments with your toddlers
  • 7 Occult Specific Growing Moodlets 
  • 3 other new Moodlets 
  • Free to download 

Cherished Moments - Toddler details:



9. Chores Mod (by LittleMsSam) 

Schedule Cleaning Duty and chores for your Sims.

This very smart mod works by setting a Schedule for your Sims to be on Cleaning Duty and getting a visible Buff that pushes them to do cleaning Interactions if something needs to be done. In the case of a multi-floor home, make sure to place one board on each floor. Scheduling is very simple to do, just use the "Add Cleaning Schedule" Interaction on the Board and choose a Sim from the Picket, then choose a Weekday or several Weekdays and finally, choose an Hour or several Hours. 

Chores Mod Features:

  • Schedule Sims for Cleaning Duty 
  • Buff for cleaning interactions    
  • Requires Parenthood and/or Discover University
  • Free to download 

Chores Mod details:



8. Allowance Mod (by Scarlet, adapted by LittleMsSam)

Give your kids an allowance based on their behavior.

With this mod, your children and teens will be able to collect an allowance. For collecting an allowance, the children must use the Ask for Allowance Interaction on one of their parents, then you will decide whether it is or it is not time for them to get an allowance. There are 3 types of allowance: High, Medium, Low, and Cheap Amounts. The allowance amount will depend on grades, traits, and responsibility/manners. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the allowance amount will be deducted from the household funds and stored in their Allowance Account. Use this amazing mod to create allowances for your Sims 4 children and teens.

Allowance Mod Features:

  • Allowance for children and teens 
  • New Interactions and Buffs
  • Compatible with the Base Game
  • Free to download 

Allowance Mod details:



7. Parenting Skills for Teens (by LittleMsSam)

Teach Parenting Skills and discipline to your Teens.

This amazing mod allows Teens to gain Parenting skills just like Adults, and also gain all interactions of Parenting. This mod also makes it possible that family members can discipline teens. Unlocking "Ask not to Do" will make it possible to ask children who are not part of the family to not make a mess. This mod helps with making the relationships and interactions of both family members and outside Sims feel more natural and realistic.

Parenting Skills for Teens Features:

  • Parenting Skills for Teens
  • More interactions 
  • Easy to install 
  • Free to download 

Parenting Skills for Teens details:



6. Teen Pregnancy & Drama (by Lumpinou)

Help your teen get through drama and hard times.

This mod touches on a very sensitive topic that can also be seen in our society, teen pregnancy. The mod allows Teens to have babies, but they don't get pregnancy wishes by default. But if a teen that doesn't have a wish finds out they're pregnant, it will assign the "Does Not Want a Pregnancy" wish and reaction by default to both the pregnant Sim and the father. The Paternity testing and Pregnancy preference work the same as it does on adult Sims. Use this mod to make your Sims 4 experience more realistic.

Teen Pregnancy & Drama Feature:

  • Teen Pregnancy 
  • New interactions 
  • Extra Moodlets 
  • Free to download 

Teen Pregnancy & Drama details:



5. Paternity Testing & Drama by (Lumpinou)

Test for Paternity and deal with the drama.

This mod allows your Sims to do a paternity test, but first, for the system to work Sims must Woohoo/try for a baby after the mod is installed. If the pregnant Sim only WooHoos with one partner, they do not doubt who the father is, but if the player chooses to, they can lie to the father to tell them they are not actually the father. Fathers can doubt that the child is theirs and express those doubts and request a pregnancy test. If the Sim's official partner is not the dad and has not WooHoo'd with him anytime recently, he will know that he was cheated on. This mod brings drama and makes the game more realistic. 

Paternity Testing & Drama Features: 

  • Paternity Testing 
  • Brings drama 
  • New interactions 
  • Free to download 

Paternity Testing & Drama details:



4. Custody & Permanent Separation (by Lumpinou)

Battle in court over custody of the children.

This mod brings to the table custody and visitation systems in case of any Sims who had a child together. Also, on a bad note, the mode makes possible the splitting of estate and funds in case of permanent separation. The separation can be an amicable or non-amicable permanent separation. In case of amicable separation/divorce, no bad sentiments will come and upon divorcing, the Sim asking for the separation will explain the motifs for this procedure. If the break-up is amicable, the Sims will discuss custody and the player will choose, but if it isn't, Sims will go to court and custody will be decided on factors such as income, housing, the child's preference, and chance. 

Custody & Permanent Separation Features:

  • Custody of children 
  • New interactions 
  • Easy to install 
  • Free to download 

Custody & Permanent Separation details:



3. Spend Weekend With (by LittleMsSam)

Send your children away and relax for a weekend.

If your Sims are tired of having a very busy household and they just want to relax and forget about their problems for a weekend or even more, use this mod and send the kids away to the grandparents. This mod also allows you to send the kids to visit the other parent, or to send the teens away to stay with their friends for the Weekend. The mod also works on pets and it's very simple to use it, open the Phone Menu under Social and select the new option "Spend Weekend With". If you start missing the family members and you want them back, via the Phone Menu, under Social, you will find the Option " Call Household Member Home".

Spend Weekend With Features:

  • Send away family members 
  • Easy to use 
  • New interactions 
  • Free to download 

Spend Weekend With details:



2. Activate Child Support With MC Command Center (by Deaderpool)

Use Child Support to help you and your family.

Even though it is not made especially for this, this mod is one of the most extensive modes that brings a lot to the table and gives a lot of helpful options to the player. MCCC supports parenting by activating Child Support, then selecting how much money you will receive per child. You can choose to receive support for all parents, married or unmarried only, or to turn Child Support off if it's no longer needed. It is a great mod because it helps you to support your Sims 4 family and makes life easier for your Sims.

Activate Child Support Features:

  • Easy to use 
  • Lots of options 
  • Support the family 
  • Free to download 

Activate Child Support details:



1. Family Therapy Mod by Adeepindigo

Deal with the problems as a family and communicate about them.

This mod helps your Sim 4 family to get together and solve their problems as a family should. It is not a 100% representation of real therapy or real diagnostics but is a close enough one for a game reality-based as Sims 4. This amazing mod offers new family interactions, support groups, behavior therapy, couple therapy, and much more. The Mod is easy to use and works very well for a game such as Sims 4, making it even more realistic and enjoyable so make sure to check it out. 

Family Therapy Mod Features:

  • Family Therapy and much more
  • New interactions 
  • Reality-based mod
  • Free to download 

Family Therapy Mod details:



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