[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Occult Mods That Are Fun

Best Sims 4 Occult Mods, sims 4 occult mods
The correct way to play the sims is become a walking fantasy legend before then dying whilst making grilled cheese

After the release of the Sims 4 paranormal stuff pack, I imagine that many simmers are craving a taste of the occult. Mods are great; they are free ways to spice up your gameplay and often improve EA’s (many) mistakes. So if you are excited about this new release or are looking into your coin purse with anguish, here are some mods to enhance the sims experience and get in the spooky mood. 

10. Armageddon

How the Armageddon mod makes it fun:

  • A classic concept that isn’t featured in vanilla sims gameplay.
  • An epic face-off against good or evil 
  • A good pick if you are fed up of playing happy families
  • Some fantastic visual effects and designs as expected from sacrificial

 Get the armageddon mod: here

9. Familiar interactions

Many were disappointed by the addition of familiars in the Sims 4 realm of magic. Evidently, it was up to the modding community to fix this. And they came through! Ordinarily, familiars don’t really do much, you summon them, and they give you an XP bonus when casting. I mean helpful but boring. However, this mod adds new unique interactions to have with your familiar, giving life and depth to your gameplay. 

 How the Familiar interactions mod makes it fun:

  • Additional depth to increase immersion
  • It expands on a game feature that was previously lacking.
  • The familiar designs were already cute, and now they are even better.

Get the familiar interactions mod: here

8. Zombie Apocalypse 

Okay, so I could just list all of Sacrificial’s mods on this list and call it a day. I am making an effort to restrain myself. But I can’t help but mention this gem. 

 This mod creates a new life state, zombie, and creates a zombie apocalypse, which your sim must survive effectively, turning the sims into a survival horror game. I have been keeping an eye on this mod since its initial release, but new resident evil features have been added in the latest version of this mod. So I will convince you to download this mod with the coming words ‘nemesis is in the sims’.

How the Zombie Apocalypse mod makes it fun:

  • It completely changes the sims 4 gameplay. 
  • Fight the zombies! With weapons exclusive to this mod pack
  • I will repeat: Nemesis is in the sims.

 Get the Zombie Apocalypse mod: here

7. Expanded Mermaids

I love mermaids; you know that Australian children’s show ‘H20 just add water’? Yeah, I was all over that. So, when they announced that mermaids would be introduced with the new island living expansion pack, I was over the moon with excitement. At first, I was happy with the new occult sim type; however, I eventually grew bored. Many other simmers expressed their disappointment with the mermaid life state. 

This mod fixes all that and completely refreshes and expands the mermaid gameplay by adding new aquatic features and even a new life state. Become a Kelpie, a sea witch, go diving, and experience many other new interactions.

How the expanded mermaids mod makes it fun:

  • New life states
  • Magic, everyone loves a good bit of magic.
  • New ocean interactions to bring a greater depth to mermaid gameplay

 Get the expanded mermaids mod: here

6. Hybrid

 How the Hybrid mod makes it fun:

  • Enables you to have access to multiple areas of gameplay
  • Hyperpowered sims so you can cause havoc in any way you please.
  • A previously missing feature fixed by the modding community.

 Get the Hybrid Mod: here

5. Witchcraft career

 What makes the witchcraft career mod fun:

  • A new opportunity to make your sims lives unique
  • A job to better fit a spellcaster
  • Two different branching career paths

 Get the Witchcraft career mod: here

4. The Modular Portal

 What makes the modular portal mod fun:

  • New build opportunities
  • Easy access to the magic realm
  • A choice of different portal styles and types

Get the Modular Portal mod: here

3. Drifters Wonders

 What makes the Drifters Wonders fun:

  • Occult and magically themed furniture to get you in the zone
  • Overall a stunning set of well throughout decoration pieces
  • Greater immersion in your sims magical adventure

 Get the Drifters Wonders set: here

2. Possessed Child

 Be careful with the possessed child mod because it will wreak absolute havoc on your save; however, that is precisely what makes it fun. This mod features a new gameplay item, the grave of Jonathan Colby. This item will unleash, deadly power of the cursed and tortured spirit of Jonathan into your save. 

What makes this mod fun:

  • Absolute chaos
  • It was genuinely frightening at times.
  • An excellent way to kill off all of your neighbors
  • Fun because it is unpredictable

You can get the Possessed child mod: here

1. Book Of Chaos

 What makes this mod fun:

  • For when drowning your sims in the pool gets a bit boring
  • A magic mod released before the realm of magic pack
  • As it says on the tin, chaos  
  • Perfect for an evil playthrough
  • Jim Pickens approved

 Get the book of chaos mod: here

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