[Top 25] The Sims 4 Best Beauty Mods Everyone Should Use

Four characters, completed with mods!
Four characters, completed with mods!

25. Commander Facial Hair

This small mod pack is a set of three facial hairs for your male sims. Surprisingly, facial hair isn’t already available in-game, so this is a must. The three types are moderate, thick, and trimmed.

These facial hairs are each available in the base colours that you get in-game. This is a great, realistic beauty mod for your male sims!

What’s Great About Commander Facial Hair:

  • All base-game hair colours available
  • Three different styles
  • Small pack
  • No bugs

Commander Facial Hair details:  https://modthesims.info/d/566260/commander-facial-hair.html

24.  Luxury Jewelry

These beautiful earrings will go with any outfit! From day to night, your sim will never be lacking style.

These luxury pieces come in three different colours, each compatible for teens-elders.

What’s Great About Luxury Jewelry:

  • Compatible for teens-elders
  • Three different colours
  • Unique and very different from everything else in-game

Luxury Jewelry details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175413426238/simda-dating-app-simda-dating-app-can-help-you https://www.redheadsims-cc.com/2019/07/luxury-jewlery-earrings.html

23.  Hair Recoloring

In the original game, there are a total of eighteen hair colours available. There are a lot of different mod packs out there, but WildyMinatureSandwich’s takes the cake!

She has created a range of fifty-five shades, including thirty-five unnatural shades, twenty naturals, and twenty neutrals. These can be used to recolor hair, clothes, and items!

What’s Great About Hair Recoloring:

  • Fifty-five different colours
  • Recolor items, hair, and clothing
  • Choice between naturals, unnaturals, and neutrals

Hair Recoloring details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175413426238/simda-dating-app-simda-dating-app-can-help-you https://wildlyminiaturesandwich.tumblr.com/post/151507592844/so-here-they-finally-are-all-the-sandwich-colours

22.  Willow Rose Blush

This blush palette has six swatches in total (four face centred blush swatches and two under eye swatches). This detail makes for an ethereal-looking sim!

This beautiful addition adds dimension to your sim’s face and works for teens-elders.

What’s Great About Willow Rose Blush:

  • Six swatches
  • Two different placements
  • Far better than available blushes in-game

Willow Rose Blush details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/LadySimmer94/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-blush/title/willow-rose-blush/id/1445051/

21.  Universal Contour + Highlight

Contour and highlight can add brilliant shine and dimension to a dull face! This is a great mod because it adds realistic makeup that isn’t otherwise available in-game. With two different shades available, this will complement any skin tone!

What’s Great About Universal Contour + Highlight:

  • Two shades
  • Works with normal skin and alien skin
  • Colour and glitter
  • Can make it as strong or weak as you want

Universal Contour + Highlight details: https://bubblevoid.blogspot.com/2019/03/universal-contour-highlight.html

20.  Fresh Makeup Set

If you love freckles and fresh-faced makeup, this mod pack is for you! It contains freckles, five blush colours with different intensities and thirty-five lipstick shades.

Your teen-elder sim will glow beautifully with this pack. Enjoy!

What’s Great About Fresh Makeup Set:

  • Thirty-five lipsticks, freckles, and five blush colours, all with different intensities
  • Fresh and dewy
  • More subtle than other makeup options in-game

Fresh Makeup Set details: https://simtone.tumblr.com/post/182556062720/fresh-makeup-set-freckles-blush-lipstick

19.  Passionfruit Liner

This enormous pack brings fifty gorgeous eyeliner shades! There’s a version for the eyeliner category, and the face paint category. If you want to bring some colour to your waterline, this pack brings some stunning, bright makeup.

What’s Great About Passionfruit Liner:

  • Fifty waterline shades
  • Version for eyeliner category and face paint category
  • Stunning, bright colours

Passionfruit Liner details: https://crypticsim.com/post/180694444347/passionfruit-liner-the-passionfruit-liner-is-a

18.  Retro Future Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow palette plays with a retro/70’s colour palette while adding a modern twist! This, alongside the Passionfruit Liner (mentioned above), is a stunning makeup look.

Described as a modern take on retro beauty, this is a must-have mod pack.

What’s Great About Retro Future Eyeshadow:

  • Retro/70s style colour palette
  • Great to pair with other makeup packs
  • Brightly colored and great fun

Retro Future Eyeshadow details: https://grilled-bees.tumblr.com/post/189191154440/retro-future-an-eyeshadow-palette-a-modern-take

17.  The Dark Magic Palette

This CC is full of dark shades – ten original shades plus ten combo shades. This base game compatible palette is one of four from the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault collection.

Crypticsim has knocked it out of the park once again with this palette which suits any skin tone!

What’s Great About The Dark Magic Palette:

  • Ten original shades plus ten combo shades
  • From the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault collection
  • Suits any skin tone
  • Dark tones and shades

The Dark Magic Palette details: https://crypticsim.com/post/179495611230/the-dark-magic-palette-the-dark-magic-palette-is

16.  Spring Eye Makeup Trio

This adorable set consists of one eyeshadow pack and two eyeliner packs! The eyeliner packs have thirty colours each, and the eyeshadow pack has eighty-five colours. This is subtle, realistic makeup but in strong colours.

With hundreds of different combinations, this set is a must-have for any makeup lover.

What’s Great About Spring Eye Makeup Trio:

  • One eyeshadow pack and two eyeliner packs
  • Eyeliner packs has thirty colours each, and the eyeshadow pack has eighty-five colours
  • Realistic
  • Lots of combinations

Spring Eye Makeup Trio details: https://pralinesims.net/post/615423719712686080/spring-eye-makeup-trio-hello-there-over-the

15. Melanin Magic

To celebrate Black History Month, four incredible creators decided to collaborate to create Melanin Magic! 

Savvysweet created four different hairstyles for people of colour, each with eighteen different swatches. Crypticsim made a Fenty Beauty inspired eyeshadow palette, along with the Mirage lipstick and Saffron liner.

Shespeakssimlish added in two extra hairstyles with eighteen colours, and Qwertysims made some fabulous du-rags and bonnets.

What’s Great About Melanin Magic:

  • Celebrate people of colour
  • Many new hairstyles and makeup look
  • Inspired by real life
  • Collaboration from some of the best creators out there

Melanin Magic details:https: https://shespeakssimlish.tumblr.com/post/182541359538/suprise-happy-black-history-month-savvysweet

14. The Bronze Palette

This base game compatible mod by Crypticsim includes nine original eyeshadow shades, along with sixteen combo shades. This palette is warm and sweet like honey!

It looks brilliant on any skin tone and is perfect for a lazy, natural makeup look.

What’s Great About The Bronze Palette:

  • Base game compatible
  • Nine original shades, sixteen combo shades
  • Warm, bronze colored palette
  • Suits every skin tone
  • Natural and subtle

The Bronze Palette details: https://crypticsim.com/post/164869725175/the-kyshadow-bronze-palette-this-eyeshadow

13. The Blossom Collection

This collaboration (Crypticsim and her friend, Natalie) is stunning! It pairs the Neutrals Palette Vol.1 (twenty shades) and Fairy Gloss (fifteen shades), to create a gorgeous set of natural makeup.

What’s Great About The Blossom Collection:

  • Monolid friendly
  • Base game compatible
  • Natural and glowy
  • Eyeshadow palette and lip gloss set

The Blossom Collection details: https://crypticsim.com/post/613974349191561216/the-blossom-collection-this-collection-is-a-collab

12. Sailor Moon Palette

Yet another fabulous mod from Crypticsim, the Sailor Moon Palette is great for fans of manga. Inspired by the main characters of Sailor Moon, there are fourteen combination shades and one gold shimmer shade.

These whimsical eye colours are base game compatible and will make your sim look fabulous every day!

What’s Great About the Sailor Moon Palette:

  • Fifteen shades
  • Whimsical colourscolorscolours that you can’t get in-game without the mod
  • Base game compatible
  • Great for manga/Sailor Moon fans

Sailor Moon Palette details: https://crypticsim.com/post/188775844415/the-sailor-moon-palette-mysticalphantussy-came-up

11. 3D Lashes


These accentuated eyelashes are for all gender teens-elders. This mod pack brings twenty-five regular length styles and twenty long styles. They’re compatible with eye shape morphing, too!

These are beautiful lashes that are head and shoulders above the eyelashes originally in-game.

What’s Great About 3D Lashes:

  • All genders (!) and ages teen up
  • Twenty-five regular length styles and twenty long styles
  • Compatible with eye shape morphing

3D Lashes details: http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes-version2/

10.  Night Dream Face Makeup

This nighttime makeup look is perfect for any lover of bold makeup! It consists of shimmering lipsticks, eyelashes, and bright tattoos.

What’s Great About Night Dream Face Makeup:

  • Bold makeup look
  • Lipsticks, eyelashes, and bright tattoos
  • Many different shades and colours

Night Dream Face Makeup details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-costumemakeup/title/night-dream/id/1259686/

9.  Crybabies // Doe Eyes

These beautiful, gentle eyes are a must-have for your innocent sim. These eyes come in fourteen different colours, for both males and females. You can even use them on children, all the way up to elders.

They can be found in the face paint category and are HQ mod compatible.

What’s Great About Crybabies // Doe Eyes:

  • Gorgeous, innocent eyes
  • Different from any eyes found in-game originally
  • Fourteen different colours
  • Male and female
  • Children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders
  • HQ mod compatible

Crybabies // Doe Eyes details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-costumemakeup/title/crybabies--doe-eyes/id/1362535/

8.  Harley Quinn Make-Up 2016

This mod set with two creations is an amazing Harley Quinn inspired look. It includes eyeshadow and lipstick with six colours!

This is great for a sim that’s a little crazy, or for a Halloween inspired look! It looks great in game and is a must for any DC fan.

What’s Great About Harley Quinn Make-Up 2016:

  • Gorgeous, innocent eyes
  • Different from any eyes found in-game originally
  • Fourteen different colours
  • Male and female
  • Children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders
  • HQ mod compatible

Harley Quinn Make-Up 2016 details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-sets/title/harley-quinn-make-up-2016/id/1317667/

7.  Crystal Clear Lip-gloss Pack NO1

This lip-gloss mod is super pretty, and one of my favourite makeup mods! With sixty versions, your sims’ lips will be glossy and shiny. It looks very natural and is available to both female and male sims. 

What’s Great About Crystal Clear Lip-gloss Pack NO1:

  • Natural, clear lip-gloss
  • Great for people who don’t like much makeup
  • Sixty different shades
  • Great for any skin tone
  • Available to both female and male sims

Crystal Clear Lip-gloss Pack NO1 details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-makeup-female-lipstick/title/crystal-clear-lipgloss-pack-n01/id/1453776/

6.  Makeup Box to Be Filled Set

This is a storage box designed for makeup! The box comes in ten shades, and holds mascara, lipstick, and makeup brushes. The clutters of makeup come in five different colours.

This cool creation can be used in a shop, bedroom, beauty room, or bathroom. This is different from any item I’ve seen in The Sims 4!

What’s Great About Makeup Box to Be Filled Set:

  • Cool item
  • Storage box to hold makeup
  • Ten box shades, five makeup clutter shades
  • Great for decorating a beauty room
  • Unique

Makeup Box to Be Filled Set details: https://jomsimscreations.blogspot.com/2017/04/make-up-box-to-be-filled-set-click.html

5.  Eyeshadow Dream Palette

This beautiful eyeshadow palette comes in seven different colours! Your sims will look whimsical and bold, something that is hard to create in-game without this mod. It is base game compatible, and available for teens-elders.

With each colour comes a different application shape and style, so it’s fun to play around and find what works for you!

What’s Great About Eyeshadow Dream Palette:

  • Seven colours
  • Bright and bold
  • Unique
  • Base game compatible

Eyeshadow Dream Palette details: https://missfaithproductions.tumblr.com/post/176814623817/dream-eyeshadow-me-and-realizeadreamdeux

4.  Summer Blushes

This creative twist on blush is super cute. From fruits to hearts, these decals will spice up your sim’s makeup for a cute look, no matter your mood.

These are SO cute and will suit any sim you place them on! 

What’s Great About Summer Blushes:

  • Lots of different decals, styles, colourscolorscolours
  • Super cute
  • Very unique

Summer Blushes details: https://miikocc.tumblr.com/post/623173080576098304/summer-blushes-part-2-early-access-for-patrons

3.  Blue Honey Collection

The Blue Honey Collection is a set of makeup that comes with twenty different eyeshadow shades and four lipstick shades! 

This gorgeous set is inspired by Kylie Cosmetics and is full of neutral colours, so it will suit any outfit. There are also some bolder colours like blue and green, so it is perfect for everyone.

What’s Great About Blue Honey Collection:

  • Twenty eyeshadow shades and four lipstick shades
  • Based on Kylie Cosmetics
  • Shimmer and matte

Blue Honey Collection details: https://crypticsim.com/post/175182332875/the-blue-honey-collection-the-blue-honey

2.  Vitiligo Overlay

This progressive mod is a vitiligo overlay for your sims. It comes in five maxis match colours – two lighter tones for paler sims, and three darker tones for darker sims. This is for males, females, and all ages from teens upwards.

Vitiligo Overlay is a beautiful skin feature, representing many people out there.

What’s Great About Vitiligo Overlay:

  • Five maxis match colourscolorscolours to suit a range of skin tones
  • For males and females
  • Ages teen and up

Vitiligo Overlay details: https://mintyowls.tumblr.com/post/118849298360/vitiligo-overlay-a-vitiligo-overlay-for-your-sims

1.  Body Presets + Sliders

If you’ve always wanted to represent a wide range of bodies and make your sims look more realistic, this mod is for you. These are some must have body presets and sliders to give your sims more distinct features.

There are presets and sliders for puffy lips, hips, arm thickness, breasts, asymmetry, and more! This is what The Sims 4 needs, and now you can have it!

What’s Great About Body Presets + Sliders:

  • Lots and lots of sliders and presets for all body parts
  • Make your sims more realistic and give them distinct features
  • Something that the sims doesn’t have

Body Presets + Sliders details: https://oshinsims.tumblr.com/post/182286737762/body-presets-sliders-i-use-watch-video-here

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