[Top 15] Best Stardew Valley Visual Mods Everyone Should Use

Best Stardew Valley visual mods
Examples of an improved, modded start up menu.

[Top 15] Best Stardew Valley Visual Mods Everyone Should Use

Since the dawn of video games, modding has been a staple of some of my favorite experiences. Whether texture packs, dialogue changes, or game-breaking hilarity, there is nothing that a little modding can’t do. Stardew Valley over the years has, in that vein, continued to be one of my favorite games to mod, adding so much variety to an already amazing game. So today in honor of a community so built on building , I will be listing the top 15 best Stardew Valley visual mods everyone should use.

15. Alternative Textures Mod

Alternative Textures

Finally, some variety!

Starting off our list strong, we have a simple, yet very attractive texture pack.. If you’re one who’s bored of the daily monotony of farm life, the lack of variety in your flourishing town, and are overall tired of playing without that extra spice and flare, this may just be the mod for you. Stick around for this one, its sure to add something fresh to an otherwise lackluster save.

It's simple, it's quirky, it adds (finally) some well-deserved depth to the game and those plots around you. Who would have thought a little simple variety in textures could make this much of a difference? Seriously, don’t knock it till you try it. She may be small, but she’s super beautiful.

What’s great about alternative textures?

Texture variation: If you've grown tired of the overly consistent Stardew art style, this is a sure-fire way to shake things up!

Season Specific: This beauty allows such things as certain textures to only occur during specific seasons.

Compatible: If you enjoy using a variety of texture packs, you're in luck! This mod is compatible with other AT packs.

Link To Download

14. Artisan Goods Mod

Artisan Goods

Organize your chests dangit!

If you’re anything like me, you struggle incredibly with organizing your chests. No matter how hard I may try, everything seems cluttered, messy, and, overall, a disaster. With ugly designs for machines and artisan crafts alike, it's a wonder I've made it this far without pulling my hair out. Luckily for us, there is the perfect mod out there for making things look just a little bit better. Here I present: the artisan goods mod!

A beautiful mod for a beautiful game. Adding the small delights of pretty icons, better looking machines, and more If you're no longer, or have never been, satisfied with the traditional game concepts. This, my dear reader, could be just the mod for you!

What's great about artisan goods?

 New machines: If you’re upset about the lack of in-game machines, you’re in luck! This mod offers brand new machines for all gamers.

 200+ Items: You’ll be stunned by the 200+ designed artisanal good items!

 Stunning Designs: With brilliant re-textured artisan goods, you'll never be bored!

Link To Download

13. Visible Fish

Visible fish

Fishings never been so much fun!

I have always considered fishing to be one of the hardest parts of in-game life. As someone who grew up mostly on the likes of games like Animal Crossing, I struggled to cope without the visual guide of an actual fish in the water, or even the smile it would bring just seeing a little fish bobbing all over town. If this sounds familiar, I have some news for you.

If you’re a diehard fisher looking for a little extra ambiance, or a beginner looking for a tool in the right direction, this is bound to be an improvement. A small cosmetic fix, by all means, but no smaller than any other. This is what I'd consider a dire improvement no matter the player,  and a definite fun little extra for all who play.

What's great about Visible Fish?

This Allows You To See The Fish You’re Catching: For everyone hoping to know before they catch it, this is the mod for you!

Where To Fish: Helps you see where all the fish in town are hanging out.

Compatibility: This one is for all you double modders out there.

Link To Download

12. Elle’s New Barn Animals

Barn animals

Such adorable little friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of the original Stardew animal designs. With their cute faces and lovable eyes, unique style, and pixelated greatness, it's hard not to fall in love. That being said, I've always wondered what it’d be like to have more, or more likely, something a little different. If you’re anything like me and jump at every opportunity for added animal friends, you're going to love this one.

If you hate the original barn animal designs, or are just looking for a little change from the normal game, this may be an exciting time for you. These beautifully redesigned farm animals are bound to knock you off your feet. If you’re a sucker for cute animals, pixelated cheek squishing designs, Elle's new barn animals are the perfect substitute.

What's great about Elle’s New Barn Animals?

 Completely Redesigned Barn Animals: includes numerous redesigns for all barn animals!

 Adopt-n-skin: includes skins for adopt-n-skin.

 Marnie’s Shop:  New icons for Marnie’s shop.

Link To Download

11. Dynamic Night-Time

Dynamic Night

What a beautiful sunset.

Are you overly tired of the drastic switch from morning to night? I know I am. With no period of being able to see the sun slowly sink away into the sky, I feel as though I am missing out on some integral bonding time between me and my farm. If you’re a player looking for those sweet, sweet Stardew sunsets, this may be the mod for you.

It's stunning to see, incredibly immersive, and such a slight change. I genuinely do not think a player could go wrong by downloading this mod. So, take the shot. Immerse yourself fully into the wonderful world of Stardew, and enjoy those beautiful, multi-shaded, pixelated sunsets.

What's great about Dynamic Night-Time?

Dawn Cycle: Including a full dawn period at the start of the day.

Light Cycle: Adding sunset, and sunrise.

Seasonal Variations: Times differ depending on the season.

Link To Download

10. Stardew Valley Anime Mods

Anime mod

For all you diehard anime lovers.

If you’re a fan of anime and all things cartoony, this is just the treat you need. Packed full of content with new designs, beautiful drawings, and eye-catching changes of every kind, this is a must-have for anyone interested in the genre. You don’t want to miss this gem, with its beautiful pixel art and anime styled greatness. It's guaranteed to be a fun, and stylish change from the norm.

Beautiful art guaranteed, and loads of new things to keep your brain running. For all those bored of the base game, maybe try this one out. Who knows, maybe we have a new favorite mod in our hands?

What's great about Stardew Valley Anime Mods?

Re-Designed Icons: All characters have a re-designed portrait.

 Includes SVE: Portraits for Stardew Valley Expanded Mod are included.

 Cute Designs: All brand new cute and lovable designs!

Link To Download

9. Cute Valley Mod

Cute Valley

Pink sparkles and all!

For all my fellow gamer girls out there, this is just the thing you need to add a pop of color to your new save file. Pink houses, pink items, and cuteness galore are bound to swoop you up with their magnificence dedicated entirely to this mod. With a whole repackage of things turned new, I don’t see how you could possibly miss out on this cutest mod yet!

It's sweet and nice, simple yet big. This mod pack has everything you could ever dream of, whether old or new. Gamer girls, or lovers of all cute things unite, for the “Cute Valley” Stardew mod is now upon us!

What's great about Cute Valley?

Textures: Textures for all the buildings and items you can think of!

Customizable: Customizable for all your sugary goodness.

Seasonal: Seasonal homes are now available!

Link To Download

8. Garden Variety UI Mod


Ditch that nasty UI!

Anyone else tired of the incredibly bland UI yellow in Stardew Valley? Because, let me tell you what, after playing this game since launch, I can hardly stand it. Thankfully, the fantastic people behind this mod have created just the thing for players like us who need a little bit of a switch up. Whether you already have tired eyes from staying up all night playing, or simply can't stand the ugly shade they settled for, this is bound to make a difference.

With multiple color options and fewer blinding choices, here’s the mod for you. A very simple, yet sweet touch to an already amazing game. Get your hands on this bad boy right away, or may the bright yellow UI curse you!

What's great about Garden Variety UI?

 Menu Colors: Tired of the same old menu color? Throw it in the trash! We have a new interface now!

 Acceptable Interface: something other than that horrible yellow screen.

 Created For Stardew Updates: A remake of an older patch mod!

Link To Mod

7. Way Back Pelican Town Mod

Pelican Town

Way back when Pelican Town was beautiful.

Ever craved the medieval times of Stardew Valley? Oddly specific, but boy, you’re going to love what I have to say next! This mod features beautiful retexturing of all you know and love from the original Stardew. The twist? Think a little more medieval.

Now user Gweniaczek has plenty of options in terms of medieval mods (especially the one dedicated entirely to it), but this unique, alpha-stage mod has to be my favorite. While beautiful in all, with so much to offer, the temptation is palpable and strong. It's a worthwhile download for any and all players.

What's great about Back Pelican Town?

 Re-Textures: A complete re-texture of everything you know and love from the base game.

 Compatibility: Works with all of the man mods listed on this page.

 Retextures The Entire Town: Retextures Pelican Town as well as the desert.

Link To Download

6. Earthy Interface Mod


Groovy man.

By the ever so notorious DaisyNiko, I offer to you today another simple fix to the otherwise horrifying interface. For those not quite satisfied with the pastel color options of our last garden variety choice, here’s something a little different. Maybe you’re into those deep browns and pale beiges? Or maybe you’re just a lover of fall and earth at heart? If any of these things seem correct, check this out!

A beautiful, earthy redesign of the UI we all know and hate. It fixes everything you could possibly complain about, and more. Give this one a shot to make your life a little bit easier!

What's great about Earthy Interface?

 Interface Recolor: So many earth-colored captions to choose from

 Perfect For Fall: These warm, earthy tones will knock your socks off.

 Accent Colors: There are a total of 12 accent colors to choose from.

Link To Download

5. Fairy Mushroom Tree Mod


Fantasy novel protagonist.

If you’re dying to live in the fantasy farming simulator of your dreams, this is a mighty big surprise. Realistic mushroom trees? What more could a player possibly want from a game? With this mod, you’re able to finally live out all your cottage core fantasies, diving deep into the mushroom valley’s.

A small but nicely fit contender for the court. She’s magnificent, a beauty, a ray of fairy magic on an otherwise dull day. As a fantasy lover myself, I immediately had to jump on board upon hearing of this miniscule, yet ridiculously important (maybe not, but who’s to say?) mod. Fly away to the land of your dreams on this mushroomy adventure.

What's great about the Fairy Mushroom Tree?

 Appearance: A more realistic and fun approach to the mushroom trees.

 Colors: 2 colors of bright, or dull.

 AT Version: Link to an AT pack containing more magical goodness.

Link To Download

4. Eemie’s Victorian Era Buildings Mod


For your Jane Austen getaway.

Lovers of all Victorian literature and period pieces alike, now is our time to join together. This mod has everything a die-hard Jane Austen fan could ever want or imagine. With re-textures for days, beautifully executed concepts, and a variety of more, how can you simply deny it?

My favorite mod by far, as a lover of all those cheesy Victorian romances myself. It is wonderfully made in every way, and so incredibly breathtaking. For those of you who prefer the company of a small englishman to that of real life and work, this is fit to bewitch you. I love it, most ardently.

What's great about Eemie’s Victorian Era Buildings?

 Buildings: So many Victorian styled buildings textures!

 Versions: Three versions are available.

 Seasonal: Seasonal versions are available!

Link To Download

3.  Dreamy Valley Reshade Mod


Dreamy and beautiful.

If it wasn’t already incredibly apparent, I am a huge fan of Reshade mods. I don’t know what it is, but there is truly something about completely flipping a game on its head and changing everything you know about its structure that lights a spark in me. The Dreamy Valley Reshade mod is one of my favorite examples of this phenomenon, a switch so well executed that you cannot help but be awe struck

This is a mod that intends to completely change the way you see the game. With the collaborations of different modders, some of which have even been shown previously on this list, we end up with what we have now. It may be somewhat of an effort to get the intended effect, but trust me, it's worth it.

What's great about Dreamy Valley Reshade?

 Dynamic Night: Various nighttime looks.

 Pairs With Mods: What makes this mod unique from others is that, paired with the list of mods linked on the creator's page, you create an entirely new atmosphere for the game.

 Dynamic Day: Various looks for the day.

Link To Download

2. Simple Foliage


Beautiful  weather we're having.

Lovers of nature, tree huggers, and hippies gather ‘round. Today I will tell you the beauty of a good design, and more importantly, a seasonally appropriate design at that. More specifically, I talk incessantly about the stunned fresh breath of Stardew Valley’s “Simple Foliage” mod.

For everyone who loves trees or anything natural in turn, but finds their sight-seeing trips through the wilds of Pelican Town a bore, I think I have a solution. It may seem small from the outside, but just so you know, the difference will be immense. A beautiful change of scenery, a similar yet simple look at the beauty of life around you. It's hard to miss the quiet musings of a gentle walk in the woods.

What's great about Simple Foliage?

Stylized Trees: a stunning array of new and improved stylized trees!

 Compatible With SVE: No need to worry Stardew Valley Expanded fans, this mod is compatible!

 Color Support: Color support from a variety of creators listed on the page.

Link To Download

1. Diverse Stardew Valley Mod


Finally some good changes.

Quite obviously, if I may be permitted to point out, Stardew Valley is lacking quite a bit in its diversity. Not a new observation by any means, but a frustrating one at that. Thankfully, with the help of modders in the community, players have a way to fix the blip in Stardew's gameplay. Introducing the “Diverse Stardew Valley” mod.

With edits to make the world of Pelican Town a more diverse and unique place, this mod has everything a player could ask for. edited by ethnic background, body types, genders, and more, with seasonal attire to spare. You don’t want to miss out on these immersive, and frankly more impressive, gameplay changes.

What's great about Diverse Stardew Valley?

 Edits For Diversity: Edits to characters' ethnic background, body types, and gender identity.

 Seasonal Outfits: All of your favorite characters have seasonal outfits.

 Choose Between The Types: choice between DSV and Vanilla variants.

Link To Download

Whether you play for the game itself or the funky little customization options built by others, modding has so much to offer. From the beauty of a fully redesigned town, to fairy wonderlands on the outskirts of your home, It is guaranteed that out there, in the vast wide world of modding and alternate gameplay, you will find something to spark that interest anew, or make you feel that little bit closer to home. For every lover of games, modded or new, this one's for you.

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